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tv   News  RT  March 30, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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ah, ah, amid an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in my, your bull in archie cru helps provide aid to residence in need, and assists in evacuations from the embattled city. they can take a look at some of the things that were bringing itself water, not chocolate. so for children, and of course i have a huge box of medicine. ukrainian children are reportedly caught on camera stopping cars to identify russian. and the white house has indefinitely postponed a special summit with leaders from across southeast asia, replacing it with a bilateral summit with singapore, after that country openly condemned to rush with
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our t international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. let's start by recapping, recent made events amid the ukraine war. russia's top tip lancer gay lab. rob is now in china meeting with his counterpart there for the 1st time since the war in ukraine erupted last month. now the russian foreign minister is then to travel to india, mid reports that india is increasing its purchases of russian oil. meanwhile, british leader boris johnson has said that it will take more than a ceasefire and ukraine for the sanctions against russia to be lifted as he demands guarantees. forgive future security ad across the atlantic in canada, prime minister adjusting trudeau has warned that the western sanctions against russia will affect the lives of canadian citizens. ah, meanwhile rushes military. busy says that it has completed its initial objectives
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in ukraine and can now focus on the dumbass, which has seen the most intense fighting over the past month. now this is the latest footage from mario ball in be done yet. skip people's republic. russia claims that it has taken control over most of the coastal city on the sea of as of but st. battles are continuing. as you korean soldiers and neo nazi groups are still remain in the city. i think that i'm on coast of is in multiple delivering aid and helping people get to safety. the signs of humanitarian catastrophe are everywhere in the city of maria pole. and it would be coming therefore, just for quite a few days already. every time we've been bringing a humanitarian aid to the things like of food, cap, food are water, medicine and other items as well. last few days, a friends of mine have given me, donated money in order to bring food and medicine and everything else or the people
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variable it fill, not safe there. so ah, shelling is still taking place. so i am, i do need to where i've been a professor once i'm there, but say you can take a look at some of the things that were bringing itself water for chocolate. so for children, and of course i have a huge box of medicine and it's not just any medicine. people have actually requested things that have to do with a hard disease that of things for it's, they're living in basements at the moment. so many children are actually of falling sick with a flu and some bring antibiotics as well. so once again, we are going to the city approval and we'll continue doing that until the humanitarian catastrophe is over. mm. ah
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. yes, i see there is a heating out down that may him happening. her a lot of people have been without food and the water for why a long time. and you're basically what are the fighting for bread for can good. i promise that i will be back here every day. and so let's go back to that unitary catastrophe. yeah. he's find that at o or who. ah. are you looking for a certain address and we got to stop by some civilians here and that they asked us
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to take this elderly gentleman to the office all day he urgent help right now. so we are taking him to the house with 4 years old or world war 3. or 4 years ago when he was a child with shit, the war has found him once again. hospital, hopefully 11. once he comes down, everything here a little bit i was just asked to evacuate, said 3 people from murray, opal, an elderly woman,
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another woman and her son. and so they asked me to take them to grow stall, rush out there already waiting for me on the outskirts of variable. and we're going to pick them up right now. ah, ah ah ah ah, ukrainian forces are alleged to have committed an artillery strike on the
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residential building of the city of dun yes. local authorities say at least one civilian was killed and 4 others were wounded including the child. and there are fears. more people are trapped under the rubble. officials said ukrainian nationalists fired 10 shells at a residential area on wednesday morning. russia has received a draft agreement that could see ukraine become a non aligned, neutral country, following the latest round of negotiations in support of the current piece efforts . moscow has agreed to drastically reduce its military activity in your queue, but you can in president zalinski says moscow is not to be trusted. talk more than the other was it we can call positive the signals we hear from the negotiating platform. but these signals do not silence the explosion of russian shells. of course, we see all the risks. of course, we see no reason to trust the words of certain representatives of a state that continues to fight for our destruction. the ukrainians are not naive
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people who ukrainians have already learned during these 34 days of invasion. and over the past 8 years of the war in the dawn base that only a concrete result can be trusted. ukrainian children have been reportedly filmed playing war games, dressing up as nationalist fighters carrying replica weapons and using nationalists, symbols and signs. they have also apparently been seen checking cars for russians by asking everyone a code word road either point me follow me tonight because that it almost was put in a new month. so, but i guess it was in the reports about ukrainian children being trained to fight russia emerged along before the war ruptured last month. which claims that kids were being indoctrinated and prepared for warfare at summer camps in ukraine. and
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then that to support its use to know what all's facility she was supposed to call vantage room. one of my was i at the moment see what this more like. wow. i love the model that you just heard. there is based on a greeting, popularized in nazi germany in the 900 forty's. it was reportedly created by ukranian nationalists to collaborated with hitler's forces during world war 2. that group is said to have participated in crimes against jews including the bobby yard massacre and committed ethnic cleansing and pull it. now small children are reportedly being indoctrinated with neo nazi symbols as well such as this young girl appearing with a swastika. and as of battalion signs on social media, she was shown holding a knife and raising her hand and, and apparently hitler salute while shouting out threats to russians. oh, oh. oh yeah. there are also reported rises in
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anti semitism and the prosecution of roma. people in ukraine, as well as restrictions on the use of the russian language and the destruction of soviet world war 2 monuments. we discussed the issue of ultra nationalism among children with a clinical psychologist, chloe carmichael, offer of the book, nervous energy, harness the power of your anxiety and the creator of a special kids care system. she says it's natural for children to copy the adults around them. at best aids, children are very much like sponges, sarah, learning everything. they're learning how to speak, their learning, what their name is. everything that they're learning about, their identity is coming to them through the adults in their life. so at this very young, tender, vulnerable aids, they could be very impressionable as far as learning and understanding who is an
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enemy, who is a friend, who is a foe. children do use play as a way to cope with stress or to feel powerful when they are feeling scared. so for many children, even acting out in a playful way, scenes about war or conflicts can be a way of coping or feeling powerful during extreme stressors. the russian foreign minister, sir gala rob is to hold a series of tea meetings with counterparts from several countries including iran, pakistan, and indonesia. he is also meeting with china's foreign minister for the 1st time since the war in ukraine interrupted a month ago. china has not joined the sanctions against russia and is resisting washington's pressure to do so. being has repeatedly blamed the us for the crisis in ukraine, saying that it has resulted from the west, ignoring russia's security concerns for years. meanwhile,
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other washington says the indo pacific region is a foreign policy priority. the white house has indefinitely postponed a special summit with leaders from across south east asia. it was replaced with a bilateral summit, with singapore, after that country openly condemned russia ortiz. rachel blevins has a story at the start of this year, the white house, and now he knew it and its foreign policy. it was going to concentrate on the east with a strategic focus on establishing the american presence firmly in the endo pacific, under president biden. the united states is determined to strengthen our long term position in commitment to the indo pacific. we will focus on every corner of the region from northeast asia and southeast asia, to south asia and oceania, including the pacific islands. well, it has been less than a month since that $900.00 page document was published and it has not been met with a warm. 2 as it seems, that every corner of the region is not keen on having washington dictate their
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policy while the baton administration promised to sum it with representatives of the 10 countries that make at the association of southeast asia, nations which press secretary again, socket described as a top priority to show that the u. s. is a strong, reliable partner in the region. yeah, that's the one that has now been postponed indefinitely. instead, president biden held a bilateral some. it was singapore alone this week. why singapore was the only country in southeast asia that is complied with washington's demand, to condemn and impose sanctions against russia. a what the job are giving a so why the cold shoulder from the rest? well, as the u. s. has made clear and it's criticism of the neutral positions taken by china and india. the binding ministration expects nothing short of full
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condemnation of russia right now. but many of the countries in the region has strong economic ties with russia. and they're not willing to jeopardize that relationship out. washington's command, for example, vietnam relies heavily on russia for its coal supply, which served as the largest product in the $1780000000.00 worth of goods. it being on imported for marcia and 2020. on the other hand, indonesia relies on russia to buy its resources with over $1000000000.00 worth of goods exported or russia in 2020. but it's not just about the economic impact. it's also a question of the overall gravity. the u. s. has, is it dictates the rules for both policy and condemnation. in fact, just last week, the u. s. declared a genocide, there are people in me a more, a key member of the southeast asian alliance with some human calling for military intervention. the u. s. government should couple of condemnations of mine. mars military with action for too long the u. s. and other countries have allowed my mars generals to commit atrocities with few real consequences. there have also been
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changes with cambodia, which is a chair of the alliance after the u. s. announced in arms in bar, go back in december, claiming it was concerned about the influence of china's military. we urge the cambodian government to make meaningful progress and addressing corruption and human rights abuses and to work to reduce the influence of the p. r. c. military and cambodia, which threatens regional and global security. so washington is sending the message, the nations in the region can't get too close to china or russia, or they may find themselves facing action from the us. but that didn't stop indonesia from joining china and voice in support for russia place in the g 20 alliance. noting that it is a premier gathering for economic cooperation, not a political venue. and speaking of china, beijing just confirm that it will be hosting the foreign ministers at nija thailand, the philippines, and me and mars this week. china will also have indepth exchanges of views with all parties on the current,
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regional and international situation and contribute more positive energy to regional peace and stability and global prosperity and development. so it appears that the increased pressure of the us is actually pushing key country out these asia even closer to the nations. they are being warned to stay away from a policy that is not working out too well for the buying and ministration in washington. rachel blevins, archie if senior u. s. military official has said that there are more russian spies in mexico than anywhere else in the world. general glen, than her head of the u. s. northern command made the claim to a senate committee. i would point out that the largest portion of g r u members in the world is in mexico right now. those are russian intelligence personnel and they keep an eye very closely on their opportunities to have influence on us oppertunity and axis. mexico's president has brushed off the allegations and
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emphasize that his country is, quote, not a colony of russia, china or the united states. this is an ramos in mexico is a free, independent sovereign country. it should be no more and more because sometimes it seems that it is not understood enough. we have to send them telegrams, warning them that mexico was not a colony of any foreign country. that mexico is a free, independent sovereign country, that we are not a colony of russia, neither from china, nor from the united states. recently, a day after the russian ambassador gave a speech to mexican lawmakers about the newly inaugurated mexico, russia friendship committee. the us ambassador lashed out saying, such close ties between mexico and russia, could quote, never happen. what would the world be like if, instead of u. s. military bases near russia's borders, there were actually russian bases surrounding the u. s. american political cartoonist. ted rall addresses that issue in a comic about
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a suppose it russian alliance encroaching on the u. s. much like nato encroaches on russia. we discussed this with him. he says, washington wants to prevent russia from establishing deep ties with mexico because the u. s. wants to control its southern neighbor. on top of that just is the fact that the united states is, is talking out of 2 sides of their mouths, that they want to control canada, mexico, the entire western hemisphere through the monroe doctrine. look at what happened back in the early 900 sixty's during the cuban missile crisis. the united states did it, you know, threatened to invade cuba. it sent anti castro cubans right wingers to go and try to overthrow the government of cuba at the time. because cuba was too close to what was than the soviet union. but, you know, they, they, they don't understand why a country like russia might not want an enemy allied military alliance,
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right on the border to spite attempts to silence the russian media in the e. u. a recent poland, france has revealed that more than half of respondents agree with some of russia's reasons for entering the ukraine conflict r t show davinsky has more when o c and other channels described as being propaganda, tools of the kremlin was shut down a month ago. european leaders were triumphant. the state owned russia to date and sputnik, as well as their subsidiaries, will no longer be able to spread their lives to justify proteins war. and to saw division in our union, no more influence the public would be able to get them media from trusted sources. but despite not having easy access to russian media and belie used, it apparently wants to tell you about the war in ukraine. people in france still
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aren't too keen to follow the heard. no, they all making up their minds about what's going on. a pole has found that more than half of those questions believe at least one of russians reasonings as to why the war broke out. despite the denials of the media, the authorities, and all the work of verifying information, a large number of french people, permeable to putin speeches aimed at justifying the invasion of ukraine. so let's dig into the figures. 30 percent of those who responded felt nieto was a cause issue with ukraine being encouraged to oscar membership. obviously you don't think it's obvious, of course. yes. on western countries, they always wanted ukraine like pulling even if it isn't part of the you to join nato to annoy the russians. this war could have been avoided by agreeing with russia that ukraine would not join nato and that the americans would not station or
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sit up there. american base there. that's what started the war 28 percent of people believe the russian intervention is supported by russian speaking ukrainians. who are trying to free themselves from persecution? no, no, i do not think so. i doubt it. they are brothers. funky judges. i think there are facts that can be verified, different documents are archived, that can be found. you must weigh the pros and cons in contrast them and arrive at a certain accuracy that's as relevant as possible. while 10 percent thought ukraine is currently agenda infiltrated by neo nazi movements on campus, it's no secret. there are small neo nazi groups, but it's important not to generalize because there are small nazi groups in other eastern european countries to come as someone who follows football. i've seen ultra movements in eastern europe, such as in hungary or poland. not all hungarians or all holes or neo nazis. i think
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it's the same for ukraine. good. so just who are these people that according to the french outlets, believe in such alarming conspiracy theories, according to eiffel, which conducted the pole it is to port as from the hard right of eric, the more as well as those from the pony opposite. the hot left who back shall nuke men in shore. but the real punch comes from where people digest, they so called news. those who are most sensitive to conspiracy theories are getting their information from the like. so facebook and twitter. and what do we learn from all of this? well, according to eiffel, it's that anti faxes are now playing russian roulette. some of those who believed in anti vaccine theses have switched to supporting putin's policy. the findings also apparently suggest that if you have a pull show for reading your horoscope or even believe in magic, you are probably more likely to succumb to ideas that are just not acceptable in
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the mainstream media. so we could bang social media, stop the meddling horoscopes, burn harry potter books, and only print what is sanctioned by those who ordained to be in the know only a real strategy of education and critical reasoning and better regulation at platform homes can combat this phenomena and it feels sometimes like it's only one step away from the thought police. charlotte ski, i'll see paris, the economic fall out from western sanctions against russia is now spreading to more countries and continence consumers across europe and africa are now bearing the brunt of the backlash. amid soaring food and fuel prices, thousands of truck drivers have formed roadblocks, madrid, calling for the resignation of spain's transport minister over skyrocketing fuel prices. it is the latest development of protests in the spanish capital of the past 2 week commit economic backlash over western sanctions against russia.
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meanwhile, the chairman of the french energy regulatory commission has urged residents to conserve electricity and gas due to a risk of supply disruptions. we must conserve gas and electricity in france right now. otherwise things could go wrong. next winter just was it's 19 degrees celsius in my home, i put on to sweaters. i only heat the rooms that i live in. i don't know what else to do. i'm used to this, i don't see what more i can do. i guess of course you have to cut back and that's it. you have to reduce everything to reduce your expenses for water and pay attention to everything right now. we'll have to get used to it. so can you speak to i'm particularly concerned about the industry about agriculture, because if we have a harsh winter in france, it'll postpone a lot of things, especially the efforts that we're ready to make. there are limits. we'll see how
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it's ultimately a matter of the collective conscience. i live alone, so it's easy for a family, it's much more difficult. the italian economy has also been hit hard and farmers say that they are on the verge of bankruptcy amid dramatically rising cost. they are afraid their supply might come to an it could be vested in the key. i know several companies that will be forced to close because of the very difficult economic situation and others that when they faced the end of their supplies, we'll have to do the math and think about whether to continue their production or face closure. the main problem, since the outbreak of the war has been the increase in the cost of raw materials, particularly corn employ. the energy costs have doubled. the boomerang effect of economic sanctions is now being felt not only in europe, but on the african continent as well. kenya has raised the diesel and petrol prices
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by 5 kenyan shillings and historic high. now the move is expected to significantly increase the cost of living in the east african country, where the majority of households rely on kerosene and petroleum gas for cooking. here's what some locals have been saying. i have come from various places all over this town looking for fuel, we have moved all around a lot. i am even forced to push my motor bike so that was it, this motor bike and i got it on loan. i still have to pay for it. now, you know, i have not earned any money all day when i have not found any work and there's no fuel in town. and i got the price started at $1.00 o, 6 canyon shillings and just keeps going up. i mean, it's now more than $145.00 shillings. we've been having a big problem here in nairobi with fuel. i just arrived here at the petrol station . there is no fuel left and the price is very high. according to experts, many of the products used to make petrol and diesel come from russia and ukraine is ok, so because there is war there, we're having these problems over here making fuel prices shoot up and also creating
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a supply shortage. i have traveled all the way from the city of caps a bit and i'm trying to get fuel for my car like he did has become a challenge because we don't know what is happening last week last week we had the same problem that we don't know if the problem is also in other cities, or if it's only like this year in nairobi, my mother, i am forced to leave my car here. now i don't see anything that i can do with it. meanwhile, friendship president emmanuel micron says that it would be impossible to pay for gas supplies in roubles, as requested by moscow in a phone call with russian liter vladimir putin micron, insisted that switching to rubles, would break the terms of current contracts. and moscow has said that it would supply gas paid for in rubles or not at all. russia accounts for about 40 percent of the use gas imports. amid the fall out of the conflict in ukraine, the block is moving to cut its dependence on russian energy supplies and recently into deal to buy more expensive liquefied natural gas from the u. s. instead,
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moscow's permanent representative to the use as europe seems to be seeking to inflict massive economic damage on its own people and businesses. what is the g 7? it's an informal club for a number of countries. all of them actually falling into the category of those who have been reduced sanctions against russia. so they are point of view of will hardly be decisive and what happens all these measures are they are an additional impact on the already overheated sedation in the energy sector. of the european union, which was aggravated not as a result of anything that russia was doing, but as the result of sanctions being introduced by the european union and other western countries against the russian energy sector. definitely,
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there will be a major impact because according to o economists and no energy specialist that matter, you know, there is no other alternative source in the short term that can fill that gap. should russian don't get supply, be terminated now, so we'll have to see the european union is speaking of perspective regarding, oh, we of the russian energy supplies. but that will take time. i don't want to. speaker how many years, but certainly many years or that is it for me this hour stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and updates on the war and you can stay with us.
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