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ah, what this little when you got a good i seen that was would you live up just on this? and you can say that there was a short video issue. he's down, believe peter, the number of see the but i see the that they do what she of principal does, that is not that i do so on the each those go there out a power with still doing in the cities that you'd also get it did you are getting a c and that there is a slew him. did you get? some wasn't on a heel. a girl neglige sort of vision that nice you form of the leash. he blow. he still wouldn't print a think. you can see that when you are, when you get your sewing out there is to but you might be away stuff across the
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shortage. okay, sure. so it through it and then used to be livable, my guess, but almost bear with you, michelle or american. the new sure. because the other one, yes. the more you to more thought new system that are bog down in the premier believe troy, i believe both are but is it not that a bug on that? but the most, the, even, the, in the school where jessica, she would it be, you know, she could e se a yes. and you hers along at the mazda a superman. se was not as did you, but said you cobra give you some kind of a media uses a name of the addition and then you had a stay since it was nobody to be there or you them unless you get him to when you move with the with you, when you're there was needing it all go with the i'm listening to the post of what i show, it's unless you go my my a lot of more than
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a but said he's yeah. which will. and yet only a, those will process across the choice issue was that i was muscle, but you're more about that if they should have a social i can clear. mean, it's just about on them, which one you know, which when you start us, if you wish a wish mr. go to school, but i didn't mean to cut my elbow in a premier we should get all the details so screwed up. but you until about to reschedule? you sure. which is sheila, me on the put a good look. we're fucked. especially though now monday to congregation. i thought bill was a little help ross resist that in the ones could sort of price a little crazy which much. i don't want to little crane that bill gets scuttled at the low cross contorted, more than one can do either. it, well,
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it dial yet with you now, that in long the lesser from a little was it, it or that they, at least, i mean younger, pretty good. crane has a biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned russian troops. russian forces may be seeking to gain control of so we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces. should they approach it when you kind of sort of nice in atlanta, that mostly is live close to now we'll go. no, but you would have us talk well, no, it's the result of the notion of a little girl. if you're sold prescription in the room, so that the mean tedious. no, no. which is literally not ok. just learning a little don't get off work for
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zillow. you're looking for a, i'm going to cancel a name and you had somebody in your q a, i think it was, goes on, you know, and then your class, you learn something, you go to see jewish and really you must go to it. but he was like a fleming out those and she just keep in you, you bother you. because mostly i'm a little bit less than a when you post the other colleen lashes. i'm going to get with about this as about bus no means you say me. got me because she was, would you to be a little bit easier? you spend a minute watching, which is boys all the
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way so you should be feature knots with them because they should be would the gave either a certain nature of when you go to you i didn't do she was she, when you got only euros to she machine which know where i was to where it says let's split up. i was a be like east it, what was the building should do with not the good will totally the solution that literature and lucian, cuz it was that was the number and the p g. me, me, she was just on the sign. he could date it
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oh boy, she could not do it as most acidic when the building is still she is it any of those? there was a building is the most thing you know with on the zillow thing. and just because of the, of the so the billing you know, that i'm with along with even the bill. oh boy. yeah. the woman. yeah. the but it's still in years this, you wouldn't be a total, but it is a slow number even. you should know when you mine, you know, with movie give you a new that goes with
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this, then you are still going to give us a date. but then sell them, but the, me just, you know, they're still going to spark on year as a chill. i, you could, i knew i should this really stuck with the new boys, and i got a notice now which it, but i was actually in. i think i don't put together it's i had them another says that that was done. i thought it was there, actually i need to move past what i'm what i wish to hear a symbol to the customers that says network seen a system that i have a good answer because i was meant to say no. ok, just to finish that. and then you would actually go to this year and you don't see,
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but william ship houston still up please with when you might have a new a be through a bomb as a pretty you possibly you think he's living? yes, he is. and i should both agree with the spanish english, the sheet that i want to see. and i see where she might have been used. that symbol that was causing a partition that's, you know, i was a lead again fixed on the one you know next that the doctor for which one the issue of your ticket is near the notion. any e, the double out of the news over the last year, when you choose to combine, you got the order. you sent me. you sent me here. then you finish the dump. a lot of you. so when you sit with you, when you go to a burden, supposed to slow. gotcha, what is now we can see a dumb production of been interested in serious them over to them and i period which is a b one if could tie the feature stuff me at the at that with
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a kid that does or what? no. what on can you publish? and i thought, well, the course of budget, to be honest with you, and there was also that we showed the bill of the scholarship. but that's certainly a book on global. and in my study, chima a nuts which my do you for a long elsa roy? yeah. did you wanna use a photo visibly when you do the move on the go with mark one with laboratory for the if you wanted to talk to him, walk through a process when he was going to do that. to me just keep us live there. a heavy deal, so could you tell us the smear to say and you throw in? yes, you said you were young and we will be with you to pursue mural the talk to
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mom with liberty in ocean center. we just do a little spoke with scheme which you know, yes, private you will buy me to court where you see other it's we're going to skip but he's just going to a case yet. and you can create a little bit more like the schema studio is also dying because the other time going in, but you probably didn't say i could do it.
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i me i oh lou, i'll give you a new digital system number on this show. i don't store them with significant pieces over to rothko some of them there's okay, so could you tell me what the movie when you will, if i mission the spoken to this with him in the sky when your grains of upper off that she needs to be on the rest of the world. and really just what we could put in a brush on the move. and this is nicole. no, probably not these to show even in the morning. and
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a great wisdom the only good store took over the grant me. this is just so that it was more to suggest you when you know of the problem, it comes thought you were listening to reduced lunches, you not know a glitch in the teacher's carol's co cranford. so the police would be told about it was community would be great for sure. so let's just mission a little quick. i'm going to give you natalie. she is in the premier. give me just the roper roasted grains bill. also the formal move paulette posters in the loop with sort of shannon you fucked. a buell to him in the bottles, kim, nipple, grain some it apart. whiskey. more grain. some knowing you ball on the payment are man over at a mina new function of the quarter over well, more of the so that you folks still more than so, notably, scramble dish. not there yet, mr. washington that they came over and were research,
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as long as we're part of the session. that was okay. because this emerge again, you usual preaching because mr. soperano schreiber, it's initial walk into decides on the chimney, me, you sure. abreast to chin veneta, even the roscoe at no additional move when i was a to see about becoming an engagement. it was the trail when so many find themselves well the part we used to look for common ground. i rhonda
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with with you with you i'm with from beach still these are
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stationed but in the board with over the machine you you still urls in georgia, a girl nearly so sport of e m boots that one us hadn't nuclear nose up set up so they did the search, nevada, also been the posterior pro, so busy and thought that you would then you'd still be dr. a. c. o was yours? i am. i'm louis sale's to build like a photo id in the store yet that then you was more nice of the user. so go, what on yessenia is anybody she got the she you thought about? you know, what should the key i should those to completion but sure. can you still done like more than that? nick? it isn't that catherine?
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i'm still wouldn't you news of easton? i'll don't of puddings have been bullied, you would have said that you was was now with when you do it if you're visible, you in your school, but i'm a couple of it is a chill and also worse if you lose here and so full immediately the group today, peter's dania moore's good with a 1000000 then theater. they steal you ca, you know, the support and he 01. showed us that you can you by now them, lithium the media. will it be email? are you still there? cause unless boy into so and let us know and use it as a will you? i mean, i guess you thought if you put them with you on the medium slideshow w i noodles get near bella and his mother, a blue and usually a doing this. michelle oh, go floor. yeah, let me ask you to know, but it's the linea homes through the buttons. i love boss, navy, during your play, you mazda, your mazda, even about music you months of did those though, but i mean, in you, please. t shook. i've got those postcolonial should like immediately. no, it's just there's almost 50. avoid him. is that his ticket just in give you the wellness he has made and there was
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a little bitty michaud in your grade as have been of in you. that is, that are not just the individualist you feels acidic, you, most of the casa does open all day and consider weight unless you lead to those that each are already knew was more than the interest of the early sinister stove mistakes she would even doesn't. she tire, but it does not stationary mean yet that you've technology to remove so they're taking care of your car today, redoing your boy the quote to give technology, but almost a bernetta chuckle, weirdness they struggle are you yet? church colquitt? the, the couple of the priest cha card, nas, issues of toilet, nuts, goodness analysis. you look at each group there where you are still more as nice as that. i believe corrosion. i pity teacher dash bach. i think you bring it up with national. come cleared to actually research. if you were a chip is issue studying you would give us the cookie to please think you got out of all the dirty shirts you purchase, cut off more reports this. it's a pretty small question. machinist as they put in the net natasha closure i took on
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yesterday. i took roger booth just to keep talking there to actually you can know. sure. and i will collegiate authority immediately please but you will see it but i do. they are supposed to like go crazy, but you more story color what i played melanie jenna. no grainy you push move. see i ne, finance here. what is in no idea and i wish that, but i didn't just run that should kick another the village is to say, go say, eula is on the phone. you should be another. my linelle moved out here. who can i use community schools wishing will use of girls come it themes, emotionally, supporters with united ships. i knew who graham's most on my glove now today, douglas or the style it's a bill material is i she's got her emotional though. it's nature's like any was. she's crazy sneezing. when you william, she, she decent unity tucker. praise crazier will she means
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that it was was apostrophe go, godson, your mac right now in the earliest convenience are one still de camille beaver club the oven to let us clear though, and you told me to call customer to boston. we have done sent for amy logan. i believe she at the company she, i believe each school about a toyota store comparable ajilisus put on your move lancaster city of apache. a wolf is liberal in your sphere to where you may be. l o g e r g mr. keith, bernice, labeling of thompson, magazines come the selina, rosie, you probably live colonies, holy, even older, nor pasco, one was, it was a former student who is about control them. social functions, living from up to one is feeding you. system then you could course combat like can you please, could you boy the will, but the come in come country, you go to your gods, a peer stuff, but the so no time should, can even a store for about all this new tool got to. so bob boss, me, but a given over coupon noise that is for the stuff this issue is from last is my son in
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a studio is a deal. it's monday. i mean, i mean, is a, a, a, a, a, a, the last, it should be a, a, a,
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a, a, a, some of the complaint to help georgian soldiers, they were, they would catch the same disease. healthy young one will live, one would die. i don't know why. i don't know what they were testing on. maybe god knows. the information i had about georgian soldiers is about the blood based on information. and this is the same project in ukraine and they're using george and soldiers because they're young. they're naive. that they feel obligated to participate in these dangers experiments. they, they claim they give them informed consent. they explained to them the risks involved. but when you're young soldiers, you do what you're told to do or you will have, you will be beaten up later that day. by your colleagues, you get back to the barracks
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a t last, you know, you got a lawyer and i, you know, i was a lawyer, but she asked me just a mom and you know, my mom was the she, you know, like you see in the one yeah, i do. well, if you, if you don't want it, and i'm telling people, and i repeat, laboratory is not so much in the lab, but the whole country of georgia is a human laboratory. and dr. wrangler was alive, he would be very impressed with what they're able to do in georgia and for the georgia government to be totally and inform. when people in america don't even have basic health care. many people and they are spending $21000000.00
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a year just operate the lab for over here is to pay in salaries, maintenance, electricity, the water, you know, $21000000.00 a year. the, you know, she was a, my, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a. ready a, a a goes yeah, units and i see, and i don't want them a, my gosh, i is a boy by us. yeah. oh i a, i'm a member
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to research by any chance or are they can do it on their own territory. you're talking about a program that in 25 across the world, many countries bothering only yes, main rivals. you know, they can only one purpose is because this is not in the united states. this is in countries that are located in the day or injury to the local population. i, i think out a local governments of the country, a scientists working out of the program to perform what they are for project. the ones
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are involving a spoke with the salesman when you do it, because you know, when you hit the, which was the middle a new, but it shone ludmilla door thought, said you unless that the immediate obligatory luminous appreciate it. no, you should not both go in the vehicle. some one thing is a particularly of the when you, when you, if you got say, know what the double you have to wooster until you think you, she, the stuff on know, get those double as a petition or it said you only start their music. if you said it was me, you said that they wouldn't have given up. or what did you say that when your bill against your anthony you low can use can you roll them over to him when it comes to about a 2 piece p v d a full p d material that i see. you know, i need a full guy. can you think of a cook or see occupy
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a totally tosto. you guys have shifting speaking to cooper, that you are me to counselor the dealer with coconut was an issue of pros. the prostate, though, just the me reach human me it on. those are what look on yours. the and the floors knows that you know, the global was alerted in boy, you're still used to, to pitch in the with the be with you get you in them. you see of doing mobile too, because i still at the delegation got order, but i was like a fish images and i thought i finished the oceans right. that she'll have issues will try to swing to an appointment with on. so the cool parachute to last a need, so you need so i went to my cheating it. i'm on. yes, i'm a lawyer. law. he's a
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lawyer. a nice the way you want us to move it. sure, fucked them love it, miss. be suddenly saying she did it that way and we we use the new sparsely, she'd be a much unable daily interest or not longer human language to lead them windows. nobody cares them wouldn't wish associate with their ask even especially for
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me the ah ah nice to come to the russian state
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to never. i've stivers, i'm phoning most landscape development. i'm not getting calls all set up for a week within the 55. would this be okay, so mine is 2000 speedy. one else calls about this even with we will van in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state aunt, rush up to date and support r t spoke next. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube and pinterest and with the question, did you think it was with mm oh is your media.


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