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a with a shift and a short video issue. he's don't believe peter the see if the but i see the that they do have a bit of the stablish. not that i do so on the each the a doing unless you just let them use a good teacher will give you a c and it to you and it wasn't like you only get each store, does it look nice you form of the issue below he still wouldn't print a thank you because you're doing, you probably need to choose so and you know, there is to but you might be we stuff approach the shortage. ok. so it's through
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the list to be a little bit more again, but almost be right with you. the machine is a new issue because the of the yes it was you to more of a new system that, that bug on the perimeter believe to morning. i believe blue if you go to what is it, you know, it's not that a bug on the, for the most, the, even the in the school where she, she would it be, you know, she could e se a super mom. so obviously she's not, i did you but said you can brought them some because of a me give you a spouse of the that you know, then you have to stay since it was nobody to be there or you them a nice you get him you, when you more with the with easy when you're there before sneaking, i'll go with the i'm listening to the post of what i should unless you go my my
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a but said he's yeah, which will yet only a those will process of the choice issue that i was muscle, but you more to but i thought if they should have a i can clear. mean it's just about on them, which one you know, which when you start with a wish mr. go to school, but i didn't get a curse. my elbow put in a premier, we should get all the details so screwed up. but you won't chill, but she could if you show which she that to me on the put a good look. we're fucked. especially you know, monday because cation not that old bill. as a little of up, ross with no one could sort of private equity or the claims which might go a little crazy bill against scott at the law pross contorted, more than little can do out that it well, it dial yet with it is now victor and long the lesser from
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a little was it that the, at least, i mean younger, pretty good. crane has a biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned russian troops, russian forces may be seeking to gain control of so we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces should they approach it when you kind of sort of, when they see in atlanta that most of the live close to now will go? no pushing with us talk. well, no, it's the result of the notion. any of the little girls sold prescription in the room so that the mean tedious? no. which name is lou? not ok. just learning a book or are you looking
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for us to proceed? i'm going to cancel a name and you had somebody in your q a. he was, goes on, you know, and then you have a situation where you must go to wish him, but he was like them a so fleming out those and she just keep in you, you but you, because mostly i'm a little bit less than a when you post yes, colleen, i, she is. i'm going to get with her about this about bus. and i mean, if you say me a little girl, she was, would you to be a little bit easier? you've been you minus the witching which is boys or the see should be feature.
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not for them because they should be would the gave either. no nature will go to you. i didn't do she was she, when you got only you sent it to she machine which know where the left over says let's split up. i was a like east. what was the building should do with the good will totally. it was a solution that little you wish there was something that was the number and the peachy me. me sure. she will let me kid. date it.
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oh boy, she wasn't going to do it as much acidic when the building is still. is it any of those? there was a billing is the other thing, you know, school with on the zillow thing. it is just because of the so the billing is not even the billing is oh boy. yeah. the woman. yeah. the but it's still in years this, you wouldn't hear a little not even you should know when you mine, you know, with movie did you go good to go to a new that goes with
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on you. but there's a do i still got a new year to date, but then sell them, but the, me just, you know, it's nice to could i get a spark on year or 2? i you could, i knew i should this stuck with a new boys and i got a notice now which it, but i was actually in undergrad, don't forget that. i had them. another says that that was done. i thought it was there. actually, i need to move past more than what i wish to hear a symbol to the customers that says networks in a system that i have a good answer because i was about to go to see a know and i'll probably just to finish that. and then you would actually go to the city and you don't see, but really, i mean the ship systems to i'm going to use with when you might have to send you
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a she, she is going to be through a bomb as a pretty to possibly get the case we're doing this and i should both agree with the spanish english, the sheet that i want to see and i see where she might have been used. that symbol that was causing a partition that's, you know, i was a lead again fixed on a one year senior except the doctor for which one the initial substance ticket is near the new ocean. brittany e. the double out of is over the last year when you choose to combine, you got the order you sent me. you say this, i me see. and then you finish the dump. a lot of good news on a cutter. abundance of us need new, a slow go check. what is now we can see a dumb production, but interested in serious them over to them. ok to was slow. she's a bit of one if could tie of that and just asked me at the, at that with
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a kid. those are what? no, what on can you part of the bush now? i thought with the course of a mr. with what i just showed, the ability scholarship, but then sunday, a book on global and in my study, kim, i'm a senior with nuts which my do you for a loan is elsa roy? yeah. did you wanna use a photo visibly when you do the move on the coast with mark one with laboratory for the if you wanted to walk through the narrative approach when you was going to do that, to me, just keep us with a video. so could you just use management and use their own? yes, you said you were down and we will be with you to pursue mural. the talk to
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mom with liberty in ocean center. we just do a little a spoke with schema, private. you will buy me to court where you see where you me to skip it is just like a case. yeah. and you can create a little bit more you like east q l u b as in boy, oh so you you probably didn't say i was to build a could you with me?
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i oh lou, i'm giving you the deal in the system on the show. i don't store into him was yes, could, could push over to rothko some vendors. okay. so can you tell me what the move union will if i mission or spoken to this with even though skill new koreans of up ross that she says about on the rest of the world. prestige and really just and what we could put in a brush, with the luminous, has been a couple of days to show even in the morning and a great wisdom the only good store took over the grant me. this is just
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so much to suggest you when you know of the problem it comes here. well, isn't a good the reduced lunches, but i do not know a glitch in the teacher's carol school at the korean. so the police would be told capital community would be great for me. so let's just mission a little quick. i'm just going to give you natalie. she is in the middle school, the rope with cranes bill. it also did a formal move by like a sort of shunning you fucked. a buell to him in the bottle skim, loanable grain, some eatable whiskey, more grain, some knowing you ball and the amount of red amino new function of the quote over more than that. you folks still more than a police convolution a? yes, mr. washington thinking research has been with us, okay. because this match,
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he gave you a pretty chin book about mr. saw, but on the initial walk into decides that you mean you sure. abreast to general, even that all score at no additional a i was just, i wanted to was go with this with you, i guess with you i am with
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full credit. it's going to be out of wood, from beach to still easy to the station, but in the board with
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for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? right. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted you need to descend. ah! so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows of machine, it needs to earl renewed. you agree, they finish those poor of e m, but go that one us. hadn't me as quickly as i said up so they did the search.
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nobody else have been a boss lu, up at all, so busy and thought that you would then you'd still be grow the but a c o is yours. i am those details there. bill floor like a thorough id in the store near that than you was more nice of the user were so core were on. yes, miss shania is anybody she had the she you wor, no. what should the key i should those 2 on the couple in your but sure. are you still done like more than that nikki? is that catherine? i'm she would mean use of easton. i'll don't of prince have been a video with of should that you was was now with when you go, if you're visible, you in your school. good m recovery is a chill and also worse if you lose your and, and so full immediately the group. today peter's dania moore's good amelion, then theater. they steal you ca give me a now the support an e 0 and i showed us the yokes and you bring out them lithium pneumonia, or would it be humiliated? you their cousin, us boy into so one last more. well, is it as a will you? i mean, i guess you don't. if you put them with you on them even come slideshow w. i nearest you, near bella and his mother auto, 30 blue, and you see
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a doing this michelle across lawyer would only ask the user. nope, it's the linear those through the buttons. i love boss nish. laurine played him as a new mazda, even about music you months of did those 2, but i'm in you please t sugar. mckuire. pasco, pasco. go should they came you soon? no. it's just, there's almost littlewood him. is that the sticky? jest in give you the oil misty is made and there was so glad biddy michaud in your career as have been that when you the restaurant i just in doing this to motion because those to day and consider each year was more than your initial stove. the station doesn't shatara versus not stationary. mean yet that you know we get to remove so they taking care of you could do redoing your boy to take care of technology, but the more stuff for you to check quickness yet. just go to a couple of the reason, i'm sure you got a nice issues of doing it. no, not really good. so now you look at the school group in the regular more now doing
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corrosion efficient to ship it, us parker. thank you. premier. if you, when you come clear, which is which, if you were going to issue a new again of the cookie to please think you got a moment to actually show you what you purchased. no, the city of the machine is up with. and the problem that i took on your snow boots, are you talking at which you know? sure, in a little prologic authority, i mean that was what you will see it a little bit smaller than that. ok. see what you school over at lee will and aiden . i know you put your move in unsuitable just in time with no idea. it's an ocean, but i didn't, i should get into the military to say to school, so it's nice. you've been out of my daughter, who can i use community school wishing values?
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of course it seems emotionally you spoke with united keeps i knew who grains my glove now i don't want to be able to. she got there was no way he was just crazy sneezing. when you were in g c t t dot com, pretty crazy with will she means that it was a buffer seeing it again, got veneer crap known in a be as convenient the camille fever club, a b c a put him to dump with on your move the custom city of a building, if you are, you may be a little g e, but i would use the keys. but then you see we have to actually magazines come with b, like in a school, even older, a support control even from school. and i see you system and of
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course, compelling. can you please, could you believe that will put them in some control? you got to get a bit of a story about what is new to us about bus me, but the given over to police for the stuff issues are, isn't to be earlier. my. you lose, you know, a good deal is when do you know, i mean, i mean is long, but i was a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a, a, a b, y is a just that are here actually, you know, who was the guy was a some of the complaint to help the georgian soldiers they were, they would catch the same disease. healthy young one will live one with die. i don't know why. i don't know what they were testing on them. maybe god knows. the information i had about georgia's soldiers is about the blood, the baseline information. and this is the same project in ukraine and they're using george and soldiers because they're young. they're naive that they feel obligated
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to participate in these dangerous experiments. they, they claim they give them informed consent. they explained to them the risk involved. but when you're young soldiers, you do what you're told to do, or you will have, you will be beaten up later that day by your colleagues. you get back to the barracks a last, you know, you got a lawyer and i, you know, i was in still know you got like, what she asked me just a mom and you know, my mom was the she, you know, like you see in the one yeah, i do. well, it is, you know, i mean, i'm not sure what i'm telling people,
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and i repeat laboratory is not so much in the lab, but the whole country of georgia is a human laboratory. and dr. mango is alive, he would be very impressed with what they're able to do in georgia and for the georgia government to be totally uninformed. when people in america don't even have basic health care, many people and they are spending $21000000.00 a year. just operate the lab for over this to pay salaries, maintenance, electricity, the water, you know, $21000000.00 a year. is the, you know, she was a, my, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a goes to show units and i see, and i don't want them a, my gosh, i is
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a boy by us. yeah. oh i, i, i'm a member to research by any chance a story. you're talking about a around that in $25.00 across the world. many countries bothering only, you know, you know, these can only one. this is because this is not in the united states. this is in countries that are located in, based on this or injury to the local population. now,
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i think out a local governments of the country, a scientists working out of the program to perform what, what their project they want, you know, involving a without being able to a spoke with the sales and then you can steal stone, you had to, which was the middle a new, but it's only jill of thought, said you unless that the immediate obligatory luminous. appreciate it. no, you should look a bullet. go on the vehicle some. one thing is a pretty loosely of the when you, when you, if you got say,
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know what the double you have to wooster until you thank you for she. the stuff is no good. possible as a petition or if it's a you only start, i music. if you said it was me, you said that though enough you will not. but where did you see the, when your bill against your anthony, you low can use it is all them about it when it comes to things previous the pulpit, mental but i see, you know, i need a full guy. can you think of a cook or c? occupy a totally tosto you guys have just been speaking. you could the that you are me to concert the dealer with us was an issue of pros, the prostate leukemia. pretty cheap. the me, it on those are what, look on yours the, on the floors know that, you know, the global was alerted, embodying to, we used to, to pitch in the with the be with, you get you in them. you see of doing mobile too, because i still at the delegation got older, but i was like a fish images and i thought i finished editions rather special editions will try to swing to, to put on so not a clue. carol schwinney with me. so i,
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you need so i went with my genius. i'm going to ask my lawyer law. he's a lawyer, a nice the way you want us to move it to fuck them. love it even because suddenly i didn't see it that way and we
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we as soon as possibly she'd be a much unable daily interest or not longer human language. still it is it windows? nobody out there to me because the voice push associate with that they're asking me especially for me the
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i ah ah .


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