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is seen as offering stability in comparison to washington's turbulence. and could the tide returning even for the closest l u. s. allies in washington? rachel blevins r c. 30 minutes. that's when i'll be back with another full infrastructure to stay with us or international. ah ah. as russia's military operation, ukraine interest a 2nd month, a popular media parlor game has come into existence. let's call it who is winning and who's losing. sadly, there isn't much time or interest in how to end the conflict. in the meantime, ukraine's fate is being decide oh
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i. 6 6 0 yes, matthew needed to look to meet them with the in the nice couple with nashville new bull, the subway. you. what the vine? not the cast ash net. yet new genie new, yet the cuckoo rule. can you pressure? will i thought of you may as sit the same thought, so god knows sped, some thoughts aly palla was saturday. i'm adrienne adrienne spectrum,
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a board game bit? yes. across the country. i'm sick about 2nd doll, automatic sarah was saying extract out sick about a sick doll. i saw it fill in eco, i noticed there why you could lie. you pay them to those who really care picked them. ha ah . being asked of what missile dislodges? ya, pennsylvania ticket shut jet is david naming your body this fallen pony eunice again
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. he out. why don't given us the thought i got it. and not be a soldier. did not take nig. 3 not said by his story. politically. all browser on you feel all on our quanto sandwich, new order lane, you better will, must gobstopper the buggy scholar in say, thought, you know, suddenly he has a cough on the skip up. we'll get the minute teresa the bill mobile years. i'm not sure the market, the sort of great your, well, the, the billing him a lot dish keisha us just buckingham mesquite adam marston as a while you while div easy while for in this us. what does adf vizier says? oh, a cell is still nest, but if you see of lee you, you have what they said,
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should you thought chicken dorothy o bookshelf to measure in that regard to what federal in the system with that she does stuff quite at the machine for over from with families here that wishes to work on my mind. mm hm. then does she need to rationalize, going to my buddy chad, the lack of the you can for be says 9 year old is a society i'm i need you for. yeah. all those every what, any shift here yet see sure. they shut a black a u j e o n. yes. i
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thank you. you're so nice. he's the matter. we even need to do what you felt like was this week? sure you was, i got you on board me stuff like you know what was this thing and what does it really the bottom you can always do in the hospital? it was more than that. you a couple different dish. but as a unit for me, you feel sky or but the dish, but it was really should still be as good as when you're close mr. right? him of so the blue sky really got quite a yet are still at the, at the origin. see, he's easy,
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closer music easily. but tom was show or movie tv show, vocalizing the thing. isn't that the seals will you please? when you seen it, what you mean? you 5 feet down with cheese in your lead. you gave them the lighting to get them, but i see those are to him if you could cooking them. she was a thought that them that them with that with them. she put a graphic gym to me to make you get them. reach me at the quick when your mom was nature. caustic or where you live,
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my scholarship with the legend. what sac with back of that i want to let what was that please? yes, it said the asset that you probably just guns are wolf because wisdom, india, nor was easier to go in depth. and when you would use your glass in the venue or see what that, what your family, by the way, and why and keep your scene keep their feet on the, at the store to get to the movies, to torture on this i will use to let you talk to somebody, go digital, i'll shoot you a lot more than just sort of go walk in this
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case. let's go work. but also i need to renew it. and she said to myself, together to resolve or be bundled, you are the only way you could give me a little bit of shipping on that. the only way i can show you a couple pots that you love to do with my mother, which one, you know, if she would be with specialist. nobody ever voice, chip, host your dog. can you be worked on? why don't you go for the for the day to see him new meal briskly we should be sure. ah
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ah ah ah, with ya. gibson is that leg united authorities. you eat martha folks and more water market dollar deal or stairs, john was quicker or dictionary net or will be skimmed amounts here. let me throw that in your mouth to nicholas mom. neutral is that a both at the moment? she said, you said bumpy bacon? only cooper she'll fit a sneak specifically most miss must the 3rd she been gone. poina does ship
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center wallace to dispose of 40 other. ah, no, he is in a 1. 21. or can he fish for be an euchre veneer. been more, more clear on you my go, buckley should be made 30. you put know men, your bed bed. you get that off. decide center. i yell company for the either or my opinion. been to one with hope of. yeah. which and then you might use the my own method of or j u d e is still or changing that is sneaky, get those or if he, if he is he again neg, mowdy it or yeah. mom jamie had thought such it to yeah. pre week store is the hot besides, but i read ye, what's the sky you put out with the doors them noise show the soldier ye in mel up these cool music. if you see metal don't users mode some more cheese or you know more more or is it mean? yes. why?
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yes. green be covered with water near me just out in the bass. miss oldest allowed this year. it's not so easy. a sort of just thought the ball on years could along sco campus, sort of guess my zeal. it was an invalid. again, the or the origin of maybe a little mirror. you're not the ballistics, where you're the, maybe you show more numbers that you me the day what store mean? it's trash or yeah, what you must do. you do more your store know what, what that so much talk at dory. i knew it's freshly by, you know,
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i had done the jewish and i be live normally up the know he's a really love i you what you been there? you more with the pretty nice, pretty like near blue la my you sure. 3, but i mean to you that should move here more by your shape or you know your sheets like ah, it was in your life. yes. so the ration of ah, but i will run no issue my mind.
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but we will attempt to look for you. mama, i love my daughter in law the or you go yeah yeah. you you are not. i know some is and i am still yes. it'll be interesting, it's yes sir, to speak about govern, store genius grove. but in oregon, where you would golf no. 3 deal up the scale you story of
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the movie and i don't get the cold war. pasquals get the new doc carson boys now watch and will show baba because because at the central number, even though it is a bob with a lot of the short start, the need is the i merely hello it the not on i
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l look forward to talking to you all, that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about, on personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to rate trust rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect his own existence with ah,
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no, i get a bill to get this book. felicia, do this to ship any other visit brought all katasha montague or do school or yeah. and what i see in the morning if there is the colors gonna stay. glaucoma focused lessons with possibly yes. you have to go like in
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metal music that had usa you let's just do barrack of that the this study on your i yeah. i think it did you i thought or another jesus with what is beside the unit. you see me and i mean like in the, in the difficult so in the middle man, you grab that manual when you're sitting village commission luggage. they came over . don't take it on this. lee miller is yesenia beloget, smith lol, the solace bill. is that the new bill of the new at those names renewable among appreciate even of young a young crossjay because of i just oh so let's go last does it does it does a bullshit, but i will actually call you zed. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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with a typically be pretty a reminder to a question for
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record. thank you know, slumber a gave a deep breath. lesson song. spoke of salus feels a need in that's with seeing it. stay out with shin sibyl. but i'm isn't that i did that. it almost tuesday, but no problem, no sanction wood. and it just came with the notion of linda. yes. a yeah. i'm with her at induced emission. i'm the ocean the what i'm with a i'm good of it. thank you. from all the fish that began with best outlet,
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i need to stay all of that and we didn't change it at storm system. we didn't build it with that. that's not shin, that in meal serial. sup, along with to know if it's the, with that serial number yet yet my income. but i to pull you up with that. i turned in all time, silas bullshit. and i to unless the ration at newton junior, later it is baghlan merits in with us. yes. from left to look at that stuff with no enough level or if it's not the 3 bedroom unit they assumed you don't believe you have yet to look at them. yeah. and then with with the kid show me
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it little. yeah. it's jonathan. waive. yeah. if the thought option interruption more than if so natural ah, we see a little issue 30 of them, a glock. be sure. the more do i need not least discuss what is your last, why you share with this we and the promise love. this is sonya lucky. i got a missed phenomenal dulles agency. sudle you? what booker got their chairs, what did you get? thought it might be up there bluffs. great of believe what, what they to work with at the to get the oil to use it. the car. yeah. my sure. yeah. i'm with a more in that there was a mr. some we must make too much. i don't just hear bull as if you see it on the
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music. julia's navarro defeats already of the middle of, of a good number to get caught up with me at miss. thus assuring your group of toys, stomach boom, yet that'll up like become a dissimilar pulls, goody of sham. shirley skimmed zulema more than their cost. if consciously, morgan, disco, christie, is this bill and made him a resolution of my dealer. she thought you'd say that the y fi ella, lead to them could wasn't a c at the or did you need to know what the doctor would lay? it doesn't look got the 2 signals can senior was oldish, could be a night in the garage, eat, just give you a little more give in the extinguishing crime. yes. just really shallow. it yeah, shows is, as i knew my spot of them lay a bill for the long gave common get absorbed up 3. it's in nevada,
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so my water out my shoulder. and after my teacher ski nymphs build massive alpha out middle ye no for time as well. on the mouth is from all was i just like ot those now was thought that you whole is i can't was but as long as new b m m as follows in a flanger put it on, but as follows on it, back on you mo chart, stop in years now, yeah, again accorded site the apollo method. it gave it so, but, but on of north e. r. those and as below yes, iq faxed on merger began. you been in touch with barry aud deshar, but he hasn't typically made to up the quiet. austria seemingly out there yet. these go your going. yeah. need us creeper the other. you're pretty classical about a team or going alger by no hell, butch, and is not that good? yes. yes. you said that missed that. they also gave a salt bron of me. north of you said, let them put to say, honey, it is with course. when you put
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a dorothy note. erica. oh, what can you what i'm you 3 are good. is luke at the what shoe it is. you sure is this of table. you can fly getting a custody of not. and i missed you. i use them can good. it's when we started, staley dump september to me. i can pretty booked up. but cynthia lee, i had them really early, but i could get you mala session monkey. good me. i am still on the mala mala core, initially. shalaka. can you tell me michelle, could shylie stagen will conditional trust me michel malicious or should to keep bridget much maria her? yes. now you're still organized a lot. if sure it was she,
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when you read you chicken che mom a mom, a timing issue. and no, no such an conchella bob. a couple of them was national national us back with such a dang. near noon to. thanks guys. i don't want a nation wide or what that for president casala slaten which get i tend to remember like in new car quote, i'm new to the boy like it will like it community. so last feel sca rushing in there, but it says chris or tomorrow i was good 13 little now we alike yet the cargo can you go got dora. no, it's a she suddenly busied say a lot to discuss this. a lot of the machine. yes. 30 a lot, we don't set the all you know, the can you go stella b or one problem? graham? you of julia approved. then you get little school. what is what the puppy it's got, dr. approved,
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does he ideally it's so would he me on the cannot see stuff either of them. i just keep here what is the most up with upper does not see stuff over him. you're really great. i see him in the room over in the but your mom that always sold just using the shirt, the premier. oh so why stick grandma cosgra? so that is the unit and you put you on them. i don't you lose unless you assume bullet a div easier. i would say that the what woodson did with watch you could you got the real yeah. it's not so skim. seem william you what could it that you must, you know, will you oh bites. am i done? i'm not sure what the at the when you, when you see me? sure. what is it getting up when you my it's a she gura daughter was prepared for spelling it sylvia zone. when the u. g. secret actual that we could use? can you not? so the gl or at was the she shad desert? so at the water reflect stalker, just by didn't gabriel's laurie malcolm switch of latortia, click the truth, a few more east in the gave us
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a schedule. yeah. the sheet that you were offered at was tuition obama nasa laurel guy. i says they're not tested by the master a lot the script. yoga by chance, i'll be quite di, boxed or be named to know and i was talking about b crossville yamil, spare of our, my bachelor or tom. so bizarre, but now you are open. americans. different so say under chinese ability name serve, talk about me build or bought my of with one your dominant condition when you're ready to pretty much go back to the north waiting my order for it. ah
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ah ah ah ah, with i think i understand both, both the models you need to do both got nothing new please deal
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with a a green already. a lot of them bought a they need a with, with, with, with
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a, with the re put and explains that mechanism for countries to pay for their russian gas imports in, rubles, instead of year olds and dollars and warns that moscow could turn off the chaps if they don't combine. i have been in the basement for 21 days and ask, how long do you think we've been there? residence in the embattled city of mario on edge as they struggled to cope with food and medicine shortages. an rti cru assists in delivering much needed humanitarian aid. the russian military releases documents reporting to show ukraine's interest in using drones to deliver weaponized pathogens, which they say were developed in us funded by alas. and we look at how middle eastern powers are switching focus from the u. s. to china as they pursue better


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