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route mm ah, in ohio depth, how is bombed in the western russian city of belgrade. moscow say that he has carried out the attack. ukrainian authorities have yet to comment with ality cruise divine, if not bush while reporting on the streets of ukraine's watering city of mario pulp this road just before this building with was short with also in the program, russia foreign minister, but they've been via and faith western unreliability will grow bilateral trade in their own national currency, adding that effort to press new delhi to oppose moscow will fail. our relations
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will not. partnership does not depend on a legal method to dictate black mountain. the cramming phase, europe has a month to adjust to new roof, a gas contract to be paid in rubles all with shutoff and supply companies across europe. when they can't survive without brushing energy. ah will welcome you're watching aussie international. it's good to have you with this outcome. now ukrainian mythology shot down over western rushes, belgrade region which borders ukraine was no casualties. old damage to buildings. and i saw for an oil depot in the city of belgrade, 22 miles from the border was struck in the early hours a friday, according to russian authorities. moscow say the bombing was carried out by 2 ukrainian military helicopters or ukraine's foreign ministers that he could neither
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confirm nor deny ports of ukrainian involvement. fatigue shows terminals be facility ablaze, a smoke below sky woods, bloss course, no casualties and emergency services are currently working to tackle the blaze. meanwhile, and verified footage shot just outside key as proposed to show residents evacuating the city. many forced to maneuver they call us between anti tank minds placed on the road. in mario po, shilling continues as a joint, russian don. yes, forces work to push the remaining ukrainian. now no c groups from the city and i could see russell and buildings damaged him. blocked off the heavy fighting residence hall, the war torn city describes how ukrainian nationalists used residential buildings as firing physicians. a group of the nationalists split up into groups of 10 or so people. they took up positions in the housing blocks. they came here and sit up in
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the night. you can tell where they've been by the condition of the buildings. if the building is all black and burned out, then the nationalists were there. if the house is untouched, then they weren't allowed in their corresponded marin county reports from the front line and mario pole where he and his crew came on the sniper fire through the streets, said roads of mary. you both are fraught with danger. here at the center section, snipers, bullets wheezed by meters from us. and then again, ah, this is the eastern side of murray,
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you book city the sight of vicious battles just days ago. these are catch and fight as they are commanded to leave his. let us go closer to the front lot, barely 500 to so meters that way west of us, ah ukrainian military positions, but of course predominantly nationalist battalions such as, as all the fighting here was, was absolutely ferocious as you can perhaps tell a tank crowd yesterday. impacted that building over there, but again, everywhere here are bodies of ukrainian fights as nationalists to which haven't been yet removed. devastated neighborhoods shops, apartment buildings, offices, and houses stretch for miles. no structure here was sped in the fighting in the midst the rubble or countless bodies of ukrainian nationalists surrounded by bullet casings and shrapnel. this is unfortunately
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it. this is as fuzz as we go. this is right on the edge of the front lombard, this wall. everything's covered by ukrainian stipends from as of steel, the factory that's spots a huge area of the city. that is where you pick and forces and stop as a still concentrated we have had enough of was for the day. so basically, just just the edge of these building is it in the other direction which chechen farthest would be what, what kind enough kind enough to was is put a scoop of what you, a lot of these building, for example liberated just yesterday. there was a lot of people, many people pendulous women, children hiding in the basement at the basement. unfortunately, access to the building to the basement is on the other side of this building that ruins structure in the distance is the last of what is controlled by russian forces
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by chechen fighters here. unfortunately, the recipe lease building and that building is also covered by ukrainian snipers, pfizer brushing fight earlier today was killed while attempting to cross. they still haven't been able to get the body out. the fight is here. knew what urban combat, eas. few things in our world are worse than this. second of all time, you know chuck copper. we're moving ahead without losses. we're working very efficiently. the civilians that we liberator, they kiss us, they rejoice, and they say thank you, sister, there are elderly men, women, we evacuate people every day and give them food i did. and in these hell, barely a minutes walk away from the front lines haggard. couple sift through the wreckage . la horses. hey, russert. this. he says we're in a bad state. well, we've been living in the basement since march 10th. sometimes we stick our heads
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out of our building was on fire. it took a day to put out the blaze on the 1st floor. that was, everything was destroyed hans interested in it. for us, it was time to go, which meant running the gauntlet in reverse. here we are again. this road just before this building is also covered by ukrainian cycle who has about twice twice shorted us. will tons missing. we've got a wave. see how sulaiman 1st and then follow him. ah, the battle here will rage hottest and likely end at the massive as of iron and steel works complex, which is the economic heart of the city. but that's
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a battle for another day more i'd guess the of r t for mario bull, tanya task. ah, now the russian foreign minister has said that trade and national currencies will intensify between moscow and quite strategic partner india on a visit new delhi say gala rather explains that western controlled financial system so they can no longer be trusted. the reason for moving the. ready national government systems again. absolutely. and the reliable nature of the bars, we don't want to do that, which would be gross in your diet. and the don't want to give masters can steal your mind over. that's plus live right hand. do a local reporter joining us from india. now ron, get to see what do we know about the results of today's talks between russia and india? today, russia, mr. surgeon,
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that was also a strategic died that were military defense, energy. and also just like to make the key think would be also discussed was all of the national interest issues and the western countries. and this also comes on the backdrop of you coupon. and secretary lynn with sort of who sort of india to counter the dependency on russia. the energy demand she to do that. ready it's important that we double down on the sanctions. the u. k wants to see more sanctions put in place on banks on the ability for russia to use gold. closing access to ports for all vessels around europe in the americas.
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and also tackling the dependency on russian oil and gas. but i think i should talk to sort of insisted that the dies within the continue as there are specially when it comes to the strategic partnership over the military or the arm that comes from russia to india. and let me tell you that this has continued to the can you because of a privilege of speaking? yes. i have confidence that despite pressure on india from the west are relations will not suffer. partnership does not depend on illegal methods as dick tat and blackmail, an opportunistic considerations with regard to russia, india and china. it is completely pointless to apply such a policy. the people who propose and implement such policies and impose them on
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others, and not well versed in the national identity of the countries they are trying to use the language of blackmail width as for the current to china and then india. i think this is a completely natural route. we are close partners and the 3 of us participate in a number of international formats, bricks, s, c, o, the structures that have developed around a c and, and our trios are, i see russia, india, and china in china. and today in india, we discussed how to develop this trip and how to use it more actively in the interests of stabilization and ensuring the quality in international affairs. if you are not joined, the list of the countries in pressing sanctions against russia has also not given into the demand by washington to press for the sanctions on the country via has also taken a very strong result not entering into any sort of negotiations that these
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countries either on pressing any factions, which means at the time, but if you guys entered into any versus off its own independence, india remains committed to foster get started with russia. a was driven strategic partnerships. also come to the back drop off several meetings between prime minister there in moody and the russian president. and also that is an ongoing meeting between prime minister movie and russian foreign minister, which speaks volumes about the partnerships which the 2 countries have. the last 7 years in military and economic operation. many thanks for that. that's $100.00, a local reporter, that hockey sons point to say is the focus of assassination plots according to the countries security services. and the reason speech to the nation, iran con, accuse they quote, foreign power of trying to intervene in pakistan's domestic policy. or you get
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what the u. s. government says, it's just a lame excuse. why is it angry of pakistan? it says that it will forget its anger and will forgive pakistan if a no confidence motion is successful against pm in ron con. meaning that if pm con, with pakistan will be forgiven hot. i really have a question to my nation, is that our real value on this treason to the nation on sunday? i want you to remember the faces of each trader. and his recent message to the nation con, said his life is in real danger. as mass protest continue to walk the country, the opposition accusing ton of mismanaging the economy. con has the keys foreign powers of intervening in the country politics as a response to pakistan's close ties with russia. the us is that his allegations are untrue. we are closely following developments in pakistan. we respect, we support pakistan's constitutional process and the rule of law. but when it comes to those allegations, there is no truth to them. in what appeared to be
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a slip of tongue, he named the u. s. as the country behind the threat now joined by retired pakistani general mohammed harun as lum, to discuss the political turmoil in the country. thank you for joining us on the program. we appreciate your time. now. packet found department is the claims that the west specifically the u. s is orchestrating the turmoil. there is this the case? do you think windows it is a historical relationship to that? and if we see that us as a history which is well documented and written in the books that they do metal into the affairs of smaller countries in pakistan, we have circumstantial evidence and documentary evidence also. and it has been said that our envoy in washington was summoned and he was told that in plain words, that if the new country and motion against him wrong,
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hon does not succeed, then there will be consequences for why did say a man cons k. i like decide to switch to the opposition and why now with iran funds government has been there for the last 3 and a half years. so there has been a that was kind of reasons if you're talking about individual reasons, focused on, unfortunately, as a history of horse trading and buying a lot of these political ideas to money. and there have been reports that are streaming has been done. and why these are of the fundamentals are being bought. but then it's not true for everyone. then there i'll put units to think that this is the time to change like these 4, excuse me, better digital future and for the coming elections. and then there are people who are seeking some funds for their constituencies,
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but it has been mass meant by annoy geez. but people are diverse reasons for that. what are your thoughts as to the term of being connected to cons, refused, i would say no follow. and refusal to follow western rhetoric and condemn russia. no, that is a good that be the law strong camel's back. but i know you will see. unfortunately, he's used to lead to having too much use to kind of leaders in pakistan who are so right. you are more submissive and they fought to their policies. but then ron hahn is different. different in the sense that he said the team follow balanced on was he's which are dictated by the national interest of our country. and if we go in history, we mostly our leaders and be doing the us policies. so i think that's what
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a ron find is being punished for. and there is a huge conspiracy which is going on august. can you see him around con, ready, losing the sad votes have confidence here, and if he does, it is hey, will, has it success of being? what kind of a face would that have in the countries foreign policy with the personality of flame ron font goes e fight still. last moral and last bullet and saw he's sticking on me is not designed, but by custodians. politics of this kind is full of surprises. so i would give him a jas that there wouldn't be a $5050.00 chance. but as for the dime being, the numbers are in favor of the opposition. as regards to that was going to be his successor. when the opposition has distributed slots to the board lead,
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that was going to be the prime minister. and mostly most probably, shabba sharif is the one contended to be the prime minister. but in my or assessment and whatever government is formed, it will not be for longer duration. and i think i see that pakistan would be seen early elections soon. where time focused on a gentleman hammered. hebron. sloane, thank you very much for your time and sharing your insight with us today really face it. meanwhile, the criminal phase gas appliance from russia will not immediately because office buyers in europe fell to confirm. they will pay in roubles, that's according to moscow. companies that have until the 2nd half of april or even early may to accept rushes terms. this comes off the president. pooty noted, the countries sanctioning russia had to pay for gas in the russian currency. foreign minister said a lot of say the new terms are justified, my friend, a signature degree
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which provided a scheme as far as i could understand acceptable to do with the rules because of a, c, b, a. so. so this fusions be present of use anonymous lows off to give the bayman eventually in the rules, and that was the original. well, there is a huge amount of concern, despite the fact that that russian gas is still flowing on friday. and even though the ad deadline has been passed and there is, you know, what we've heard from germany, that this has been described as a black male. this idea that you could be threatened with having its gas supplies turned off. if it doesn't pay for russian gas in rubles, and businesses in particular, very concerned this,
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especially countries like germany and austria, which are the ones that have to launch a use of the russian energy that comes in. and of course, germany is the engine house of the european union. so when businesses are concerned that then there is a problem. and some businesses from both countries have been issuing some push stock warnings, giving up russian gas is impossible if we are not ready to accept the huge consequences. some countries could do it, but for austria, it is not possible this year. banning russian gas imports comes at a cost this could lead to the worst crisis in the german economy since the end of world war $2.00. we heard from germany's leader as well as leaders of other e u countries. ringback they will not pay for russian gas in roubles. they say that that would be a breach of contract because the contract specifies payments in euro. so we will
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have to see how this plays out. however, both germany and austria, in particular, are preparing for a complete ceasing over russian gas coming through. they've triggered emergency measures, which would see the reduction in consumption of energy when it comes to industry. but they have said that hospitals in residential care homes would be shielded for even the worst impact if that comes to pass. now, other you countries are also grappling themselves with war, whole to russian energy supplies would mean for them. now, in france are already some plans in place that could see rotating blackouts across the country. thus, despite the fact that france is one of the least dependent on russian energy out of the countries in the european union. but really does have also been giving general advice about how you can reduce consumption. so we've heard from people like france timmons, who said, you know, put on extra jumpers,
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extra sweaters. others have said, you know, you could turn the heating down and not to, to in your home. and then another you commissioner has this nugget of advice. everyone is asking, what can i do? you can do 2 things. ah, control your own and your teenagers are showers. and when you turn off that, what do they take that putin in the u. k. there's also a cost of living crisis that's unfolding their households and businesses seem to be grabbing not just with the huge increases in energy, but also price rises in other areas whether that be food but also from april. first . busy increases a council tax to broadband bills along with many of the hikes, and they could be even more on the way we've heard from both the e u m b u k. that they are still possibly move sanctions that could be leveled against russia. and as we know, those sanctions do have
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a blowback for countries in the west, the ones who are imposing them in the 1st place. so if they're almost sanctions than they could be bigger problems yet to come. meanwhile, the head of the international monetary fund stays western sanctions against russia, threatened to erode the dominance of the us dollar. crystelina. georgia of us as there is a global trend towards other currencies playing a bigger role. the unprecedented financial sanctions imposed on russia after its invasion of ukraine threatened to gradually dilute the dominance of the u. s. dollar and result in a more fragmented international monetary system. a us human and labor rights lewis a is european states. the fed up with being used by washington against russia. you know, as i've said, for years the u. s. is going to sanction itself out of the world economy. and that we see that happening. you know, the u. s. is leveled unprecedented sanctions against russia. and now russia simply
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wants to be paid in their currency. and so you know, really, why can the complaint about that? i know they are and they're calling a blackmail, but i don't, i don't see it that way. and i think that you, itself is gonna have growing skepticism of how the u. s. has handled all this. you know, i think the e u has been sacrificed for the us is a game plan against russia. and i think the people that you are going to see that as time goes on, they can amik fall out from western sanctions against russia is spreading to more countries and continents. consumers across europe and asia now bearing the brunt of the backlash made soaring food and fuel prices to land because capital was on the heavy security on friday with economists warning that the russia ukraine war has worse and an already 5 situation. hundreds of protest this tried to storm the
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president's home and at night a violence and anger with the south asian nation suffering a severe shortage of essential sharp price wise's and crippling power cuts in its most painful downturn. since independence in 1948. let's go live now to on the web or political commentator. thank you very much for joining us on the program. it's nice to see, you know, anthony, what do you think of the current global? what do you think about the current global economic situation? how badly has it been affected by the sanctions against russia? well, you'll praises common faces of summed opposites i should pretty well. but when the functions were bought about, ah, nobody in the us or the u. k. or the you actually bought about the consequences or, or if they did, they couldn't care less about what happened to their insistence or what happened to the sisters gardens of asia,
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africa then south american countries is pretty devastating the economic consequences. and they're all because of the sanctioning of russia. what, what should be done now? is the sanctioning should be reversed because it is clearly harming certain western countries, the u. k. the usa and in particular, the 3rd world, much tools and it's actually attaching russia. and so there's no point in having sanctions, even if you think it's a good idea if she counts in production. you recall the situation where just looking at energy cos they're going to go off by at least $100.00 pounds for our family. right. so that's in the immediate
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probably be double the said and then then we've got all the consequences of russia costs of personalized costs and food costs that are pretty things get started. a thing is energy and food related. but just to give you one example, one producer in the case previously cost $0.20 to produce swami cucumber. and now we're going to cost $75.00 pounds. well, if you look across the range many agricultural products, many things societal in the retail sex you call absolutely. major consequences and consequences which are in the case. so since the chancellor hasn't brought the financial means semester guy or mean, or what he did recently was to drop the fuel j g by 5 pounds
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a lease which made. she sits all but the problem is because the government made her render mistake with the lockdown policies and a base of the spent over 400 billions, which she quoted to about 50000 average family this latrete. now you money left to, to do the fact the subsidized state and just to give us an idea of how dependent the pin economy is on rushing gas supplies, which you are paying country, do you think will be affected the most? if russia does decide to cut off supplies, well, i think it's tre birch from austria, germany would, would be to that's a key will be interesting to see what happens or she dies because presentation has insisted, but payment says rubles i'm,
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it's understandable because rushes golf for $500000000000.00 worth of asset trays and in new york. and you can't expect, ah russia and she upset payments in dollars a yours which never again to actually get to me as perfectly reasonable 2 hours from 30 minutes and read those. but the most sensible thing to do would be damage limitation and, and all this functions a major way. and for certain countries protect the site to actually change their policies or where it towards peace. can the ukraine, instead of encouraging the kind of government to tie on fighting? because all lashes saying is damaging the infrastructure of the try and creating more refugees. and it's all totally necessary because most independent people would,
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would agree birch. the train has got no chance of winning this contracts, but take charge long, much longer. it will be very damaging. so we have to look out, watch and interest. not just purchase unless you're a pen systems and worldwide citizens. but what said the interest of the crime in system russian summer or side will be to bring about a peaceful solution as soon as possible. and as far as wal mart reading going on for western leaders, i see where the political commentator many thanks for sharing your insight with us today. we appreciate your time. thank you for to and thank you for joining us here and i'll see and to national will be back at the top of the out with the latest. we'll see you then.


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