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i this is to lucy. beget does to use t a g e o. like oscar, i satcher at hamburg university, told us the german government's making yourself look observed with such moves. zurich insurance company that is removing the leg rosette from it's a social media presence at these companies are really giving in to some kind of new wave of cancelled culture that is trying to ban electra, the roman latin alphabet, something that has never been done before except for why nazis is absolutely ridiculous and the extent to which politicians try to make people believe that russian cultures back thing and then he should stay away from
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it. something that we haven't even seen during the height of the cold war. you know, there were russian artists performing in new york even during the most intense confrontations. but nowadays they are trying to ran ban russian sports figures from international competition. russian athletes are not allowed anymore, whereas the outcry for the performance in they are being canceled regardless of their stance on russian policy. and this is the definition of racism. this is the definition of ross, of also phobia. my thanks for your company here in our tea international will be back in 30 minutes with oh is robert lewis.
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6 ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, yes, matthew needed to luca can meet them with in the nice couple with nation vehicle, new beula sub we see what the vine, not the class that ash net. yet new new zealand, new, yet the carpool. can you you pressure will i hard of you may as sit the same thought. sutka no sped bumper. daily. bella was saturday. i'm adrienne adrienne spectrum, a board game beach at the across the country. i'm sick about 2nd dar, automatic sarah was saying extract out sick about
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a sick doll. i saw her fill you in nichol. i noticed there why you could lie. you pay them to those who really can pick them. ha ah being as of what whistle dislodges. ja pinson yet ticket. shes jet is david naming your body this fallen pony eunice again. he out. why don't given us the thought i got jayden and not be a soldier did not take nearly 3. not said by his story. political fall browser on
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you feel all on the are quanto sandwich, new or de leon, you better will. must gobstopper the buggy scholar in say, thought, you know, suddenly he has a gov on please give up. we'll get a minute teresa. yeah. bill mobile years. i'm not sure you might have to sort of break your buck at the bill in a lot. this kid shows us just buckingham misquote. him martin as a well yeah. wow. div easy while for in this us, what janie vizier says, ah, with cell is still less please you. c, v, you, yes, tab, what they said, you took sort of chicken, your
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o bookshelf to measure that up to what federally need to storm with that she does stuff at the machine or with that with that wishes to work on my, me and if you need to hear xandra or something in mind. any channel, the lack of the you can be says 9 year old is a so finally i am what paul was every what then he's your friend here yet fisher. they shut a block, a u j e o n. yes. i was this guy, you're so nice. he's the matter. we just
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need to do what you felt like was this week? you sure you was on board with a lot of stuff you're doing well. you know, what does it really, but i cannot. i should die in the hospital, it was more than that. less you a couple different. yes. but as well, you know, for me you feel sky or but the but it was really should still blue. when you're close, you're right in the so the blue sky really got quite a yet, or stood theater. we're watching slee, he's easy, closer music, or easel,
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but only show quit or cold. show vocalizing the thing, isn't that seals, you lose you. when you said me seen it convenient, but she's still in your home we've you gave me in the lighting to get them, but i see those are we have new blue. you can, you could cooking them to look at them. go quit at them with the coupling with them to put a graphic, keep them to me to make them we me at the when your mom was let you go off the course where you live. my in the school which it was mentioned with faculty staff that our food network. would that be?
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yes, it is at the, at the you probably just guns or wolf because wisdom let him know what the app will go in and let them join. you would use your glass in the venue or see what that, what your family by the way and to find to keep your team, keep their feet door to get there yet. should be switched to police torture on this. i suppose you'd be from the side of the talk to be somebody studio go digital. i'll shoot you a lot more than just sort of walking off kids left or go work, but also what need to renew it and how she said to myself together to resolve
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or see you know on the door. yes, you should do all of that. the only only can show it to them if you go bought that. did you love to do what you actually my mother, which you got the little you want, you know, if you want to be which specialist, nobody ever voice chip, host your dog or do you feel going to work to me? why don't you go for the for the day to see him new meal? literally she didn't show ah,
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ah ah ah, with gibson is that leg unite of a bodies you eat all. martha folks have more water market dollar deal or stairs young, quicker or dictionary narrow bill discriminates here. most neutral going in your mouth to nicholas minimum neutral. is that a both a new missouri shut? you said bounty, bacon only cooper and then she'll finish an effective way. most miss the 3rd. she been gone. poina does ship center wallace to this. those are pretty obvious who he is in
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a 1 point one or can he fish toby and you come about here? been market more clear on you my go, buckley should be ready. you put know men, your bed bed. you get that off. decide center. i yell company for the id or my opinion, but a one with hope of. yeah. mutual. and you might use the my comment that a boy j. u. d. e is still watching. disney keegan does it if he, if he is you, can you give nickelodeon or yeah, non ganging headphones such as to yep. pre week store is the hot besides, but i would ye, what's the sky you put out with the doors, them noise show the so the you to null up the school music. if you su metal, don't choose this mode. some or cheese or some name is no longer more, or is it all mean? yes, for yes, grieve a dad yog. ah, what's nemo? it is starting up, be semester shut. the miss world is loud says,
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dear, it's not said ye vizier, sort of to thought the ball goodell and yes. could alons go? grape was sort of bathroom yes. my york small watching in the and again to your origin. but he opened up a lot about jameer to senior mystery dad. there again that the bless her as were you fast and margaret you sure. moore's number on that cia if you don't been very day. what storming apple bay. it's thrash now. yeah. what to leave me a tortuous my to do. you do more, your store not what? what did that so much for door cut, tory i needed freshly by and know i had done the molecular snub urinary the allies lenore way up to the north is
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a really dos double of i. ny if door store what it you been? dario more with not ready. yes, now you have a nice that easy life. you one year be la nauseated, give a minute. sure. through bracket them e. mean, she passed that her room here in more than by near she i you read new jersey fly ciocca casual. ah, yes. origin. you're on slide yes. south. yeah. the ration of the day. ah. but i will run over. you know issue my mind. give you a call but i will attempt chief for you
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mama. you love love love. love. love the or you go yeah. yes. you are. and yes it is, and i am still yes, it'll be interesting. it's yes. so to speak about it go. but i'd still genius grove . but in oregon where you can do with golf. no. 3 deal up the scale you story of the bumblebee and i don't get the call or get the new dock. awesome. but it's
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now watch and i will show baba because because i had no central number even though it is bob was got all the short start that needed the i merely zillow, it the on the a
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with with both, both the models you need to do both got nothing new with a, with a a, [000:00:00;00] with a personal number here
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with oh, i knew i get a bill and they get, this should be this issue for me of vision. ah lot, but all my talk me
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through school tomorrow. miss nicole is gonna go home. okay. with what the calls the good news metal music about the you'll you'll is just to the bottom of this stuff done. yeah. we're wanting you to get your money on the threads east. you know what the, what if you see me and i'm in the, in the saw the mid done the menu menu when you see it, you may be a commission, look at that. your mobile figure is yes, new bill,
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august net no. the seller still says the names they never got the young young cos gate because of white star. so it's going to love them. district that are the new bullshit religion. because it zed, ah, with with a
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typically be pretty soon now. yeah. i'm going to pretty soon a oh no, getting rain, rewrite a monday night. no fascism record. thank you. slam with james, give a gave a deep breath. let's say song spoke of stylus feels a need in that's with thing. it's they out machine civil. but i'm in that i did that. it almost. she's now no problem. no sanction
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would do it both with the notion in that. yes. a yeah. i would get with her at induced emission. i'm a social but what i'm with a i'm would and they will be through some of the things that began with a start with. it's been changed. it storms in billing you with shin, that in there. your zip on one with known as the wing out there with that in that serial number that you my income. but i to put
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in the book that i would what i to know all the time. so us bullshit to let the rational decent to you later it is that your merits with us. yes. from let's put that stuff with no enough. devil if it's not the book 3 bathroom. yeah. and they assumed you don't believe you have yet to look at them. yeah. you know with, with the show me it is. yeah. and again, it's jonathan. waive. yeah. if the thought to put a follow up with some more in soft a natural ah, we still it's felicia today. look at them o'clock. be sure. the more do i need not serious discuss what is your last,
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why you shouldn't with this we in the promise love nature. sonya vehicle. it's a muse phenomenal, dulles agency. pseudo utica dab there check. what does it do? you thought it might be out there? bluff script of believe what, what they to work with at the to get to able to reset the guy. yeah, i'm almost sure. yeah. i'm with, i'm with the, with the mr. some, we must make too much. i don't just label as if you see it on the music. julius navarro defeated. already a premium above that number is, gets called the commuter mr. senior philip of to stomach boom. you're gonna pull up right? people not dissimilar pulls video from sure. let me just give them a morgan. they of course just don't use the mortgage disc. christy is this bill. imagine the resolution of my dealer. she thought you'd say that the why sheila read them could was it a see at the beginning senior what took a what lay?
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it doesn't look got to see this is congenial. was all this could be a night in the garage eat. just give you a little while you're in the exhibition of crime. yes. just really chill over. it just shows jesus. i knew my spot of them lay a bill for the long gave common get them or the 3. it's in web for my water out. rush, hold audrea, and after my teacher ski nymphs build massive alpha out me die. no for 10 millennium alopecia from all resided marco chile. those now was thought that you whole is i can't was but as those new b m. m at us pollution in a flanger predominate as follows on it, back so on you mo, chart dobbin years now. yeah. again accorded site your volume. it gave it so, but, but on of me north e. r dodson does follow. yes. iq faxed on might be, can you been in touch with berry or derek?
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but he hasn't typically made to up to hoya austria soon after yesterday's for your going yanine need us creeper. he had that you're pretty classical about a team on the algebra. new hell, butch, and his night bucket yesterday his chair set on missed that they also gave a the throne of me north of what i hear it is. of course when you read your note africa. oh, what are you, what i need to what it is you should see where you can fly getting equity not and i missed you. i just convert it say i need some stomach to me. i just really look for what's inside them and
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i had them really what you did you session minute. good me i am sure. on the ball amolla core inversely, shelley cochran. it could charlie stuff. little conditional trust. ah, sure. missoula the store. sure. to keep pretty much, ah, yes, not your store organized a lot or a sure it was when you read you ah, ship your mom a mom with them issue. i've no nitrogen could cello, bob, a couple of them was national nationalists. ah, you're tied into the upper doors are not sure why it looked at the pretty she didn't because i wish they were like it was quick. i'm need to like it, like it schmitty last feel scott: she and they have but it's, it's good through my. i will spit 13,
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let them know we like at the car. what can you look at dora? you suddenly see a lot of you can go. so last what machine you study a lot to you. there are some of you know the can you sell a piano, a problem? come you of jelia approved. i need to get rid of what is up. we've got to approach the be nice so let me see stuff on the martisha stupid wanted some more to put a pro does not pleased with me will really just in the federal way, but she will not always just use me shirts, the premier suarez to come cost so that you've got and you put you want my done, you use your machine is human bullet that easier. i would say that the what was from the voice you could even must consume. will you what good that you must. you don't want to bite. somebody done? no push. you want when you,
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when you meet should what is it getting up when you my, it's a few more thought was worth studying yet 7 years old. the u. g. secret from craig asking you're not just the guy that was the she shad 7 years also at the bar reflect stalker to his just by going gabriel. let them switch available. sure. cool. if the table eastern the gave us a schedule, they sheet that you were open at was dish, not warmer nozzle rogue. i apologize. they're not tested by the barrier master a lot. the shoot. you gay by chance, i'll be at the coin. they boxed or be named to knows that and i was talking about b class, no army of spare. val,
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my regina or tom soap is up and now you were open americans differences. he under chinese abilities names are, talk about the billboard and go to my off with one you would open the connection when you are disappointed much because nobody knows when my daughter ah, ah ah ah
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ah, a with that was bombed in the western russian city of belgrade, moscow say is carried out. the attack was ukraine has neither confirmed nor denied involved with an ot crew survive. that's not the ambush. while reporting on the streets of ukraine's war torn city of mario. this is rude just before this filled with
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was shorter with all service our russian foreign minister


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