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tv   Sputnik Orbiting the World  RT  April 2, 2022 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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lee, biological weapons program that the world had ever known. ah, welcome just thought of reaching the world with me, george galloway and me k 3. according to the laws of aero dynamics, the bumblebee cannot fly. its wings are too flimsy, its body too heavy. but fly, it does, according to the laws of rush as enemies sanctioned on an unprecedented scale, were to wreck the rouble and crash the russian economy. the opposite has happened. lubo has more than recovered its only losses, and it is the european and north american economies, which are looking distinctly rocky. now, how did that happen? legendary man of wards pepe escobar predicted. exactly this. so let's
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hear from the oracle pepe. thank you for joining us on board the sport nick before we go into all the other predictions you got right. give me a new prediction as to what's going to happen now with the oil and gas that was depended upon by germany in particular, the european union as a whole, are they going to pay in rubles, or other tops definitely off. yes, if sir, no rubles, no gas, george look, i don't make for additions. i try to follow the course of a history. of course, we're just students in the middle of all this. right. but today was the big bank. absolutely. because of putting in a absolutely devastating speech, he declared open this season of if you want to buy our energy,
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you have to pay in rebels. you have to open accounts with a russian bank. most certainly gus from bank and gust from bank will take care of the proceedings. the full documents are not ready yet, but we know that this is how it's going to work. and he gave when they, before, he gave a preview to chancellor sholtes in germany explaining why russia is doing it. it's because of you, the ace in the european union. so we have to protect our interests. it's very, very simple. it's a new era that is right in front of us, and it's an euro. all of our resorts, based on reserve currency, which is something that we never had with the us dollar. and debt is the complete game changer just sir g o. economic judo that putting and, and rational leadership perform very, very quick. in fact,
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it's absolutely devastating because it's, it's the, the lineaments of a new world system effect. this is how the great to him, well or stein will define that it was among us. well, he is an acknowledge judo expert and until all of this he was the honorary president, i think of, of the whole world, judo wise. the question is, is he a great chess player? because on one level, if the germans agreed to put their euro's in to one tell are, the gas from bank and gas brought back promptly, turn that into roubles. that in theory gives russia a very powerful lever on what the exchange rate to the ruble is going to be. you're absolutely right, george, because they're going to set the new rouble rate. in fact, at when we look at the progression of the rouble this past week or 10 days,
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it's absolutely astonishing. it's back to the level that it was before the start of operations that on that the february 24th. and it's amazing because in fact, there were a lot of internal measures, of course, capital controls are lost over russia. how rich and banks should deal with foreign currency, stopping the flow of foreign currency outside of russia, including via oligarchs, as well. only guards put aside which culminated with done on the show. bice, one of the most or nefarious faces of the ninety's leaving russia, russia for good. so and on top of it, the global south, the most important, the global spouse slowly, but surely i would say in fact very, very fast. they started to understand that this was ok. where are they going? now, the going to more or less establish the rubel as a reserve currency,
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because that though forget that we have been discussing thing gas with robles for one week 10 days. and now china knows that india knows that the bricks knows that soldier ravia knows that they are starting the petra, one negotiations with china, india. they're starting to ruble repeat mechanism. russia any run are starting on a swift bypassing mechanism. it's all over the most important actors across erasure and across the bubble south. so the best swords, the rubel as a strong reserve currency and the world monetary financial system being upside down is already there. and we're not even talking about the most important development, which we're going to know more about in the next few days. it's the new monetary financial system that is being moral ass discussed between your economic union and
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china with sort of k glass. yeah. one of the most brilliant reduction economists at the head of this process. so we can say for short, it's not a prediction, but just following the course of events that within the next few weeks, we're going to have the limits of a completely different ball game in terms of international financial economic relations. we are living in the time of mon stars, while this new world is being born. and those monsters are being crushed in the russian military operation. especially around mario poll, you wrote quite brilliantly. i must say about my real pull this week. you see as having an enormously important future in as a kind of hub in this your asian entity that is holding into view.
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yeah, that's right george. because mario paul is a sort of still works. mecca in the see of solve for all practical purposes. mario paul is going to be part of the don't. that's the people's republic, which means either is going to be a part of the future. no hosea, which will be a union between little house and on that as independent republics or via referendum in both of them. they will be incorporated into the russian federation. so there is a very strong possibility that medium term mario awful is going to be part of the russian federation. and in terms of strategic positioning and industrial positioning. in the sea of us off very close to the black sea and interconnecting the erasure economic union. something that is very,
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it's not well known in the west. it's called international north south transportation corridor, which is basically amazed of highways re waste ford connection with india, russia. you run as the most important part this and of course the chinese neil. so growth. so you can have this ignore most industrial for whom a still works in mario paul in the see of us are interconnected with crimea, with the rest of the black sea. and then you cross the swiss, can now go to the indian ocean all the way to asia distributing stuff to the eastern mediterranean as well. it's going to be very important because i was off stall the steel workers. they already there. but during the, i would say then they will now say infested 8 years in ukraine. they were not at, at the height of their capacity. they needed upgrading. there was no money. now as
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part of this new conglomerate. don't match nova irosia and probably russia all together. the possibilities are endless and ship building as well. so mario ball is one of the most important future harbs medium to long term off this emerging process over your asian figuration. so paper, is it true that around 90 percent of mario paul is now a free of the eyes of battalion, which therefore means that the prospect that you just beautifully pictures to us, we'll come closer to reality? well look, the latest information that we have is very fresh is from it this morning from some of his own accounts on telegram rsm. caddy rob, he's he's the head of the most hard core,
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spent slots on the planet, the chechens, which are part of the circle meant of the known as in mario paul with russian forces. and we've done that forces. he said that between 90 and 90 percent of mar, you all pulled the whole city, which is half a 1000000 people. so huge city. they were at battles there. absolutely horrible all over because essentially the no analysis we're keeping most of the civilian population as hostages and most of the population was survived. the bunker says, well that so now the 5 percent that is not liberated is part of between $34000.00 analysis, which are entrenched where in the us of style still works in mar, you pull, they are completely surrounded and it's going to be a take no prisoners scenario. these people are going to be completely exterminated, specially because these are the people that are mostly responsible for the reign of
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terror. and there's no other expression to define it against this division. the civilian population of mario, so once more youthful is liberated, which is something that will happen in the next 234 days. then the process of reconstruction begins, and that's going to be because the city is part, i would say partially, but at least 50 percent destroy. but the future is bright long term, of course, because then it's going to become a major industrial hub and pull in to see of us off in 30 seconds. bear bay. are we going to chevron this year for a lack of gas? or is something going to be worked out between the you and the russians? well it's been worked out a george after d nice show. very childish you response. no,
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we're not going to pay. is no simple the wrestles, didn't say anything. it's very simple. these are the new rules. you don't pay, you get no gas. so this conversation between sholtes and boosting, because germany is the most important, of course, industrial power in europe and depends heavily on russian gas north stream. one, specially even if they don't put not string to all why they are going to reach an agreement. it's not such a very complicated thing to open an account with gus brown bank. you put your euro's over there, it's from, from the to, rubles, and you get your gas. that's not, it's not a big deal. let's hope that prediction is as good as all your previous ones, peppy as a bar. thanks for joining us on board. the sputnik thanks very much. start my pleasure. coming up next. another find journalist talking, syria. russia falls flags, and fanatics don't miss it. who
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for, for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend ah, join us in the depth ah, or remain in the shallows. ah
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government and say we should impose punitive measures in such a way that only the other side is hurt and all of them our people do not. so, so to speak, do not have to make any sacrifices. only the other side has the major sector for us . and we have to push the other side into his shirt, them that action through a kind of collective punishment. because that is what the sanctions on this large scale out. and in that trip down to sanctions, a few more and out against human rights. ah,
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let this put me a quaker royal house. we help pay for it to $3000000.00 was burned, trying to destroy the assyrian republic and replace it with the alphabet soup on a slam is fanaticism. it was another american plan which went wrong when george, by done was walked back from declaring regime change in moscow. secretary blinking said that u. s. had no intention of such a thing either in russia or anywhere. it was reported that this made the horses laugh. stevens a uni is the syrian based editor of mit is discourse any joins us now. stephen, thanks for coming on board. the sputnik you must have been very surprised when you are done in a blink and say that the united states is not trying to bring about regime change in moscow or anywhere else. after the 10 years that your country,
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sorry i was going through that must have come as quite a shock. yeah, it is a shock because that is what i mean. the american administration, administration and administrations in the past work on and it is regime change. either they do it by a military invent, envision like what they did in iraq, or they do it by supporting radical stomach care groups like the muslim brotherhood on the, on other or what they're doing now by supporting the fashion groups, nazi groups like golf. so that is what america, the used these groups or the or the use the media on demonizing that they used to demonize the soviet union in the eighty's and ninety's. then the public of iran, iraq, syria, libya and others. and that is what america america does not want any country to be strong. like they're also doing with china. they don't want any country. i'm being
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a strong to stand in there as this a stand interface. and that is. and that is what america and their number one, what is their mainstream media and their western media outlets will allow the field of course, in syria, although not without a decade of blood done on terra. and the expenditure were told now of 2 trillion dollars to try and bring about regime change. that's one big effort out regime change. and it doesn't seem that they're going to prevail in the ukraine either. so you wonder what they're going to do next? you mentioned this extraordinary ability to be supporting islamist fanatic head choppers in one country and supporting not says in another country, it doesn't make you nervous that they may still have one last desperate throw of
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the dice, the fake a weapon of mass destruction. a ploy that they played in syria, you think that there's a danger, they might do that in ukraine. first of all, there's no difference between as off and the radical islamic terrorist. if you want to call them the muslim brotherhood or you want to call them about the muster or any other. because both of them are fascists and most of them their work on their making on killing their correct and the other. everyone else is wrong and they should be can everyone else should be killed? that's the fastest mentality. but in c a yeah. let me tell you and my experience in syria and the cd, and what about the chemical weapons? assyrians, before any chemical attack happened, we saw on videos by the theater, stomach tiers groups. video by
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a 3rd. a 3rd group was gas mask and was rabbits and they use and they got the chemicals that they had in their hand was from the t e k company who was turkish. and they used it on the rabbits and they said individuals, this is for the syria, this is what we're going to do to the syrians. and they said this to scare several days after that. the 1st chemical attack happened in celia and that was con, alaska. then after, after that, the shooting government to try to accuse this uni government after that the syrian government for the united nation to send investigated investigators and they did. and when they arrived in damascus, they didn't, damascus is good to happened. also they meet, you know, worked on and every time there was a meeting for the security counselor, international meeting about the day before the, you know, a chemical attack took us to use this uni government and to get because
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what they wanted is military and vengeance invasion on syria. so if anything happens in ukraine, and if any chemical attack happens in ukraine, it is not the russians. it is the as off and the ukrainian supported by the americans and the secret service c i a and you will be in the secret services. no, the situation in your country is of course, vastly improved. most of the country has been liberated from these terrorist groups, a part of syria and a very important part remains in the hands of these people. and the united states is helping them. or how do you see that developing in the next period, i presume the intention of the syrian government is us. they have declared that
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every square inch of syria will be liberated. that is through the americans are. india has invaded the east of syria where all the week is and where all of the oil and gas is. and that's why you have the short of shortage of electricity and fuel is because the american we have the seeing government has been needing to import and buying. and while, on the other hand, are oil and gas that syria has enough for the city. and people are being stolen by the americans in the east of syria, in the north west of syria, where the stomach, fanatics are, and their adequate stomach terrace are like, i'm sorry, don't show me because they keep calling them, changing their names. supported by the 33 gene turkey. also,
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they have been taking a very important as a place in bidding a piece of syria. and that's why you also induct city of it live and sober of the live. also see it, it grows a lot and it's for, for crops. so that is the 2 most important places in syria and geographically in syria or dr. economy, either the oil or gas or the. 3 or the call is being taken by either the 3rd and stomach tennis or by the americans. and that's why the sooner people are suffering of lack of electricity, lack of energy, and also distinctions by them. a states and a european union on syria. caesar law that of course there are russian forces in syria at the official requests of syria. and they are still there, i believe. but now with the war going on and ukraine has that affected the amount,
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the, the activities of the russian forces that are in syria actually no, because at this point there is not that much. there is, no battle is happening. but it might start in a minute or any day, the syrian army with a russian air force and military in syria are prepared. and they, and that's why, in my opinion, that's why russian defense minister should go, came to see right before to the right before the ukrainian operation on the russian oppression on ukraine is because to be prepared because the americans there might use a slow mckerick rule to foster chaos in syria for the russians and for the syrians . and that's, but it won't affect because the russian military and the senior military, especially the student, has been being prepared already on either if it's in north of northwest
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syria and live or in the east and the city. and why, i mean that does it of syria and bypass mirror is because that is pockets for isis hiding and be protected in open up where the americans are. but for some reason the americans cannot see them. they come out and there's no error. we cannot see an army and the russians, they don't want to use their force because they will be hitting the american army base. so every once in a while we hear a, an attack on a bus for civilians for see an army in the assyria by isis. know the situation as you have described. it is of course, not complete, but getting them on the diplomatic level. serious position has a considerably strengthened for president bashar i saw to be
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visiting certain countries that not so long ago was trying to destroy the syrian out of republic. it's quite diplomatic triumph, isn't it? it is. but the meetings and the still go, she ation was the countries, it's been under the table in the secrets because those countries and those nations they are taking orders from their americans. because as you know, not the gulf or the, or anyone who works with the americans, can say no to the united states. so they were taking orders by the americans, the u. e. saudi arabia and others. but now we can see slowly the are starting to we started the position of the u e and for, for the oil pumping more oil and the market to, to, for russian oil they refused. so we are starting to see the negotiations. let us go
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back to the main point, the negotiations with air of countries, and we're going to see more visits. and we're going to see more embassy is open in the near future in syria. because the war finished, we can say military force finished the all the, the opposition, each part of the opposition is in one side. one is in turkey, the other one is and i thought the other one, egypt, and they're scattered there and united and the countries who made those opposition. and who seemed that there. if they figured out that this is the last case as x foreign minister of cuts are said about the war on syria. he said, you know, x interview, not the one day 3 was he here is journalist, but one before a few 2 years ago. and he said that we lost the war in syria when we started
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fighting with each other. and that's what he means when the war on between cut the unsolved. you started. so, saudi arabia, u e, egypt, your, we're going to see more negotiations, more countries opening on, especially now it is connected to the any nuclear deal. we are going to see, as i say, we might be seeing and eastern trying to decrease them because they want to decrease the tension in the middle east just because they want to concentrate on the signing the agreement with the stomach republic of the on, on the nuclear deal, stevens are, you know, thanks for flying with us on board the sport neck. much obliged to you very much. well i last that means it's the end of the show, but you can stay in touch with us on our social media on twitter and instagram. our t underscore clinic on facebook. sputnik on right to day. goodbye for me. and for
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me, george galloway. it's been me ah no one list and i'm not really sure what the most of the limitation of the unit 731 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever known. real to production. but it will show that they're
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not going to build on it. so if you look at the moment to no, no, no, no, no, got the sale. i don't understand. i wish to know that julie, who knew he didn't more than a jewel it's, i had a little cold weather and all buddy bill. you nice little to do want to on this? she my new on it and all. i isn't all good to you. i'll put them out that they give us together with
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these off battalion that is said to be nazi affiliated organization, operating as a militia in your country, you know, they are what they are. they are what they are. that's the ukrainian president's response to the far right. as of the times that lead to tragedies comes out of human rights watch, urges and investigation into alleged torture of russian soldiers by the ukrainian military also ahead awe and angry crowd boot german chancellor. all are sold during his speech in the city of ethan, that as a german politician would ask people to reduce energy use a mid soaring crisis, following anti russian stations. we'd get reaction on the streets.


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