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tv   Documentary  RT  April 4, 2022 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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come with a gull, cause that'll give them my ceiling when a good machine thinkers reach or see will the d t that is only wild say what is the book when they are not spin? ah, with you but i was in them with living in it. if you scores these to do, it should be pacifically. want to communicate. and samuel, she digital or about a 2 ways mother beneficial. mm. to be 3 kalashnikov, head of the health ministry, medical examiners office in the donnie, it's people's republic. this treated many victims of this war a blue book is or i'm in the family, but the unit you were stuck with is the orders a
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. she sealed you for the middle, so she got it. i'll go move. not in the voters gina through an opening for on the bottom. you just a little nigi cali, but not the skin wasn't, wasn't always clean psychological, arsenic, or ha. the midst of the nationalist battalions alleged crimes is known and sorrowful with inconvenient talker. i know he was off and on bus. and i me stuck and just look up a normally a muscle. he's a honey munich. she kitty doesn't beat him in the green show. us he had left here what she at lee, she'll is still here, but the on the bus got the idea that sheila mullin near dia chic ethylene museum. dr. chris, you out there, pauline, legit you know who i believe at the fox a fix. nice nazis. group, some of them used a batches,
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4th called kiera. and they were promised slaves and land from thomas was dying for millage. if we only put a stop, you go from them. come when you look, i thought i looted because it shows are seattle and don't sober. so it was lower near la, push on the middle, the way in the chorus. serrano grammar. freeman notice, but all of those, but i mean, also foresee did, ah, ah, animal rights demonstrations like this, a commonplace in european cities who the whole population of dorm, but has be shown as a terrorists. we witness
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a huge information war, waged against the dorm was people and rush, everything. basically what was told in the western mainstream media was just absolute lie. and when i came here 1st, i'm in the beginning of 15 and i saw this beautiful people union. and i understood the magnitude of the why i was you sure. even i knew that these happen as why the reason why i can, but when i saw in my own eyes that they were treated worse than the door worse than any any more. so the demonstration against the russian world in the western propaganda is a very terrible thing. it's very frightful, t ah, western and ukrainian mass media often keep silent about alleged crimes committed
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by nationalist battalions, frequently failing to revolt accurately and blaming the militiamen for the victims . the screen gets also touched every day if we see can we thought they sell the new kind of appetite switch out of the prism with that, i mean to kiss here aggress time, only provincial here more bought there, which didn't mores affects your, your cv. so quite a while, if always, i don't get opposed to school, but you to what was in the progression in the summer of 2014 battle begins on a land that hasn't seen hostilities since world war 2. 0, july 2014. the is verna golden august. the 11th
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children, more than 7000 ukrainian troops found themselves surrounded today, but i have to believe, you know, what is my so i'm just, i'm switching stories. not a huge bizarre look. how can you go to help me? you can sort of strongly agree. so you preach, obviously it'll come when you've got order. we would usually invite so much if you toyota, see if you know, credit union representatives talk about almost on a federal free but social if you wish. want you to toyota. she ukraine is in a disastrous position. lou on september the 5th 2014 the 1st minsk agreements for a peaceful settlement of the military conflict and douglas assigned fletcher. i'm you guys like watching as possible. graham ballinger shot. i was wrong with our double yell at the court, but you're in the store literally,
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when you use local duck. after the papers was signed, the 2 sides accused each other of breaking the agreement. what are some good web? she had a mother to well, but the signing uminski foreclosure and they could, ah, legend just multiple said so subtle, wilma bertram about on my job quicker than you bowl. now the more with them would you like to report them from bureau put the movement, the smart questionnaire. lithuanian louis that on the while ago that it made him go very almost him croak with a step in instability suitable so much to possibly new front rhythm or music associated with him for news you normally melinda, in january 2015 new fighting broke out near the town of the bolts of ah, that reckless plan resulted in the de belt of a cauldron. according to the militia,
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ukraine lost up to 8000 troops in the 3 conference. can you bring out an up of the key chain on a crime scene for furnished the right sentence, figure, but the most, but it said it in the got me as well. antibody. he's the packages. i mean, who do you meet the queue to some yearly, but you may at the yelling the yoke i tricia because i to cranes can meet him. when you play, it's over. i give you so aches, the navy stores brass sites. you dug boy burglar muted ged. there are old countless of meetings and never called it full. and each funded by yours, in each funded by the globalist, each supported by natal. greene can not stop this war until this headquarter is demolished, and when it happens, i promise you civil war and cray will stop next day.
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ah, on february, the 12th 2015, the mincing to agreement is signed, but the fighting continues. people can have different opinions about the course of events, but to me it looks like an illegal unabashed open act of russian aggression against the sovereign ukraine. i did send his up at all nico than he but his lad, tosto, unless i did it today from teachers. good. don't go in and sit urls, coalition, honestly. you watching. we're going to go at each door. didn't know nik i'm done. they she taught see you later i see what i see as a what you get like that and know it the new se with absolute than you cook. we used to, to mr. lou, i have seen in my own eyes is happening when i saw go journalist come to dorm
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with take the microphone and lie there talking about some armored gas driving around and or pressuring people wearing donates. we both of them and i asked, where are they? why are you right like these? where are these army gangs really show me why you know that we on bank to do it. ah, o is your media reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community? are you going the right way, or are you being that somewhere? direct?
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what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. a christina, it isn't with the when you know, maybe a bomb
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with no doesn't look like he's got a lot of the life with a lot of me. i owned a new world. yes. to shape out this thing becomes the attitude and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves world apart,
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we choose to look for common ground. ah worship. alina subsequently, rosmer resort that to be with deals through terrible muscle, stuck that a little from a teacher scheme. mortified chests mine 22 known as communist scale. one of the few remaining minds had don bus head of the mind. alexandra pillar, gulf and his team managed to restart operations after it had been completely plunder by ukrainian soldiers. some of the time said there was to leverage the report where you most interesting was from
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a more organized club. the were and propose are risking their lives. the mind has kept working under heavy fire. mm. the name of the born in the shock would be an issue, put out the list of ups 3 off the whole collection would be an issue. they once had to hide on the ground for 2 days. but what's called a shot, the full of studio, but of course we're headed to school postal we're, we're options was nice to put in a shocked and we're sort of after the shilling locals described the terrifying results new. so at the end of the model, number 2 or miram is regionally club metal really balls up a call because apollo little premium usually throw them well notice, but he was a real and there was 91. yes sir. we did
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just watch tv so. so what else could you enjoy tawberry dinner? so give me a since craig spent a few little sobriety above above and beyond, got the special dna lab was set up in done yet, which was to not still go to my go to below the bullet. also talk moment to d, o m e m o w, both of you still cynical, read the common about rushing in to look doable by iep sure. jesus, it's on the we've got the do to with been super quoted economy and sir, ah, i mean, these children know all to well what war is, what they've never known is peace for her. yeah. special up there. i yeah.
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when it was a young american by near ladyman law, ah, wow. is it i swear jag address doin away? no, i knew those where you created a new ram, seen america the country and sent him. what? lose my papa frontier? i hope a hernia can get away. i am on bushland annual. why don't you push me here? i choose to bray less carries oak. wish you that extra rabble lustig that ah, but these children will never sing paint. oh, dream again. ah, the pharmacy keeps from guitar, morgan schuman ah, my tv authority, you about our computer, one,
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the old car you night, that just will not. so my list, you just give me about your name, you cheaper. i dar, you live armada will be only so with the dentist. people's republic also has a monument for the children who died to jasmine up with him. sama ali, angelo. it's not the go button up. i'm in line. yeah, listen, we're done. vasa mccoy center is up. let's either the thought because they have, i don't go to play the show kid. that is, that was on god, daddy and larosa, a human rights commissioner for the dentist people's republic has repeatedly tried to convey the don best people's message to the west. a fanaticism that would ideally snap it, they simply in our absolutely, you know, the coverage was slowly like music human. those negative ideas call in with us like i did with politic mendoza, but she notes in them,
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usually near the barbara and yet their mom and i mean, they're not by burgundy, elgar but they're at the place where it's just not grading nominal and book for sure. you got or is he just i did gerald so much it it though. oh great. i'm at the children at then that her at nice him yeah. me just a regularly my this robert are you brought up that you swain through? so just to rain from dawn, the villages have done yet, ski at good above scale has become a dividing line. some of the houses are just 2 or 300 meters from ukrainian army positions. ah, guns are fired here every day. and oxygen as much as brundage would 1st start a new claim on it. if resource usa, when he gets his teeth. well, that's the address that ca, yep. are they? of course the back up or if it does is what is this that there are the
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same? yeah, i read what pat alford is yet again yet. goring yet rollin. yes. need q one? yes. mm hm. mm. the last one had so were jing r by e bra, ga president dizzy lansky as a one year? yes. or as though and your one year to ye enable a my kitty on her door. so he can amelia, as it is if her that you are still at some of the door give i left it okay. need him to look for. look over reniger. mm. with one on us. those are for that as well as that, as jessica lark,
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mom, and she's not slept about as years with senior missouri doing yet. but you know, you might hear young model. ah boy, there were times to lead laura did should on board to load was just hold it broke, or jill sub still would him or her, or the, or a more dame wouldn't report. and i just on the one the love, those are willer, but still get the key her all shape us thrills. just roll them slowly. every village on the border has to withstand regular heavy fire. snipers are always on the prowl to look at a score more less because the newton cause the jenko that's now still busier school and so didn't you got it mother. but that was those reps really what any upstairs
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would you do me right. yeah. and i did see, and we only them we do next upstream. last was called off the washer and actually thank bushes that are the cross near the slice noble dumpster the woman, the most disillusioned because i never thought mitchell ice ditches williams scholar. my mom, when you most of your hearts 3 i with my mom were stomach yesterday. now it's, you know, you know, i did a kid in bummer. who profess shinji. i went from without him. what i'm is quite a few to reach a shot, but it is, i'm dr. but i'm sure that she left him in ukraine. today. there are american troops and european true in nato, has had a role in the country. but much of the effort has been in response to russian aggression has been a response to the fact that russia went in, in an illegally, has violated the sovereignty of its neighbors. and the united states and its nato partners have felt an obligation to help ukrainians better defend themselves,
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willing to come up and yeah, i just good luck with deal. it was my biggest lane is dallas. nicholas i'm if you were villages this book book i what that will be. it all the disc both of you with this music with medicaid cover. we'll give it spencer wood. yeah. i was in the garbage. the one of the world that she'll not of the, by little financing about the law, really, carthage navina actually stuff was to buy a to grain system on that one country ship actually just way with us. he's got army good year. yes, he's got army wasn't analyses, guy, army media, it them yelling it by. so look, because it would be a, via ne, did you, he should, you know what i did you wish in literature to chrome for was for here way. would you like to just keep using it? if it would be well enough for me? new style in mclean did wyoming in his or her dealing image with ha, ha, ha ha. i never been afraid for one day for russian army because they are simply not
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here. local, say the o. s. c. special monitoring mission to ukraine performs its duties and don't burst quite selectively. they claim it mostly records details that support the key eval authorities and their western masters where it doesn't mean you would be going to benefit is i thought, les, it's all, it's a for software to say it was issued that there was a bill that would be a good not so when the where officer was mid uncle con avia for care for you know, of london before it was dancing and up at san us coast. but i love the idea called so little by not a spot unless from got the doors control up or lesson see me or not that in. that's it. the decision able it reads it beat each or on any people. i'm in the on a little bit more the new book in a bit. so we don't if you are on the actual to summer with a new equipment with some white glove related company. not such a thesis,
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but keeps your arnold on bison. bishop on some gum one. simpson brought sample with a writ to pick a student today, anerio on their locals on thursday. the situation has now escalated to the extreme . they claim shilling attacks have increased significantly over the past 9 months and is currently doing butte for now. gosh, maybe a kiddo, but you more young because just yet. so do you know, jackie thought, you know, she wasn't on against a don't, was people just be donna, any people anywhere in why just because they defend their culture, their language, their mother then they can be shown
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as a family of to well why them? but if use president williams can, when you have only had mucous eyeglass, when you were graham of sure, then she eventually but thought good cause it goes on your when another bison. but despite incessant shelling and international pressure, don bass keeps living, working, and dreaming of a peaceful future. without ukraine. mm. absolute. and i wish in store room you more than super stones style credit. but most of it don't. i make course. mr. mcgee, cruz, cisco mugger by gibson. please give us nickel sieges, mccormick, sions, william, i teach, luke? good daughter, said gilbert was rock. oh, great. children. thought that he brought sound like a door like that. those are the cradle knowing you was it was arthur carino prius, but the district almost 4 warden auto storm. where regency just suppress wants to
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kramer, but almost a sheila, you can you move with newkirk smart, rich order with the sort of look i had that look, i had that boys yet. there was they were in nearly daily. right? yes. oh, great luca. had that it's impossible just because of the war crimes dawning, dauntless la kentucky looked nakeila started dental look around. yes. but the look janet is still looking and can compet indebtedness. ah wondered what's a good to please. it goes down to hobby of deborah wilson, but got that he started not that school in nifty for both wanted stores and wonder do creases, medical physician, duty or myth. cochran was none so good as it it will be gun you meant of just going you just got the order which that it you know last resume when you know this him he said that they did it. the last was image with digital gram. ah
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ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, a ah with moon when i was sure seemed wrong. when i just don't move any world yet received out disdain becomes the advocate an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. a,
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it isn't with a maybe a bomb with a lot of the life. b,
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b a is your media reflection of reality. in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community, are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or,
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and make them shallow. ah, ah, russia has called a un security council meeting following what moscow calls a provocation by ukrainian radicals in the town of boucher and your kid. that's after ukraine released images of bodies in the streets, blaming russian forces for the killing. the russian investigative, the committee has opened a criminal investigation into calls by the mayor of the ukrainian city of gene. yep . and for the killing of russians, quote, all over the world and in the largest quantities possible in fighting continues in the done yes. republic, city of multiple as russian forces move to capture the cities metallurgical plant, allegedly the last stronghold of the as of battalion in the area are correspondent, covers the story from the ground. one of the tallest buildings in the city.


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