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ah, though sure, completely new military restoring you to look up some letters on where your muscles are having noon. she doesn't beating train. she'll form a nurse to me as possible. mamma cook girls goose creek to summer. tamika barbara has ashley, uh this morning to work with girls balance you called me from one to 3 for the cool position in newton. can you bring out my booking for the chino drawings in the order for furnished or something like that? and then we got that was it? that was the more a need say i hear from oh, graham, lisa. oh well it shows the wrong one. i just don't know. i mean,
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you wrote yes to fill out disdain, because the african and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with a gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or
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electricity. worst of all they've had to watch is the war creeps ever closer to their homes, peach, ga, to correct train you financial strain. you don't look down what don't use that as i was a to the ga, ga. so one time with missiles left them or do i need a little time with a band was a little less my yes it with, with all these really well. thank you. so over the 7 me. uh huh. a
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hawk of which of the spell it with more data because only for our, with whole ship a system with our solutions, put us a little bit similar digital phone talk to you about them both brought in the body shop with them a bit. of course, i couldn't go to this article more the more the but it didn't really quickly prince, bring us 200000 with what are the visit whenever you finish it,
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you can explain it to me and then you should be should give you all of them but like i'm wondering, history as minister learn when you bench building carson on you progressing pretty much in lutheran church, wanted phone records at your school for the morning and i'll be with them we when we new teacher and we need to chime for many ukrainian soldiers the target and shooting of civilians has become a legitimate tactic to force the pro russian population out of areas not controlled by many members of the self proclaimed nationalist battalions. believe that ukraine doesn't just the civilian casualties as acceptable, but as necessary. but you know, the boss wants me to step out and i'm
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just looking to get the need to call yesterday and come up in the banking voltage because we don't know what i need to hey, i woke up with
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a. 2 a the key is to read it to you or would you like a quick pick up with
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some with oh, are you with a good a i would just a just and lastly with
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thinking a jim got a lot
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with it. i think you're a new york. oh yes. we met a
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guy here a bit from us. what are one? well, i mean, one of the, both of us ever yes of which you saw what you saw fit or loose shift or gotten with the school you a school heroes. all i do a middle school, lots of loans, cash poor. so we let them know grants king as a kid, flexible with the new age didn't work.
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thank you. this all walk on couples all for so for my vision worth on work was more is the pause should be similar with president george all as more of school in to be a slow in your book progression of ob, still pay for need accommodation. more options are present for that other
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wanted at the small school. he just doesn't want to live. 3 nights, she knew bob celia flush, i'm still going to lower with each of the seniors always seems in his room. still gore from school. you know that change. she still live since i was on aol, has to have those scores that i need to go. sure one was a ah ah, with
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with ah, oh my god. i a it will be debated whether the war in ukraine could have been avoided. what is not really open you debate is how centers of power have been shifting to the rise of asia as it were. the war in ukraine is only accelerated,
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rent ah.
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ah no. but so she got about not going to school school. just give me a shout when we ship when she gets, when i'm going to grow up on the show room was not going to meet you. i do show you, are you looking for preview? when you're on liberty, you should be in pre here, and i think that he needs it for me yet,
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but he will be you and you unless you're at the uniform dental plan, you'll see the judge from duty. hope a question. can we keep going? actually we did, i, he that i'm me, my crew are small school. that was this me a shout like anything. yeah, he's not a yellow social you live or if i need him to live with our move to really change. 2 do you have a blessed with you but.
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# i have a. ready time while politicians from ukraine and the self declared don best republics have attempted to negotiate a cease fire. in the grey zone settlements court between opposing sides, whole new generation has been born. these children can say what gun is being fired by a sound. and they know will to, well, what to do when classes are interrupted by another striker with
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i spent almost a whole schools in grey's own have somehow kept going in their own special way. despite being almost completely destroyed. they have soviet built bomb shelters in the basement, where the people go, people whose houses were bombed out and who have nowhere else to run the years. they've spent their lives under ground with little chance of changing them for the better
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a job a particular dot com. okay. and is your day station id? very key. okay. you can show that we should paid for the share for those context. are you sure? no, no, we are more into an adventure. i will do the initial korea key for the longest trash can a huge camera well store leticia. so you can say i thought i'd just please don't go to japan knocking meek. i don't know what you need for digging b or 8 in order to, to pam, a arrival of
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volunteers from a few humanitarian organizations is all that length people living on the front lines of an undeclared war with the rest of the world, dwelled in which there was no shelling and constant fear of a like say, smell enough, travels to the grey zone several times a week. and each trip helps hundreds of families to survive for communities are, are so shocked. assume you know i can, but i could have when was appointment with, you know, push it out for security purposes, letter end of the written documents. i say it's kim who, who claims another scare me will show a move. i'll submit the permission. there was to ship time, you're sending them because the dish with cookie device kirk with the machine is for some other
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persons to legit it's actually in the store, but the brochure is pinokie. bring up the dealership for a major issue with the service to market. i said, i'm sure through imma empty board for more than 7 years, he has traveled, roads that are constantly shelled, to deliver essential supplies to graze on residence, bread, water medicine, and fuel for generators. i have to deal with my own when you're back with a mom was coming in with
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with the other good additional year in this way, in order to pursue the ministry a near to the crew. jewish it, them ash toyota. this is an issue because the upstairs with monica computer, bluetooth almost told you, of course, of course about who will be with her. yes. will be, will, don't do. as i said, you do it, i live and you. so those are as is mine, but i can just, if you, it should show echo clearly that he's only reduced to does that mean for conflict? the allusion which, which has to somebody 1st with over the years war and death become the daily routine, the relaxing and everyone he helps what they do to get
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a phone to what's in down. there's no personal convenience kid. she has a bullish believe come another a minute or so you need to have this dish dish ocean load in, but i need a bundle just only because bucklin aggressive until we didn't put it in. but i believe she was still in your upstairs to hold them till up still as worsley go over a militia. does that do it? i'm still more sure. hello, get to go. i started you smuggling that they did or
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me a dime. i'm in a all many cranium soldiers consider the time on the front line to be boring. their war with the regular russian army and the separatists to supporting an invasion. when she stood only when it was a quench it's renew, social condition that goes on to shoppers to plenty with them. so just to make a couple of separate, let's just say when you pick another portable moon show, mr. copeland and your last one as a professional ukrainian soldier,
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thought until he found himself on the other side of the front line. he was taken prisoner by the dunbar militia. are you sure? did you buy the crystal destroy by gibson? yes to the city. would that work for you? yes, i chose much less than the disha mining mom or my income or doing what my my home was just not that you kinda know what to do. if i made it home, i got your got him. it did this fine if i gave it is that when you put your why you so the best you could do was to i music mom. i miss
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you. i watched him so it's killing me as a gym. so give us, you'll be away. when i went that was to go on so i can show up january more than one moment. by the 1st month. courtrooms goes up from the scholarship in which man, in chicago and i, he faces the reality that the inhabitants of unconquered don birth have lived for almost 3000 days. a reality that all to many choose not to thing in
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the me. oh i i in o in ah ah
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ah ah in mm mm. ready mm hm mm ah, with
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a with i'm after that you're welcome to going other guy. we're back and coming to you for now from a new location today. exactly 40 years in several 1000 argentine troops sees the falkland islands or malvina back from great britain. before margaret thatcher's british army took it back 74 days later. this is the annual e u. china. somebody scheduled for the 2nd day of the friday's p. storks between ukraine in russia. all this while the you.


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