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watches the war creeps ever closer to their homes. please george, i think i can just turn you don't look hamilton. you gotta see, how is it to the, does she do it for one time with me to ask them or do i need a complete full time with a w 9? yes. if with a,
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[000:00:00;00] with with the model did actually buy it for a personal check. of course a when push push got they thought go more to one of them. want to book it, but it's not really quick. it's been a visa cornell to can you finish it?
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you can explain to jim in the closet. and oh, should you get the most about on it? learning. come on to mr. administer on it. been carson on you because the pretty much in that engine won't, it won't be able to get a school for more than that's built on when, when you're teaching, when your teacher for many ukrainian soldiers, the targeted shooting of civilians has become a legitimate tactic to force the pro russian population out of areas not controlled by kia, many members of the self proclaimed nationalist battalions, believe that ukraine doesn't just see civilian casualties as acceptable, but as necessary. a,
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the new york. oh yeah, i mean, i, i i yeah, i do, i delete it from us. well, i, i want a reopen. choose what you saw, the fiddle with
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a full here is all i do it. let's go with a, with a so far so far my future worth on work was moist. so pause should be similar. president george shaw as moore of school in to be
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a slow in your book regarding the job steward with pay frontier accommodation more showing at the grocery shop for fidel wanted the super small school odds. he just for the luncheon 3 lud senior bob celia flush, i'm still going to law he knows he doesn't need to lose any of those things in his life. still gore from school. go through the chase. you still live since ohio toilet down for so those scores that are near bocce new the those sure. why was
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was that she'll phone is fine with with a a a a. ah . so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy foundation,
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let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical. i'm time to sit down and talk with with a, with
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a personal number here that we're here with ah noble, so she got about and i got into school when i school a felicia, one will be a wireless. yeah. nobody show a used to mutual, i read it to you and you look them up in the year when some were lemme but he's a b c on my senior year that he needs from california. yeah. but he was with you and you want a d. j, a hope a question for you and you can actually do that. i even, i mean,
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not glue school that was is me a shout. you got my damage america. yeah, he's not going to manage that. the yellow so you other stuff. i mean i'm still able to move to really change do you have a . 3 yes,
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i. # am mm mm . while politicians from ukraine and the self declared don bass republics have attempted to negotiate a ceasefire. in the grey zone settlements court between opposing sides. oh, new generation has been born. these children can say what gun is being fired by it's sounder, and they know will to well what to do when classes are interrupted by another striker with
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came yesterday with glasses away or inches anglo a little she actually with a also mm . school was in the grey zone, have somehow kept going in their own special way. despite being almost completely destroyed. they have soviet built bomb shelters in the basement where the people go . people whose houses were bombed out and who have nowhere else to run the years. they've spent their lives on the ground with little chance of changing them for the
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better me. when you click on the corner of your day to review my control manually and should paid for the show context of insurance, only shot more than to them to try to pay a coupon on these trash saves cameras to store electricians. come see me and come to nothing on the union continues to be a gift order to be the arrival of volunteers from a few humanitarian organizations is all at length people living on the front lines of an undeclared war with the rest of the world. the world in which there is no
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shilling and constant fear of death alex, they smell enough, travels to the grey zone several times a week. and each trip helps hundreds of families to survive. for billy's assuming has letting them by making numerous appreciate your cooperation of the 3rd or another scare me will show us the position there was to ship time. you're saving them by the way out there wasn't sure what the with them mission is. hi. this is to legitimate with sheena store laboratories. pataki. bring up the
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dealership for blue. g major, a claim, and this is serious to market. i said, i'm certain name company born for more than 7 years. he has travelled, roads that are constantly shelled, to deliver essential supplies to graze on residence, brand water, medicine and fuel generators. a deal with my own when you're back with a, [000:00:00;00]
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with the year in the same media, and you had to pursue the ministry, the personal health by native jewish you. the ash, to lose is houston's israel. coming upstairs with monica completely. bluetooth. almost all due of course course about call will be will. yes, we'll be with don't do as i said, you do it and i do so apologize issue to mind. but if can just, if you see it should show echo, clearly is only reduced to that would mean for conflict. the, until you jim double check to suburban ford. with over the years war and death of become the daily routine for annexing and everyone . he helps a didn't down. there's no personal
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convenience. kim. this is a bullish believe me, another minute or so you beth is a different though. it didn't put it, but i believe she was in the office dale and tell them will i'm still actually already molested. as that you do with them still, law to hello, get to go. i started each spoke with me
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a dime. i'm in a home many ukrainian soldiers consider that i'm on the front line to be excellent, boring me there. said that there it was with the regular rationale and the separatist to supporting an invasion. mm. with decent, obscure. she said that it was a way, not a crunch. we do social from just a condition that cause or a typical social possibly. now the most of the move, no, just to go back a couple labriola that you say when you pick it from other potable moons. right. but i'm sure leukemia and you cook open monday and that's what e g. a miniature professional ukrainian soldier thought until he found himself on the other side of the front line. he was taken prisoner by the dunbar militia.
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her fish a fool destroyed by gibson. yes, you left this city. what does it go with? i just left the store. you with my income idea, what i'm a person home with him, that's a good it's just not that big enough that you feel that that, that they cannot be know what the if i me a phone call my if you go i heard you got it. then that the did the store near by here, because i got when you buy new, i figured out the over the store, you had the amazon music though, or mo, let me do it. there. you are with him. so it's killing me at the gym if don't do
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much more than you think you'll be away yesterday. i would. yeah. is it that you want to buy? so i just, i just need to know, did i go up? can you buy more than one? my lease or buy the same modem, which i was up to show from the losers. ultratax dollars actually with all this cuz i go in our business and on here, he faces the reality that the inhabitants of unconquered don bus have lived for almost $3000.00 days. a reality that all too many too is not to see ah this
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i want to with world with you her is with you. i'm
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with full credit is going to boot from beach still easy. i'm going to station about in the board with with what happened didn't would you will reveal. so there is russia is ambassador to the you and say moscow is sent to shed light on the death of civilians in the ukrainian city of butcher as the slums. the disturbing footage from their as fake as the un security council is scheduled to meet later today tuesday to discuss the conflict. ah, we also hear from


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