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we choose to look for common ground. ah, suppose we place on your conscience, the basis accusations against the russian troops as a candidate you place to end the war in dumbass. however, these hopes failed to come true. that the message to the ukrainian president from russia's ambassador to the un security council meeting on tuesday. the session was dominated by the disturbing footage, allegedly showing bodies of civilians in the streets of the ukrainian city of boucher which moscow views as a provocation against the russian on also ahead, we hear from a former officer in the ukrainian security services we explained the potential motivation of those behind what he called the staging. and the task here had several goals meant to target the various audiences take. for example,
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the population of ukraine controlled by key of the goal here is to trigger hatred towards the russian army so that people do not even think about some kind of brotherly relationship. and a spanish journalist claims most of the reports of crimes by ukrainian forces against don bos residents are true after heading to the region himself to investigate. he also voice this concern over why such incidents are going on, reported by many western media. the terrible news that i can now share is that most of the information coming out is true and in the west, there is no desire to investigate and report on what is really happening in maryville and on bass ah.
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around the clock across the world. this is our, it's a pleasure to have you with us this hour. i'm, you know, neil. the international reaction over the situation in the ukrainian city of butcher is an attempt to derail moscow's peace talks with kiev. so say russia's foreign minister, the disturbing footage of allegedly dead civilians lying in the streets of butcher, was released by ukraine over the weekend. kia has blamed russia for the killing switch. moscow has strongly denied sir gay love. ralph also called the incident a ruse for the new propaganda skirmishes of the western end. ukrainian propaganda has exclusively been inflating hysteria around the video, which as we understand, was filmed by the ukranian military in the city of boucher in the key of reach of the frank orchestration. and to see, to about alleged to war crimes from the russian military has been proven many times this beckon's the question, what is the reason for this outright provocation?
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we tend to think that the reason lies in the desire to find an excuse to disrupt the ongoing negotiations on there's been a heated exchange of accusations at the latest un security council meeting on ukraine with the countries leader also wing in via video conference, plumbers, a lensky made new accusations of crimes allegedly committed by russian forces in ukraine. allegations, strongly refuted by moscow in turn, rushes and boy after you, and reminded president lensky of his own promise. when he came to power to bring peace to don bass and stop at tax on residence there, which she has failed to achieve way so no rush is forced to replace on your conscience. the baseless accusations against the russian troops which haven't been confirmed by any eye witnesses, we all remember that back in 2019, when you were elected as the ukranian president. there were a lot of hope since as a candidate, you pledge to end the war in dumbass to bring place there. however,
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these hopes failed to come true. this meeting started off with a bit of a back and forth between russia and u. k. rushes ambassadors specifically noted that he called for an emergency meeting as early as sunday and it was denied. he also noted that when russia was the president of the security council that they never regretted, rejected a request for a meeting, even for the 6 request that were specifically about ukraine. now the u. k. is response was notable because the ambassador specifically noted that their goal was to have a meeting that included both russia and ukraine. and this meeting certainly has included ukraine. we heard from the cranium president zalinski. he made a number of allegations against russia even going as far as declaim that the only difference between russia, any terrorist organization like isis, is that moscow is a member of the un security council. now it's also important to note here that he
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was not challenged on any of the claims that he was made that he made. in fact, he was praised by the other countries that spoke after him. and so as a result of that, that put russia in a very defensive position, rushes ambassadors specifically noted that as has clearly been seen, russia's goal is not to conquer the nation of ukraine. take listen to what else he had to say. we british, used to were produced. util goes down the middle east. we came to ukraine to bring the long awaited piece to the bleeding. dumbass, not a truce, but a real lasting piece. and for that is necessary to root out cruelty to cast out the malignant neo nazi chima, that's consuming training would eventually begin to consume russia. and we will achieve this goal hopefully, sooner rather than later. that can be no other way out. we do not hit civilian objects in order to save as many civilian people as possible. yeah, that's why we're not moving as fast as many expected. we're not acting like america or is allies acted in iraq and syria,
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wiping out entire cities used. they didn't feel sorry for them, but we feel sorry for them because they all people close to us. so now united states ambassador to the united nations also made a very important and mission there where she said that when it comes to the images in the videos that are coming out of the city of boucher. none of that has been independently verified that there has been no independent investigation. and yet, even when admitting that she still said that the united states is moving forward to try to make sure that russia is removed from the un human rights council, take listen to what she said. the united states and coordination with ukraine and many other un member states will seek russia's suspension from the un human rights council. russia is using its membership on the human rights council as a platform for propaganda to suggest russia has a legitimate concern for human rights. they do not belong on the human rights
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council. and finally, the un under secretary general rosemary decarlo, who was previously the ambassador for the united states did make a number of claims when it came to the accusations that are being traded back and forth. she also did mention that there were reports of prisoners of were being tortured. however, she refused to say that they were russian forces that were the ones that were being tortured. and really, her message was kind of the message that was carried throughout this meeting that we will continue to follow. a former german intelligence officer runner up said it's ironic that it's the u. s. leading the charge against russia on this, given washington's own track record. the united states are really, really, really last nation, which would even talk about something like this. i mean the hypocrisy of off it is
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just abysmal. and apart from this, this whole issue with the boucher reminds me very, very strongly of the a pre arranged massacre of russia. russia was in fact the trigger to start to justify the, the view as a to a war against the risk of jewish lobby against serbia. and it was saying the same thing and turned it before anybody could even investigate it. most declared, of course, assert later than it was far too late to do anything against it. and about it was all discovered it was rearranged. well, let's take a closer look at what's known so far about the which killings a warning. you may find the footage were about to show disturbing these images from which a help circulated throughout various media outlets. journalist gained access to the
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area shortly after ukrainian forces entered bay city following the russian withdrawal. the apparently show the charred bodies of a family including children. the footage has not been independently verified, but keith is accusing russian soldiers of being responsible. the cities, mary made no mention of any bodies in the streets, and the video announcement released following the russian armies exit shortly after the ukranian national police release, this video soldiers combing through butcher after their take over some rec vehicles appear to be the only signs of fighting in the city, no dead bodies can be seen in the streets, interviews conducted by ukrainian forces in different parts of which it also seemed to have no mention of the allege must killing hundreds of civilians by russian troops. well, we got the chance to speak to a former officer in the ukrainian security services about the butcher killings. he
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feels the story being told by key of his provocation, which raises more questions than answers. which, when use the co worker, the story is riddled with inconsistencies, the russian forces withdrew on march the 30th, but the ukrainians released these images only on april. the 3rd this already said something the longer they would have dragged it out, the more questions they would have raised. i think those who staged this provocation tried so hard. they made a series of serious mistakes. why didn't they remove the white bandages from their arms? pretty much all of those who they showed on video had white arm bands, those in the city war, those white bands, while russian forces were present to show their status as civilians. the task here had several goals meant to target various audiences. take, for example, the population of ukraine controlled by key of the goal here is to trigger hatred towards the russian army so that people do not even think about some kind of
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brotherly relationship. another target audience is the population of western countries, and one more target audience is the leadership of western countries. in the west, the task is to create a public opinion that will be unambiguously favored towards key of and against russia. as for the leadership, the goal is different. they need a reason to gain maximum support for the cranium authorities. meanwhile, a former us ambassador to the events of it union has said no solid case exists for pending the blame for the later trustees in butcher on moscow. we do not know for sure what exactly happened with these apparent atrocities and certainly we don't know that they were ordered from moscow. the thing is practically speaking, i believe that the ukrainians need to make a deal. they do need to find some way to let russia keep crimea where the majority of people are russian, and where russia has a naval base to think that the world would benefit from making russia
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a nuclear power equivalent to the united states. he, pariah, i think, does not really represent our interests in the future. jack must look know. this is some of the latest footage of russian soldiers inside the dunbar. city of motor useful clearing our remaining groups of pro kiev military forces and armored personnel. carrier is seen providing cover for russian marines, while a bacteria and casualties from the bottle to the russian army is providing support for the new republic forces. while also bringing a to local civilians, helping them leave the area of the heaviest fighting some western observers to say they're being shown a one sided picture of the conflict by their media at home. i've gone to doug us to find out what's really happening there. spanish blogger, political on list, reuben, his birth is one of them. he sees western countries supporting key f with weapons
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could be complicit in what he calls a genocide as part of my analysis of the situation in international politics, especially on the internet and social networks. there have been reports coming in for 2 or 3 weeks, that there have been civilian deaths, especially in the city of mario pal at the hands of military units connected to the government of president zalinski b. it's the, as of the italian or members of their regular ukrainian army. since this media content is not available for access in spain, along with many other media sources related to the russian state, i decided to try to get as close as possible to the scene of these events. i was even able to go there myself to check to the best of my ability, what kind of information i am getting at home and spain, the terrible news that i can now share, which i have done so the other day, for example, to a spanish tv channel with a big audience and also in an interview to horizontal is that most of the information coming out is true and in the west. there is no desire to investigate
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and report on what is really happening in maryville and don bass in this is clearly a political agenda, which i am now exposing. i do not support the russian state, nor mister zalinski, nor any political organizations yet. but what i'm simply trying to lay out here is all the information regarding the conflict and ukraine regarding the civil war in john bass since 2014, the most important part of this all is that my own country, spain and the west, are supplying weapons to the government of ukraine, we need to look at what is being done with these weapons because if they are being used to kill civilians, as i think they are, than this is genocide and therefore my country will be complicit in genocide. i am not sure we can say this is really happening right now with absolute certainty what, what i am asking for what i am demanding here. and wherever else i'm given a chance to speak is an international monitoring mission to find out what's really going on, especially in cities,
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where there are more journalists risking their lives, such as trick lancaster was been revealing such atrocities. on a daily basis, le pentagon said i cannot independently verify they notorious footage from the ukrainian town, a butcher. i think that quotes we have said even before that the russians were going to be brutal. as we mentioned earlier, moscow has called the like is ations of a trustees and butcher a stage provocation. ortiz worlds apart. host folks on the boca join me here in this, you do earlier to discuss how heart rendering imagery use to manipulate public opinion . it's nothing you there is a whole shandra cold atrocity propaganda and it emerged in a couple of centuries ago. but with the emergence of broadcast television has been very popular. and i think one of the most memorable examples may be our viewers, remember that the so called nariah testimony, the testimony over a 15 year old simple girl from kuwait who was with tears in her eyes telling
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stories i volunteered, volunteered at the hospital with 12 other women who wanted to help as well as the youngest volunteer. the other women were from 20 to 30 years old. was there? i saw the rocky soldiers coming to the hospital with guns. they took the baby of incubators, took ben goobers and left the children to die on the call. when, when you look at the, you know, your, your heart eggs. but it was established to the 2 years later that she was actually a daughter of the equate ambassador to the united states who lobbied very hard for the american troops to go into his country. it was the pretext for the gulf war. it was later established that a couple of babies actually died and kuwaiti hospitals, but not because of the iraqi soldiers whenever that as of their food there. but because of the kuwaiti, a doctors and nurses who deserted the premises,
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but that story was picked out by numerous american media, it was repeated by the american president george bush senior at the time. i think he referred to at least 10 times. it was supposedly independently corroborated by amnesty international, which conducted supposedly independent by research into that all to be proven false later on time as well. some 17 percent i was just reading of the american public before the testimony were in support of action against iraq issue 8 that rose to 60 percent following the test. it was very, very instrumental in swaying the pub companion. precisely because it was heating at the, you know, the most vulnerable point the, you know, the, the butchery, the, the murderous aggression against the most vulnerable. what, you know, who is more, more vulnerable than babies in incubators. and at the end of the day, it turned out that it wasn't a simple girl from coy. she was actually
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a daughter of the equate investor in every conflict. since then we had a similar story bit in yugoslavia in syria in libya, some hard breaking story that served the precise purpose to provoke western intervention. and i specifically remember because i was back then on the ground in libby and in ghazi, that story of gadhafi viagra being distributed among get off his soldiers. that story had, you know, it went all the way to the international criminal court. they had of that war that, that time i think his name was lose more and accomplish when to cobble is saying that they have the evidence that they have the testimony, the american officials, including us. otherwise, susan rice was very public and very certain that it did happen hopefully to find out after good, after you know, the united nations authorized and no fly zone over libya. after good off, he was brutal murder than his country was turned into one huge slave market. it
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appeared immersed rather that it was was, even though that story was run by multiple outlets from bbc to all jazeera, it was all false. and it doesn't matter just because the purpose is done, so even if it come out later and say an apology. what does not care in the case of that girl, 50000 iraqis died for the absolutely all the international outlet. those formerly or supposedly sober thinking journal is our own running away that this story of boucher re a butcher and you know, you need to understand the ukrainian sort of mentality. you understand that such coincidence is not coincidental. you know, buttery and butcher. i think there were a couple of bribe p r minds. we decided that, you know, this is a great headlines for the westerners to swallow and you know, inter term that calculation, i think proved accurate is just in terms of the reaction from the information
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that's being sent from ukraine. because that's what it is because people in the west can't make up their own independent minds and what clothing points if you being but taking over here, you've got the president going on a drive to virtually every major country in the world going on prime time television, going to congress, going to parliament and getting an uncontested questioning about what he's actually happening. so it is that the p r drive that's going to continue. it's not the way this war is going to progress. well, at the end of the day, this is all he can do. i mean, he's trying to mitigate and find this war the best he can. a couple of years ago, nader explicitly publicly passed the doctrine of the so called cognitive warfare, that manipulation of public opinion trying to sort of shape the views,
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the public views and the country to the favor of the political position. and this is exactly what they're doing, you know, they've been investing in that for quite some times. the ukrainians got a lot of help and support and expertise from the west. and ultimately they are banking on the fact that perception is reality. you know, the famous phrase that the americans like to repeat, and i think the russians or the russian leadership at least in banking, on the opposite prime, is the reality sooner or later will reassert itself. and it will, i mean, i've been through that multiple times and i can promise you this story is going to fall upon within the next couple of months. if not weeks. the worsening situations surrounding global energy, the bills people are being forced to pay as a result of the politics of some western country seeking to solve their problems at russia's expense. that's what vladimir putin has told a meeting of his ministers to do exist when the situation in the energy sector is
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deteriorating, as a result of non market harsh measures, including administrative pressure on our company, gas problem. in some european countries. we're witnessing another attempt by our partners to shift their own mistakes in the field of economics and energy on to russia and to solve the issues and problems arising in this regard. again at our expense. what was the problem call that says the european commission president ursula vander lion has said, the you is working on further sanctions against the criminal, including a bond on buying russian co on russian ships entering the ports. ortiz, europe corresponded charlotte gibbons, he can tell us more, but you leaders have a meeting to discuss in thrasher, which essentially would be a 5th round of sanctions against russia. we've heard from the commission president to look on the line at basically outlining what she said of the 6 pillars of areas that are being proposed. as you mentioned,
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that it includes an import band on coal from russia, and that will be with around $4000000000.00 euros a year to quite a big hit that also fought transactional bands on a several russian banks including the countries, the 2nd largest. she said that would hit almost a quarter of the market banking sector in russia alone, 23 percent. she also talked about for the listings of individuals who could be targeted by the sanctions directly. and also said that the leaders were still considering an outright on oil imports from russia to now bomb delay and said that the sanctions when needed to cut the russian economy deeper in light to those events that have been emerging in gotcha, these atrocities cannot and will not be left unanswered. the perpetrators of these hideous cramped crimes must not go unpunished. the european union has set up
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a joined investigation team with ukraine. its task is to collect evidence and investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in ukraine. russia is waging a cruel and roofless war, not only against ukraine's brave troops, but also against its civilian population. it is important to sustain at most pressure on putting on the russian government at this crucial point. now these measures haven't yet been approved, but they are due to be approved later on tuesday. that's according to the commission itself. however, it's clear that has been division within the ranks over the last few days. as ministers have been meeting to try and think of what the next steps could be against russia, we know that russia natural gas is something that certain states such as the baltic states and poland want to see on the table. but that doesn't to pay to be up for
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grabs just yet. when your countries like germany have resisted these sorts of calls because they're so heavily reliant on russian natural gas import said german minister saying such a ban. do more harm than good and could bring about mass poverty and unemployment in germany if that was brought about. and it's also been suggested that hungary leader who is a boyd off the back of his re election over the weekend. this is victor open has also been resistive to some of the sanctions against russia to of course, all of this comes is the, has been grappling particularly over the last few days with this unseasonal cold snack here in europe to deal with not just the high rising cost of energy, but also increasing costs to food. all of this part of the blow back from those sanctions that the
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e. u has been imposing on russia. india shouldn't be looking to increase imports of russian energy supplies. that's the view of the white house press secretary who urged new delhi to join the sanctions. it against moscow will certainly our expectation and our public and private message is, will continue to be that every country should abide by the sanction that we have announced that what you're implementing around the world. we don't believe it's in india's interest to accelerate or increased imports of russian energy and other commodities. we'd be happy to be a partner in reducing their reliance or even their small percentage of, of reliance on that. but it appears america's words don't match its own actions. in the past week, the u. s. in fact increased its oil imports from russia by 43 percent. that's this money jewel bite and pledging days ago to release a $1000000.00 barrels of oil per day from u. s. strategic reserves to help cut gas prices and fight inflation across the
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country. washington impose they bond on import to brush nolan, march. but the deadline for that is known to later this month, the russian security council, deputy secretary said the u. s. does not pock this. what it preaches to us for europeans to impose sanctions against russia while they themselves not only continue to import oil from russia, but have also increased the oil supply volume by 43 percent over the past week to $100000.00 barrels per day. moreover, washington has allowed its companies to export mineral fertilizers from russia, recognizing him as essential goods where we discuss the issue where former indian foreign secondary can was civil. he thinks western criticism of india which consumes only a small percentage of rational is hypocritical. in this situation, when we are already on the economic press, the go forward and other things. if there is a possibility of buying discounted oil from russia,
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we should take it off and estimate it opening that she has to protect our national interest law. in 2021, we boarded only 16000000 barrels of oil from russia. i did you consumption is a 4430000 barrels. really important only for dental. and i'm sure even if he increase it 4 times, it will only mean 16 did not get up off luncheon. so the scales are so small that for the west duet, who actually criticize us for buying even this much oily. i delete it, but it people good to go. and if you'd like to dive deeper into any of this, our stories to give our website to visit plenty of fresh content to get stuck into there as well. i'm you know leo, good bye for now. ah
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ah ah, a because the advocate and engagement, it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground.
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the gray zone inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. ga, ethics training. if you look on what the news that i speak to the does, she just went on with deal with us. tell me what to.


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