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ah, i'm efficient with ah,
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yeah, she doesn't use a, you know, either use this done on a posterior composite variable, but you need to give a, give me a call when you gone this. suddenly green is still not because all emilia, with low grade a the with not with, with, of kind of why he, why not throw you way now on frederick extenuating off she, she away not, i will be can leave the key only. so my grandma, the hutto nicely nice will she'll, if you're not winning, you come down, you know, at the bull at the session a stronger solution, but almost a c, p u h. it will not. the key is a family, a style. oh,
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ah, december 2013. the lowest peaceful year in the history of the united ukraine is coming to an end. the year of my dance movement is gaining momentum in key protons . so prompted by the government's decision to suspend the signing of the association agreement with the european union. no idea or not so much you might do. you'll see here for just you raise the per year with jello solution all as cooker. if you see one in the book, we may done other show up at below. celia carrillo tissue. i left no bottom, jojo, a storm we'll edit, we'll edit the queer boy, the us that she can will, you will be your school. but if you can go to a place to let them know who i am was send them my
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w i name and the bullets initially. i knew 1000000 a put it will suit oil. it. so damn wrong, jack. so, oh, oh, oh, it shall store in with junction for the if there's a song that going for easter onions come, bonus really are these are wearing along by sacrifice. just because i don't recall in won't some units or push or someone's i'm which is in ms. munoz, missouri,
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me as well. so just when you're both spending much money, most of them coming from mom. i, me and michelle from which she will, you're writing it down because last night you there as a companion the most of you on the production slick agreement partition. can you believe jacob, who used to show movie the problem or that the worst of which suspected us the use of just giving was daniel push the number. you will get a couple but you see of because most up on the other one you still with my mac and you still green switch start and you'll be what is the media we've you've got new for julie at the new one. you shirley? my last the feel of the grad school, but i just look on the list and somebody was, nuclear was, was probably on the shilling you're going, the grains of
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a player show all the good news and sure. and when you, when it was a nice boy and your wife isn't showing leaders and rank and file members of nationalist organizations admit they had been preparing for violent st. riots long before the protests and gulf key lee. but supposedly it to be live in a furnished, gotta put that out. the green, the number of hours he slipped and lives, but i don't much elliptical acumen grow cream school. i'm not so school. when actually more into so i just thought it was green school, which other things come all the time. some will not really at all at the time to gotten a warning boy on commission. yes, i told him, and i can pull up your slots to live. so new instead of edition in solar land,
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given the $1000000.00 gift from william keith to stay on the low green scheme for money. seals, e, noise, master napoleon, you may include your e, be record to greenly, up on the, for the most part, a little bit more list, some of the chill, it actually purchase the edge of less. don't put it in the store in the parentheses, give me a call, and then i'm gonna send you
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a draw you need to use do you get the book up and let us know what that opinion molecule? our dealership can look much you would use in your study. us more with it or participant. she knew it was a few of us talk with the bus of justice to pull up those toys in each unless among the muslims literally not national union. you would just need you to sort what disease much the lives of somebody, but the sufficient really surprised my money. we shuttle bus, gretchen, we didn't. was reasoning what the general dumbly cheat. well done with the coolness
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. dear william dole, man, do monthly studio. the will did look on your switches. gina was michelle. it had a little too ancient. good. dora elaine wrote miss of the night, useless, old shift was throwing deliciously. was from police to keep us they had learned was she let us let you go so great in the morning and was janet if you don't wish only to go on with it or she just li from wish i was just a she was totally study shasky new time, you know you're going adults communicate there's about the what is union with the boy that with babies up if we go. so we chose to brainstorm drip up because the worst when we was that about them, we mean probably will protest on years up on the because you think you didn't get
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to them with the use of can pull them ugly. she's always, inc. are we sure john mitchell by discourse was widely with and you might them, and you bring your point of view it on the grassy, conceal it those cuz it's the lowest possible. unbelievable. or anybody key from windham, regionally they built a little promotion list or viewer boys nipped when you when you do business with you to a mass, the movie just with the scratch. wally, east. michelle. a little juice lane down ranch my down daily. so i was go, it was a boy will be to go on to be, it would be g, h a m m m a scholastic francisco conflict from mr. go up to the store and you guys be watching, right? i ah,
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a little boy, hillary, this is a little guy. this isn't really good will do if that show you spoke lobo up. don't you just good sell a list of those schools when you talk up, but you will see on yes, but he'd say i spoke with you to do what you scared and thought. see a with
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world is with you. america is with you. i'm with that we believe there is activity in the shows up on me. i need to keep on. we need your i'm with congressman got a land on record show cuz it was learning more with when you came in yet. sure. which, you know, i think joe was coordination but almost to shoot. first one is a, some billing counselors to produce goes up ah,
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idea. like when you blow me of them with almost a 1000000 lee. and you talk a could tell you more toys, shop what they've told you. joe cars doin that you buy. so say if you will send you a new space, i know what you need from you. so not conflict is days when sales team, we ask you what was totally new or just blue shirt, responded and course go with the little companion for your bloodstream. would you like to have time of creation when use? cuz optional with a solid machine that this might not have credits or hasn't got to put a work on what she did not include. that's just especially issue for sure, but maybe it was for control. so be external
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with a d c because of the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look so common ground
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a spoke with edison, both both the models. you need to do both nelson with a, a, a, a, a, a, with
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a personal number here. with ah, concert, you cut out much then what happened to the order in order ocean did usual. then why don't you, butch multiple don't wish to do more for it, just like to pull so sure. the blue process, the yan yan,
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yoko drain in worth of damage release to ultimately on the whole shrubs for i'll just go to relish for new multiple trust serpents bill to trust all will nobody called but i'm still still play with them or do you do them some with little book, the 100 g is not so you look comparison you. this was i'm shows high quality about a couple of properties while a total here. oh, new you with. here we go, go to somebody, present the radicalization of my down is proceeding apace barricades appearing all over central key. my dan, self defense activists, seize and control government buildings. confrontations with the police. a new mir skirmishes any more. real battles, arranging in the city streets, protested wheels, iron bars, improvised batten's, stones, and stacks of molotov cocktails. i am
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a with ah journalist ruslan cut saba covered the events on my don in 2014. he saw what was happening in the center of cape with his own eyes and is still trying to understand who was interested in keeping my down going. and why is this
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a, would you go to rick or would you mind really a fuel in seattle? and i knew if they didn't get pretty young of thomas it hooked up with you really got hope. clear. cut him. you talk to him though. oh, that was why my switch. neither was what it was. it brought me if you miss, i'm is, is really suddenly to bring money. bretheren is a what between the awesome of short, a serial mr store for the system shows press 3 to 3, no beautiful the water. the one of the more dinner, more jojo hot people from missouri. i'm a holler what i'm hopeless. oh i see i'm with. 6 a. 6 russian government on uber not got us. washington gopro, shanker coastal stringham was on the webpage. a jump. we me only only did we should
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airline. yep. yeah. le, hello. can alex on dakota kolowski was one of the commanders of the ukrainian security services alpha group in jeanette's. he was regularly sent to keep on detach service and was well aware of the situation in the protest. written streets by february 2014. the situation on my dan had escalated seriously from me, but there are some of them was doing a lot. nothing on the screen is up on the screen. yeah. the new molly page does have more, more than the holistic with your phone and you've been with them. and yeah, i'll get you a model from that is when you look at the moment, please. yes. is it a couple a number of them i'm bla, la, wouldn't you or do you believe she was to lack of level of some of the problem when finished up with your c p. u and you mentioned that you said when,
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but he bought them google chrome. you do being that you would put together, but once you go neutral, so when you look in the choices here we go for a potomac unless you could keep them guilty to a proposal, but we do it with a boy. but i'm not sure, but i'm still not e, so to send them to the little chip when you my dish, we do deal up serials and stuff. i mean, yeah, but the move, those are going to switch over
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to someone to go on with our national store for some reps for food, and i'm gonna show it to you about bug. you buy news, you cindy, external solutions like issue a problem. but you know what's up to what you slow postal carlo and my new choice with shut q g. so with a and you also push that, but just to shut down going partial and probably out as a new student or leave me a good choice. when you ask i bit less really of slip i tested always told me and just look up. i just wish use a jo museum near us to read it. chef can joy this reporter news
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little when you go, then you'll them both of those. but if you could, you could you a bubble b as opposed to masha oriosuki. but you would, you, she, you know, glass, you could g, those did really, you know, my don tomblin onto my, them a little side up just me by the other. but there was supposed to lose it when you like, before we thought of the movie you to go. just go with people double folk. i mean, you look a diesel to put your america welcome. thought it was yesterday full of it's. i know i got them great. like you can call them when we get those, you know, actually we think door up on the 20 and you fish just even goes yeah. but she, them the begin this rocket video as this, with
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a g up allows to produce kiddos in the middle school. oh is still there. i can see the results go and look at that. let's go across a sequential. so the, i'm not sure it will show up and you took up a limit. yup, no idea. but could you clean up once i get books to buy? we just if it was up on the screen you linelle. let's look at move seals are you
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still a nuclear? you know what else? what was the girl with your sense? akila a yellowish bushel and all still kept as you'd say, but to sell a suggestion yet no submitted dates at the suggestion uniquely new style episodes of reason, younger issue digital friendly and unofficial quest to get us to deal with that music or with some of the stuff is still school as a kind of cultural issue go spoke with what's not the key prestige which makes me she is not the number is cousin store greens come or wait a minute? who's doing this? i'm sure the called simple machine. you're a model music you can keep them with the voice show like my c v here. got to probably be at the new cleans cute i'm bill. so i would she still was
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a go for and you can just watch now. now can you then use jewish venial? i'm with not communicate with a team in each matter. my name is emma flushing slash. i'm assuming it's more just like when they use it for austell, why wouldn't you be able get up? i was going to start with that kind of that was appointed to store a skier business that he should use a motion for the more i use those letters to love you roku noodles and i'm working with i use my new life. i see it will continue working with you should be more to be able to say you from double to the post to place and you will see, you must, will show it was much a lot which is a through z plus the new because one of normal wish you, as well as for some more going towards 1st news off. and then it goes for just a ya o, d u as a lot of these traffic that yellow c obama,
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phone call for a fee will not look usually with car a. can you would you like me to leave garza with it there. so below, but i would say it on a master's up on the green, auto stores a naturalist with buyers here at the cost of the problem. and you computer, well enough i was talking to pin was just a dylan. it's an up with a token issued a disc, the missile? sure. focus sure is there's a thumbs up, which you all know both as flog them. you will see user a bounce up is the cable, went on there. so unless somebody keep us slow them to receive the ski, it also our lady or looks her this florence foot or laying worse look at the should i leave us with us? frankly, there all the former were washed, empty law was just a new design, is
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a new prescription i mentioned to you with with ah needs to come to the russian state patrol never. i've side as i'm phoning the most landscape div estimation. i'm
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not getting close house on meek, within 55 with. okay, so 9 is 25 and speed you one else calls with. we will ban in the european union, the kremlin media machine, the state on russia for date and c r t spoke neck. even our video agency, roughly all band to on youtube and pinterest and lucas from the question, did you think even close with? mm. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection, whole community. are you going the right way, or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. if you've been following the conflict in ukraine online and from media, you have been better steady diet of opinions like who are the good guys and who are bad guys who is winning or losing context is largely absent and that's on purpose
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with noun and my daily liquidity, so now what we're showing a portion of my down in our old patricia, a court where you wanna door a shell narrowed with a questionnaire. what in the posey she really surely was nip is no i for the most of them will be stupid with the family and you can see it. and so only got a lot.


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