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tv   News  RT  April 8, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a good image is not breaking news on the international moscow say the key i've told you you may have killed dozens and injured more than a 100 as a going yes. reading train station as the cranes president on his own advise the contradict each other in a bit to blame brush. also ahead. nash with more galaxy reports from the heart of the besieged dawn,
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yet within 50 of mario pole. as russia and allied forth is trying to pin down remaining ukrainian nationally. i'm cus, broaden this pressure on china with nato expanding in the 8th, and washington spending weapons to taiwan. ah, thank you for joining us. it's just past 7 pm here in moscow, and this is ancy international with a world news update. starting with the latest on the russia, ukraine conflict, russia, se ukrainian, it touched you, ballistic miss tell, has killed dozens, and injured more than a 100 in the don't. yes, people's republic, city of crime, a toast were about to show you the scenes from the immediate aftermath of the strike, a warning for you. you might find the following footage,
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disturbing. i this voltage is still unconfirmed, but it says suppose have taken place to smith of the attack with panic among people . it seems civilians have been evacuating the city through that train station. i did, for instance, in lying industry and based on yes can ukrainian officials for the desktop rights for crane's president blames a russian army tusky. you miss albert, moscow's forces the commissions them years ago and rather midland skis owner adviser has already contradicted him. fleming, the station was actually hit by a russian escandone missile. art is maria finacialow, who reported from east in ukraine, recently told us more another deadly incident in peoples republic of de naz on friday morning, iraq at heat a railway station in town of crime. i thought which is around 150 kilometers north of denise at the time when it was packed with thousands of civilians,
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including those trying to evacuate from the city. the stations, officials say dramatic pictures from the ground, blood and dead bodies everywhere. the credit officials accused russia of the attack, but they contradict each other on what weapon was used. shortly after the railway station was targeted, the presidential adviser posted in social media that it was, is can their short range ballistic missile widely used by the russian army. but president zelinski himself said it was taught you, which is more likely because it's fragments were found at the scene and placed there are many pictures and there is also video posted by an eye witness from the ground where it's clear what weapon was that. so there can be questions on this issue. moscow denies any involvement, pointing out that the russian army hasn't been using thought. you tactical ne sales since late 2019 while ukraine has and does use it. here is russia's defense ministry official statement. we emphasize in particular that talk to you tactical
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missiles, the wreckage of which was found me the crime, a toss grey away station and published by eye witnesses are used by ukrainian armed forces only the russian defense ministry also now says that they discovered that the missile was fired from the village of the warriors, some 55 tormentors from my tours. and it was done by the ukraine in rocky division that is station there. and this is what they say about the purpose of this attack. the aim of t of regime strike on the railway station in crime, a toss close to disrupt the mass exit of residents from the city in order to use them as a human shield to defend ukrainian armed forces positions, as in many other ukrainian population centers has he has been accused of selling the region with touch can use before. there was a similar attack with thought could you a missile used or just last month in mid march, and then the center of the city of denounced was targeted. 17 people were killed and another $36.00 injured, which is a lot of horace, but less than during this recent incident. that's because the missile back then was
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intercepted over the territory controlled by the russian army. this time it wasn't done. so this is why we see much more casualties. this time. as we mentioned, ukraine claimed russia hit the train station and used in escandone. miss al, shown here on the left. however, as a military expert told, is the tuskegee miss allen this strike and which only here views is, is demonstrably difference with this fins much higher on the work it the analysis of the fragments of the video and the images of the rocket that we can easily find right now in the media, clearly indicates that it is part of the grant and tactical record complex topical . why? what are the proofs? the evidence 1st war would have to be our attention to the unique form of its stabilize us. it is very difficult to confuse it with another rocket. for example,
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russian iskander has totally different once and another point ease of their absurdity. oh, the accusation of the russian pot. why? since 2019 such type of rocket complex, who had been officially withdrawn from the service or russian military forces. so right now, during their special military operation, there is no one such types of arguments that can be used by russian forces. severe fighting continues ann maria, pull the 2nd biggest city in the don. yes. region as russian and allied dumbass forces sick to pin down remaining ukrainian nationalist traipse artes. my dance, you have reports from outside. b, as of still factory. moscow's military has been advancing on the last pockets of resistance. most of mary, you,
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passivity and neighborhoods have been liberated by russian horses some unscathed, some scarred and wasted by urban combat ah, via alleys and yards. we walked, as far as was relatively safe. in the distance that 200 or so meters, he's the out of steel and iron works plant, which is where most of the fighting is now concentrated here on the left bank of mario full city, a vast number, thousands of ukrainian troops as well. and this is the majority at nationalists nationalists but the as off, but that it is russia hoftedler extracted the plot from here we launched our drone to witness rockets and shells pounding ukrainian nationalist positions chose was one of those one of them ogre the
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situation as intense we're engaging and gun battles as combat at close quarters, almost face to face. the distance between buildings here as 50 to 70 meters of sometimes even closer. we've been advancing from the very morning all along the front line. the enemy is fighting back with, but we're pushing the rest of them out to the as of steel factory and it'll be much easier when all of them are there more. so now that fighting has moved out of populated areas. russian and allied artillery is playing a greater and greater role of a positive note or a new civilians in the plaza itself, which is opened up on hoops to vote for charities for russian troops and boston artillery. they don't have to be so warry of civilian casualties. now that the fight is moved into industrial zones. but with the fight is that they, they say that they have heard on radio, ah, english voices, so english, and which voices, which says that there may be,
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are the hall and peers. volunteers inside the plug. but they have also the room as of nato instructor with me as of a industrial complex maddy's. according to various report to get and verified instructors will offices from nato countries such as germany, britain frauds, as well as new sweden. according to the latest reports, the fuzzy here as you do is still very much fierce lube was, and then they worked professionally in small groups. it would have been impossible to train locals to that standard. even in 8 years. we've seen foreigners, even dark skinned individuals gronvold twice. now. ukraine has launched high risk helicopter evacuation missions to marry you book several helicopters have even made
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it out, though most were destroyed. the window of opportunity, though is closing with every day. more and more of mary hugo is liberated and chances are high that soon will find out just who these that ukraine and its allies are so desperate to evacuate. more ad gasdio of r t. for mary you bull. ah, the u. s. has a pre they mathee the arms sales dale t taiwan significantly escalating tensions with beijing. as of the china, if he is to bow to heavy whitehouse pressure to denounce russia's military campaign in ukraine. in our reports, nancy pelosi, the us house speaker plans to visit taiwan. beijing says there will be consequences if she does move on in casual you will you aside should honor its commitment to the one china principal and the 3 china us joint communiques cancel the plan, visit of u. s. house of representatives. speaker pelosi may stop its official contact with
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taiwan and fulfill its commitment of not supporting taiwan independence. if the united states insist on having its own way, china will take strong measures in response to unswerving lead, defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity to it. all possible consequences that arise from such a visit will completely be borne by the u. s. side. adding feel to the fire natin and the states lead by the u. s. i said to provide weapons and cyber tag to nations in the india pacific region in a show of support against china. i teases account on, on course, as of this house. it tried to bully china and to taking a side and it failed. nato says it's done with talking and has moved on to saber rattling. we see that china has been unwilling to condemn russia's aggression and has joined moscow in questioning the right of nations to choose their own path. so i expect we will agree to deepen nato's cooperation with our asia pacific partners, including in areas such as arms control,
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cyber hybrid and technology. working more closely together will make us all safer and more secure. so let me get this straight. nato supports ukraine's right to choose its own path, but not china's and the north atlantic treaty organization sure is barking orders far away from the north atlantic. we have seen that shine law is unwilling to condemn russia. aggression and bitching has joined moscow in cushioning. there are donations to choose their own pulse. this is a serious challenge to, oh, soul. it makes it even more important. don't respond together to protect our values as always, nato's following close behind the u. s. which has never hidden its burning desire to contain its main competitor, china only now, washington's inching closer than ever, towards a military confrontation with it. having failed to shame beijing and to thinking it's on the wrong side of history. the u. s. is switching gears into fear, margaret, it almost seems like we can't go through
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a month without some new revelation coming about china. in my mind, the chinese are building a military that is capable of coercion, which requires us to have a strategy to be able to stand up to that coercion or defend the indo pacific in the broader world order that the u. s. and our allies value washington also claims china is acting aggressively by setting up military bases in the south china sea. instead, the u. s. says it should militarize the area again, the south china sea, $95000000.00 worth of american military equipment has been approved for ty, ones used received that ent, including patriot air defense systems. and there's august, the security packed between australia, the u. s. and the u. k, when it says it wants a free indo pacific, it clearly means one free from china. and so the packs entering the growing arms race for hypersonic missiles. china, on the other hand, is sending out a warning to the west. don't provoke beijing. the way you did moscow,
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anyone who do not want to see the ukrainian crisis, should refrain from doing things which may lead the other parts of the world into a crisis like this. as the chinese saying goes, if you do not like it, do not impose it against others. all the while the west and its allies are fixing their bayonets in japan. a recent poll suggested people want to break with the countries post world war 2, tradition of leaving defense matters up to the u. s. and strengthen its own national defenses. the european union with all its past rhetoric of peace, is also rearming with germany, for example, pledging $110000000000.00 to modernize its military. it's foreign affairs chief, even called the e, was last high profile summit with china. a dialogue of the deaf looks like all is revealed about the west foreign policy when it doesn't get its way through diplomacy. it's our way or the highway or maybe the u. s. is trying to have another
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wool, like a you credible is not enough. so they have to was, at the same time, they want to challenge china over taiwan. we know there will be consequences as sad about chinese or minister, you know, obviously this was it. if it becomes true, it will, you know, there will be a implications and the consequences, you know, you can expect a strong response from the chinese side. oh, so it's really bit confusing to see at this point of time, us sending a messy glossy to taiwan to provoke china, to support the tower independence. that's something that we know. this is a rep for the chinese is a simply hard to understand the simply acceptable. you can see right now there is the response that pop offense, matching china. but basically everybody says, you know, that the government has to respond strongly as soon as possible. china was also strengthening its relations with russia by buying coal and oil from moscow and his currency the un in march,
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several chinese phones used few on for russian coal purchases, which will be arriving this month and mark their 1st commodity shipments bought in beijing currency. meanwhile, the 1st shipments of russian oil purchase in us will arrive at independent chinese refiners. in may. it has some analysts warning of the decline of the us dollar as the world's reserve currency. imagine a gold backs rubel tied to the oil price. sounds too good to be true, but yet it is a month into the western the sanctions. the russian currency has regained all its losses and is ready to challenge the international trade and monetary system. in early march, many thought it was teetering on the edge of the abyss. that one decision changed everything. the golden mood of march, the 28th, the russian central bank resume purchasing gold from commercial banks, assessing
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a fixed price of 5000 roubles for one gram big deal. most definitely a fixed price. a gold indirectly ties the rouble to the market value of the precious metal. the trick is simple. if one gram of gold cost $5000.00 roubles is also fair, that $5000.00 roubles of with one gram of gold markets reacted immediately pushing the exchange rates upwards. is the gold standard back? the formal gold standard was that is pinnacle before world war one. but its elements continue to exist up until the early 19 seventy's. under the financial system, the value of the currency was denominated haine gold. paper money could be easily converted into coins and bullion at a fixed rate and vice versa. in russia, it's not the case. if you bring
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a $5000.00 roubles to the bank and ask for one gram of golden return, you'll be out of luck. it's more of a one way street, fixed gold price right now is any valid for central bank purchases. but it's still sending a very powerful signal to the market. and likely majority of modern currencies, backed by nothing more than the faith of their holders, the rouble. now has to physical commodities and goals isn't the only one golden for, rubles, rubles for gasp. nobody has did i have decided to implement a set of measures to switch over payments for our natural gas and to russian roubles the guests before roubles initiative is another game changer. with natural gas prices tied to the rural and the ruble tied to gold ties between rubles and gold, could allow russia to accept the precious metal as payment in oil trade measure. russia saying it will excite one gram of gold per barrel of oil. the discounted
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offer, very tempting, what happens next? by a stop buying fiscal goal to pay for russian oil exports. high demand pushes gold prices further up. and if the gold prices are on the rise, so is the rouble. and he moved by russia to accept gold for oil will cause more of its influx into countries, reserves, meaning even more stabilization and support for the national currency on the verge of global dominance as a major produce of golden energy resources. russia holds enough supply to back its currency and enough commodities to offer at a reasonable price in exchange for goals in the global market. such a gold based trading system is yet to be built. but with the idea of shifting away from the dollar more popular than ever,
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we may soon see it materialize. refusing moscow energy and alcohol on blocking russian ship, such as some of the harsh steps taken by europe and a 5th wave of sanctions. he states have joined us in ending coal imports with critics no thing that is likely to worse than the continents already rec, called energy prices. russian ships will no longer be allowed to access european ports, export of ation, fuel software, and sensitive equipment to moscow will be banned. and europe will stop buying timber, cement, and alcohol from russia. let's discuss this further now and go live too much. and so the human rights lawyer and member of germany's the left policy. many thanks for joining the program. it's nice to see you. i'm also, you know, it seems like people across europe are already suffering from the sanctions themselves. not just russia. might this new wave of sanctions also back fire on european i don't believe in sanctions anyway because factors are measure to
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solve any problem. and the new sanctions as well. they will have the fewest impact again on european citizens and on european states. in germany for sagal the as well, the trade unions and the industrialists. they've gone to ban russian oil and gas and russian co because it will have a negative impact on the, on the german and on the european. ready economies, i think it's really, really bad step to work with sanctions such a situation. even though there is a wall and no one wants to have wall calls other people last piece for themselves. but if there's a, well we have to go to the genesis of the war and we have to be a dialogue to resolve the problems and sanctions don't change anything in a positive way to my mind. europeans, already protesting against the record energy prices. do you think the constant
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should now be ending cold imports? i think it's a stupid idea. it's a stupid idea to have sanctions to stop cold import, stupid, to stop any normally called ties. and if we look at the history from the actual legal wall on the 399990 number that had been sanctions against any leading wall country. the nato states like they are done now. and i think to plan then now is a symmetric measure and it's a measure which it really impacts the european citizens negative and the german government should make and stop to run after the us government in the escalation of sanction, and sanctions and war. obviously the new rafters sanctions is intended to hurt
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russia even more deeply. but to what extent will russia and russian people be hurt by these restrictions? we are confronted in the moment where we look at and i look inside, typically at the media in germany. they are very euro centric and then they are sent for europe centric. if we look at the media and africa countries in other countries. and if we look at the reality, russia is already tied normally, more to china and 2 different countries around the world. and it would have been a good idea for the europeans, the european union, to see that peace and goods relationships with russia. i'm all leading him to success then getting more and more involved into a war. but they don't to,
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and i think russia has secured itself through it because ties to other countries and the most negative impact is on the central european states. but i think you know, better because you, in russia i just can at the outside look and the look through international know media which i follow. and then i can have another lives up of what's going on in reality, really appreciate your time today. martin doza human rights lawyer and member of germany's the last party. thank you all the best to you. thank you. the white house i was again demanded that india come out against russia. i think it's quote, disappointed with new deli neutrality and make most gaze operation and ukraine. there are certainly areas where we have been disappointed by both china and india's decisions in the context of the invasion. us officials have threatened new deli, with significance and long term consequences if it doesn't fall in line against the
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kremlin. washington had previously warned india against buying russian weapons. and while some countries have piled economic pressure on moscow, india has that firm and continued in ports of russian oil. meanwhile, india neighbor pakistan is in political turmoil as the opposition that tries to oust the countries prime minister. iran con, previously con, was, has refused to bow to american pressure and condemned russia for his military operation in ukraine. islamic bonds has already summons the u. s. envoy. i've been medley, but of course, lives now too. i think kima john, the editor research of india today. thank you very much for joining us on the program. it's lovely to see. do you have a feeling washington wants to create more intentions between pakistan and in the a given the current situation around the world. and would it serve their interests? so anyway, you know, what's happening within pakistan is that is
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a fight going on between prime minister in bron khan who has lost his majority, but yet not step out. and general budget was, was the army chief and what washington is kind of hinting at and what it seems like . but general budge, what is moving more toward the us, why the brand new to sort of moving more towards china and sort of anti america. washington is not in the we think that's kind of give them inside. sponsor saw number one and washington is obviously doing a lot of pressure on india, the link economy and the defense side with the russia. in fact, president biden very recently mentioned india, which is a member of the 4 nation ward which consists, saw us india, japan and australia. rough so biden said that india is what i caught,
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brooks abide and shaky in its isolation of russia. and after that, the deputy national security adviser from the us who, who came to new delhi, he actually made a statement. what you said, if china attacks india next the, you know, russia on save you, you know, which means meaning thereby that we, in the americans would not help you in a way this was not spelled out, but that's what it was meant. so obviously, the washington news would be a lot of pressure. i mean the, the trouble is that washington, whatever he sees its own national interest. and what is nato's interest? it was to impose on india and make about india national interest. whereas india takes a very independent line for in russia is a great room. number one,
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are we have a hard, long 75 your relationship ever since india, about independence as always, food by india, number one number. but do we have a strong difference with russia? we had it in the past when it was a union, we have it to day. and of course, we are importing sort of oil below market prices because because of the natal sanctions, the oil prices up short up sort of in a crazy man, not all over the world going at a 100 and some dollars and things at one point, a $110.00, so india has indeed a long term contract with russia and it buys oil and that's what oryx irritates the us. they do not want india to maintain this. and let me point out that russia and india is doing this trade in the loop. you rule, but to trade are not dependent on the american dollar. that is again something the
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u. s. doesn't like when you think washington might be worried about. chinese influence rising chinese influence in the region. they, india and china has had good relations in the past. in 1962, they had a border war of late. they had some tensions in the border in the area called doc, lum. you know, there are sort of differences between the 2 countries in the claims that the border between china and india is 3200 kilometers across the himalayan drums molly and sort of mountain what a shine, not flames. it is only 2000 kilometers. so obviously there is a lot of difference in how we look at the border between the 2 countries and which area belongs to india and which belongs to join us know that having said that,
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do remember the trade between india in china is a $100000000.00 in fact, the trade which we into and russia are much less closer to $7000000000.00, in fact, $9800000.00. so in the us, china trade is huge for india, the total us trade in dumbs off any single country. so, so that is a very important factor. secondly, all of them are members of the brick, which is, you know, what i was in russia, india, china, south africa, and several other countries like toki and those, you know, are also informal mentors. that it has become as if it's like a need to versus break. the big brick countries want to look at the entire crises between ukraine on russia very differently. they have very different on environmental standards on other issues of great. whereas the need to has
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a completely different standard. so i think my job will said it's, i thank you very much for your time. i'm not a,


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