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tv   News  RT  April 9, 2022 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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a, a, a r t correspondent, among cost visits, a suburb of mario, where federal russian, medical personnel have been assisting local doctors that made efforts to return to peaceful life in the area. the u. s. has threatened india with significant and long term consequences. if it doesn't fall in line against the kremlin, saying it's not in india's best interest to maintain close ties with russia and in india's neighbor pakistan, the prime minister says the u. s. has orchestrated a plot to out him after he stood up against pressure to denounce russia with
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broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is art international. i'm john thomas . certainly glad to have you with us in the battle from are you able, appears to have reached its final stage as increasingly more territory seems to be coming under the control of russian forces and they're done bass allies. moscow claims it is making extensive efforts to provide civilians in those areas with food and other humanitarian aid, as well as evacuate them if needed. many have accused ukrainian soldiers of forcing local residents to remain in the war zone to use them as human shields ortiz, marcia reports, amidst the ruins of mario, both the broken towers and apartment blocks. it is easy to spot the front lines. you won't see tanks and marching infantry, but the fires give it away where the city burns the fighting rages. this is as
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close as we could fly to the as of industrial complex ukrainian nationalists inside have and t drone equipment which they used to intercept and take over nearby drones . we almost la stars. the streets here are safer, mildly safer. it may seem remarkable, but thousands of people are inside these neighborhoods. some who have refused to evacuate, and others who have never had the opportunity. those still held as human shields by ukrainian nationalists, human shields, and even worse ther civilians at the school. and every day they walk to the local bakery, that's the school over there. there's the bakery as every day local residents go
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there to collect water in it and is off nationalists forced them to carry food in ammunition to their fighters, forcing civilians to carry ammunition for nationalists. fighters across the front lines is a war crime. it is prohibited by the geneva conventions which state that civilians may never be forced into dangerous labor, directly related to military operations. but ukrainian as off nationalists are long past caring. they only care for their own as part of the another. several days ago, a shuttle lookout. as soldiers who cleared the building reported that the body was gone, saw the shot land myself. in all likelihood, they carry away the bodies of foreign fighters and their own fighters, so that we aren't able to identify them. there have been many a's off nationalists and other fighters killed. but they always carry away the bodies. this is 100 percent. sure. all our guys know this. the end gave her as all fighters and
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mercenaries is clear. they have adopted stolen tactics all over the city to delay the inevitable. the liberation of mary. you will at old cost, perhaps hoping for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. they have shown by holding thousands, tens of thousands of civilians hostage as human shields that for the nationalists, new price is too high. more ad guys the of r t for mario ball? ah. while the russian military and its allies engage in heavy fighting with the remnants of the ukrainian forces in marble near the as of steele factory and the cities port, our correspondent roman coast of visits. the town of mon gucia, about 15 kilometers outside of marble, where personnel from rushes, the federal by
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a medical agency have been assisting local doctors there. well, i'm getting a 100 sofa messages from people in russia who are looking for their loved ones. and also here in maria, pull, when i arrive, people are recording video messages to their loved ones in russia. and a lot of the time i managed to get a hold of their, their relatives. and this is just one of the messages and this woman contacting her daughter, and she is about to see her for the 1st time in months. a year alone on with
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yours with furniture yeah is, is that oh my dear tanya, i'm alive and healthy. i will as a former red army soldier and current refugee under the surname gregorio office. i'm writing to you to tell you that everything is fine, little i'm planning to come to the capital of our motherland road in ask. then you see the weather is good. we hope the darkness we've lived through has finally ended . life goes on is when you were about 15 kilometers away from the city of maria, pull in town. oh my gosh. this is where the offers the ambulances bring wounded civilian civilians who are, are hurt in the marble. russian doctors are working here this spend this sent as special a mission to help doctors here in the next people's republic. gracious is the 1st time i'm being sent to hotspot. it's difficult, just as for any normal person,
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it stirs up feelings of being simply pain. we face all sorts of problems. here we're providing emergency assistance to people and also trying to implement preventive measures so that people don't get ill. the children are mostly calm, they're mostly mirroring their parents behavior. so it's important to stay calm. hutto and we are still at the hospital here in mongolia where wound the civilians are brought from murray will also this is the only hospital in the area and local doctors and russian doctors are also treating local patient from various illnesses, including just a simple cost consultation services commute an initial union, but civilians have problems with this disease. we strive to provide medical care who's to everyone who asked for. we have enough medicines. here in the hospital we worked very closely with the local doctors as well as many doctors from denounced together with them. we examined patients and decide whether to evacuate them to do that same as i've heard that they don't, they have a shortage of,
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of food here. and water, so we decided to bring well potatoes onions, carrots cabbage has some canned goods for them as well. hm. well, they're very, very thankful for that friend. we will continue bringing them food here for, for as long as they needed an e delegation has visited a mass grave in the ukranian town of butcher, near king of mid accusations that russian forces killed civilians in the area. now the european commissions of president ursula vander lime, expressed a sorrow for the dead and blamed, quote, put into army the unthinkable has happened here we have seen the face of 14th army here in which we saw our humanity being shattered. and it is the whole world is morning with the people of which it was
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the e delegations of 1st visit to ukraine. since the war ruptured in february, russian troops had left boucher amid an announcement by moscow that it was redirecting forces to the fight for the dawn valley where russia has recognized it . the republics had luke ganske and done yet as independent countries. within days of the russian military departure from boucher ukrainian national guard soldiers entered the town and lodged the war crimes accusations against moscow. we heard from the co director of the international action center, anti war group, sarah flanders, who says that no matter who is to blame for the killings only one narrative is allowed in the western media. some thing difference in said this war and each of the levels of war propaganda hard to impose devastating sanctions on russia that will impact all of europe. and so only one story is allowed and the
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media is completely directed in the west. and any other story is completely excluded. russia demanded the right that the facts be presented to the un security council that was refused. none of these facts have been presented about boucher or the photos or the evidence to any legitimate investigative body. even the pentagon has not reviewed these photos, forensic experts who certainly note that bodies that have been on the ground for days and more entirely different including bound hands than those that are appearing. and photos who are certainly appear very recently dead within less than 24 hours. so there are many, many questions about what happened in butcher who was killed and who killed them.
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and none of this has come forth as evidence. and yet the media is more than willing to run with it. the white house has, again demanded that india come out against russia, saying it's quote, disappointed with new jellies neutrality amid moscow's military operation in ukraine. us officials have threatened india with significant and long term consequences. if it does not fall in line against the kremlin, there are certainly areas where we have been disappointed by both china and india's decisions in the context of the invasion. washington had previously warned india against buying russian weapons. and while some countries have piled economic pressure on moscow, india has stood firm and continued in ports of russian oil. but the white house is strongly opposed to that with spokesperson gen saki, saying it's not an india's best interest to maintain such close ties with russia.
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we don't believe it's an india's interest to accelerate or increase imports of rush and energy and other commodities. every country should abide by the sanctions that we have announced and that we're implementing around the world. india, the world's 3rd largest oil importer has been hit hard by rising prices for crude. the middle east accounts for the bulk of india's oil imports with iraq and saudi arabia, the top 2 suppliers. now at least 2 major indian refineries plan to buy less saudi oil than usual. instead opting for cheaper imports from russia. political commentator a g data says it's a good deal for india. india will obviously she gotten the best deal that it gets. and if the options are offering the best deal when it comes to the indian, certainly by that i think india is already classified on this issue as russian, if that is the cheapest group that is available in the other in used to be where,
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depending on russian military equipment since for many decades, even though there is a lot of diversification and there is a lot of new generation. i don't think india will let you come to a point where it has to because side, because a right. it was a national system. there for india, with a back for a x being engaged with both sides without falling into the trap of looking at this entire conflict. an american rush in binary india's neighbor pakistan is also a target of pressure from the u. s. and the u. as western powers, urge islam about to condemn russia's military operation in ukraine. pakistan's prime minister, iran con, has opposed those calls,
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saying no country should dictate to others about taking sides and a foreign conflict. cons russia friendly policies have even brought him to the verge of being removed from office or cheese done quarter comments? dark clouds of descent are hanging over pakistan's government prime minister imran khan is facing a vote of no confidence on saturday over his support for russia. but he says, he's ready to fight my message to our nation is that i have always and will continue to fight for pakistan till the last bull. the vote is set to come. not long after con, tried to dissolve parliament and call for new elections. the court stepped in though and vetoed the move. the advice tendered by the prime minister honor about april 3rd, 2022 to the president to dissolve. the assembly was contrary to the constitution and have no legal effect. no doubt the opposition, which stood on the precipice of disaster is happy about this political turnaround on k to day, the supreme court with this verdict saved the future of pakistan saved pakistan's
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constitution restored the sovereignty of pakistan's parliament. unfortunately, for con, his opposition has the support of the military, which has taken a hard line to pro key of stance. teddy that i didn't vision of you. you've been very unfortunate as oh, that would be within a 1000000 bit. but if you did and ha, ha ha, couldn't destroy still pakistan's prime minister is refusing to budge on his support for moscow. why would we condemn russia? or we your slaves that whatever you say we will do. he staring down the barrel of a vote of no confidence. he is contending with the combined forces of the opposition and the military. and yet con, standing firm, accusing washington of working behind the scenes of it all. how can i accept the result when the entire process is discredited? democracy functions on moral authority. what moral authority is left after this connivance? the move to oust me is blatant interference in domestic politics by the united
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states con even says he found a letter, allegedly, from the united states that mentions the vote of no confidence before it was even filed, washington denies it, sent to anything like that. but there is no denying the pro us sentiment among the packets to any opposition and military. we had historically excellent relations with the us. the good army we have today is largely built and trained by the us. the best equipment we have is u. s. equipment. say con ends up with the short end of the stick. you can bet islam of odd will be added to the list of washington's allies is and in terms of possible u. s. involvement, that's at best, a little suspicious. what's happening within corresponding, that is the fight going on between prime minister in bron khan who has lost his majority, but yet not steph. 7 and generally, but you off will be all the chief and what washington you kind of in thing and what it seems like. but general budge what is moving more towards the us. why liberal
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con is sort of moving more toward china and sort of anti america. so washington is kind of pushing that kind of give them inside pocket saw number one, the trauma lives that washington, whatever the fees its own national interest, and what is a need those interest russia has warned to foreign states to stop pumping, leave a weaponry into ukraine as it's being used to commit war crimes, including by key of top fighting force, the openly neo nazi as a battalion we call of the international community to give an objective assessment of the crimes of ukraine informations to stop supply them with weapons. and to encourage keith to abandon unacceptable methods of warfare. the u. s. and u. k. were providing weapons to ukraine even before the beginning of the conflict. and many more western states have begun sending lethal aid to
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t of in the last 2 months. washington has even approved a bill to use it's lend lease, act, world war 2 era program to lend arms and other supplies to ukraine. g 7 member, italy has also pledged to provide legal aid with the prime minister, taking a tough line against moscow. but growing numbers of italians are angry at their premier, seeing the sending of lethal aid as counterproductive to ending the conflict in italy. the hash tag not in my name, is trending on twitter with italians and other europeans urging their governments to stop sending weapons to ukraine. renee morgan's ratty, i am very against the sending of weapon. it's no equipment, do not increase visa, negotiation approaches it. there are poles that say that the majority of italians want a serious peace negotiation and not the shipment of our good united in the idea of sending weapons as a political decision. and i don't think it will help the ukrainian population from
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a social point of view. i disagree. we are fighting a war by sending weapons when we understand that this does not work for the 4th round of assuming that it's an awful idea that would only serve to escalate tensions. it can only lead to higher violence. so it doesn't make any sense that they are spending money that should be invested in health care in other sectors. finance, crane, v o. d. i to me, any shipment of weapons to me is not justified by sending weapons. we are sustaining the war and i am against entry. get it. he thought you, we are the lab and me. i see sending weapons as a betrayal because the italian government has agreements with russia, the quote to me, italy is behaving like traders. it is following an american line that i don't like a false democracy, miserable. some italian politicians say that sending more weapons does not help to resolve the conflict which has had a serious impact on italy's economy. timothy reconciling via the alternative party is, again sending these weapons because they will risk rekindling and already very serious
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conflict for the civilian population available. europe has chosen to be a belligerent institution. that is reorienting its economy towards war. and this has serious implications for the whole european economy and manufacturing rope, which in many jobs are wrist. and there is a risk of a food crisis in the state with unit. let me say my ass with that don't get down the more frankly, we are dismayed about thinking of rearmament. and when europe spends over 233000000000 euros on armament 4 times more than russia, so shot. it's unacceptable that what we have to think about instead is a foreign and defense policy that is unique to europe as this give to the armaments industry as an unacceptable madness deal with addition to threats that i mean, russian authorities have echoed that view by those italian politicians saying the you sending more weapons and sanctioning moscow are acts of aggression and russia has a right to defend itself. that's as the you issued a 5th wave of measures this time targeting the russian arms. producer clossnick off the defense ministry spokesperson,
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eager connection. cough as well as get him on the graph, the head of rushes, largest bank, spit, bank. you states have joined the u. s. in ending coal in ports, which some critics say is likely to push the continents already skyrocketing energy prices. even higher russian ships will no longer be allowed to access european ports and the export of aviation fuel software and sensitive equipment to moscow will be banned. the you will also stop buying timber, cement, and alcohol from russia with the u. k. and the use of food industries are facing a supply crisis and sky high prices amid in port shortages including ad britton's iconic, fission ships shops. just experience in ga, pricing varies feel very expensive. there's more fuel for delivering the store in the fish as well. so this is all the only living crazy that's effect to people spending power as well. so we heard from
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a german human rights lawyer who thinks the e you should stop following washington's lead because the economic costs from the sanctions are just too high. i don't believe and sanctions anyway because sanctions are not a measure to solve any problem. and these new sanctions as well. they will have a serious impact again on european citizens and on european states. i think it's a, it's a stupid idea. it's a stupid idea to have all sanctions to stop cool, import, stupid, to stop any to normally kill ties. and if you look at the history from the 99 to send late nineties, now that had been sanctions against any leading all country. and also natal stays like the, i don't know. and i think to plan and now is
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a symmetric measure and it's a measure which it really impacts the european citizens negative. and the german government showed up and start to run after the u. s. government, in the escalation of the sanction of the sanctions of friendship. presidential hopeful, marine the pen has rallied against anti russia sanctions that will actually hurt europe ahead of this month's election. the national rally leader is gaining fast in the polls on income, but the manual micron with le pen standing out for her less hostile stance towards russia or europe correspondent dimansky has more the opinion polls may have already called the 1st part of this selection. a repeat of 2017, but those apparently no longer in the running are not giving up the fight and with a 3rd of people still yet to make up their mind. there is
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a lot to play for middle shall ends in lieu of quite a long way behind them. so the chances of them being in the 2nd round is, are relatively low. just 2 months ago, this election was due to the futon regular theme security, tara migration. but since february 24th, a lot has changed. the cost of living, including the price of energy and soaring food costs are biting, some of which has come directly as a result of sanctions that were imposed on russia by the european union can upa for us here in france. it's already very, very hard regardless of ukraine, but i'm against war, but the french can have immigrant every time from africa, from the south, from everywhere. it's impossible. it's too much for us. i pay 52 percent of my income on taxes and social security. it's been spent on age,
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but no aid is going to meet hoshal. it's in tenable hall, cynthia and kikhia. it's a wild white crisis. a price of a liter of petra is certainly going to impact ever seek associated with transporting role materials. that is all wages must follow this up with trend. all this going to be trouble. job ecology sick. while emmanuel lack on has been predicted to be a shoe in for re election summer, openly voicing concern maureen le pen can be elected president of the republic. it's one minute to midnight. impossible to say that it was not foreseeable. i have been alerting and fighting for years. of course marin le pen can when michael's 5 years of leadership has seen on space to most jewish times, they have been protest ranging from the yellow, vast movement which started initially over taxes on fuels to anger over his plans to increase the retirement age. and in the latest blue to his hopes,
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the french senate has now launched an investigation. this is into his government's payments made to consultancy firms. in 2021 that reached a record level of 1000000000 euros were still one american firm. mckinsey which has received substantial payments, is said to have not paid corporation tax for a decade. i think they are damaging, because of the french. we're talking about visceral feelings. the french do not like money. they, whenever there is a whiff of money and mutual back scratching, cookie nauseous, they say in french, then that can be very dangerous for candidates. and this becomes the issue, does indeed seem to be a very, very serious scandal. the allegation of course, that there is been tax evasion by these by, by mackenzie, and these are the consultancy firms. and then the 3rd allegation which is that
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they've in kind, they've given help to the, to the chemical campaign for free. so, i mean, you know, you've got 3 scandals in one. meanwhile, marine le pen has seen her fortune's improve recently. she wants out of nato and to remove frogs from the sphere of american influence. now, one, her ties to russia were recently seen as a cause for concern that hasn't seemed to put off voters. so firstly, of course, frances, you know, has a tradition of being relatively friendly to russia. and the french people are not objectively hostile. of course, there is a lot of emotion about the wall as there is everywhere, but it has become a political football among between the candidates. it is in that sense, been absent from the camp short of a disaster, mac korn, is expected to make it in to the 2nd round. the pens, charles is our high 2, but there is still
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a fierce battle let on going for that 2nd spot. eric the more from the hard right, and valerie chris from the center right still have hope. in fact, almost this entire campaign is seeing a shifting support towards more right wing policies. france has long been considered the past in of left wing politics to why has this happened for people of my generation, the socialist party has nothing to say or offer. we are in a turning point for the left in france. they have to be reborn in a new political force. that doesn't mean that left wing politics is dead. in fact. so mac relish, old from the hard left hand, a bump in the polls. just recently. he is also seen as pro russian and vocally opposes nato millennial though it seems, represents a dying breed wave of the candidates on the left and barely registering in those surveys. on sunday, voters will cast their ballots with 2 candidates progressing to the next stage.
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it's then that the real race will begin. charlotte, even ski, r t, paris. and that does it for me stay with throughout the day as we have more news and commentary on the war and ukraine says our to international service. blue i was just a guy, but i want to with world with you, i guess with you i'm with
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