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ah ah with cooling you use
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humans who got it i knew you say it's getting late, so that's why yeah come on in with a can from with i said, are you purchased a new cook with them. okay. and then it was, i was just, i said, you know, you probably were human, you know, you know that or should of course, you know, it's not us. and i was able to push it well with him pushing, accomplishing because i need to stay with me and say i so that i will, but he will have a look here. so if you thank you. sure. did you feel home?
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i show she was a a little would your brains are glossy. where were you mister graham's? i mean, when i was just following your brains, are you sure julie canoe grim it? my sister would believe you are to ship it on up when you were not available. gradings of you are, you was that's one of those to put in for the last 20 covered as an additional dog order new by michelle ish night here on of collecting, you know, she checked on bus picking up one of them. boshamp small. the big ladies
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call was about change for that. so i mean about she here is come up with that is public. but in the sub lyla, when you can get it, go get those to me. i'm on the lecture, which is a report that this petite no green was pulls or is it him social is the would senior mr. those to reach you now, but i will let you know the wedge based on what company are going to play a role to. that's where your voice car, that's a keyboard golf, but priest more. but i'm waiving coffee telecom net grant. you felt that this muley chest colleague of then yes, come a little that you will post because of my my day and there because my child by itself share in the other scott: yeah. a little boy in his name and he will. yeah. oh, i see the archives pushing that all still hoping it's not my union another boy. you
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know, if it was too, but you know, it didn't, you could call it. i thought it was to renew it. you're set up. one of them is approaching is a 1000000 lovely tenure do, much similar. it may have been, it's natural that look for them with most of them, there's more than one which is not a yep. well know, minimize this one with some of those. i'm sure they go with you, no worries, because a you but this will contain, will use to go there you go from do you should do. we have food a, she'll grade you on the more multiple company we have to show it was new to me and you can, you can actually come over here with
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right now. it's been, you know, give a good night that don't go by that stuff with we knew anybody, you know, we're, we're in the, the sessional, this or i'm just now she's telling the status of william the social with a phone. but asking machine either pushing find it or do will get a little more the white glove. so what i was wanting to do, and i could do with the weather if there was like, i mean we're not really in this you're putting in a box if possible. need you to similarly, so usually a pretty much done with single, sorry, i'm
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a guy and we don't know but even equal what you need a clue unless you need it or we need to go to who was wanted to let me know. like when we always just a little holding it was clickable. i need to know what actually specifically what color, but that is finance. mars shims that shimmered. steve said that the media assembly which which does right oh you and i have a come over the store. was more than i ordered a william boot that wants to boot cleaner. it was a storm motion of the gelato used to play with it. buffalo boys, what does that conflict? so if you could please give autumn perfecto because sim, number 3 in the snow was a lot a lot, but we do not use noise ceiling absolute yes. so what would be
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a good not a bottle door. consider just 4 door story and where i was just a close quote and i'm going to send it to the airport then. yes, it was just for any can the media and a because we're a bullshit. some of them busters took the media, a question e, i've been so much, right? a a,
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a, a, a guy doors come with pnc. let us much just know they just video. just really apologized. what's better?
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do you know, i mean a touch with her. she's upset and the more more of an issue with a shorter term was called them costio. but it could be just for us to pick them up . i used to produce to you which of police you used to play a spanish and the provision to get them on the bush plastic tissue working by your, from cuz she was putting up with a portico to push to buy your own emotional to, to miners to what i do with pro prototype, i'd the prism that will sit on as a,
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through your store, as you know, with automate than they are a more than enough white army, but almost a collective. but anyway, and she needs the financial ah love with to low floor with me, but come on, you know, my daughter by ad casara actually they did not see for a couple of us long know which in all my love to remote boys of jura, a promotion was then eligible for it, but she did it show you more of
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a letter of what was really good up to the older teachers, williams, as you said, they did perform some. do you see the machine will do it? with actually boy brought that she's a get. it's not but you put so she's a near scovella to plaintiff's lisa will ship like a guardian. what will be the lester? yeah, sure. cookie. can you please explain what she'll get them done? probably it's a little treat actually actually at the go pick it up. you actually need to get done with possibly you've been exposed to work with but it's good period. so that gets m
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a n b c, news reports, us intelligence agencies. i've been deliberately lawn, brainstorming, stories about the one ukraine through the media. those of us who watch carefully the com suspected this all along, when you are losing an argument. moreover, the 1st line of defense is to lie with industry to restock and just look up some of novels. only a muscle is onion noon. she kitty doesn't being in the green shield or a nurse to me as possible. mamma cook, go sit to somebody, tamika, but i to his ashley and they wanted to work with one to
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3 if it's sort of cool with you, but now it's not booking for the children to not work for phones or something like that. and then we got that boy, then there was a need for you. i have for brain meet that have that. oh, is your media reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, community? are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend
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a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. a few wish to do is to ship with with with a gear store and you can afford it. so that enough, when you see with a minimum,
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a change is to go it go to get it to move, move them in the business must go to who are there. i'm going to a boucher, you were to do it with the buddhist or my world anthem rosco. report to lose or shot us on pieces, you know, with all of this work. so what we did sort of chileya look a little bit about those mother about in the early schools will
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dismiss with news, [000:00:00;00] news,
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news ukraine's got a me a zealous sheila, no voice that, i mean i'll donate school i don't port on you will be 2 or 3, molly, this is sort of like a coordinate. i'm choosing kidney. opposite the will korean that v. like for you waste car for wish to play a reporter. so she was with her. mom had a puerto sister on lee. what was on the show cream? at the time q to leave the the session by sure can use the quarter. so then you could use your blue. when would you to uphold shania? i think is chastity. recruiting is who was the yeah, it's keith, as di gabriel died. the worst of the small was because i still
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with a school that
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with a
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with deep pro on go green like a which not really to sort of been here on the, on the see who would you are mortal because that out of a, some of i'm just not off, but you will, if not actually, legitimately ship it enough, but a school from cooper. if you've wor about you mother. i'm. you can
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go crazy before the who wishes to jacob as blue. plainly, this will continue. according to the bathroom is a plea of willy. any stick for your son? he is still a young lady. we are lit up. stealing been? yes, with no yours was the years i gave you my she took a who's with all this with would you be willing to perform? goes on your body, which is not your brother, walter admission. it goes. that means mother. why
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don't you put up the numbers here in the junior senior picture, so food and that'll miss the previous leave across the vocal. and you can come straight to mr. bluth mill. super somehow pull them. you could have id from cooper . but when the machine, the, it will be the sure you put on bruises to hold on when you come over. what's my 30 a do it from? newton meters? me national crenisha on notion. would you mean your own bottle? no green is gone. the pros to get away am stations president, i'm if i'm store remote oregon's with here with him sister charity level issue with the but i'm gonna get away from 6 to rent a car subject with a conditional from there would you believe there was a machine that whistle dr. back more impact to people. initiatives just a few weir, i'm from b as
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a dental dental and that america. thank you. don't nice. glad bought the motion is not valid keyboard. how may i put you on the nest to miss it? even a bit emotional knew my me was what mo sunni was, so hopefully within the mile 3 grove b pool. but a shameka smoke husky, xena diarra me. oh, because that it got a bill or a grade you sir, or bill of out of pocket on the over. i'm good with here. keyboarding of e mail, i'm no, papa tulsa cut the uh with septic crow caputo below it may have a little car, but it actually just will lydia for the losses in which is just not the group. we kind of like more tv snarled. we've been on top of that, you know, cut her, she did the che jill, it's motiv natasha, but i was on an up as a pos alia cocoa. would you? so you already, she can each. what could he come? slow, crane. she want to carson will feel as will show you how you want to set their stories to run the nap. let's quickly dierdre by
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u. d t. i bought a condo or retailer composite at the bill to cooper vista, thomas store finance. course conscious store will to vote here by the fiddle. he will be route krinski west coast territory when he's killing. ask publicity. listen . say it's a pretty good order. luba, green postal studies flip up with kid ashburn, my white, no perfecto. gonzalez store. no, probably spacious humiliate cannot give sedation. illusion pathology. i was returning your phone call. i don't like it on them. you and your wife or daughter and you know, the key is to give them a huge dog deal. was that
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a was just as funny and yet was the volume g as mean? you know, well, what does it say to which it was in her ad in the oh, who it us news my day and you must or new radio ledger this would read those at the board. tell us what they would do enough near amazingly ah ah, i
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ah mm with 30 i spoke earlier with her. what are your thousands of people still live in small towns and villages that have become the new frontline, georgia, bridgeport, that they call this area? the gray zone duh data absolutely. ali founder of course, pay me what that was only about a used vehicle with for shopping. this is bill taylor via email. don't know why it was funny because i assumed that it wasn't no more than a show berella. i
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knew i stood on where she has school trail, alexander who will be will she'll let us as she made a pretty uh ledger. was that again what video leslie was before he boy sim. cool here scott for quality. grow your favorite them with. didn't, didn't the global way to finish it? a pretty unique one agenda like other than you should be hipaa. ah
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ah pohden is the aggressor to day. i'm authorizing additional strong sanctions to day russia is the country with the most sanctions imposed against it. and number those constantly growing, but i figure which of the problem was to call showing as we speak on lennon, louise senior, mostly mine or we'll share them. we're banning all in port show of russian oil and gas fuji die where you're suffering. no, i mean i know they pankey, opal's lower temperature through shad synthesis info literature were already given regarding joe by imposing these sanctions on russia. jo has destroyed the american
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economy. you so there's your boomerang self. ah, i ah dom option are attaching to what you're going on the ground, the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look despite nature nation and you censorship. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows of the season so far coming up in this show has russia becomes the most sanctioned country in the world. overtaking iran, we asked that runs universities professor, mom and mirandi about the effects of economic warfare. and how ukraine may
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permanently shake up world power politics as brittany, you and usa, poor arms and to ukraine, to fight russia. and as the international criminal court investigates, alleged war crimes by russia in ukraine, we investigate arguable parallels with u. k. u. s. u armed israeli military actions in the middle east. in another week of bombing of damascus with princeton's legendary un special repertoire and palestine. professor richard fork. all the same, all coming up and today's going underground at 1st all week as russia moved into your grain, the global you and nuclear i. e, a organization has been talking in vienna. amidst media reports are alleged us by a warfare labs in ukraine, denied by the pentagon, a village russian interference, a general killing at a maternity hospital denied by russia. and as usual in a donation media, the dangers of a j. c. p. o, a deal with iran. let's go straight to vienna and speak to profess mom and mirandi of to run university. thank you so much,
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professor mirandi for coming back on the show before we even get to ukraine.


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