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tv   News  RT  April 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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ah, with russian president, comments on allegations a russian war, crimes in ukrainian town of butcher dismissing them as vague as the west pledges new sanctions over civilian death. with some officials, calling on the course to apportion blame around a 1000 ukrainian marines reportedly surrendered to russian by done yet to public forces. the matter you both bathrooms, continue in the city is suspected members of nationalist battalions, apparently try to plead the battle ground. here is one such suspect he was found apparently speaking, nationalist position. to me, you lose you. she told us very, very brave woman emerging from the as of steel,
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industrial complex, which is on the national. it's impossible to replace the opec warns of an unprecedented energy shortage in europe if it suspends russian or supplies. this comes off form or 4 minutes to warm. widespread disruption, in fact, will be much larger than just the old metal club that people might freeze or not 3 . it's not about with every laptop. i would say everybody was tough and everybody is already stuck with on the still is found the u. s. news coverage of the war in ukraine, the passes that of the was in both iraq and afghanistan. we dig into some of the reasons why it's great. so many households a. it's just on 6 am on wednesday morning harry moscow. mine is peter scott with all the latest here on the international and where beach and it's great to have you.
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with those president putin has dismissed the allegations of russian war crimes in boucher calling them fake during a media conference with his beller russian counts part because then you regret, butcher just when i talked to my western colleagues about boucher, i asked them if they saw what happened in rocca, did they see how that syrian city was completely destroyed by american aircraft? and there really were a lot of corpses, they're decomposing for months. but nobody seemed to care about it. and nobody recalled it. just like they don't recall, the hundreds of peaceful civilians killed in afghanistan when a single strike would kill hundreds of people. but nobody talked about it. but they sure did talk about all the staged provocations in syria, like the imitation of chemical weapons use by the said government. and later it turned out that it was all fake. just like boucher i was really, i reported statement is the most recent reaction from moscow to the situation
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around the ukrainian town of bo chain caves. accusations that earlier russia's defense ministry already called at provocation and a disturbing video. apparently showing dead bodies lying on the streets of butcher, but key of presented as the unique evidence to atrocities committed. they said by the russian army a fake. meanwhile, germany already says that the west is about to increase already imposed sanctions against russia, following boucher again. and the countries media seems to be in hysteria over what they think happened there and voices calling on punishment for war crimes. they're talking about russia, of course, total embargo on russia's energy and more weapons to ukraine allowed a louder every day and all that before any independent investigation into what exactly abner happened. while it seems that all the conclusions have already been made and a russia is already been punished right now,
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including economically some steel, talk about benito fact check in and proper investigation. here is germany's foreign minister. we have massive indications of war crimes. in the end, the courts will have to decide, but for us, it is central to secure all evidence. in a while, some i already investigating a turkish outlet has just recently published the results of their research to report to the debunk the new york times report, which has been widely used recently to push accusations of atrocities in butcher onto moscow. the thing is that new york times presented images from max our satellites, claiming it was taking between march 9th and 11th. but the investigators apparently proved that on these particular days, these particular satellites were covered in a different area. and they proved that using the sun called program, it is a special program that can clearly show that. and another image presented also by new york times. also showing dead bodies line on this trees claimed to be taken on
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february 28th. but again, the investigators proved, but it was taken much later on april, the 1st and day after, the mayor of a butcher officially confirmed and his vizier message posted on social media that the russian army had already left the town where he drew you to france. the honored community of march 31st will become history 1st city, and the entire territorial community as the day of liberation from russia occupied by the armed forces of ukraine. so there are still more questions than answers and it is clear, it seems for everybody now that it should be investigated exactly. what happened in boucher, i think if who law abiding countries that were that we are supposed to be should, should stop is everything right away. not talk about method sent in an objective team and say ok, what has happened? and we will say at the end and let the objective team say go in there and we can have validation promotions and ukrainians to get this thing. okay,
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we agree on this team and let the team give it decision and then that's what the special ed team will say. ukraine is that it or russians did it already. foreign agents from other countries did that. we don't know, but we have to have that ability. if we want is to know exactly what happened. the fact that the west, all of a sudden identified the perpetrator with found this to me now is this goes to fade that just shows that this is not curious. it was not me taking seriously. and unfortunately, i don't see at all the west backtracking on it, it seems that the western using this as a pretext, and i think this is definitely an insult to justice. meanwhile, president the lens gives announced the leader, the country's largest opposition policy. v to mid bit troop has been captured. he was under house arrest with escaped after the conflict begun. his lawyer legend had received threats. his ill, a few comments on not arrest or so believe was finished and i think especially cynical of him to use military come a 5. he tried to disguise himself like such
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a soldier. such a patriot was maybe a joke was placed under house arrest in 2021 accused of treason. and that's something that he's always, always denied. after the start of the conflicts. his party was among a number of opposition parties whose activities were suspended under martial law. president volume is the landscape of an exchange to exchange michel for captive ukrainian soldiers with moscow yet the comments on the proposal. meanwhile, battles for the don bus that you have now, you will continue to rage with around 1000 ukrainian marines reported to have surrendered. the bulk of the fi thing is focused around the as of style steel punts, and some suspects as members of the nationalist of battalion have apparently been trying to escape the battleground as our seas. rod goes via reports ukrainian forces surrounded in mary. you will have begun to crack almost every day,
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more surrender, sometimes entire squads and platoons. others shock off their uniforms and try to get out the skies the civilians. this is something that happens day and they out here in mary. opal's civilians or apparent civilians emerge usually in ones or twos . from the unlikeliest places they emerge, they claim to be civilians. but then their stories don't match. who they are. they seem, you know very unlikely to the local fathers who, who detain them, who arrest them. usually they are searched on the spot, sometimes stripped to check for bruises for bruises from rifle butts, as well as full bruises or mugs from heavy bullet proof vests. if you wear them for weeks on end, they leave marks. invariably, at least this always, this always happens. they're taken away for questioning. and very often it is found that yes indeed, this was
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a fight of the russian side has lease and lease of those who serve the nationalist battalion, such as as off battalion. here is one such suspect she was found apparently sneaking near nationalist position. oh, you're going to lose that found? she raised all manner of red flags, her behavior, her mannerisms, her clothes, her very speech, and filmy, you lose your food. she told us very, very brave woman, emerging from the as of steel, industrial complex, which is under the nationalist. she is most likely fighters here tell us a sniper, the as of battalion, neo nazi battalion, they use a lot of women because women have a quality, generally speaking, of course that they can be very patient. they can sit and watch through a school at the same intersection. for example, for many hours. this is something that you know, has been for a very,
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very long time. it only got worse. so she told her story. it was full of holes in the inconsistencies. yes, but i don't have any registration that can't be true. yes, it can. for 25 years. you haven't been registered anywhere. yes, that's right. kira all my documents. i'm telling you that you're going to lose that sound. it's not worth filming me a bunch. if you need something boys and just give me a car please. where are you coming from the morgue or the school from them are. but you just said you were coming from the school. i said i was going to find my sister . don't you try to confuse me? you won't be able to confuse me. trust me, everything's fine with my memory. enough, red flags were raised to warrant detaining her. she was driven to a base before the questioning that met another matter. the story that even more remarkable here, another man with
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you, with what happens with during questioning, a huge number of images were found on the phone with not the simple last ability civil lawyer in missouri. very great. many with rushman a few, laurie little with the meeting, the call with the city, just say your wife downloaded it with my wife, downloaded it, maybe it spam or something. there are many, many more who have been detained. hundreds and hundreds of similar individuals. and
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every day, more courses they attempt to escape and circumvented. mary, you pull this guys the civilians, their priority now is not the glory of ukraine. the 3rd right cool. the area and race but rather their own personal survival. more i guess the a r t for mary, you? well, with anti russia sanctions over the ukraine, conflicts strengthening the world's top oil producing nations of race concerns. the warning for the you comes from the opec group, which says that europe could face an unprecedented energy shortage if it cuts off russian all supplies. we could potentially see the loss amount of $7000000.00 barrels per day of russian oil and other liquid exports, resulting from current and future sanctions. are the voluntary actions, considering the current demand outlook, it would be nearly impossible to replace a loss in volumes of this magnitude. it comes in lights of concern some luxembourg . the country is warned. impending sanctions currently been discussed by the union
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would heavily impacts germany's industry and later the u as a whole. and as for the u. k, a report finds that the energy crisis is pushing inflation up towards 9 percent, which would be the highest in 40 years. coupled with a forecasted drop in income, many u. k. households are expected to feel the pinch and over in germany, the head of the countries federal network agency claimed inferencing gas supplies coats. germany only has reserves until autumn this year, former austrian foreign minister current can i still said it would be hard for germany to deal with the possible consequences of causing energy in ports from russia. the impacts will be much larger than just the old metaphor that people might freeze or not freeze. bear in mind, and it's also all about the commodity natural gas for electricity
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generation german government is taking also administrative legal steps in preparing a gas supply. emergency situation is even talk about national i station, conference cation or russian property. we cannot, can't imagine, i would say the ultimate outcome. you can see how pressure is filled up against germany within the european union. it's not only from us from your brain or by the public opinion, it's really from within the european union. the real issue right now is, how will it be accomplished that germany resigns to the fact that it has to agree on imposed oil and gas embargo by the european union. it's not a very long time. i would say everybody was stuff and everybody's already suffering
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well, but despite those stark warnings over its energy reserves, berlin is seeking ways of completely stopping energy impulse from russia. so he's going to give a, give up on gas in 2 years. independence from coal can be achieved, the fastest buy autumn as far as oil is concerned, we intend to do that by the end of the year and gas by the summer of 2024. we are currently checking how to create the necessary conditions in order to speed up the process even more. germany currently imports 55 percent of its natural gas from russia, and berlin has acknowledged it will be difficult to rapidly remove russian energy sources from its supply chain. the u. s. and the u. announce to deal to boost liquified natural gas supplies. the euro by the end of the year on the bid wave after wave of sanctions against russia. so me, you members have been forced to reconsider the green agenda and rivets losing coal as they were to quote their alliance on rushing gas is see donald quarter with more
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across the european union painful losses for the green agenda. and frances recent presidential election, the greens didn't even get the 5 percent needed to reimburse campaigning costs. and in germany, a choice between harming vladimir putin and sticking to sacred green principles. spoiler alert, berlin chose the 1st one and decided to return to call so much for what world leaders were saying just a few months ago. countries are turning their back on coal. the end of coal is in sight. on the contrary, coal is returning with a vengeance. why the west is willing to go to any lengths to heart russia over its special operation in ukraine, even if it means playing dirty and replacing russia? natural gas, not with solar panels, not with windmills, but with dirty old coal. there is a temporary role for coal, which we had hoped would be out of the energy mixed by the end of this decade. but it will stay longer. we will need it until we find alternative sources until the
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time even the greenest government will not phase out coal, italy, romania, bulgaria grease, among others are all reviving their call industries, even the world's greenest utility company, or stead is now stock piling. coal, however much we hate it, we are very likely going to see a temporary increase in our coal use compared to the trajectory that we have been in for countries that can't extract enough coal at home, they're already ramping up imports from coal, extracting countries like the u. s. australia and indonesia, $27.00 countries said they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, 55 percent by 2030, and they're back in the coal mines. it looks like the use head is in the sand at the same time because brussels is telling everyone all as well. what we will do in the next couple of weeks is work towards what i call the re power you initiative. and as part of that, we want to accelerate the energy transition. the core of what i'm offering is a long term strategic relationship that starts with ellen. g then quickly moves also into renewables, especially hydrogen shipping, american, alan gee,
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across the atlantic to save the environment. really with the environmental harm caused by chilling shipping and re gas flying natural gas. these countries might as well just use coal. just ask the experts building even more l n g export terminals would lock in fossil fuel infrastructure and pollution for decades to come. so who wins out from the west? stubborn attempt at spiting moscow. the fossil fuel executives who progressives have hated for the past several decades. cold prices have jumped 10 fold and are likely to rise further as demand increases. how quickly principals are gone with the wind when the west doesn't get its way. now, over to the united states where prices have hits a for decade high, which is the highest figure among the advanced economies. the u. s. president has blamed the steep rise on his russian counterparts. produce invasion of your craters driven up gas prices and food prices all over the world. 70 percent of the increase
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in prices in march came from food price, or gasoline. while the white house blame skyrockets in inflation on quotes, putins price hike, inflation, the u. s. has actually been steadily rising for several months with gasoline costs accounting for roughly a half of that monthly increase. and the inflation rates itself is also for debate, independent data, hope true flacier, and suggest the real numbers a higher according to the company. the actual rates differs from the official statistics presented in march. by as much as 5 percent. the founder says the conflicting data is driven by the government's outdated calculation methods. the framework that the government is using is a 100 years old and they have continuously tried to evolve that versus taking a fresh approach in an age where we've got everything computerized. while investor and financial comments say to jim rogers says the accuracy of the official dates is
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always being questionable. i've been watching the government inflation numbers for many years and they've never been right. the government has incentive to understate them and they do understate them. anyone who go shopping knows that the inflation is much worse than the government says. so if government everywhere has an incentive to keep the inflation rate down so they have to pay less. it's not good for citizens. when governments don't care about citizens. i anyway, much of my life have known as the felt that governments print a lot of money. it leads to inflation, places started going up in the u. s. and in europe and other countries before any other changes in the last couple months, may be peace in ukraine tomorrow. we still are going to have inflation because staggering, staggering amounts of money have been printed. and now we're going to have to pay for it. what ukraine has broken records by becoming the 21st century most
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covered conflicts on 3 of america's top news networks. the coverage exceeded dots of was the u. s. military was directly involved in new spots. controversy on social media. i am genuinely shocked. ukraine received more media coverage than f canister in the months after $911.00 or our iraq invasion. the main war, the u. s. is waging 247300. 65 is the propaganda war. and that's the one area where they actually are, is exceptionally good, as they generally think they are. mainstream media is following democrats orders to horrify americans with russian aggression. the more the better to distract poor nation from gas and food prices. according to report, monetary american tv news in march, abc, cbs, and nbc devoted a total of 562 minutes and evening reports to the war and ukraine. that's more than
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coverage of nate. so as 2001 war enough gun is done. political commentator, steve gill, shared his thoughts on that i think why would it has to do with how zalinski has played the media, but they have been willing players in the, in picking aside. and it's really not just the crate russell work. i think you've seen a trend in american media in recent years where they literally pick aside they decide which team they're going to support. and then they share that, that team that they share their jersey colored with in america right now when you're driving down the street and you see the gas prices, almost changing hourly and going up when we get a report this week that our inflation levels are the highest and in decades and, and you've got the president by and tried to blame it all on on. i think the american people are seeing through the misinformation campaign from the, by the administration. but they're clearly using this to have somebody to blame in this case. rather than their own flawed and fail policies and now
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for a day that changed the world 61 years ago, a ground breaking event. so place you regarding went above and beyond, where no man or woman had been before the world celebrated the international de, if human space flights known in russia as cosmonaut next day. however, this year's celebrations of good garden slides have been overshadowed by the west upon to terms to cancel the 1st man in space. that's amid the political fallout over the ukraine conflicts last month. the us foundation changed the name of this have been from your is night to just a celebration of space. well, good garden answered the history boats becoming the 1st human to travel to space on board. the vast stock spacecraft honoring good gardens, legacy body and truth in stress that russia is currently the forefront of space exploration is also announced the restart of the countries luna program with a planned unmanned landing on the moon julie. this year we spoke to
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a former soviet diplomats, us, she met you regarding historic flights. andre villa says the western attempts to cancel that cause north achievement a shameful know as a boom. i yeah, but can yes, neighbor, he was at the end of november in 1961 half a year of the year, a good roommate, his space flight. i was summoned by the us ambassador to india and told that i was to work as a translator forgotten during his visit. that it was quite a surprise for me for me travelling in the same call with him of like sitting next to churchill stolen already though that meant sitting next to the greatest man on earth. at that moment we've been together till dawn for 10 days. what struck me maybe know that that time, but years later was the fact that he was a man who you need to be felt like trump. he would kinda need to talk to. he wasn't pretending it with his true nature. he's on the train, left me a school and with his self control, he had to speak on 40 or 45 meetings during the 10 days, a few minutes to be himself an open and absolutely calm person. you always knew
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what to say. let's just go from history to the present. after the beginning of the ukraine conflict, it emerged in the news that your guidance name had been removed from a u. s. event dedicated to the exploration of space was the fact to canceled the world's 1st cause. not as a diplomat how proper to think this is joseph, who would be a new story because rosa flu. the was not only the current russian government but also tools russian culture and russian and soviet scientific achievement isn't damaging and ridiculous trend. it's especially typical for the united states where it's taking some very amusing forms like an eagle teenager who's willing to home. his parents were seeing this in their attempt at the council, russian writers conference. it looks stupid. i've been thinking about that. you know, i've been watching the series called the crown telling the story of the british ro, family as well film the act is really good. one. it said let me puzzled. he was dedicated to the late prince for its interest. he was very fond of space. when i started watching that episode,
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i thought they would go and visit to london. we know that he was welcomed by the queen and they had been a huge crowd there. but the whole episode was dedicated only to the american astral and the moon landing. it didn't say a word about garden, and that looks very strange and even pathetic. while also things are looking at 6 30 am here in the russian capital one is peter scott, and i'll be back again with more at the top of the hour. thank you for watching. ah, ah ah
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ah needs to come to the russian state will never be tied up. i'm phoning most 19 davis. i was also a group in the city babel did. okay, so mine is gonna be the one else calls with will ban in the european union. the kremlin. yup. machines. the state aren't russia for date and r t spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band to on you to send me to school with
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ah, i mean ah, ah, i'm african retention. you're watching, going underground. the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look, despite nato nation and you censorship. but until then we'll be showing some of your favorite shows a for season, so far. as the us has committee olds a hearing on so called big oil to determine whether the country's largest companies are meeting climate commitments. this off to the i m. f. ones of serious global
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economic consequences following the russian invasion of ukraine. and as several nations tried to isolate russia from the world economy with russian oil exports under fire. well, joining me now from chicago as economists and political scientists, professor james robinson of global conflict studies at the university of chicago, harris school of public policy. thank you so much. you have professor robinson coming back on so away from obviously there was a bombing of yemen this week that the bombing of damascus this week. but there's only one story, obviously, as regards some. well, what's in your title of your um, chair, vest ship global conflict. it is ukraine, given now that it appears mosque who may be cutting off energy supplies or threatening to, why didn't they just try that? to avenge the 14000 killed in new hands can don't yet sco over the buster since since 2014 than a full scale invasion. and i think there were some people at the hoover institution
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saying, why didn't he try cia activities to destabilize the zelinski government? why send in armored personnel carriers in the military? and as we witnessed the pictures of, of death and destruction of civilians on all our tv screens. well i, you know, i don't think this is early about economics. i think it's about, you know, national project nationalist project in put in mind, you know, that he wants to reclaim about a year ago. he wrote a ranting, a several 1000 word essay about, you know, how there was no basis in history for an independent ukrainian states. and this was part of russia. and so, you know, so i think, i think that he's willing to tolerate the independence of bella as low as that. you know, they're happy to kind of tow the out totally up to him. but since, you know, the regime change in ukraine, you know, there's a much more independence,
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much more democratic pro western.


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