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ah, mm. a huge the refusal of a number of western countries from having normal cooperation has already hit millions of european provoking a real energy crisis. vladimir putin excuses the way stuff, revoking energy, chaos for its citizens. true to its refusal to trade with russia. also ad on the program today. german officials, warren reserves, will only last until the autumn if russian gauss supplies are cut on some e u members molar. returning to co, we debate they prospect sound rama vacations of the block, cut a itself off from russian. and you cannot run an economy like the european economy based on this faith based energy policy. because the government is shutting down
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the economy. what they do and very aggressive policy that is ideology driven around a 1000 ukrainian marines reportedly surrendered to russian lead forces in murray and pull out some members of p abs nationalist battalions tried to flee that bottle abroad. and the key for the party follows russian troops are facing suspected rob here. he's one such suspect he was found apparently sneaking nationalist position. she liked replied with neo nazi battalion with 247. use live from russia's capital city. this is archie i'm, you know, neil, let's get into the big mid week. plumber has warned, not russia can easily redirect its energy exports to countries that need them. the
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president out of that why western countries are suffering from rising prices and inflation. moscow has, quote, alternative options because there's no phone number to the refusal of a number of western countries from having normal cooperation, including russian energy resources, has already hit millions of europeans provoking a real energy crisis. this is also reflected in the us prices and inflation is rising everywhere that is unprecedented for these countries. of course, we also face problems, but we have alternative options and new opportunities are opening up for us. as for oil, gas and coal, we will be able to increase their consumption in the domestic market. you stimulate and d processing of raw materials, as well as increase the supply of resources to other regions of the world to where they are really needed. in the meanwhile, they had of germany,
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federal network agency which, overseas, the countries energy needs recently claimed that if russian gas supplies are cuts, germany's reserves will only last until the awesome we discussed the prospects of europe's future with our russian energy supplies. with a panel of guests economy's collapse, unemployment rises, supply chains is integrated and drops down to get empty. germany will not be able to make up for this in the short term. and therefore, the only way is to actually keep importing russian energy as should the government decide not to do that, then of course, the government is shutting down the economy. so you are imposing a tax on your society by moving from cheap gas to much more expensive gas. so this is a tax that all europeans will pay if this program the of the
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you and us concocting together will succeed. agenda is to destroy the dominic economy. to get inflation high and to increase the dependency on on the us, especially the, the potential for the us to black mayor, germany whenever they want. then they do everything right. what they do and very aggressive politics, that is identity driven and not good for the, for the german people, for the european people, you cannot run an economy like the europe and economy based on this faith based energy policy. you have to be grounded in reality. the united states has a limited capacity in terms of its l. n. g exports. there are fixed number of liquid faction facilities. the oil and gas industry will have to really up its production. after having been told
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for the past year of the biden administration, that they are public enemy number lines and they should have been treated with all for regulatory barriers that prevent them from increasing production. so i don't see how the industry will respond to an administration that has been so anti oil and anti gas and anti racking. they have not a clue how they will manage. this is just the way should be reality. now already shows that these are strategies to do not work, who are not thought crew. and it will come to time when the people realize and this time will be very, very shocked me. especially when the, when the energy supply doesn't re, doesn't last anymore. when they need to reach change the anti program and return to
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rush are and other suppliers to get the gothic. but despite the stark warnings over its energy reserves, berlin is still seeking ways off, completely stopping energy imports from at russia, seeing it is going to give up on gas into years. independence from coal can be achieved the fastest by autumn as far as oil is concerned, we intend to do that by the end of the year and gas. by the summer of 2024. we are currently checking how to create the necessary conditions in order to speed up the process even more. just some background here, germany currently in ports 55 percent of its natural gas formation. and berlin has acknowledged it will be difficult to rapidly remove fresh energy sources from its supply chain. while the u. s. on the recently announced their intention to boost liquefied natural gas supplies to europe by the end of the year, the mid wave after wave of sanctions on russia. so many members have been forced to
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reconsider their green agenda on referred to using cool a work to cut the reliance on energy from these years. our teeth dollar quarter across the european union painful losses for the green agenda and frances recent presidential election, the greens didn't even get the 5 percent needed to reimburse campaigning costs. and in germany, a choice between harming vladimir putin and sticking to sacred green principles. spoiler alert, berlin chose the 1st one and decided to return to call so much for what world leaders were saying just a few months ago. countries are turning their back on call. the end of coal is in sight. on the contrary, coal is returning with a vengeance. why the west is willing to go to any lengths to heart russia over its special operation in ukraine, even if it means playing dirty and replacing russia? natural gas, not with solar panels, not with wind mills, but with dirty old coal. there is a temporary role for coal,
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which we had hoped would be out of the energy mixed by the end of this decade. but it will stay longer. we will need it until we find alternative sources until the time even the greenest government will not phase out coal, italy, romania, bulgaria, greece, among others are all reviving their call industries, even the world's greenest utility company, or stead is now stockpiling coal. however much we hate it, we are very likely going to see a temporary increase in our coal use compared to the trajectory that we have been in for countries that can't extract enough call at home, they're already ramping up imports from coal, extracting countries like the u. s, australia and indonesia, 27 countries said they would reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 55 percent by 2030. and they're back in the coal mines. it looks like the use head is in the sand at the same time because brussels is telling everyone all as well. what we will do in the next couple of weeks is work towards what i call the re power you initiative.
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and as part of that, we want to accelerate the energy transition. the core of what i'm offering is a long term strategic relationship that starts with l. n. g. then quickly moves also into renewables, especially hydrogen shipping american, alan g across the atlantic to save the environment really with the environmental harm caused by chilling shipping and re gas defying natural gas. these countries might as well just use coal. just ask the experts building even more l n g export terminals would lock in fossil fuel infrastructure and pollution for decades to come. so who wins out from the west? stubborn attempt at spiting moscow. the fossil fuel executives who progressives have hated for the past several decades. cold prices are likely to rise further, as demand increases. oh, how quickly principals are gone with the wind when the west doesn't get its way. let's turn attention to the u. k. the new report suggests the energy crisis is pushing inflation up towards 9 percent,
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which would be the eyes figuring 40 years. coupled with a forecast dropping income, many u. k. households are expected to be pushed to the brink. we spoke with economist mum do solomon who believes that crippling sanctions. busy policy against moscow will hurt the west more than russia. they might try to get a use or in a mini imbalance election and, and guess if they do that they will be helping themselves far more learn how to think that they are like i'm a munition shirts all stepping ration. i'm gaz inbox they can do anything and if they do that, then inflicting the biggest damage on that economy. they are saying it's 20 this year. for more,
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there is no way now we're in the future that anybody or any producer, and guess a less election owned and guys, now russia experience almost 8000000 barrels of oil and refined by navy glass. huge amounts of jazz. this cannot be at a place that will allow or insert years from now. bottles for the dumbass city of mario will continue to rage more than a 1000 ukrainian marines are reported to have surrendered with the bulk of the fighting focus around a major steel punt. while some suspected members of the new nazi a's of battalion have apparently been trying to escape the battle grind her senior correspond. murat garcia can tell us more from the guard ukrainian forces
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surrounded and merry. you will have begun to crack almost every day, more surrender sometimes and ties squads and platoons. others shock off their uniforms and try to get out the skies the civilians. this is something that happens day and they out here in mary. opal civilians or apparent civilians emerge usually in ones or twos. from the unlikeliest places they emerge the claim to be civilians . but then their stories don't match. who they are. they seem, you know, very unlikely to the local fathers who, who are detained them, who arrest them. usually they are searched on the spot, sometimes stripped to check for bruises for bruises from rifle butts, as well as for bruises or mugs from heavy bullet proof vests. if you wear them for weeks on end, they leave marks. invariably, at least this always,
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this always happens. so they are taken away for questioning. and very often it is found that yes indeed, this was a fight of the russian side as least and least of those serve the nationalist battalion, such as as of battalion here is one such suspect. she was found apparently sneaking near nationalist positions. you're going to lose that found. she raised all manner of red flags, her behavior, her mannerisms, her clothes, her very speech, don't feel me, you lose you a fool. she told us very, very brave woman merging from the as of steel, industrial complex, which is under the nationalist. she is most likely fighters here tell us a sniper, the us off battalion, new nazi battalion. they use lot of women because women have a quality, generally speaking, of course, that it can be very patient. they can sit and watch through
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a school at the same intersection. for example, for many hours. this is something that you know, has been for a very long time. it only got worse, says she told her story. it was full of holds and inconsistencies. yes, i don't have any registration that can't be true. yes, it can. for 25 years. you haven't been registered anywhere. yes. that's right. here are all my documents. i'm telling you you're going to lose that phone. it's not worth filming me on. so if you need something, boys, just give me a car, please. where are you coming from the morgue or the school from them are. but you just said you were coming from the school. i said i was going to find my sister. don't you try to confuse me? you won't be able to confuse me. trust me, everything's fine. with my memory enough, red flags were raised to warrant detaining her. she was driven to a base for further questioning. there we met another man, his story, even more remarkable here with
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with during questioning a huge number of images were found on whom love simple last lawyer in missouri. there. great with a few gloria with the media because you say your wife downloaded it. my wife downloaded it, maybe it was spam or something. there are many,
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many more who have been detained. hundreds and hundreds of similar individuals. and every day, more a course as they attempt to escape and circumvent that, mary. you bull disguised the civilians. they are priority now is not the glory of ukraine, the 3rd reich of the area and race, but rather their own personal survival. more i'd guess the f r t from mario bull can know the story to bring you to a flamer potent house, dismiss the allegations of russian war crimes in boucher calling them fake trina media conference with his bell russian counterpart. because then you go to butcher . when i talk to my western colleagues about boucher, i asked them if they saw what happened in rocca, did they see how that syrian city was completely destroyed by american aircraft? and there really were a lot of corpses there decomposing for months. but nobody seemed to care about it
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and nobody recalled it, just like they don't recall the hundreds of peaceful civilians killed in afghanistan when a single strike would kill hundreds of people. but nobody talked about it, but they sure did talk about all the staged provocations and syria, like the imitation of chemical weapons use by the government. and later it turned out that it was all fake, just like boucher really why report and statement is the most recent reaction from moscow to the situation around the quinn and town of butcher and key of accusations that earlier russia's defense ministry already called at provocation. and a disturbing v do apparently showing dead bodies lying on the streets of butcher, but key of presented as the unique evidence to atrocities committed. they said by the russian army a fake. meanwhile, germany already says that the west is about to increase already imposed sanctions against russia, following boucher again. and the countries media seems to be in his terry over what
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they think happened there and voices calling on punishment for war crimes. they talking about russia, of course, total embargo on russia's energy and more weapons to ukraine, louder and louder every day, and all that before any independent investigation into what exactly happened. while it seems that all the conclusions have already been made and russia is already been punished right now, including economically, some peel talk about benito. fact checking and proper investigation. here is germany's foreign minister. we have massive indications of war crimes in the, in the courts will have to decide. but for, for us, it is central to secure all evidence in a while. so my already investigating and turkish outlet has just recently published the results of their research to reported the debunk. the new york times report, which has been widely used recently to push accusations of atrocities in butcher onto moscow. the thing is that new york times presented images from max our
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satellites, claiming it was taking between march 9th and 11th. but the investigators apparently proved that on these particular days, these particular satellites were covered in a different area. and they proved that using the sun called program, it is a special program that can clearly show that. and another image presented also by new york times. also showing dead bodies lying on this trees claimed to be taken on february 28th. but again, the investigators proved that it was taken much later on april, the 1st day after the mayor of butcher officially confirmed and his vizier message posted on social media that the russian army had already left the town. louis, louis, dear friends, the honored community of march 31st will become history for a city and the entire territorial community as the day of liberation from russia occupied by the armed forces of ukraine. so there are still more questions than
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answers and it is clear, it seems for everybody now that it should be investigated exactly. what happened in boucher was just on this senior research fellow with the global policy institute. think tank doctor george. the muley believes the west will control the investigation into the future. crimes in order to further accuse russia, all of these what stage scenes when body is being nicely laid out, a number of the dead bodies had white handkerchief. so therefore, it would be very strange for russians to execute. people well disposed towards them . no signs of decomposition on the bodies, no sign of any animal, you know, eating these bodies. we don't know anything about who these people, you know, what were the circumstances of that dead. but timeline, of course makes no sense. there's only so far evidence of the war, crimes committed by ukrainian forces west has always been wedded to the idea of war crimes. we don't commit war crimes, they these horrible russians,
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they commit war crime. well they should do. busy have an impartial investigation, which means that you would have to have investigators from all over the world. but of course, that's not what's going to happen. will be investigative from scotland yard from m i. c i a s b, i quote, crime scene unquote will be secured by the ukrainian or therapist and they will control the resignation george muley. meanwhile, kiev saves the leader of the country's largest opposition party. victor med via truck has been detained on the orders of president lensky. he was under heis arrest, but mothers to escape after the war began with his lawyer, claiming he had received death threats here swap the ukrainian leader had to say about the arrest. marzano also believe a senior, i think, is specially cynical of him to use military camouflage. he tried to disguise himself like such a soldier such a patriot was to keep mister mate. the truck was placed under house arrest last
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you're accused of treason. he denies the allegation claiming it was political repression. after the start of the current conflict, his party was among a number of opposition groups whose activities were suspended under martial law. president lensky has offered to exchange victor med troops for captured ukrainian soldiers. moscow has yet to comment on the proposal or at moving the program on russia and india have reiterated their strong cooperation on partnership. the country celebrates 75 years of diplomatic relations this wednesday. the anniversary though comes against the backdrop of increasing pressure from washington, which wants india to join us, led sanctions against moscow. new delhi, how so far, maintained a neutral stance on the conflict of ukraine. following a summit earlier this week, washington top diplomat called an india to council, it's imports of russian weapons and fossil fuel. we continue to urge all
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countries to avoid major new transactions for russian weapon systems, particularly in light of what russia is doing to ukraine. every country is differently situated, has different needs requirements. but we're looking to allies and partners not to increase their, their purchases of russian energy. and while many western brands have closed their stores and stop sales and rush in response to the countries actions in ukraine, indian retailers are and talks about filling the gap for major indian brands have already signed initial agreements more are expected to follow after russian, franchisee operators visit india next month. russian molds have been exploring the possibility of bringing in bronze from india, china, iran, and turkey. well, i'm delighted to welcome live. busy onto the program, no founder of retail consultancy firm beyond square feet,
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advisory social s don't gar, will. who is in mom, buy in the you're very welcome to the program. perhaps we could start with a little box run so, so have indian companies tried to open stories and rushing such quantities before or was it practically impossible due to the dominance of western brands? i don't think that was because of the veteran brand dominant. i think they didn't benefit more than happy to do business in india because in the market. quite george . and none of them was caught about going abroad. yes. the last decade or coax they didn't brand have no talking to them. the good news and coaching parts of europe and russia is though i would say expansion to anybody who wants to grow paid and what impact then, do you think the trade that's being talked about,
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these indian brands coming into russia getting a foothold on the market here what could have, in terms of impact on trade between russian india i think it will only sell it on the grid. and i think what is good as it is in gay, is one of the largest manufacturers of fashion and, and this jade will have more of this con, keys to trade in like more of my not. and will also create all should be for brand go sure, give their merchandise in that i should market new market as a new, very lucrative market is going to be a win win. the india come indian brands meet the needs of russian consumers instead of western brands. i think more than i am also wondering why not i think we become, we are comparatively, go to all as well as any of us. and they just come to what it comes to fashion. it
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comes to train. eigen wants to deliver income still, i think and didn't. brands are very newer, and most of them have a sustainable approach toward their products. what difficulties because there's always, some isn't there when you, when you try and expand into a large market, what difficulties do you think indian companies will face the main ones here in russia if they come in? i think one of the because this will be on the good because of the ambush and phases of a different tool. i think they may be a little pitch on though the foreign exchange or not because i'm not sure whether the government and the russian government have come to a conclusion of whether or not they can do in order to be all kind of mediate, re to know this created much easier in class on these 2 things. i don't see any
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challenges. i only feel how think of a difficult think currency it should be not reading because i'm sure what the government will come up with the win win creation very soon and will be easy. legally made passage coming. interesting. just in terms of that, because i'm sure this will interest western firms as well seeing how successful are other otherwise such a move would be do you think western firms are looking over their shoulders thinking, you know, i'm getting a little bit nervous that if this succeeds you know, other countries could be next. in fact, what is surprising when we started this whole thing, i didn't get a lot of messages and coming on with this bad problems from some of the western bank. and they didn't obviously, didn't like that and then ran out of wouldn't do any but i think somebody's lost
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somebody's game. so i think in bangs and the dealers are very optimistic, the growing the russian market, and we will be able to, which has been created not only by the western brand, but also brand, which probably are not existing. but i think make margin days the much company could do that anyway. yeah, it's a very interesting time. we watch the developments with much interest as i'm sure you do as well. thanks for your time today. we've been speaking to social, esther gar, will funder of indian retail consultancy firm beyond square feet. advisory, thank you so much. have a nice day. you too. ok, we are back going underground again in moments. join option and guest today. just after the shortest of breaks, i'll see you again at the top. this is our t ah
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ah, i'm absent attention, you're watching going underground, the team and i will be back soon with a brand new look, just white nato nation and the you censorship. but until then, we'll be showing some of your favorite shows a for season so far. as the u. s. has committee olds a hearing on so called big oil to determine whether the country's largest companies are meeting climate commitments. this after the i m f, ones of serious global economic consequences following the russian invasion of ukraine. and as several nations tried to isolate russia from the world economy, with russian oil exports under fire. well, joining me now from chicago's economist,
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political scientist, professor james robinson of global conflict studies at the university of chicago harris school of public policy. thank you so much. sure. have professor robinson coming back on so away from obviously there was a bombing of yemen this week that the bombing of damascus this week. but there's only one story, obviously, as regards some. well, what's in your title of your um chair, vest job global. gov, the it is ukraine given now that it appears mosque who may be cutting off energy supplies or threatening to why didn't they just try that to avenge the 14000 killed in lieu hands can don't yet go over the buster since since 2014 than a full scale invasion and i think there was some people in the hoover institution saying, why didn't he try cia activities to destabilize the zelinski government? why send in.


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