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ah, ah, with moscow's deadline for cave to withdraw its forces from their last stronghold invaluable passage as ukraine's president zalinski escalate. his rhetoric saying is ready to fight russia for another 10 years. you crave claimed to have destroyed these lines according to international treaties. you have thought you can see it had with another more mind. internationally, band land mines are found after ukrainian forces, a bed and part of a major factory and the embattled city of mario black, russian, and done by us. troops continue their advance view and one that the ukraine conflict could have a great impact on other countries around the world because of disruptions and
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crucial food supply chain, we discussed the issue with the anti poverty organization, oxfam monuments, to soviet soldiers who defeated nazi germany are effaced and dismantled in ukraine and other european countries, while the ukraine media glorifies hitler, collaborators as heroes. a one customer from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas . certainly glad to have you with us now joined to russian and danielle forces are approaching victory in the port city of mario pl. according to moscow's defense ministry. now the area has been almost completely devastated by the fighting a deadline given by moscow for the surrender of ukrainian fighters from the cities . steel factory has now passed. russian officials claim a cease fire regime was supposed to start on sunday morning to enable ukrainian
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forces to safely surrender. but they remain entrenched at b as of stall steel. platt without sufficient food and ammunition supplies, but reportedly still pushed by their commanders to stand their ground. ukraine's president zalinski said on sunday, the ukrainian military is ready to fight for 10 years. if moscow continues to force cave to give up territory, the steel plant remains the last stronghold of ukrainian nationalist forces in the battle for mario. internationally, band land mines were found at the as a stall factory after russian forces took partial control of the facility. ukrainian authorities had earlier claimed they disposed of these kinds of anti personnel minds from the soviet era. western countries have, meanwhile, accused russia of using such minds in ukraine, our correspondent, what god. we have examined the situation in a cleared part of the as of style. industrial complex is off all vehicles of the
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ukrainian military and nationalist battalions. his is one truck that was overturned and it's huge bluff the tunnel down into the basement. there. perhaps you can see on the ground tunnels and areas of the each factory, which is what this is. all these vehicles were evidently under cover under this, this metal roof. and as you can see, they were all destroyed underneath snake, a labyrinth of tunnels and rooms cumulatively tens of kilometers long. this is where ukrainian forces made their home while keeping civilians confined to the surface for the duration of the battle. thousands and thousands of credit nationally as willis, so to speak with you count level and room on the ground, his. and so just try it out with
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a civilian as russian forces approached the huge industrial area. this is, this is where they live in these huge get rooms funks, and they find everything, all of their belongings, ammunition weapons. he is a huge amount of bullets. for example, they left all of it in a hurry as they tried to link up with allied troops, nationalists in the as of steel complex. but this is one of the reasons why this battle is taking so long because so many of the nationalist stuff are deep on the ground for by story on the ground here and elsewhere. we found extensive stockpiles of weapons and ammunition, mung them, things that ukraine claimed it had destroyed. but the biggest thing that we found is the prevalence belief mom and t plus and l
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live ukraine had claimed years ago to have the shrewd it's was thought pulse. and the personal one here you haven't least was said of the lose a quick. why here, there are plenty more. mon, 90 ukraine claimed to have destroyed these lines according to international treaty. in his heart, as you can see, it had was for the kids and another more mind with the detonator, with the trip law over there. as well as the stakes to install and sold them into the ground to set them up a move in, in city. a goofy, there are many will creates here. yeah. and elsewhere at the elite factory. but
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this does do to show that you can seemingly bo appearances like when it claim to have destroyed its mine. anti personnel mines stockpiles aside for anti personnel mines. we also found a large number of weapons, ammunition and crates delivered from nato member states, javelin miss hall, tubes polish, and bulgaria at ammunition, british military uniforms and much more. not just weapons, but also vehicles here at this parking spot. we've found a dozen or so america, america. thank you. thank you joe button. he says for these i'm a vehicle some again as i say about a dozen of them just here some in the state of disrepair, others evidently disabled, perhaps cannibalized for 4th. nevertheless, these never left on the each factory industrial,
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though almost none of the previous occupants remain here. the ukrainian prisoners of war have been transported away. the civilians held hostage here could not wait to get away. after their ordeal, we found only one lonely survivor. there is another trophy, sees by russian forces here in murray. this is evidently a service dog, gradient service dog. formerly she was painted and flew. this is an identifying elephant with nationalism. she now serves the local fight. as from the nearest kirk. i shut the door. what is the situation here right now? it's come here almost clear with those that she may, i ask you, are there any nationalists here?
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no, they fled. they are fleeing as fast as they can liberal. so what is your purpose for now? clean up the factories. territory, we've seen a lot of abandoned military uniforms here, but what is it actually belongs to them? they've abandoned it. they've been abandoning their uniforms changing clothes and just fleeing those weapons, the wounded the bodies of their soldiers. they've abandoned everything. oh, this is the last page of the battle of mary hugo. the siege of the as of steel and ard works, industrial complex at the heart of the city where thousands of fanatical as off nationalists have fortified deep on the ground to wait for the inevitable assault. more i'd guys the of o t for mary you pull. sheylan continues in northern ukraine in the countries 2nd largest city hoc of where local authorities say a recent attack has killed at least 5 people and wounded 20 others. buildings in
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the city center, including in residential areas, have been destroyed. ukrainian officials say russia is responsible for the violence . moscow has not yet commented on the allegations amid the war in ukraine and the sanctions imposed against russia. the u. s. chief says global food and energy supplies, as well as financial systems, have been disrupted, and will inevitably lead to an increase in poverty and hunger in developing countries. beyond ukraine's borders. far out of the media's attention, the war has become a silent attack on the developing world. the crisis could plunge up to 1700000000 people, more than a 5th of the global population into poverty and hunger on a scale that has not been seen in decades. moscow has condemned the western sanctions as damaging crucial global supply chains. russia have traditionally been a substantial global food exporter and is also
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a major supplier of fertilizers used in for the production. ukraine and russia produced 30 percent of the world's wheat and barley, a 5th of the corn, and more than half of the sunflower oil exports have been critically obstructed by the war and western sanctions against russian banks, shipping companies, and airlines. there is a threat of a potential humanitarian crisis emerging in other regions that depend on the imports. we spoke to people in kenya, one country facing a shortage of some products, amid rising living costs. some say that they are already not able to afford 3 meals a day jamming him guy, jim we, we are living in a difficult moment here in kenya and everything is shooting up in price, getting daily bread or even meals for a day. as a miracle. there is a shortage of foods, especially for people like us who depend on hand to mouth where russia has been highly boosting the economy of ordination and wheat from there is used in making
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animal feeds may be. that is why all this is happening. then of course, so many of them up wheat floor as not affordable. and especially for us who live on the outskirts of the nairobi area. we don't have permanent jobs, and yet we must provide for our own families at home. politics and war and other places like ukraine has played a major setback in our suffering that i should a oh my god, if it's true, not every one is capable of having 3 meals per day. and as you can see in my shop, i don't have much stock, even sunflower oil and wheat flour are nowhere to be seen. things are getting worse on a daily basis. they met in my day the metal it affording 3 meals in a day. no, not yet. the little money i get can only sustain me for a day, then i look for another alternative, either visit a friend of mine, at least, to share a little, but failing that, i will sleep hungry. oh no, no. we heard from oxfam, regional humanitarian coordinator, francesco to go monty, about a potential food crisis. the recent crisis in ukrainian now as
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a compounding effect, there are crises all over the world. we should not forget that there is a very difficult food security situation in west africa. there is a difficult situation in yemen. any now the part in other parts of the ward. it is indeed true that the situation in, in the own of africa and east africa will generate quite difficult. i think there are like some action that can be taken and adopted by the government in the, in the region to make sure that they prioritize intervention to address the younger crisis. and the re, something that the international community can do as well. the, the region including like the effects of coal reed and the effects off the locust infestation. so those are the, the element that they, they, they were the prime cause for these, for these crises,
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the former soviet republic of mal dover has banned the st. george ribbon, a symbol of the soviet victory over nancy, germany in world war 2. the decision has sparked a wave of protest in the eastern european country. but the protesters shouted the word, shame calling out the national authorities for attempting to erase part of the country's history. demonstrators sang soviet songs held up soviet flags and st. george ribbons with some expressing support for russia, which has deeply held traditional plies with mold over. meanwhile, poland plans to dismantle 60 monuments dedicated to soviet soldiers. that's after a memorial to the soviet red army was toppled during a live stream last month. all monuments that have any ties with the soviet union i subjected to be destroyed in accordance with poland de communist nation law. now they fight against communist relics has also swept across ukraine since 2014
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hundreds of monuments dedicated to soviet soldiers have been demolished there trying to cut any ties to a common legacy with russia. ukrainians have been renaming streets named after soviet commanders and politicians as well. for some context and history. more than 26000000 soviet citizens died in world war 2. nearly half of them soldiers, soviet army liberated the territory of 10 europe, ian countries from nazi occupation, freeing more than 100000000 people in those areas. a serbian member of parliament, milos banjo, says that the purpose of erasing the past is to turn people against russia. and yes, does the cham unusual snow? tanya, the goal is simply in logical rules to direct the peoples of east in europe and the usaa against russia. to do this, you need to show that the russians at bad and how can russia be shown as bad if it made such a colossal contribution to their liberation from the nazis? it's necessary to cut out this part of the story and tell everyone that the
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russians occupies for many years. and neo nazi regime has been developing in ukraine. it is being imposed on all ukrainians. they simply do not want anything to do with russia. even a shed passed that they should be proud of. they took chris a phobia for the state ideology. people in ukraine have been under the propaganda of the media for a long time at school, and people simply cannot hair another point of view. because pro russia media abandon, ukraine can use like the slobbering. and while some western countries are striving to diminish the soviet union's role in the allied victory in world war 2, some supporters of adolf hitler are getting increasing support in ukraine. vogue magazines, list of histories most distinguished ukrainians now includes nazi collaborator, st. upon mendera, long idolized by far right extremists in the country. it's oh, wow. bendara rabid by ukrainian nationalists and despised by
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every one else, at least when they find out about his romance with adolf hitler. but there is legacy has long been toyed with on the far right fringes of ukraine society. but with the latest, i'll been post to support key of in whatever this nazi collaborates. hayes being normalized in the mainstream to it was pandora who managed to bring the activities of the organisation of the ukrainian nationalists to a new level in the early 19 thirty's. turning it from an underground opening zation into a liberation movement known in every country where there was a diaspora all the years in exile. he was the leader of the organisation of the ukrainian nationalists, which was reckoned within europe and an outstanding theorist of the national movement. and pandora publications, and public organizations spread the truth about ukraine ban. durham headed the most radical iteration of o u n. the organization of ukrainian nationalists there openly and officially
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fascist roots, maybe shamefully tucked away in media articles now, but back then bender and his followers proudly wore it on their sleeves. along with anti semitism. the jews of the soviet union are the most loyal supporters of the bolshevik regime and the vanguard of musk of imperialism in the ukraine. jews often referred to by racial slurs within o u. n. weren't the only targets of been dares, fascist discrimination doctrine. russians, poles, gypsies were to be exterminated to, according to one of them dares closest allies and another hero of 21st century ukraine. it is necessary to hurry up with the liquidation of poles to their full extinction. villages with silly polish populations are to be burned down in villages of mixed nationalities. only poles are to be wiped out jews, and gypsies, or to face the same treatment, full annihilation without remorse. it's vital to take care of doctors, pharmacists,
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chemists, nurses, and keep them under watch and field hospitals. when their work finishes, they must be murdered without announcement. hardly surprising adolph hitler chose bonder as his henchmen and chief in ukraine whose organisation is estimated to be responsible for some $100000.00 deaths and been there is bloodless, knew no limits. the organization of the ukrainian analysts, valleys, the lives of its members very highly. but we accept that our glorious idea requires not just a few, not hundreds, but millions to full victim in order to be implemented modern day ukraine has been repeatedly edge to stop glorifying these people who could have recently added a few pages to the rule book of iso al qaeda, but president zalinski thinks it's a cool thing. there are indisputable heroes, steppin band era as a hero for certain ukrainians. and this is a normal and cool thing. he was one of the defenders of ukraine's freedom. and of course there's plenty of ukrainians. horrified by been there as monuments springing
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up all across the country. it's just hard to tell how many ukrainians and since any sacrilege of these nazi idols could cost people their lives. injured protesters and to police officers and cars set on fire. tensions are high and sweden as protesters continued to take it to the streets, to decry an anti islam group known for burning currants after it was given permission by the authorities to stage demonstrations. mm hm. 3 demonstrators were injured during the latest clashes with police. over the past several days. protests have taken place in a number of swedish cities, where the far right movement had planned its events. the group wants to ban islam with its leader recently and saying that it was quote, time to burn the kron despite the violence. swedish authorities have refused to
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withdraw the permission for the group to hold its demonstrations. let's now take a look at how the latest events have unfolded. mm ah, with starting of the migration immigration crisis in 2015, i think we were really flooded by, by me, migrants and we have got criminal criminal justice as right. the reason there. and we see shootings and st in small speeds when you city cities, which were peaceful in earlier times. so sweden has changed a lot and yet it's not really surprised that the people are not happy. they have one of these bands of these gangs. then the cities, even with hand grenades,
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exploiting, sometimes the south in sweden didn't know 10 years ago and the escalation to some or something which yeah, can not suppress anyone. meanwhile, sweden and neighboring finland have raised concerns in russia as they consider applying for nato membership. moscow says northern european stability would be jeopardized should both of those nordic countries join the alliance. it's no secret that the territories of these states have long been claimed by nato, with large scale military exercises being held, that the motives of the alliance are clear. but it's unclear why are baltic region neighbors, finland, and sweden want to turn into a new frontier of confrontation between the nato block and russia. the negative consequences for peace and stability in northern europe are obvious. moscow has said that if sweden and finland join nato, russia would have to reinforce its presence in the baltic. c region by deploying nuclear weapons to its european ex, clave of colon grad to quote,
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restore the balance of power. russia has repeatedly argued that nato expansion threatens its national security. something highlighted during talks before the conflict in ukraine began, but was ignored or dismissed by western powers. author and blogger, thomas roper again, says nieto actions compel russia to react depends on these countries, on the, on the pressure of the u. s. can make on the governments then, not nature has already some weeks ago announced that they would be able to take these countries into not to within days if they just ask for it. well, russia sees the nato, let's not call it any day. but anyway, some kind of a competitor, whatever, as a risk for that security. so if especially sweden becomes a fiddle, it becomes a part of natal. this will have a right reaction on the, on the russian side with maybe new troops, new. they bought a 2 for linda or whatever. and also also, maybe of the russians will enforce the fleet in, in the baltic sea when you,
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when sweet joins natal. it's nothing good for the stability and their budget, which absolutely no russia has imposed an entry ben against a dozen high ranking british officials, citing a hostile stance from london. the list includes prime minister boris johnson, his predecessor mer theresa may, and the foreign and defense secretaries. moscow says london has engaged in an unbridled information and political campaign aimed at isolating russia and suffocating its economy. you. k has been an advocate of main advocate of international pressure on russia over the war in ukraine. london has imposed numerous sanctions against the russian economy and officials and has campaigned for the you to give up russian gas imports. it's also providing here with military aid, including anti tank and air defense systems. as the u. k. government openly support ukraine with sanctions and weapons. it's actually been revealed that some british nationals have been directly involved in the conflict eliezer,
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chiva weapons. it's prime minister in person just last week, and now the times has revealed. it's very own troops when it comes to the war, the u. k. is clearly offering ukraine far more than just emotional support. so british special forces have their boots family on the ground in ukraine, despite none other than boris johnson himself. previously warning, most remembers of the so called lads all me that they could be breaking british law by going over to join the wall. i can understand why people feel if they do, but we have laws in our country about international conflicts and how they must be conducted. but it seems the words of the pm once enough to tear those brits determined to fight. as russia has detained 2 british citizens, they were captured while trying to flee a steel factory, mary opal, where according to the russian defense ministry, some 400 foreign mercenaries have been fighting. hayden, ashton and sean pena were both detained. after joining the ukrainian army on sean pena, i'm a citizen of the u. k. r. i was captured in barrier full. i was fortunate of area
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code 456 weeks now, armand jeanette's, peoples republic. there's a j, a cooper, and we were in the factory merkel in early i was a tuesday morning. there was the saw did remove form form from the areas the factory. but we didn't know exactly where i put that for in the morning. we left the factory in vehicles, commerce, a fortune beginning the ukraine was good sword would men eventually? i see they don't make right decisions that would end war. they didn't want to negotiate with steps that could help. and the war, like peacefully, it was like 1st time sitting reality, they routed from like supermarkets, like, were civilians need food like survive after like in circle meant. so they would
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take quick food from supermarkets, or they would stop civilians from going out to get water. and it's not just the boots of most recent special forces that have been on the ground in ukraine. although not so much boots, but the polish shoes of the british prime minister, burst johnson himself stepped out onto the streets of his story. he f, as he strolled alongside president zalinski last week, becoming the most senior western leaders so far to step foot in the wall zone, bringing with him not just woods of support, but a pledge of yet more military aid. it was a visit designed to send out a clear message to the well that the u. k. is there to help? what one that ukrainian hoping that'll be exactly the case. his the wife of the countries detained opposition leader given that johnson apparently has zalinski. if she wants the british p, m to pressure the president, to swap the captured british mercenaries for her husband, victor at medford chak, was arrested by ukrainian security services. he played
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a key role in negotiations between ukraine, russia and the people's republics. have dynette can le ganske his wife claims the rest was completely against the law and was done to suppress dissenting voices in the country. then confirming as captain and hudson. i'm not sure of i of their position. the addition of a day of your grain is good of individual. i appeal to you how in exchange in my husband, horse england, then? but keith, a purchase for political reasons and south inches, asians for citizens of your country iden as him and some pina. hello, a family and friends, written item and song held me based on victor. prime minister johnson is staying tight lips, not a word about the british mercenaries is so far been spoken. although russia's foreign ministry spokeswoman claims the p. m. knows far more than he's letting on. boris johnson, who recently visited kiev,
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is certainly aware of the situation surrounding the u. k. nationals, he will respond soon, and les tress will tell you what the british were doing there. well, even aside from the most res britton's clearly been doing plenty, there already. 2 countries standing side by side in the fight against russia, but whose leading, who? ilia, cuba, i, former ukrainian parliament member and opposition politician who had to leave the country amid rising tensions earlier this year says that both britain and nato are pursuing their own goals in ukraine. locals, no 3, on least awards. there's growing demand and you pay society to evacuate. the capture. britton's johnson has been in a week position since everyone learned about how he was partying during the logged out. he has a lot of problems and he's trying to solve them by becoming directly involved in the conflict between ukraine and russia. for his johnson came to keith to solve his own problems and to support presidency lansky had of yet more crimes. the lansky will have to commit to so put the west long ago, chose
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a convenient strategy of war and stand off against russia using ukrainians hanser than their lives. that's why, since 2014 nato instructors have been actively working on the territory of my country, ukraine's the west to spend billions of dollars preparing the cranium military to kill and to die. great. or that does it for me, this our stay with us throughout the day as we have more news and commentary about the war in ukraine and also news from around the world. this is our to international ah ah, with
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move when i was sure seemed wrong when i just don't hold any world yet to save out. disdain becomes an advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds of horn, we choose to look so common ground. oh gosh, nobody will actually sit or she of, she slee with my lamb a sheet on there, broke the dis mozilla huddle share laura that the she was. she mia.


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