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ah, ah russians, defense ministry says it has opened another exit window for ukraine's remaining force is inside, but don't buy city of mario been offered a fresh chance to surrender peacefully. world with here is a foreign may javelin left by the ukranian army. we discovered these remains, this where can did not help them much, they left it and nothing will help them now. and that force is inside mario pulling seized more ukrainian weapons during the assault on the last stronghold of neo nazi as of troops with russia. foreign minister stays the country, have no choice, but to send troops to protect don't bounce off to the west, refused to respect the red lines that fine with stock, with the russians decided to predict the russians who i see them. so few creed
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and who war absolutely discriminated. plus the h l a, an american journalist on key of critique is reported to have gone missing inside ukraine. one of the country, the national leaders claims the reports in might have been captured and killed with thanks for joining us there, an aussie international. this is the latest news update. as fighting continues across, dumbass russian and don, yes, republic forces have announced another chance. the kids troops inside the city of mario po, to surrender, even calling the offer a humanitarian cardo. local sci fi has been implemented around the entire territory of the as of style. industrial plans in mario poll, which is the last stronghold of ukraine's troops in the city filled post to provide
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food and samantha could catch you any troops he wished to surrender, have been set up in the area by russia. the defense ministry says ukrainian prisoners of war will be treated in accordance with the geneva conventions. i saw the 1st time. moscow is open such an exit window. in mario pole. on sunday roches defense ministry offered members of ukraine nationalists battalions to lay down their weapons. but that proposal was ignored by the troops humanitarian car doors. it also previously been open for civilians who wanted to leave the embattled city. however, russia accused ukraine's forces of opening fire on some of the locals who were trying to flee. early on tuesday, russian led forces inside my real polo or some new assault against pro key as most of the remaining ukrainians in mario polo trying to hold their ground inside the vast territory of the as of sol, industrial plants. so exact numbers are known for they are reportedly in short supply of munition and food question. let forces say they've managed to see plenty
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of foreign and expensive weapons during their bonds world. what's in here is a foreign may javelin left by the ukranian army. we discovered these remains this work and did not help them much. they left it and nothing will help them. now. the ukrainians claim, they still have civilians inside the as of sal factory, but these allegations have been denied by the russian defense ministry across and key of negotiate to say the events in mario paul are complicating efforts to broker a cease fire with moscow. members of the russian lead force is inside marielle pulse they, they're making very cautious moves towards the enemy positions. it will do so as if still has a high density of buildings. so the distance at which we are fighting is 100 to 200 meters. we are moving slowly but confidently. a all of our units have identified enemy firing points and directed a strike. there. you can see the explosion right here.
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that is mar. darcy was near the front line in mario paul, early on tuesday when russian net force is launched in new offensive against keith's remaining troops. here on the periphery of the as of steel and nod works industrial compound. as you can hear, battle rages small arms, mostly as well as armored personnel carriers. but last few residential neighborhoods of all that stands between total encirclement ukrainian nationalists inside the industrial compound. as you can hear, the fussing is still ferocious. but from what we understand, nationally, ukrainian troops are running as of foods, out of water, as well as happy morale is said to be very low there because
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obviously they're running shouldn't supplies but also because they invariably a understand many of the this is the end that their commanders and those in here here which is ordering them not to surrender, that they're throwing their lots away. nevertheless, there are a cool radical fanatics among the nationalists in the as with steel compound. and they flip the, any sort of surrender, any sort of negotiation they want to keep floods in as they hope, until a diplomatic perhaps solution is reached by which they will be given a car door. as of mary, you had, did the ukraine, proper territories controlled by the gradient military even though that is at this point, incredibly unlikely. meanwhile, the us and its allies warranty trained to keep fighting until the last man standing
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according to rations defense minister his condemned western efforts to supply more weapons to keith. this is go, no, the russian army is carrying out the tasks set out by the commander in chief as part of the special military operation by consistently implementing the plans for the liberation of the don't ask. and lugens people's republics while taking measures to restore peaceful life. there, the russian military personnel taking part in the operation or displaying their courage and heroism in the line of duty, the u. s. and the western countries of controls are doing everything in their power to drag out our military operation. the increasing shipments of foreign weapons are a clear demonstration of their intentions to provoke the key of regime into fighting until the last ukrainian, the west to left russia no choice but to step in and protect people have done bath . the latest message from russia is firm and is to say, again, love roth. he gave an in depth interview to indian media when people who
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have been killing russian ethnic russians, citizens of ukraine in the east, 48 years. oh result, any tv representatives, the asian b, africa, mutilated american view. here it viewed the united states paying any attention to this, this is not for see that. so we can, you know, just ignore the victims of the damage. sure to the civilian infrastructure. but once again, i want, they want to emphasize very important. fink, this old crew started only when the russians decided to predict the russian scholars shooters and so few creed and who war absolutely discriminated . russia's foreign minister said gala froth gave a big interview to indian media,
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and he spoke a lot about the roots and causes of the current military conflict in ukraine. what's happening now, mr. oliver of sad is a direct result of us as desire. u. s. is will to dictate their rules to the rest of the world, including key of miss oliver, of all so sad that the aim of moscow's current military operation in ukraine is to liberate people's republics. often ask and logan's completely adding that the operation has just now entered a 2nd. very crucial phase. speaking about the events in the ukraine and town of boucher makia presented as war crimes committed by the russian army. and that to moscow sees as a complete fake mister lager of promise that's russia will find out the truth and had just to remind you, following boucher without any independent investigation. the west supported key of an imposed several packages of economic sanctions against russia. commenting on
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that missile, la grove said that russia is till strong enough. no. these have come to a very straightforward conclusion. weekend. no, to rely on oh list and colleagues in india, part of oh will life which has 30 juke significance. speaking about russia's relations with, ain't a mr. oliver sad that they are a long, strategic partnership has recently gone to a much higher level. this is what the minister had to say, but the internet is, oh, very, very old friends. and the recall though relationship long ago strategic partnership then wrote 20 years ago, the engine from said why, why don't every toilet, we're going to call it a privilege strategic workmanship. and sometime later they said not enough left school, especially at british strategic button. should this is,
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this is the unique description of any by withdrawal relations. oh, i see and coughing and fresh, and coming back to ukraine speaking about the long awaited piece. there are mr. oliver of sad that president zalinski is changing his mind too often. and that creates lots of problems, lots of obstacles for peace talks to remind you there were already several rounds of negotiations between keith and moscow. very tough, but very productive and even successful as both sides agreed until it all stopped at the end of march. and now hopes are that the 2 countries will be able to get back to the table soon. i to lay an american journalist who's been covering the conflict from inside ukraine has reportedly gone missing in the city of hawk of fella report is now fearful his life. st. gonzalo lira had been, has been out of contact since last friday, extremely troubling that gonzalo lira
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a u. s. citizen in ukraine has disappeared from social media. he was scheduled to interview me last friday about the lensky, s b, u kidnapping, and assassinating dissidence. and now i fear he has become its latest victim. gonzalo lira has indeed been disappeared by ukraine's s b u. he joins a long list of dissidence. leftists, human rights activists and local officials kidnapped, tortured and even assassinated by zelinski death squads and with key of open support. while, while of ukraine's nationalist leaders has posted a series of tweets in his private account, mockingly claiming that journalist might have been a dug, abducted, and killed by quote, some guy with the call sign chile and other post see shows a photo of near not si, fi because again, haine thing. they might be the ones behind the reporters disappearance, but even applauding the prospects of the journalists being dead. the radical ukrainian come on hasn't provided any evidence so, so the information cannot be immediately verified. gonzalez is 54 years old and has
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been living a new train for the past few years. he was in care when the conflict reps in february and then traveled to hong kong to cover the fighting that he has repeatedly criticized the ukrainian government and armed forces for the actions. at the end of march, he tweet it was he called the truth about zalinski regime. i think he might disappear as did other critics of kia, some of whom were later found dead. he's one of gonzalo near his latest interview before he went missing. nato never allowed grain to join formally, but informally they established training bases for western ukraine. trained all of the ukraine, military in nato tactics. nato communications methods. so very real the armed forces were makes up, but they also integrated these neo nazi hyper nationalist elements. not just him to the armed forces by the way, also into the government itself. and these new and not see extreme nationalist,
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extreme grain enact elements poison the well, also the ukranian state. you can probably anti russian and this expressed itself in the government itself. and also in its armed forces there is a constant shelley of be done by the reach of the break away public. republics. i've gone to nash and over the years, well about 16000 people were killed there needlessly. and it was really because of the aggression of the ukraine regime, which never wanted to negotiate with people on the brake republish and pushed forward this extreme radical ukrainian nationalism. chinese ministry of foreign affairs has confirmed to r t a that they've been informed about the loss of contact with the journalist and now in touch with relevant entities to get an update on his status and location.
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we've also requested comment from the u. s. department of state, since gonzalo lira holds a job citizenship so far, the americans are provided no response, but we will keep you posted like a sounds new prime minister who recently replaced the acid iran con, has called for cooperation with pakistan's neighbor and long time rival india we believe that peaceful in co operative ties between pakistan and india are imperative for the progress and socio economic uplift of our people. and for the region, this can be best achieved through meaningful engagement and peaceful resolution of all our standing disputes, including the core issue of jumbo and kashmir. the disputed region of kashmir has been a key point of contention between india and pakistan for the past 75 years. the countries have for several large scale conflicts will control of kashmir, sparking fears of a nuclear war as both countries have atomic weapons. however, just last week in the as prime minister congratulates the pakistani count on his
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election saying that india desires peace. unstable relations with its neighbour new delhi is for my boss to islam abide said. the decision making process in pakistan is still largely in the hands of the military bras. political changes make only a slight difference because in pakistan, when it, especially when it comes to relations with india, the army plays a substantial role in it. though active government generally goes by the advice of the military. so that is one continued factor, but if you can have prime ministers who choose to go on a different room, but they will have to be careful. and i have known the present a prime minister shabbat chevy for a really long time. he's already able, administrator, who was a very good chief minister. he's the brother of law. mister,
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no, i should if i don't own so he has visited india and met our last foreign minister doctor montmorency so. so i think that he will try and keep the relationship on no sort of balance we but in an argument analysis, relations with india is loose. not the elected government, but to the pakistani military, which has the predominance see in determining that relationship is going to have to show us. i challenge re, we're ties pakistani i marshall and security analysts. thank you very much for joining us on the program is good to see and do you really expect positive and peaceful cooperation between pakistan and india now not right away because yes they've been put start does horizontal not on the i think to the new prime minister suggesting a ways to good relationship in the future, but unfortunately,
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well the problems stay as they have always been for the last 7 decades between india and pakistan. and that doesn't take away from those kind of issues. for example, you mentioned the question that issue at the same time, shall, should, it may not be in 5 for too long, simply because the fractures, political environment in august is almost pressing and holding for an immediate election. right. might not be as immediate. it could be a few months down the line, but it seems that that could be perhaps the beginning of the starting off yet end of the a. i remember one thing that focus on the political consensus and looks at india from the, from the perspective of how the indians deal with focus on or a stick to the, their unit cedar solutions on kashmir because our support issue of august. and that is a quote issue for the cash meetings and, and the kind of a horrible crimes at the meeting with the media in cash made by the indians. so, so that's the point. and that's an area that we need to work on. but having said
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that, and i heard your previous commentator from india suggesting that the bible study military may have the final say all the principals say in terms of timing relations . well, that's not true any longer. simply because of the fact that we have in terms of focus on want to see to were generally a one. it is a consensus policy but consensus on all sides. number 2, it is the army chief and the army military and for delivery of the august, a job is gone ahead and suggested to all of political principles and country and across to india that it's time to let bygones be bygones one towards the more prosperous and progressive side of developing the relations on economic lines, especially once when you have a china bucks on economic got it or not. so cetera. water garbage, green connecting china with focus on and then on where to circle a show relationship, it goes on really. but there, and so not only is that not at all, there's also the stress or don't. so i think there's a lot that can happen,
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but it's to need really needs a change apart from india and you know, apart from this or none of them. so what would you say to those who might get a chance to win catch me? conflict is just that was that it is become unsolvable. it's not unsolvable, not by the standards of the unit see or the united nations as settled because that way we all go to and that are problem. and that is something that is still very relevant, relevant in terms of the of so many, i think about 30 our regular resolutions of the united nations security council. since $1947.00 and be a stick to those and be a stand by those. and similarly, and yet does, because in the, as a signatory, as much to those resolutions as it is to the united nations, as, as russia and all and all the other members of the b 5. so i would, i really mean to say is that we can not say that really the question it is a site may be willing to move on on other areas, but we continue to work on cash made. and that's the thing that focus on. he's like to see and then the profit and now from a prime minister in line con,
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he says he's ousting was orchestrated by the us. the new premier st policy reef has been code a pro western politician was strategy. do you think washington seems to be pushing in the region if any, the point is that yeah, united states has been an important part of the alliance, but focused on for a long number of years. not as is russia, as china, china, perhaps the strongest cornerstone off by the songs born on the sea. but that doesn't really mean that it is of the cost of the united states or russia or that market. and remember to sonny prime minister, i'm ron visited moscow the day that most who initiated or are going to shoot it operations and, and you grant order against you so so, so really we have gone on a limb. those spotters focused on his funds on, in trying to confirm and to, to, to message out to everyone that focus on doesn't belong to one. it has an open
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order, want to see it as a part of the policy which includes all inclusive foreign policy and focus on as opposed to member, especially as a has a nuclear ok, people nation through for peace and prosperity within the region. and in that, i think there sure, and john are very important role in terms of convincing india, especially try and look at things differently and try and work out and resolve problems as a store between us for a very long time. now, she's that challenge. we reside pakistani and marshall and security analysts. thank you very much for the ukrainian military, apparently deployed bond cluster, munitions was targeting a residential area inside the country last month. that's according to a new investigation by the new york times go sort of got a village in ha ha, coverage in with shell ukrainian troops where we taking the area. but the cluster munitions that landed next to mister doris ship goes house was not fired by russian forces. based on evidence reviewed by the new york times during
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a visit to the area. it is very likely to have been launched by the ukrainian troops who are trying to retake the area. interesting article, what more can you tell us? well, i have mixed feelings about it because i'm the one hand, it does admit that the contacts of the ukrainian military is less exemplary than the americans would like to believe. but it also presents information in such a way that i think is even more deceiving than the overall reporting on this crisis . because 1st of all, the article make and makes a claim that this is the 1st use of cluster munitions by this ukrainian army. even though i know for a fact, and you know, we've been reporting that all along that ukrainian forces in the dorm bass region at people. and they don't bass region have been on the, the garage of classroom munitions for many, many years. and that has been certified by a number of international organizations. and it also makes it claimed that article
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that the russian military repeatedly use is classroom munitions as well. despite the fact that the russian military denies its flatly and even amnesty international . for example, con, confirm. it's so it's a very, very interesting piece of reporting and i think it's very characteristic of the way western media have been approaching this campaign because they have an overwhelming narrative for political life that they won to instill in the minds of the years. but sometimes they let certain contradicting information to be printed in the small phrase. so, so that's, you know, some seem, or some doubt some suspicions could be voice, but not overwhelmingly, it's an interesting article though because like you say, it's not very often we see criticizing the ukrainian side. so why it's not even criticizing me. it's like it's sort of mentions the perhaps this may have happened
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above it accuses rush of doing that much greater exam despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever. they, even in that article day that linking to another article that supposedly laid out even though that in that article too, there is no evidence. and what's more interesting is that this article, i am fascinated by this because i covered the number of conflicts. i know a lot of war reporters from the west, from the east and that particular article, it was written by 2 guys. one is the couple bureau chief of the new york times who also happens to be a former marine infantrymen and another guy. he is a former navy explosive ordinance disposal officer. so, you know, all of us suddenly we have former american military covering events as journalists, even though there are lots and lots of professional reporters out there who would be well, i don't believe that they could be fully independent of the american political
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narrative. but at least they would not have been as invested in the military covering of the of the conflicts. as for my army men, i mean, even among the russian army, they are not among the russian press corps, they are not too many for military people. i have to say, although rack is not the 1st time that the mainstream media has criticized ukraine's version of of that. and so is it, i think, the reason why it's done, you are right, but we do get some, some smidgen of reporting of the other side of the story. but i think that is done with a very cynical reason to, you know, allow those news outlets to believe that they are being balanced even though they are not. because if you compare the amount of coverage, the amount of time, the amount of you know, newspaper space that they allow for various sides, you know, there is no discussion about balance whatsoever. but, you know, they allow them some small articles that voice,
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some suspicions that show that perhaps reality a little is a little bit more complicated and a little bit less homogenous. and they want to present this. and then, you know, they go on with the major narrative and so nothing really changes. in this respect, austria has passed the new law criminalizing the sharing of media from sanction sources which will be punishable by a fine of 50000 euro. the law does not name specific outlets, but r t is understood to be one of the band sources. according to the legal amendments . austrian media cannot show any foreign programs that are full and under use sanctions. video sharing platforms would also be breaking the law by providing access to restricted programs. in addition, even a contribution towards avoiding such sanctions and targeted minor is not considered illegal in austria. early i discuss this controversial law with for me. us senate a tolerate melissa height of hypocrisy,
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isn't it when they're talking about freedom of speech and democracy and wanting to spread democracy, but then stifling any kind of conversation or discussion by censoring and by criminalizing each western citizens will not appreciate being stifled and not appreciate their information being siphoned into only one western lens and not being allowed to have an international view. i'm particularly in europe where you share continent with russia. r t is very popular in european channels and it was popular here in the u. s. as well before the censorship, particularly on social media and with the younger generation of american citizens, there is an impatience with being you know, given one you have a situation rather than actual balanced recording. and journalism want to e. governments are imposing new waves, avante russian sanctions that some german business representatives have rallied
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against a proposed embargo on russian oil. cutting off supplies of russian fossil fuels is no easy task. the e u countries who import around 40 percent of their natural gas from russia. x, but say the supplies it would be most difficult to a place for germany. one of your biggest industrial manufacturers led and has a fall refused, and immediate shuts off. instead, proposing to phase out most russian employees by the end of 2024 leading german officials have stated that any rapid action would devastate the country's economy. an immediate gas embargo would endanger social peace in germany. a rapid gas embargo would lead to loss of production shut down further de industrialization in the long term loss of work positions in germany. the co director of the institute for the global security analysis say 0 simply not ready to cut itself off from russian feel supplies. when it comes to natural gas, we're talking about electricity. electricity is essential for industrialized
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processes. and here, there are no good opportunities for germany or any other european country for that matter. let's not forget that most of the natural gas that europe is buying today from russia is pipe gas and comes through pipelines. europe now want to transition to l. a. in g liquefied natural gas, and this is a much more expensive gas. so europe, as well as germany and all the other industrialized countries, are essentially talking about replacing cheap gas with a much more expensive gas. and that will mean attacks on the european industries, the industrialization and more inflation over the near term. europe will have to import russian gas, or whether they like it or not. i don't wanna do is always to commit economic
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suicide. but i don't think this is what europe wants to see. thanks for joining us . her naughty international web back at the top of out ah oh, nice to go. these are not rules mom and. busy i think it's made their mistake whole things, it's always pulling, there'll be no, there'll be. and despite those a waste space providing to grain, but no single american soldier cost the same thing with .


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