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a with a says key that has again rejected a safe zone at the besieged steel factory. admirable as to has reviewed, refused to release the billions and surrender, as, as fighting for the nationalist stronghold raiders on the report from the battle ground. a south florida nationalist to keep keep the pressure veteran italian journalist to angelo, the or c stands up against the western narrative and says, the u. s. is to blame for the war in ukraine. he shares his thoughts with us in a broad interview. technically, it's russia that in least the war might in my view, it's the net,
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it states that prompted russia to do that. it states the number of publications, including with nato expansion, the thought of throwing anyone overboard is simply unacceptable. china that president slammed the west sanctions policy against russia as bricks. countries prepared to introduce their own alternative to the western lead swift financial system, which has restricted russian access with a death sentence. that's how wiki leaks describes a london court decision to extradite whistleblower. julianna's honest with you, asking where you faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges, with some live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. let's start with the latest developments in the fight for the dumbass. fragments of a ukrainian missile said to be intercepted by a local air defense system down on the city of chuck george with at least one
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person reported till this is unverified footage, reportedly showing the destruction in the city where authorities say the child was killed. and for other people were wounded. now, the missile is believed to have been a touch k u, widely used by the cranium military non, to the main battle ground in the done yes. republic, russia says kiev has again refused to use the humanitarian corridor for ukrainian troops. at the besieged as of stalls feel factory and marble to safely release civilians and surrender. other calls to surrender have also been announced through loudspeaker. a jim with like one of publishing it, while 5 ukrainian soldiers have reportedly surrendered to daniel republic forces remaining fighters are still holding on to the sprawling territory of the
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industrial plant. their exact number is unknown, but they are reportedly in short supply of ammunition and food. russian led forces say that they have been making very cautious moves towards the enemy positions. but i got the reports from the battleground. a bag behind me with a moving close to the out of steel industrial with just bad news. buildings with infantry can only do so much against fortified positions. heavy alma is called in for the heavy lifting and the troops, chechen volunteers in this case, know where the weak points ah, right now these are the fibers,
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are covering the stag crew. they're receiving targeting directions from troops on the ground once once they have those, all fish died goes that do its job. once everything is agreed, the action begins. that is how in position has with have you listed with tornado. hey, b and d heavy vehicle has now taken its place. foreign nationalists to keep them to keep the pressure day in day out for weeks on end. fighting for every building, every floor,
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every room after the heavy vehicles finish up, the infantry moves in. digital de la la task is to follow the soldiers and provide cover for them. we are on the lookout for any enemy movement. every one knows exactly what they're doing. the as off nationalists in the industrial zone that the heart of the city are in, sorry, shape their short and food, water, ammunition, and morale. russia has repeatedly offered them a seat far and the chance to surrender the nationalists of refuse in some places ukrainian troops were found shot in the back by their own as they attempted to surrender. it is clear that despite their situation, as of nationalists mentality has not changed and the most fanatical of them are still very much in judge more i'd guess d a r t for marry you. both russian soldiers have managed to evacuate more than
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120 civilians through safe roots from the as of sol industrial area. so the army says, meanwhile kremlin spoke to person. dmitri pet. gov says russia has sent a new draft agreement to give to resolve the conflict and is now waiting for a response because of caution that he has so far been reluctant to work out the details of a potential arrangement with moscow. or he has heard from some of the civilians who managed to flee the dangerous vicinity of embattled as of salt. fact, alcorn, you find you here which does not have to dutch neither. we went down to get water. a sniper shot me in the leg. i didn't see who it was, you knew that it was in an area controlled by the ukrainian supply as does because the as av militants told us that anyone who goes on to the ration control territory would be shot debt. please let him lay quick. he didn't, a soldiers kicked us out a deck. we grabbed our passports and money. when we came back to our apartments, we saw our belongings,
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food. everything was stolen toward getting as of soldiers have taken everything. but i don't do shred. natasha back. i did not let us out as of the last shot at the legs of any one who tried to get out. prominent italian journalist angelo dorsey has suggested an alternative view of the ongoing conflict in ukraine breaking with western establishment media narrative. he says the u. s. is to blame for the war. he made his point on italian national television. but i did remedy sort of that, but we must remember that this war, besides, every thing that we're talking about is a war of the united states against europe. the u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russian europe and also china, a contributor to top italian media outlets. dorsey has over 40 years experience in journalism. his track record includes being a founder of several magazines with a focus on history. last year he ran for mayor of the italian city of tour and we
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spoke with dorsey and got his insight on many aspects of the conflict. ah, my made that agreement go each other little, technically it's russia that unleashed the war. but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it staged a number of provocations, including with nato expansion. the united states figured out that it's losing cloud as a global hagaman. so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction. it definitely doesn't want to put up with its new role amid a shift into paula centric world. in my view, zalinski is now the main obstacle to achieving piece. it's obvious that he's ready to sacrifice his country in his people in order to stain power. he's also hindering a diplomatic solution. if we want peace talks to succeed, then the compliance with immense can agreements should be the starting point. but zelinski as opposed to that the thought of it, i think that to day we're seeing 2 wars being fought simultaneously. one is being
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waged with arms bombs and missiles on the battlefield, whereas the other is unfolding in the media with newspapers, television, and the internet. and the latter one is no less serious. media outlets are being shut down and deploy to weaken arrival power. zalinski himself basically silenced the opposition. so it's not correct to say that the war and defense of zalinski equals a war in defense of democracy. i have never before seen must media acting as indecently as they do now. i'm struggling for the truth seeking to my own opinion without buying into the official version. great of if any. my daughter was in crimea during the referendum she worked. there is a photo journalist and sent me images showing people's joy about returning to russia. that the referendum embodied a national unity that it was considered liberation back then while covering the situation and the don bass, she managed to survive miracle asleep while her 30 year old colleague was killed in
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a mortar fire. she was very upset to see the violence that the authorities and key if used against the people of the don bass sanctions, never heard governments. in fact they heard the population and because of that they are moral. they are also inefficient. if their objective is to shift power in moscow. furthermore, the sanctions have already impacted european economies. the italian economy has already suffered and its going to get worse. only the united states will managed to get away with it. probably for now the you doesn't see that i'm surprised by how short sighted our politicians are. china's that leader shooting ping has warned against western moves to disrupt international unity. to e mail me. the trans countries around the world are like passengers aboard the same ship who share the same destiny piece for the ship to navigate the storm and sail towards a bright future. all the passengers must pull together. the thought of throwing
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anyone overboard is simply unacceptable. in this day and age, the international community has evolved so much that it has become a sophisticated and integrated apparatus. removing a single part could cause serious problems to its operations. when that happens, both the victims and the initiators of such an act stand to lose even in this world . unilateralism and, and excessive pursuit of self interests, are doomed to fail. the bricks, emerging economies of brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa are planning to hasten the introduction of their own financial systems to rival the western lead switch network. that's western powers have lashed out at moscow with sanctions, including cutting. some russian banks off from swift rushes. the finance minister says that the new system will help countries shift away from dollar dominance and create a buffer against shocks. in case of a global economic downturn, bricks,
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countries also planned to use their national currencies for import export operations and more closely integrate their bank card systems. the director of the geopolitical economy research group. rebecca hi says that the dollar dominated system has been hindering the world's economy. europeans in launching the euro was the 1st set of countries and in fact, it goes back a long way back when the dollars linked to gold was broken in $971.00. that was when the europeans began, a long journey to was monetary union who spoke was, was precisely to eliminate the dollar from their mutual payments. the euro, euro doesn't look in great shape right now. but that is just the way these things work out. so i think the russians, the chinese for the indians in many ways different countries are trying different ways in which to assert that independence from the dollar system, which has been extremely destructive. because the donor system rests on
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a sort of of a bed of financial ization, which is precisely what has been doing the 2 biggest economic, 2 biggest sorts of economic damage to the world. number one, increasing inequality just such an extent. that demand remains a problem in the world. and number 2, ensuring that the vast, that vast amounts of money, we just rushing around the financial system. i'm not invested productively, but are rather invested in speculation. and parasitical creation on the, on the incomes of a, of those who actually work for a living donor system has been deeply contradictory from the start. people just talk as though the dollars dominance was completely natural when they forget is that it has required. and as i said this, this, this, this, this a foundation of a financial ation which has been destructive china is increasingly providing
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alternative trade partnerships, alternative investment relationships, and alternative payment systems and other such infrastructure. and of course, the russians, the indians, it's, if i'm not, and you know, i'm just saying that china now provides a competing goal. so you can, you know, in a certain says, you can look at just look at the map of this, the americans and the european, you know, acolytes, i try doing what they're doing. that is putting sanctions in russia, et cetera. in order to scare the rest of the world into coming and becoming part of that system you know, into, into believing close to the west. in reality, the effect of these action is to actually not unite the world under the domination of the west, but actually to divide the world between a small part of the world, which is essentially the old imperial core of the world economy. which is centered around the decaying financial lives predatory speculative american economy. and on
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the other hand, the rest of the world which consist of the vast majority of the was countries and over helping majority of the was too late, which will be centered around a more dynamic china. and of course, in russia and china get closer together as seems to be the case then it will be a very off will do. busy because what china has, in terms of its labor force and cetera, and what russia has in terms of her resources and also was russia highly trained labor force? i think this is going to be the most dynamic dual ever seen not speaking to lecture moody or india. that's what british prime minister boss johnson's office has said regarding his to day visitor, india with russia expected to be at the top of the agenda. johnson's office insists he does not want to pressure new delhi over its close relations with moscow, but rather might still try to convince them to change their course. johnson has already arrived and is expected to discuss boosting economic, defense,
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security and technology cooperation between the u. k. and india he is to meet with business leaders in the western city of amid about and on thursday. then is going to go to new delhi for his summit with moody on friday. right now let's cross live to local reporter or cheat sheet to sing in india, r t. you're there on the ground. tell us what we can expect from the upcoming summit. well, i'm here in ama but am at about 50. i'm actually in, mahatma gandhi, stop by the show. i'm actually sitting in, mahatma god, bees room bad. he used to reach public while he was alive and this is during his freedom struggle against the british. and today it is for the 1st dying, united kingdom's prime minister has visited, mahatma gandhi's sub would be shims. that is a big fight any. yeah,
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that mark my god, be the man the father of india in the nation who fought against the british. it's for the 1st time a united kingdom prime minister was listing in this sasha, just a while ago. when we are expecting that dr. me still board is johnson. although he has said that he is not going to lecture grabbing this, not to be on your grade and russia. but we are expecting graham in is still in johnson to explore opportunities to explore the dream relationship. read india out, read drive in shelby, and perhaps especially in 2 major sectors which is defense and energy because there is a certain viewpoint in the u. s. and in the you need your country that india also needs to rally behind b. m. ok. countries as against russia,
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in the ongoing guy says, where ukraine, so we are expecting that premise bodies johnson is going to is going to not finish you guys. but he's going to explore opportunities where he can flush india in a different direction based from russia, with rich india actually enjoys a strict jewish partnership and saw creation. and how so far, being a new jersey has abstained from warping against russia in the united nations. we are also expecting them still bought is johnson do us? yes, you will reduce its dependence, although it does not really dependence on russia, but it has been full for operation on strategic partnership with russia.
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historically, i'm traditionally or a local reporter are teaching crews saying force their keeping across the situation to india. thanks for that right now. china and pakistan have announced that they are expanding their partnership as part of a new economic quarter in new pakistani nuclear power unit, powered by a chinese developed rector, has also started working this week. the new round of cooperation comes as pakistan's, newly appointed prime minister forms a coalition government pm. shabazz sharif has also hosted china's envoy to park is sanford talks in his arm about geo political analyst, hassan a slum shot and paris school of technology and business. professor benjamin child se close ties between the countries go beyond the current change of power. the new government, any government, when it comes on there are certain capital with chinese on definitely one of the buckets funding governments have reached out to in the past
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it's non subject to the genome. governments. it's beyond the governments. it's a strategic state to state relationship. so this was very much expected. and the 2nd thing bear in mind is that he's a part of a good relationship with be sure he's in the past before a even begin to follow up his algebra. and chemistry was an hour to $44.00 with 4 years, 5 years. and it was during that time also the chinese development relationship. who i see this as a relationship with the on any change. economically, the, the china pakistan economic corridor is all power. mel importers decoy is not just about connectivity, is about cooperation industrialization of your culture and tourism. it is estimated that decoy dog would create 2300000 jobs between 20152030. and
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he would add 2 to 2.5 percent h points to the pakistan. so any quote, the value of this project, it's worth about $62000000000.00 us dollars as of 2020 more than all the foreign direct investment in pakistan since 1970 ricky leeks founder join a sancha is now one step away from extradition to the u. s. as a london magistrate's court has ruled in favor of the move. it's now up to britain's home secretary to confirm the decision, which would see a sancha handed over to the us, where he faces up to 175 years in prison on espionage charges. wiki leeks editor in chief christian referencing says the latest ruling could essentially amount to a death sentence for such. 16 months ago this quarter, i answered, i didn't know songs would mean a risk to his life that it would be equal to that sentence. now his court has been
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ordered will issue that sentence. that is what happened here today. now curios alive is in the hands of pretty patel and gorgeous johnson. they need to do the right thing. you need to make sure they do the right thing. they have the power to stop the, to end this, to save a man's life and stop this attack on the freedom of press. julianna's arch has adamantly and repeatedly denied the allegations against him. the london court had earlier admitted that assange might face harsh treatment and american custody. we got reactions from political commentator of work, all my son, amarion, and the international journalist richard met hurst, who say, political motives underlie the decision to extradite the sash as fundamental principles of freedom of speech or compromise. this is very obviously a political, political trial. honestly, given a pretty but tells policies you know, i, i don't, i don't really hold out much hope for science because it's just last year where she
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was trying to make recommendations that journalists in the u. k. be imprisoned for up to 14 years for you know, publishing government secrets, things that embarrassed the government. so i don't really think she's much of a, of a friend of freedom of the press. again, i do hope she does the right thing because she, she, she has the power in her hands right now, as does more as johnson to take a stance for press freedoms to show that the u. k is not working at the past of the united states and, and to stop a, you know, a journalist being shipped off to face to centuries in jail and western are countries on the governments are moving gradually into authoritarianism. they are not going to condemn themselves by pardoning julian as fond or stopping the extradition of julian assigned. they're all in one team. julian assange wasn't biased towards any country. he published documents that condemn lots of governments, and it is only the united states that is trying nowadays to extradite the julian assigns to the united states and this will be
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a death sentence for him. and this will mean, in my opinion, the end of the so called freedom of press on freedom of opinion and expression that united states brags about and says that it is spreading this values around the world. so we cannot really tolerate this talk anymore that the nicer, the championing does freedoms around the world because it has killed it. it has killed it. witness case against an innocent. oh, i just days before the deciding vote, french incumbent manual micron has squared off against a challenger, marine le pen, and a national debate weighing in on the future of the you showing cost of living and of ukraine. conflict was that edition. i believe again, you were one of the 1st european politicians back in 2014 to recognize the outcome of the annexation of crimea. why did you do it? and i say this with great gravity tonight because for our country, this is bad news because you depend on russian power and you depend on mister putin, j. m, and your michael. a manual micron has access to all the information of the french
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intelligence services knows perfectly well that what he is saying is false. you know, he knows perfectly well that i am a woman who is absolutely and totally free and that i defend france because i am a patriot. and i have demonstrated it all my life in france and the french people always in all circumstances. it's more or less we can cross live to correspond charlotte davinsky who is in paris. charlotte, what were the main points expressed at the debate and kind of give us a taste of what to expect. well, it was less stormy than what we saw back in 2017, up in the pen kept her cool in this debate i while present mack on was the one that was on the attack, tearing into her on a various a number of subjects. i you heard there a bit about that bank loan that la pens party took back in 2015 from a russian bank. now president mack on accused of therefore being dependent on
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president putin saying that he was her banker, she hit back and said, look, you know, we could not get a loan here in france and we had to go elsewhere for that loan. it's a loan that we continue paying back and it has been scrutinized to make sure that it is proper and all above board. she then herself hit back at president mack on say, hey, it's you that's been cozying up to the russian leader over the last few years, inviting him to vast side to your summer home. down in the south of france. mac orn responded to that well, i was inviting a foreign leader and not my banker. now there were also bobs traded over the european union with mack on saying that he wants to see a more integrated block in the future. and what the pan wants to do is to have a friends it by stealth. she said, no, that's not the case. she says she wants to remain within the european union. however, it has to be reformed from inside. she said it needs to be massive overhaul. and
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they traded bob's over the cost of living and also plans by le pen to make it illegal for muslim women to where he jobs him in france. the president mack on said that would provoke a civil war. she said no, this is a uniform that's been imposed by islamists and in fact said it was president mack on who had deeply divided the nation over the past 5 years, particularly when he raised taxes that led to the yellow, vast chest that started back in 2018. now, a snap poll after the debate, which lasted several hours, suggested that 59 percent of those who watched will more convinced by mac corners performance. however, social media was a buzz off the woods with means showing. michael's quizzical looks as he listened to what le pen had to say, and there was one word that's being used to describe his demeanor during that
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debate. it is arrogant, something he has been accused of many times over the past 5 years. now. a few days before the election, 10 percent of the electorate said to still have not made up their mind. will that debate have made it up for them? it's not clear because nobody landed a knockout blow. however, the polls are suggesting that this is an election that mack on will when to get a 2nd turn the 1st time that any president will have done that in the last 20 years . and he is clearly aware at that with that debate, why one of the reasons why he went on the attack is because he's aware that this is his election to lose my daughter, charlotte pinsky, basically a case of he said, she said on a presidential candidate level but from that person, are you are watch, much international are we will be back with more news of stops ourselves.
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ah, ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy,
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even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with oh, was reason is munoz carlton, magna if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about about the high dose for i to preserve.


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