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tv   Documentary  RT  April 21, 2022 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. mm . ah, breaking news here on our t. vladimir putin halts the storming of the ass off stalls steel factory and the besieged port city of mario, pull the coastal industrial areas, the last stronghold of ukrainian forces in the city that says, the russian defense minister says the city of mario pole has been captured with the odds of style plant block and locals describe their experiences. their boost is not used to judge neither. we walked out to get water. a sniper shot me in the leg. i didn't see who it was, but it was in an area controlled by the ukrainians. dissolve, militants told us that anyone who goes on to the russian control territory would be shot dead veteran, italian journalist angelo dorothy stands up against the western narrative saying
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the u. s. is to blame for the war and new crate. he shares his thoughts with our t. technically, it's russia that at least the war, but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it states the number of publications, including with nato expansion, the thought of throwing anyone over board is simply unacceptable. china, as president slams western sanctions against russia as bricks, countries prepared to introduce their own alternative to the western lead swift financial system, which is restricted russian accent with it's noon here in russia's capital and you're watching our to international. i'm donald's quarter. welcome to the program. now we start the program with breaking news. the russian president vladimir putin has called off the assault on the as off stall, steel factory, and mario bull, the last stronghold in the city,
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urging to simply block the remaining ukranian nationalists. inside. he congratulated the russian defense minister with the capture of mario powell, the key don boss, black sea port city, particularly glue from which was huge. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone, inappropriate. i order you to cancel it. this is a time when we must think, we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the live and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through. once again, invite everyone who has not yet laid down their arms to do so. the russian side guarantees their lives. putting such an important center in the south as mary you pull under control is a success. congratulations. i'll to get more details on what exactly vladimir putin
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said. we're here with our team eager. donna, thanks for joining us in the studio. eager, so tell us a little bit more about the announcement will. absolutely. so essentially it came out of the blue vladimir putin meeting with the russian defense minister listening to the man describing how it is on the field. and indeed, it is a big development that the russian president and well commander in chief has decided to hold and to basically cancel. this is the wording that he's used to cancel the storming of the as of style or, well it's as of steel, really steel plant. so that was the final stronghold of the not just ukrainian forces, but ukrainian nationalists and the most despicable and notorious of them. this is where the found refuge in the catacombs underneath this plan. so just to give you an idea as to, it's not, it's not just your regular plant, it's not just just a complex of you know, warehouses as well, just facilities where they were, you know, producing steel. in fact, imagine a 9 story building,
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but going all the way down under ground. this is what as of steel underneath looks like it was turned into, into a citadel. and this is, this is why it was so good. this is why it was chosen by the nationalists as, as the shelter because it is extremely hard to, you know, eradicate and to clear everybody out to basically to capture the whole thing. because imagine it going all the way down like a 9 story building. and there would be passages and pathways where a whole truck could fit and there would be drive throughs all under ground. so it is not only is it extremely safe, but also it is of course, extremely difficult to storm because imagine going in, not knowing which where corridors go. and so that was the key motivation behind vitamin pollutants decision to save because he, of course, and everybody understands it. as of deal was to be stormed most likely casualties.
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well, basically there would be more, more dead russian soldiers going back home. so excuse me. so essentially, that was the reasoning behind the decision of vladimir putin. and so instead of this, instead of a force will way forceful way as the russian commander in chief made a different decision. of course, they have large stockpiles of food and water and everything. well, everything they need stored there under ground, but they're not limitless. and essentially, according to the russian president, now the steel plot is to be completely blocked and to be basically besieged. and so this is, this is an effective loop. i mean, this is a tactic that dream proven effective since the middle ages, you besiege a strong hold and eventually they run out of food. they run out of water and they come out and they have no other option, but either to starve to death or to come out and to lay down arms. so that was the decision that vladimir putin made, and of course, the russian army,
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they are providing plenty of opportunities for everybody who's in there who is hiding in this, in this plant, on the territory of the steel plant to come out and to essentially to lay down arms and to well, go into captivity and well which equal safety now. so essentially they are providing, we have been providing humanitarian, cory, those for days we've been holding off our fire with the russians have been holding off their fire again for days. so this is not something that will be subject to change, but again, what we'll remain is likely we'll see more bombardments and likely we'll see more artillery fire on this plot. but we'll of course have to see how it goes in reality . and what exactly did russia's defense minister reveal about the situation there? well, essentially, the russian defense minister has said that the key port city of mario pool is completely under control. except for this tiny island of, you know,
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resistance that still remains there, that they are ready to start. not if not rebuilding the city but bringing it back to life and bringing at least some signs of normality to this place. also, the russian defense minister has revealed that he won't be here more than a 1000 people close to 2000 people. close to 2000 ukrainian soldiers have already decided to lay down arms. and they have been captured by the russian side. and you also reveal the initial scale of resistance that the russian forces faced at this as of steel as of steel plant. according to the russian defense minister, more than 8000 people initially they were, they were defending the city, not just the city tell you the, the plant of cause and according to the russian defense minister, the, all these people, they basically the, they turned every single apartment block every single apartment complex into a firing position. and according to the russian defense minister, the,
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the ground floors, the ground floor, they were, they were occupied by artillery on the top floor. this is where the snipers and i will sometimes r p g units where we're located. usually nachos to dates neither. we went down to get water. a sniper shot me in the leg. i didn't see who it was you that it was in an area controlled by the ukrainians. because dissolve militants told us that anyone who goes on to the ration control territory would be shot dead. please let me click here, didn't the soldiers kicked us out today? we grabbed our passports and money. when we came back to our apartments, we saw our belongings, food, everything was stolen. a tory getting as of soldiers have taken everything. but i do do for now. she'll deborah. i did not let us out of the least shot at the legs of anyone who tried to get out or we've been reporting from the area for
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a while actually. so what can you tell us about what information we have there? well, absolutely, and well, you've just heard it from, from the horses mouth, from the people who are in mario who didn't have any where to go basically were held captive and the word held hostage by the ukranian nationalists used as human shields. so, so it wasn't, it wasn't easy and basically this is, you know, going off the back of what i just said, that they were turning every single apartment block, every single apartment building into a firing position. and so people, people, they were evicted from their houses. i mean more guys, the of our correspondent on the ground, he saw some of these apartments when basically doors, you know, bashed in and this is so, so those who lived there, those who used to live there, they were evicted down in the basements, and on the top floors, this is where the as of steel, as of steel fi, as are still fighters and the ukrainian nationalist, this is where the set up the firing positions. so right now it seems russia has
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opted for well, more or less humane, humane option if i may say so when it comes to the storming of this as of steel plant, not just for the russian soldiers, because obviously, well, now a lot of a lot of deaths have been avoided by this decision to, to not storm but rather just smoke out. all these nationalists are t segers down. and thanks a lot for bringing those details in studio. now to get even more details on this, we're gonna go live to dimitry bobbitt. she's a political analyst, thanks a lot for joining us on the program dimitry. so the 1st question i have is that there seems to be no let up in the classes at the as of stall plant for weeks already. so do you think this is the beginning perhaps of relative stability? well, i hope so. and let me remind our viewers, you know, the western media kept saying, oh, you know, mark, mario open will not fall,
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well, marketable molar. get for the federal trade mario and they read the president who was ousted from bo, legally, you know, bio and in 2014. so it wasn't them that they have their my goal in table, which meant basically distancing that he can eat or bring him down by some distance from here. and this isn't the kind of punishment that they what's wrong with you, you know, in the may 2000 and i'm just occupied my again, violently, keenan, several people in big tim walker militia and the cd hadn't been occupied for 8 years. so what we see now is just probably the engine was huge.
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continue for at least 8 years. in fact, more well, do you think russia expects as off to surrender? well, these people could meet at so many grams and they took themselves into believing the rockies. so that some of them may prefer sacrifice their lives not to surrender. this is very, very sad. it was actually a game to explain to us. there are no be ethnic differences between your weight or speak russian and russian understand ukrainian. it's there, it's very close when the russian, so there are no ethnic difference. there are no historical hatreds. there is just a very, very violent radical idea all legit which is supported by the west and which you may call ukrainian nationalism ottaway. there's also
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a light to more than the burden will call much hatred. you have between various actions of society in the west. in many ways, this is the same hatred here. these are people orient was and people are critical. the less, sometimes they teach each other more than very, very different groups. what, what do you think will happen in the rest of variable? do you think there's going to be a restoration of peaceful life as has been talked about, or do you think that's just wishful thinking at this stage? well, it will depend on what happens. all the brain, what kind of solution will be found in the near future? will there be negotiations? and what kind of patient they will be? will ration the warfield from the sprang with rush and go from the stand. the will be the rational will get the right if not to make don barza, then at least it will get the right to help you to help build it self and to
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make it an area which for the mainland brush. grania lucas, the mare without mario crimea, is trying to isolate russia by the sea or reaction. do you expect from ukraine on the west of repeating announcement that russia will hold its assault? well, as far as i understand the decision storm, the other plan is due to the desire for spare the lives are also yours. and we'll see if there are some students there, which is, you know, in big doubt. but in general, i wouldn't call it a stop, which i will call it just a more humane and more soft approach to ended this battle. if the west door, some pretty good from that, what could the claims buy key of that there are still civilians inside the plan to
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influence the west reaction. do you think? well the idea of you know, why knowing the government they like all the time. you know, they need they look like professional their, their president is a professional. so tomorrow they me say, oh, we really thought there was a look how you lansky, you know, the present changes. they can credit tomorrow. i'm ready. i'm going to tomorrow. so i won't, i won't read too much into one of the less will interpreted it's all the holes that can be said for sure. dimitry, bob, it's political analysts, thanks a lot for joining us on the program. i was staying with mario, but dozens of dead bodies have been found within the vicinity of a public hospital. fresh and federal. investigators have opened
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a criminal case on the suspicion that ukrainian forces are guilty of war crimes. there, a warning you may find these images disturbing. this video is provided by russia's investigative committee. it shows the destruction of the mario pl hospital allegedly shelled by ukrainian forces, according to russian and done yet, people's republic authorities. they say $26.00 dead bodies were found. now elsewhere in the done yes, people's republic fragments of a ukrainian missile intercepted by a local air defense system, rain down on the city of shock shorts with at least one person reported killed. the san verified footage reportedly shows the destruction in the city where authorities say a child was killed and for other people were wounded. the missile is believed to have been atoka you missile widely used by the ukrainian military in other news, prominent italian journalist angelo dorsey has suggested an alternative view of the
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ongoing conflict in ukraine breaking with the western establishment media narrative . he says the u. s. is to blame for the war. he made this point on italian national television. but i did a remedy sort of that, but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we're talking about is a war of the united states against europe. the e. u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russian europe and also china, a contributor to top italian media outlets. dorsey has over 40 years experience in journalism. his track record includes being a founder of several magazines with a focus on history. last year he ran for mayor of the italian city of turin, and we spoke with dorsey and got his insight on many aspects of the conflict. ah, my mic like whenever come each other little, technically it's russia that unleashed the war. but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it states
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a number of provocations, including with nato expansion. the united states figured out that it's losing cloud as a global hagaman. so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction. it definitely doesn't want to put up with it's new role. amid a shift into paula centric world, in my view, zalinski is now the main obstacle to achieving piece. it's obvious that he's ready to sacrifice his country in his people in order to stain power. he's also hindering a diplomatic solution. if we want peace talks to succeed, then the compliance with immense can agreements should be the starting point. but zelinski as opposed to that the sort of, i think that today we're seeing 2 wars being fought simultaneously. one is being waged with arms bombs and missiles on the battlefield. where's the other is unfolding in the media with newspapers, television, and the internet. and the latter one is no less serious. media outlets are being shut down and employ to weaken arrival power. zelinski himself basically silenced
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he opposition. so it's not correct to say that the war and defense of zalinski equals a war in defense of democracy. i have never before seen must media acting as indecently as they do now. i'm struggling for the truth. second, to my own opinion, without buying into the official version. we don't have a my daughter was in crimea during the referendum. she worked. there is a photo journalist and sent me images showing people's joy about returning to russia that the referendum, embodied in national unity that it was considered liberation back then, while covering the situation and the don bass, she managed to survive miracle asleep while her 30 year old colleague was killed in a mortar fire, she was very upset to see the violence that the authorities and key if used against the people of the don bass sanctions never heard governments. in fact they heard the population and because of that they are moral.
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they are also inefficient if their objective is to shift power and moscow. furthermore, the sanctions have already impacted european economies. the italian economy has already suffered and is going to get worse. only the united states will manage to get away with it. probably for now the you doesn't see that i'm surprised by how short sighted our politicians are. china's liter shing ping has warned against western moves to disrupt international unity. to e mail me, the contract is for ship to navigate a storm and sale towards a bright future. all the passengers must pull together. the thought of throwing anyone overboard is simply unacceptable. when that happens, both the victims and the initiators of such an act stand to lose in this world, unilateralism and in excessive pursuit of self interest are doomed to fail. you can get the bricks, emerging economies, brazil, russia, india, china, and south africa are planning to hasten the introduction of their own financial
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system to rival the western lead. swift network. that's western powers. have leash lashed out at moscow with sanctions, including cutting. some russian banks off from swift rushes finance minister says the new system will help countries shift away from dollar dominance and create a buffer against shocks. in case of a global economic downturn, bricks countries also planned to use their national currencies for import export operations and more closely integrate their bank card systems. the director of the geopolitical economy research group says the dollar dominated system has been hindering the world's economy. europeans in launching the euro were the 1st set of countries, and in fact, it goes back a long way back when the dollars link to go was broken in 1971. that was when the europeans began, a long journey to was monetary union who spoke was, was precisely to eliminate the dollar from their mutual payments. the euro, euro doesn't look in great shape right now. but that is just the way these things
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work out. so i think the russians, the chinese, for the indians in many ways different countries are trying different ways in which to assert that independence from the dollar system, which has been extremely destructive. because the donor system rests on a sort of, of a band of financial ization, which is precisely what has been doing the 2 biggest economic, 2 biggest sorts of economic damage to the world. number one, increasing inequality to such an extent that demand remains a problem in the world. and number 2, ensuring that the vast, that vast amounts of money, we just rushing around the financial system. i'm not invested productively, but are rather invested in speculation. and parasitical creation on the, on the incomes of a, of those who actually work for a living donor system has been deeply contradictory from the start. people just
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talked as though the dollars dominance was completely natural when they forget is that it has required. and as i said this, this, this, this, this foundation of a financial ation which has been destructive china, is increasingly providing alternative trade partnerships, alternative investment relationships and alternative payment systems and other such infrastructure. and of course, the russians, the indians, it's, if i'm not, you know, i'm just saying that china now provides a competing goal. so you can, you know, in a certain, since you can look at and look at the math of this, the americans and european, you know, acolytes, i try doing what they're doing. that is putting sanctions in russia, et cetera. in order to scare the rest of the world into coming and becoming part of that system you know, into, into cleaving close to the west. in reality,
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the effect of these action is to actually not unite the world under the domination of the west, but actually to divide the world between a small part of the world, which is essentially the old imperial core of the world economy. which is centered around the decaying financial ais, predatory speculative american economy. and on the other hand, the rest of the world which consists of the vast majority of the was countries and over helping majority of the was too late, which will be centered around a more dynamic china. and of course, in russia and china get closer together as seems to be the case, then it may be a very off will do. busy because what china has, in terms of its labor force, etc. and what russia has in terms of her resources, and also was russia highly trained labor force. i think this is going to be the most dynamic dual ever seen the. now a recap of our breaking news story before we go. russia president vladimir putin
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has halted the assault on the ass, off stalls, feel factory and mariel the last ukranian stronghold in the city and is now calling to blockade. the remaining ukrainian nationalists inside food and has insisted it is essential to preserve the lives of russian soldiers. and the russian presidents announcement also came in response to the russian defense ministers statements that all of mary opal except for the steel plant had been captured. particularly blue which was huge. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone in appropriate i order you to cancel it. this is a time when we must think, we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the live and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block of this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through. once again, invite everyone who has not yet laid down their arms to do so. the russian side
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guarantees their lives. putting such an important center in the south as mary you pull under control is a success. congratulations. bedrooms in nurses with russian and donetta republic forces have liberated mary you paul. the remaining nationalist forces are sheltered in the is austell plant. when it was the 11th of march, the number of ukrainian troops nationalists and foreign mercenaries was around 8100 people. during the liberation more than 4000 were killed. 1478 captured the others more than 2000 are blocked in his austell. nationalists turned almost all the residential buildings into permanent firing positions. in the lower stages, there were armored vehicles in artillery in the upper snipers and anti tank missiles in the middle and in the basement there were civilians, as human shields and retreating, ukrainian, and nationalist forces were hiding behind civilians. as of now the whole, mary,
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you, paul, is under russian and donetta republic control. nationalists and mercenaries in his office still are blocked firmly. no one has anything. thanks for watching our to international stick around for more news and just about 30 minutes. ah . a to see how this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail when so many find themselves, well, the part we choose to look for common ground a
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was recently is media was kind of thing. like if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a don't put your human symbol is on display a guy. so you guys don't talk to strangers. i. 7 avoid noisy gatherings, a your friends think you're guilty because you'll rush a glad to with being
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a minute. so i'm sure you've specific story with me. ah, november the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9 select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right, because the u. s. s. all was devastated by well. it either states last about $400000.00 people at the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviet suffer 27000000 deaths. what is 7000000 is an incredible
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company. john kennedy, case american universe, a commencement address. if i 263, he said that was the soviet suffered of world war 2, was the equivalent of the entire united states. east of chicago. have you been destroyed? mm hm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time, it devolved into pincher bush, mega crankshaft, half moon, cold wheel, off tackle. and sherry idea, december 19th, 1949 saw the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviets operation. dropshot, date of attack. january the 1st 1957 mm .


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