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ah ah lagoon. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone impractical. i order you to cancel it. platinum opposing calls off the assault on the envelope stone factory in mario paul warning. it would lead to casualties among russian troops while the remaining ukrainian forces inside the fortified songs are expected to run out of supplies and surrender passes, rushes defense minister says the civilian areas of mario paul have been fully cleared. if logical troops and residents can non stop going back to normal life, we heard from some of the locals. he's managed to flee the fighting around the as of style factory roofs. there's nothing to do. we walked out to get water. a sniper
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shot me in the leg, i didn't see who it was, but it wasn't an area controlled by the ukrainians. with the as of militants told us that anyone goes on to the russian control territory. the showed that i made a overwhelmingly anti russian coverage of the boy in western media. that's where an italian journalist defies the mainstream narrative and say, the us is actually to blame for provoking the conflict. it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it staged a number of provocations, including with nato expansion, the united states figured out that it's losing cloud as a global hedge or more. so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction with welcome. this is all the international with the latest world news headlines. it's good to happy with us. i've had my parents and has cancelled the storming of the long stronghold of ukrainian forces inside the dumbass city of mario paul in order
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to avoid more casualties. the other style factory will now be blocked off by russian troops as they wait for the remaining radicals inside to run out to supplies and turn themselves particularly blue from ocean. huge to i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone in practical. i order you to cancel it. this is a time when we must think we must always think, but even more. so in this case, about preserving the live and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through. once again, invite everyone who has not yet laid down their arms to do so. the russian side guarantees their lives. putting such an important center in the south as mary you pull under control is a success. congratulations. as of style or as of steel,
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as it can be translated into english was the final and is, remains the final stronghold of all the ukrainian, you know, forces troops, nationalists that remain in the key port, city of mario. but it's been days since the russian forces under, well, the forces of the dynette can look guns. people's republics have been methodically and meticulously kind of clearing out this, this particular area. but the key thing to understand about what as of salary as a feel is, it's not just your regular factory. imagine a 9 story building, but going all the way under ground. so these are the catacombs, the 2 storm a, a while a strong hold like this would mean would mean casualties and quite likely, basically the amount of troops you'd need to just surround and besiege this plant, which is what the brushing president has ordered to do is probably roughly equal to the amount of men that russia would have lost if it was to go unto well,
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to go for an up front attack and for an up front storming. so this was, this was the decision that vladimir put made basically a very good old world. medieval, i could say tactic that has been, has proven effective all the way from the dock times. you besieged people, you cut them off from, you know, supply chains, and eventually they run out of food. they run out of water and they have no other choice but to come out. but russia has insisted that it will create and continued to create opportunities for them. to lay down arms and, you know, join almost 2000 of their brothers in arms who have already chosen to lay down arms and become prisoners of war. the defense minister surgery shot ashore go. he has essentially laid out the situation what it is like and mar, you pull, and basically what the russian army faced in the city nurses with russian and in ask republic forces have liberated maria, pull the remaining national forces, are sheltered in the as of salt land as on the 11th of march, the number of ukraine in troops nationalists and for mercenaries was around 8100
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people during the liberation more than 4000 were killed. 1478 captured the others more than a 2000 are blocked in as of style nationalists turned almost all the residential buildings into permanent fire and positions. in the lower stages. there were armored vehicles in artillery in the upper stivers and anti tank missiles in the middle, and in the basements, there were civilians, as human shields and retreating, ukrainian and nationalists forces were hiding behind civilians. as of now the whole, maria po, is now under russian. and don't ask republic control. nationalists and mercenaries in austin are blocked firmly. from the 1st glance, the city of mario to looks like a ghost town, essentially because almost all buildings have been well damaged in the course of war. because essentially we as, as we've been reporting from the city. and as we've been hearing from the locals, who were evicted from the apartments and whose apartments were turned into, you know, firing positions by nationalists who usually nachos today. tonight we walked out to
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get water. a sniper shot me in the leg. i didn't see who it was, but it wasn't an area controlled by the ukrainian because i didn't, the as of military told us that anyone goes on to the russian control territory. the shall dead. the soldiers kicked us out. we grabbed our passports and money. when we came back to our apartments were sore belongings, food, everything was stir. then as of soldiers have taken everything and they did not let us out. they show at the legs of anyone who tried to get our act. well, essentially there are concerns that there may be civilians hiding in the eyes of steel plant or in the catacombs as well, according to the russian defense ministry. those are the relatives of the fighters who are, who remain there. and again, according to the russian defense ministry, every opportunity will be provided for everyone willing to lay down arms and willing to come out safely. every opportunity will be provided for them. following the briefing at the kremlin presidential spokesman to meet you pascal stress that
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rush is operation, and don bass will push on. despite the counsel assault in mario pl music director for those are the special military operation continues. according to plan mario paul, which had turned into a concentration of ukrainian nationalist formations, has been liberated today. the minister of defense reported that it's now possible to start going back to a peaceful life, including the return of the civilian population. as for the as if still factory, it is a separate facility inside which the remaining ukranian nationalists are completely blocked off. we're now joined by a down catholic human and labor rights lawyer. thank you for joining us on the program is good to see. now donna thought of development to you expect to see in mario poll now that russia says the city has been liberated while the remaining radicals inside the asset stall factory are no longer a threat. well, what i hope to see, and i am expecting to see is a return of civilians or to that city, hopefully some restoration of some normal life. and hopefully
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a reconstruction can begin in that city and other places again, so that people's lives can move forward. how much longer do you think the n ukrainian nationalists inside the factory can hold out and what they really just come out in surrender? do you think? well, that's a good question. i think they're going to run out of food and supplies, and that's going to force them out how long they can hold out for, you know, i really can't say, but i think it's probably a matter of days. what sorts of reaction do you expect from ukrainian and western officials to russians decision to hold its assault on the factory? well, i mean, i don't think russia can ever expect anything positive to be said about them from the west. but i think that, you know, people are going to have to acknowledge that this was an act of restraint on the
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part of russia that they obviously have some concern for the civilians are within that a building and even concern for the soldiers, even if they're, you know as all soldiers in that building, you know, obviously that has to be acknowledged that they are taking a, you know, some measures to protect you know, life and which is a good thing. you know, whether the west will acknowledge that i tend to doubt it, but i, you know, i think that should be acknowledged. yeah. when it comes to as civilians, that key as it's claiming that hundreds of civilians are inside the factory, russia hasn't confirmed this. i know what's your take? well, i don't know for sure, but we've been told this for a while that there civilians inside a, you know, either there to take shelter from the war or there, you know, being held by the as off as you know, so called human shields. i would think that that's probably very likely, i mean,
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this is a gigantic infrastructure that apparently has underground you know, stories that go deep within the ground. so the, you know, that there might be civilians hiding with inside is probably very likely. and it probably does make sense to cease operations and give them a chance to leave peacefully. and it's been almost 2 months of fighting in mario pose. so the infrastructure that has been heavily damaged. how long do you think it could take to restore the city? so that local people can indeed go back to life as normal. well, people will come back right away. you know, i visited syria and saw cities like this and people buying a way to come back, even the buildings like the ones you're showing in. it's going to take some time to restore it to where it was. i mean, these are concrete buildings most are going to have to be leveled and then rebuilt
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up, but believe me, people will find a way to return to their homes, whatever condition they're in. duncanville i came in and labor vice lawyer. thank you very much for your time. thank you. thank you very much. oh, staying where that mario paula, dozens of civilian bodies have been found within that vicinity of a public hospital in the city. russian investigators say they've started a probe on the suspicion that ukrainian force is kind of committed war crimes. a warning, some of the following images are disturbing. and this video is provided by russia's investigative committee. it shows the destruction of the mario po hospice, which had allegedly big shelved by ukrainian forces, according to russian and don. yes, republican authorities, they say 26 bodies have been found elsewhere in the dawn. yes, republic, fragments of a ukrainian may sol intercepted by a local air defenses to move rain down on the city of shack shore, reportedly killing at least one person. these on verified images allegedly show the
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aftermath of the attack. authorities say a child was killed and for other people were wounded. the masonic believe to have been a touch for you, widely used by the ukrainian military. now, mid a storm of western media condemnation of russia, a prominent italian journalist, has suggested an alternative view of the ongoing war flying in the face of the mainstream narrative. angelo dorothy says the do as is actually to blame for provoking the conflict. the journalist made his point on italy and italian national television blew the memory. good, but we must remember that this war, besides everything that we're talking about is a war of the united states against europe. the u is the real object of this war. the united states is interested in severing ties between russian europe and also china, a contributor to talk italian media outlets. dorsey has more than 40 years of experience in journalism. his track record includes being
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a founder of several magazines with a focus on history. last year he ran for math in the italian city of turin. we spoke with dorsey to get more of his insight on the conflict in ukraine and on bass and my mentor, welcome each other little. technically it's russia that unleashed the war. but in my view, it's the united states that prompted russia to do that. it staged a number of provocations, including with nato expansion. the united states figured out that it's losing cloud as a global hagaman. so it's behavior is a kind of a reaction. it definitely doesn't want to put up with its new role amid a shift into paula centric world. in my view, zalinski is now the main obstacle to achieving peace. it's obvious that he's ready to sacrifice his country in his people in order to stain power. he's also hindering a diplomatic solution. if we want peace talks to succeed, then the compliance with immense can agreements should be the starting point. but
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zelinski as opposed to that the sort of man, i think that to day we're seeing 2 wars being fought simultaneously. one is being waged with arms bombs and missiles on the battlefield, whereas the other is unfolding in the media with newspapers, television, and the internet. and the latter one is no less serious. media outlets are being shut down and deploy to we can rival power zalinski himself basically silenced, he opposition. so it's not correct to say that the war and defense of zalinski equals a war in defense of democracy. i have never before seen must media acting as indecently as they do now. i'm struggling for the truth. seeking to my own opinion without buying into the official version. we don't have a my daughter was in crimea during the referendum. she worked. there is a photo journalist and sent me images showing people as joy about returning to russia. that the referendum embodied a national unity that it was considered liberation back then,
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while covering the situation and the dumbass, she managed to survive miracle asleep while her 30 year old colleague was killed in a mortar fire. she was very upset to see the violence that the authorities and key if used against the people of the don bass sanctions, never heard governments. in fact they heard the population and because of that they are moral. they are also inefficient. if their objective is to shift power and moscow, furthermore, the sanctions have already impacted european economies. the italian economy has already suffered and it's going to get worse. only the united states will manage to get away with it. probably for now, you doesn't see that. i'm surprised by how short sighted our politicians are. it's been almost a week since they're to lay an american journalist who's being covering the conflict from inside ukraine. has gotten missing in the city of hawk of reporters and authors from around the world, a fearing for his life, voicing their concerns on social media. can follow. lira is 54 years old,
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has been living in ukraine for the past few years. he was in here when the conflict to up in february and then traveled to hawk off to cover the fighting. that in his interviews and streams he repeated, he slammed the ukrainian government and armed forces for the actions. at the end of march, he posted a tweet saying he might disappear as did other critics off key of some of who were late to found dead rushes. foreign ministry spokeswoman has reacted to the story, pointing to controversial tweets posted by a ukranian nationalist following the report is disappearance. one of the leaders of the as of neo nazi sergei karate kick, also known as bots. men took to twitter to hint that one of his nasty comrades in arms might have been involved in the disappearance of consoler. the tweet had to be deleted. we're still talking about a u. s. sits in here, after all, but all the records are still online. and have all those very tweets posted in the nationalist private account. he mockingly claimed the journalist might have been
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abducted and killed by quote, some guy would be cool, fine chile, and other posts. he showed a photo of neo nazi fight, as again hinting they might be the ones behind the reporters disappearance and even applauding the prospects of the journalists being dead. the radical ukrainian commander didn't provide any evidence though, so this information has not been verified. we spoke with eva, karen bartlett, a journalist, now working in dorm pass, you had previously been in touch with gonzalo lira. she said what the report had told her be shortly before we disappeared. he messaged me explaining why he had been stressed out the day before saying is extremely tired, hadn't been sleeping. and that the he but he said, the crazies are on the street, you can tell by looking at them, you don't want to go near them. he was also saying that people are staying in doors because they're afraid to go outside and if they do go outside, they're extremely paranoid about everyone around them. so he was definitely quite worried about his own safety. gonzalo is doing a lot of interviews, particularly on the duran channel,
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but also with other journalists. and he made it clear that he was aware of the dangers that being in car cove posed to him in not the cities overrun with nazis. but he felt it was important to be there to witness how things played out. he had a massive following on social media, particularly on his telegram channel, which has nearly 90000 subscribers. um and it, every time he appeared on the duran and other programs, there is a wide audience ready to hear his views. because again, one other notable thing is he being and car cove was one of the sole voices. if not, this whole voice is in english language. speaking critically about what was happening under that zelinski regime. and under the nazi rule, i don't think any normal ukrainian citizen can feel safe inside the country, but particularly not his family because well, his name is now well known and the secret services will be looking for them. and so, but i do want to emphasize norden, err, ukrainian citizens can't feel safe within their country because of the wide spread
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out rule of these nazi groups in ukraine. north seeking to lecture mowdy or india. that's what british prime minister barak johnson's office has said regarding his to day visit to new delhi. landon insists it does not want to pressure india for its close relations with russia, but bars. johnson may still try to convince new delhi to alta it's policies. the british premier has already met some business. lead is on visited factories. they can new commercial agreements to boost co duration with india on friday by st. john's, we set to sit down for talks with prime minister, new ranger modi, of correspondence r c t to thing explains what's expected from the meeting. we are expecting that there, i mean, it's still borders. johnson, although he has said that he is not going to next, you're probably not in there will be on your grade as russia, but we are expecting graham, and it's still about his johnson to explore. i'll put these 2 slot drains
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relationship with india. read to bobby and perhaps especially in do major sectors which is defend and emerging because that is a certain viewpoint in the u. s. and, and in the u major country that india also needs to rally behind b. jim ok, take countries as against russia in the ongoing crisis where ukraine, so we are expecting that. i mean, what is john? so he's going to not finish you guys, but he's going to explore opportunities where he can push india in a different direction from russia. rich, india actually enjoys a strict, a jig partnership and corporation, and has so thought being a neutral plan has abstained from warping against russia in the united nations. we
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had also expecting friends, joe borders. johnson, do us reduce its dependence, although it does not really dependent on russia, but it has been full cooperation and strategic partnership with russia. historically, i'm traditionally let's discuss this with other rocks on the financial services expert and consulting. many thanks for joining us on the program. now, bush johnson has started his trip with discussing trade deals. what do you think he's expecting to achieve in india and what can you tell us about the case? strategic goals that right? in my opinion, the bag drop off this visit is not the best, but the u. k. prime minister facing heat in the parliament and the ongoing bar. but if his itinerary is anything to go by and i think his key objectives are post
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economic country activities. second to job creation and 3rd, defense as your report are also mentioned. now if you are to look at his 1st choice of destination, which is em, but it is, it is quite important from 2 or 3 perspective. first it is in bali, chloe, very close to the u. k. india die sport, especially with the deep water out the roads based in new cape, 2nd grade. good drug has been the center of creed activities. and as you mentioned a few minutes ago, prime minister johnson made for just man the owner of a donnie group this afternoon and, and the, and the discuss investment related issue and todd from prime minister more these perspective go drop is an election state this year, which makes it a high priority state and having the you keep in touch down directly in and about, which is the push route capital, which also makes it the 1st ever visited by the u. k. prime minister makes very
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good optics. so i think it is, it is essentially centered around trade and let's, let's remember, the featured agreement has value of around $35.00 plus $1000000000.00 by 2035. there is some expectation that you will be announcing new investment deals in, in various sectors, energy and defense. clearly being one of them, i think, sciences and artificial intelligences where they would also be announcing, and the fact that indian investments are creating nearly $100000.00 jobs in u. k, will also not be ignored. it's quite expected that said the crisis and ukraine will also be a topic, touched upon in those talks as well. do you believe in the account, successfully maintainance neutral stance on the conflicts? absolutely. i think india has, has maintained a very strategic and, and solid stance since this breakout of the conflict. even though in the last few
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weeks, we have seen a lot of more to signaling in domestic audiences across different countries. i'm being asked to stop oil imports while india has, has consistently maintains that it will be doing the right thing. and as you also mentioned a few moments ago, india and russia enjoy a very old historic relationship. we have seen each other through take campaign, and that can not be, it's not know if political and economic leverage isn't enough to sway india. so anything else the u. s. as allies can do to influence the country and other countries in that region. i think who, whether it's those 2 quad members to us to japan, which, which i've been trying to influence in the along with this, it's by the german german foreign minister and the you foreign minister. i think they're just trying to reassess and,
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and gauge how much flexibility will india. and they are beginning to see in the, in a fresh light with its own economic bite and the willingness to an independent position . so i don't really think any of these countries, again, to repeat the word lecture in the, in any b bucks to, to, to take a more cognitive symbol of view of, of better india is progressing is, is best that they can work towards many thanks for joining us on the program today that i'm wrong sunday financial services expert on consults and thank you very much . thank you and thank you for joining us. hey artie international as always you can find plenty more story discussion on debate on our website all t dot com. so don't forget to check it out. we'll be back in 30 minutes. ah.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is very dramatic. a. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with this little when you've got a list and you get a hold of you. if you don't believe peter, the number of see that the that they do a bit of the stuff. it's not that i do so on the a yesterday with still doing you unless you just a fall and it was supposed to
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to stay. it was not really to you. there are you them were is vs them. unless you get him, you and you more with you will answer, you know, they will was and you can go with them. listen to the post of what i show. it's unless you go my, my a number said, you know, he's a bunch only at the theater. know. yeah, most of those will process across the choice issue that i was more school, but you were told, but i thought if they should have a social, i can clear. mean it's just about or know which one you know with. if you wish a wish to go to school, but i didn't mean to cut my own, but i put in a premier we should get all the details so screwed up, but she will chill, but she couldn't use sure which she didn't have me on the but a good,
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the woodcock were fucked. showing you the money to cost you another old bill. as other up ross, resist that in the ones that are for private equity or the claims which medical or what the little crane village scuttled at the law. pross contorted more than little good daughter, yet not yet. the doll yet retreated again. is now victor, along the lesser shine, a little girl. is it? it did listen to me. young pretty good. crane has her biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned russian troops, russian forces may be seeking to gain control of so we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces should they approach it when you kind of sort of nice in them
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a little that mostly is live close to now will go. no pressure will rostock. well, no, it's the result of the notional, said the little girls, you sold prescription in the room so that the mean tedious. no, no, she is living a book or a k, a r c. and i'm going to cancel a name and then you have somebody in your q a, i was going on, you know, and then you have a situation where you must go to wish him. but he doesn't like them. a soft lemming at those. and she can a steep in you, but you because mostly i'm a both of those that know in a school you know, a year with us. and i mean it's a me a because you.


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