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ah ah mm would this live when you got dora doris was margaret, she knows would you liam of just illness. and you can say that the or storm agreement, the is the the and yet i'm not sure of video issue. he's down bill repeated anal bro. see if the but as either that they do what she of principal does not dish. not that i do so on the each those go there are a premier louder with syria, st. louis pizza, down there. doing young messages that the mural sleeper. did you agree? but career though of to that ability obasi and i'm off all and that there is spot
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b u m. a slim dickie keeps them, wasn't an ideal, a grown neglige sort of vision at msu palmer that they glitchy below. he still wouldn't be incipient now being at the e l l. you can see when you are, when you get your sewing out there is to but you might video stuff across the shortage. ok, sure. so it through the list of billable my guess. but dominance barrow you, michelle, are a beauty there. the nysha, costly are doing just in was young to more. are talk you soon than that are my gun and the premier believe troy. i believe boy, you got the report as it. you're not terrible gonna for the most the even the age unless you go away chess, if she would it be, you know, she could e se that. usually a, you know, by yes. and you heard melania dome, wanna speak to a superman se, which is nice. did you put seneca brought them, give you some calorie media you to do with that when you present on our sports of video that you know then your to stay since it was nobody to either. oh boy,
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you them, we're used to use them unless you get him to and you more with the with you when you're there was and you can all go with the post of what i show it. unless you go my, my a dollars more than a but said he's yeah, which will, it will only at the theater. know, you know, most of those will process across the choice issue that i was muscle, but you're more choice. but i thought if they should have a social, i can clear. mean it's just about on them, which one you know, which with it, which one is a wish mr. the school, but that i'm going to cost my element. i put in a premier we should get all the details, so screwed up. but you until about that if you could, if you show which it shouldn't to me on the but a good look, we're fucked. especially, you know, minded consultation. i thought bill was
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a little help ross resist that in the ones could sort of a little crazy which might go a little crazy bill gets scuttled at the law cross contorted with one can do out that it. well, it doll yet with the and is now that in long the lesser, from the little words it, it, or that the, at least, i mean young pretty good. crane has a biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned russian troops. russian forces may be seeking to gain control of so we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces. should they approach it when you kind of sort of nice in atlanta, that mostly is live close to now we'll go. no, but you would have us talk. well,
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no, it's the result of the notional slid, the little girls get hold of prescription in the room. so that the mean tedious? no, no. which name is lou. it? natalie could just learn a little don't get off of work for a lawyer and you're looking for us to proceed. i'm going to cancel a name or a i think it was goes on, you know, and then your class, you learned something new, was go to city jewish and really you must go to wish him. but he was like a fleming out those and she just keep in you, you bother you. because mostly i'm a little bit less than a when you post the other colleen lashes. i'm going to get with this as a bus. and i mean she, it's amy because she was, would you to be
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a little bit easier to me? i used you minute watching, which is boys all the way so you should be feature not so we should be would the gave you the nature of when you go to you? i didn't do. she was pretty she, when you got only euros to she machine which know where the, where it says, let's split up. i was a be like east. what was the building should do with the good will totally. it was a solution that you wish there was something that was the number and who
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was the p g. me me. she will stay on the sy me to date it. oh boy, she wasn't going to it's as much acidic when the building is still. is it, any of those? there was a building is the most thing you know with on the zillow thing just because of the, of the saw. and i know that i'm with, along with him in the billing to bristol, in your total. but it is a little bit even you should know way when you minute with ship to be able to use it. but the most them,
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what movie you go through you that goes was so there you turn this motor process, but this is muted. you to be and but if you will, the little thing in one bedroom was just what you and then you're presented with got a pretty much is good and use a cruise and you probably course to check on you, but there's a wire store or maybe they don't sell them, but the mission could not still could i maybe have spoken year joy, you could, i knew i should this deal. so around the and it was not at the current years now which it's a residential area. in other words, i had them another, says the stomach or a booster chill area you moved us want that was great. his voice to, to hear
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a symbol that he got more than says the trucks in the bridge over the years over there. and you would get those this because i was meant to be got net c nor canada . okay. just to sit there start to venue desolate that to go to the city and you do see, but william ship systems to come up with you probably crossing. you knew it was good when you might have to grows and you splashing as she started. b, 3 will be present. obama is a pretty good for us to provide you to give you the designer. and i should both agree with the spanish english, the sheet that i want to settle much sooner. she's not gonna use that symbol because any particular teacher, unless you don't know, total car was there. again, 600 was a blue one you soon except at the doctor for which you will not sure to get it is near the notion resume the double out of the news over the last year. when you choose to combine, you got order, you sent me a new finish. never done a lot of good news all and you see thought cutter with you when you got are
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a burden. suppose us need new a slow go check. what is now we can see dumb production, but interested in serious them over to them. now care was slow. she's a b one. you could tie up a stop me at the, at the institute for a kid that does or what? no one can you part of the bush and i thought, well, the course of budget, to be honest with you, that what i just showed the bill of the scholarship that sunday, a book on global and a much started chima, a group with nuts which medusa for a loan is elsa rhodes. yeah. did you wanna make a visit with you and you do see more on the customer here with mark one with laboratory fee for the if you wanted a more of
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a procedure when it was okay with us. can i me just keep us live there, a heavy deal. so could you tell us the smear to say and you throw in? yes, you said you want them, we will do for you to pursue mural. the talk to mom with a notion center of we just do a little spoke with q machine. yes. private you will buy me to call what you see either way. give me a script but he's just like a case yet. and you can create a little bit more like
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a schema studio is also dying because the other time you probably didn't say i was to build you a la arguably new deal and the new system number on this show i don't store into him was a new patient over to rothko some vendors. okay, so can you tell me what the move union will punish the spoken to this with him in the rules q when you're cranes of upper off that she says about on the rest of the
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world. and really just what we could put in a brush and this has been a couple of no, probably not the to show even in the labor grades, wisdom building. you go to the store over on the ground me. this is just so that it was more to suggest you when you know of the problem he's willing to get the reduced lunch break in that's know a glitch in the teacher's carols, club cray answer. so the ballistics total would be total community would be great for me to ship. so let's just mission a little quick. i'm just going to give you natalie. she just told us what is in the premier just hope greetings. bill are also the formal move paulette posters in the loop with it. so the funding you fucked. a
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buell to him in the bottles, cannibal grain. some people will ski more grain, some know in your ball and the amount of red amino and the function of the quote over was that you folks still more? this is nigel, please come, we'll do a story on that. thank you. my research has been with us. ok over at this match again, you usual preaching because mr. so, but on the trial, but it's initial walk into decides that you mean you sure. abreast to children, even that all score at no additional ah a ms. munoz cartridge and if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about
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a quarter. don't put your human symbols on display a little stacy schneider. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers. i avoid noisy gatherings, a marsh, even your colleagues, and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll, russian. a specific social with
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a philly. so sport of e m would go that was a set up. so they did the search not also been the fuel. so busy that you with any thoughts about it, but i'll see what's yours. i'm. i'm louis sale's, the newest, like a photo id in the store. you know that the new was more than one is the user will still go. what on your machine? yeah. is anybody issue of the che you think about, you know, what should think he should have a company in your but sure. are you still done? like most with new news with you as was know with when you go, if you're visible, you and yes, a chill, and also was a whole, immediately the group to david it us dania moore's good. amelia lancey, is this the deal with this. you put an e 0 on r c with us that you would send you by not them, lithium, the media. would it be email? you still because unless boy into so on. last?
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no. what is it as a will you? i mean, i guess it would be it would only be on the medium gum switch. it was a blue i noodle stiff near buller and his mother, a blue and you see a blue. it's michelle. oh gross lawyer. what tom? yes, it's a no, but it's the linea homes through the buttons. i love us navy. during your play, you must, you might say, even about music you months of did those 2, but i mean, in you please, you should look at those or school. go show dickie immediately. no, it's just, there's room was little william is that his ticket just in give you the oil misty just made and there was a little bitty michaud in your grade as have been avenue that is that and i just enjoy doing this. do so, so said that it wasn't, that goes up. so the superman day and since it only weighed in as a unit that those that needs are already new was more than the youngest of the early sinister storm mistakes. sure. but it doesn't. you shatara versus not stationary mean yet the key technology got to remove it says they're taking care of you cut a day, redoing your boy to quote the kids to come get. but almost the near to chuckle
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witness that they struggle you yet. just kirkwood, the, the cuckoo to please make sure you got nice issues of toilet. no nuts. you could, the soonest you look at the school group there where you are. the more no says that, i believe corrosion. i pity. teach you patasha, aka, that big near to from you. what does she need unclear to actually is issue you again i chip is issue strain. you were given the cookie to please think you got to do more with the t shirts. you approach of cut off more snow position. and freezing of the machine says that for quick in the broadening natasha karlesha i took on yesterday, i took roger boot is to the token i to which i could no show in our little collegiate authority. emailed it. that was a priest which you will see it until they are supposedly reco chrisy, which you will stole color. what authority will an agent i mccraney if you move see i me finance here. what is in the notion of what i'm interested. i'm not sure to
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pick another the which is to say goes are you is i'm phone, you should be a no. what can i use community schools pushing millions of girls. can it themes, emotionally? is part of it. united keeps i knew who craves? no. some i go to the doctor, you go to start to be able to tell you is and i see that it was new though. it's nature's ok. he was just crazy. sneezing you're doing you william t she t a scheduler will she means cause apostrophe go. gods in your neck right now in the peace convenience if you want sterile de camille fever club the oven to let us clear that one. yeah. stormy cause customer will to boston with a little guy will be at the company. should i be able to teach skill about a put him to dump, or would you just put on your mobile lancaster city? or will you sleep doing your sphere to where you may be? l o g e r g is the keys penny sleeping?
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don't sleep magazines, come the saline. you, lucy, you probably live colonies. holy. even older law for school was, it was a portion of what is about control them. social live in front of one is feeding you system and you could course combat life and you please could you bullied the will, but the computer you got to get a stop the so no time should because even a story about what is new to the school bus me, but the given over keep annoying, sort of for the stock issue isn't last all there is a or my side you lose. yeah. i sunday of the deal. it's my do, you know, i mean, i mean, is over a, a, a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, to some of the complaint, the health of georgian soldiers, they were, they would catch the same disease. healthy young one will live, one would die. i don't know why. i don't know what they were testing on them. maybe god knows. the information i had about georgian soldiers is about the blood based
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on information. and this is the same project, this in ukraine, and they're using george and soldiers because they're young. they're naive that they feel obligated to participate in these dangers experiments. they claim they give them informed consent. they explained to them the risk involved. but when you're young soldiers, you do what you're told to do, or you will have, you will be beaten up later that day by your colleagues. you get back to the barracks a p last, you know, as you go a lawyer and i, you know, i was a mom and always, you know, my mom was the, she, you know, like, you know, the way i do those. well,
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it is, you know, i mean, i was watching it and i'm telling people, and i repeat, laboratory is not so much in the lab, but the whole country of georgia is a human laboratory. and dr. manga was alive. he would be very impressed with what they're able to do in georgia and for the georgia government to be totally uninformed. when people in america don't even have basic health care, many people and they are spending $21000000.00 a year just operate the lab for overhead is to paying salaries, maintenance, electricity. the water, you know, $21000000.00 a year. a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, and i see on, i mean, i'm going to go a,
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actually a is a boy by us. yeah. well, i mean, you know, a, i'm a member to research by weight, or i can do it on their own territory a around that in 25 is across the world. many countries bothering only, you know, you know, these cannot be funny purposes because this is not in the united states. this is
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income for that location in the day or injury to the local population. any history, i think out a local governments of the country, a scientists working on the program to perform what they are for project. the ones are involving a without being able to a spoke with the sales and then you can steal stone. you had to which was the middle guy with neobitz. whom would you have thought said you
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unless thought the medium a bla gazoomba. appreciate it. no, you should look a bullet go in the vehicle. so one thing is a pretty loosely of the when you, if you got say, know what, the double you live the rooster a little you thank you for she. the stuff is no good. those people as a petition or it said, you only start, i music. if you said it was me, you said that though enough you in the upper where you see the, when your, with your anthony, you low can use it is all of my what im when it comes to you about with all that i see, you know i need a full got if you can come a cook or see a cookie pie authority to store you guys are shifting speaking you could have that you want me to come to the dealer with was an issue of pros. the prostate though, just seem pretty cheap. the me at on those are what was look and then the floors know that you know, the global was alerted in boy, your school used to, to pitch in the with the be with you get you in them. you see of doing well look because i still at the village got older, but i was like a fish images and i thought, i think it was rather special,
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a vicious will try to swing to the potential. not a cool carol schwinney with a guy anyway. yeah, yeah, like, i mean why you need a genius. i want to ask my lawyer law a lawyer. a nice the way you want us to move
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to fuck don't love, it must be suddenly i didn't say, but she did it that way and we can easily now especially she's unable daily interest. give me a minute longer even language to age. is it windows? nobody cares the wooden bush associated with that. they're asking me, especially for me the
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ah, only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking, that is, that nation's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, the reason us. hey jim, it is so dangerous. is it deny the sovereignty of the country or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion with
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and i consider the proposed storming of the industrial zone in practical. i order you to cancel it, block off this industrial area so that the fly doesn't fly through. vladimir putin congratulates russian forces and their allies on taking the city of mario pal and orders a halt to the storming of a factory. that is the last pocket of ukrainian military resistance in the city. our crew reports from the edge of the embattled industrial plant, please love residential neighborhood that was held by ukrainian nationalists being pulled out with chiles. government joins in on efforts to find a chill, an american journalist.


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