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tv   Cross Talk  RT  April 22, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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magnen 2 men, elm visual enough. oh, the co revolutions is a strategy to overthrow these regimes install puppets. and that are there from that point forward, are very susceptible to influence kurdistan, georgia and ukraine. these countries were targeted by the, the george h w bush, or george w bush, the senior vice president of ronald reagan and bribed with hundreds of millions of dollars. and these monies were given the countries in exchange for their acquiescence and their submission to american military and economic and political objectives. a ring of nato military bases is being formed around russia. the u. s. nato have over 600 military base is world wide.
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russia has just 18, but the west still claims that russia has aggressive intent by turning those russians to soviets. and to this danger is bogeyman that wants to take over the world. that was a content strategy to create this image in soviet. as out for world conquest, which was not the case, then bar now, ah, nato should have died, but they will give it meaning. it is about infect, created by, by nato. nato is business machine because you must remember. if nato were disbanded, shareholders in the united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions and millions they'd only have one year instead of 2 yards each. their idea wouldn't that be a terrible. there's a simple method to put it right with the rest of the world. mm. ah,
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will say we were forced to seize the territory, bring order and maintained security. adult edler bring order security and democracy. the reasons used to justify modern was waged by nato and led by the u. s. b. not toys. i installment fun. feelin d, that's all the notes. the adam m d controller. emily taylor show the trust lisha pulling to show controller. beulah pushed him to the gear, one of them globus, to become undesirable. countries and undesirable leaders become the face of the enemy. when she gets on manure for reuben, then mon zinah magnen folk i didn't find present here. does iceland lead us some find gemacht the opposite and notice horses named stuffs,
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these unclear one. giggles slunk of gaunt. dare an gay fish in an actual there. kim on this and gosh, mos in don bus. the pulley teak. m a embellish now via the order screen pod. and novi chalk on the ivy's dania. vin. no want darcy dolman flint boots off to bone loaf. krista? ha. nissan muskets. thus alice preston. ty, upon my nonsense, not to our creeks for vital does. in falla i now confront, i'd soon davis again now vice v as i'm find this mark burton my as one of the few journalist who has spoken the truth about events and ukraine. mm mm. mm.
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is documentary ukrainian, i got a coast star in the western world, a partially still as a deep 0 to one and no fin defacto and i buy sash. i don't get involved. he stuck in momentum. he's a doctor. what is the, what is natoya? should you keep of, you know, with
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a vague fish in i know his stone t o bike is vonny, my stuck with bill paul clar, mitchell, artist of the was our mutual its advisory blunt in fulton, let's embellish mit, deny my new of leon. tom, an investigation against mark was launched after the film was released. what the journalist had reported was not in line with the west's official stance a gap and little soften off king miss diaz boyd in lun slime. dean's touch, done with me. ever chef. dish and stuff. how social is that? that is all missionary moved beside the swag. aton arbor here for satan. laura
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without a shirt more eyes were done. i was a shaw pope. i gotten this to the end of their payroll as of their guy. it's listed as came, it's done yet. doug estate is often these are, these are theme, jordan, my name and see me. shock fight. not i watch boy in demand. off. nish, mark. he used his film to tell ordinary people the truth as he saw it wasn't for the authorities. you can't bring truth to those who don't want it. a clearly where the rubber band are. people are reviving. naziism is no concern whatsoever to their own state or anything that makes the ukrainians are willing to cause trouble with russia is welcomed. united states proves love is the trouble that the ukraine is apparently prepared to
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preserve russia. oh, american politicians don't seem to will. many issues here is that there is something on which they always agree. america is exceptional, direct our economy. and what does that mean? ah, here's how american journalist and pulitzer prize winner eric list below explains it. blue americans, brock, obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism, which i think it means a living to a higher moral ideal based on democracy and freedom and human rights. and that's just simply untrue. so the exceptionalism in one regard, claims to be a license to do anything, without fear of repercussions. it's also an indicator of the world that the
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exceptionalism that america uses in its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the, to the populations of different nations. ah, methods of warfare are becoming increasingly sophisticated. new tactics have arrived to replace the colonial conquests of the past. no, ginger, she should be sure to madame you bet gospel that to me about a g. i call them each name me. yes, i was on that domain. yes, i was on exactly why the most not them? yes or no. you spoke changed your local alcove, the how was supposed to be more the flow g e. then it says use junior sports changed. suave janski's, got production jungle years gone to enroll on. ah, the all old people in your is dinosaurs. he please his consult fee mine my bank son
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is the thank on talked us, we'll try to shove his college or controller domino political controller ask about it. ah, for example, germany and france to a lesser extent exploiting the week members of the european union, greece in croatia, anywhere where germany can make big business. that is a form of exploitation and the greek economy be considered ruined by the european union. yes, it was ruined by the european union. it's already listed when you look now at how many greeks have left the country. it's an embarrassment how many young people have left the country. it's an embarrassment ah, results is being depleted, but yet another attempt at dividing the world has become a major, right? i'm on the mountain agenda. soviet rush, every,
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the pie that needs to be smartly divided. sandy adult had left or russia is still a huge tie. and it's at the forefront of western sorts. dec happy talis. most, most mac, the control, yet most this horse and clintonian and ask nish to come on, done for us will not pay is over then they get one shot and so become more mindful how to limited guy from the best in. so treat game with we now have a situation where the united states, as a given to ukraine military guarantee against russian intervention in the event ukraine renews. it's invasion of
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a dumbass. so clearly yes, we're headed in the direction of war if the ukrainians take this guarantee seriously as the pose for the british guarantee 1939, then surely a war could break out at any time as a step kind foil of these of 8 the creek. and t give foggy, like emma dolphin hours when fully teak on to median. begin on extreme of hope. i got an docks with. ah, no regular americans do not want to fight railer. americans are fed up with the war machine or is business and businesses. and
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that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fascism with history repeats itself from, for just like in 1941 when hitler and his europe in accomplish his master their army on the soviet loda. the nato alliance fled by the united states is gathering their rushes. boda with history teaches us that man learns nothing from history. hegel with
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o. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? high selection for community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah. so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah . with hello and welcome to cross talk. we're all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle, the u. s. and it's nato allies claim they are continuing to send massive military aid to ukraine. at the same time, washington appears to have no interest in a negotiated end to the conflict. this begs the question, what is washington's policy gold? could it be direct conflict with russia?
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from stocking the ukraine conflict, i'm joined by my guest, john brawley in new york. he is a political analyst, as well as a former foreign correspondent in russia and like jackson, we have daniel mcadams. he's the executive director of the ron paul institute for peace and prosperity. and in london, we have marco gassett. he is international affairs commentator or a gentleman cross stock rolls in effect. that means he can jump in tommy want, and i always appreciate, daniel, let me go to you 1st and lake jackson. my question in my introduction is very, very simple. what is washington's goals in this conflict here? because there's massive um, sending of arms to ukraine, which nobody knows where it goes to out who's the end user. if it's going to be sold on the black market. one of the problems with western coverage of this conflict is that ukraine is notorious for its corruption. i mean, it makes a corruption in russia blush. i can guarantee you that. so what is washington's
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goals here? because it seems to me that they're calling the shots. not mr. zalinski. go ahead. daniel. it seems to me, this is the most incompetent handling damage of foreign affairs issue in the history of the world. i don't believe that washington has a clue what it's doing. the only thing that's driving the policy right now was the military industrial complex every week. now for the last 2 or at least 2 or 3 weeks, we see a new $800000000.00 military aid package going to ukraine. you know, after a while these $800000000.00 weekly checks are going to start adding up. right. so you have the u. s. ending massive amounts of military last week, the president. well, the president's people met with a top u. s. military manufacturer saying, hey guys, we got a ramp up production. they said great. the ceo of raytheon has been open about what a massive profit this is turning out to be for as shareholders. are you seeing a policy driven not by us national interests, but by the special interests of the military industrial complex and the special
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interests of people like victoria newland. let's not forget is ukrainian and she's got a beef what the country are for origin and she's fighting it out on the world battlefield and the rest of us are having to pay the price for it. yeah, and john, i don't see how the ukrainians benefit from all of them, but i suppose i'm being too picky. go ahead, john. yeah, i mean, at this point, ukraine is just the protector of the united states of the nato empire. and it's just a tool to strike at russia and i agree with when daniel said, but i would like to add, let's not forget the ideological component here. moscow, russia, as a country that openly says it protects traditional values, is the arch enemy of the global as liberal order. so there is a very important component here. they want to destroy a lot of room, and they would like to destroy russia. so this is really, i don't want to say it's not going to total war because the total,
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what would mean direct confrontation between nato and russia. but it's just short of a total war. and the goal of nato is to destroy russia. they, i've spoken to people, they went to council and they really believe that they're going away and they're going to destroy russia. and it's going to break up into different different regions and then they, then they will be able to control and exploits. yeah, marco, i seem to remember the recently departed madeline albright asking, well, why should russia have siberia echo with john just said there, john, just before you go to marco, is it i agree with you. it's a civilizational war. ok, i think that that's a component most people don't understand. well because they're, they're ideologically obsessed and blinded. i would say, you know, marco, you know, you hear this theme. i'm just completely bewildered by the ukrainians are winning the ukrainians are winning. there is no evidence of that. what so ever. and it seems to me, but these, the people like victoria noon,
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are willing to fight russia indirectly to the last ukranian. and i don't think that's an exaggeration. go ahead, marco and london. they are and the longer the battle goes on, the more ukrainians will be eliminated from the planets. so it's a war indeed, as you say to the last ukranian and indeed to the last amounts of ukrainian currency, valuable to return on to the land lease act by which a lower this age. so cold is a pairing though you creating lots of playful. most of it with money don't have having being stolen in the 90s by oligarchs, and in the 2, thousands by the western near liberalization policies they was forced to follow. so this is really war that is for you crime curtains in many ways unless it reaches a negotiated deal soon. if it does that, it has a future of it. it's only going to cost not much of $1.00 either. daniel, i also said in my introduction to do they want to conflict with rush, i mean total out out now conflict because it's very much in the cards because you
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know, you hear this, you know this article 5 article 5. ok. well, it's not so simple because if nato countries are sending arms the ukraine than they are co belligerent and then that doesn't that make them fair game in this conflict, we have to remember, ukraine is not a member of nato. you know, article 5 is not very clear here because article one is not being applied to meaning not getting involved in infants of conflict here. i mean, again, the public is, is misled here because at a certain point the russian would say you're sitting in weapons to kill our troops . i mean, we're going to stop that. ok. you win warned. go ahead, daniel. that's literally the case in any conflict anywhere in history. it's always been the case. if you are arming the person, the country, that's killing our people, you are at war with us. and the thing that's most disturbing about this, peter, is that to this point, vladimir putin for better or for worse,
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has done everything. he said he would do. he's made good on every promise, every threat. everything that he said last week, the russian government warrens, the u. s. a sent an official diplomatic letter saying stop sending weapons to ukraine, and the u. s. as it did in december, when the russians proposed a new security architecture for europe. again, they laughed russia off the stage and so there's a huge danger with u. s. officials up up again refusing to to listen to anything. the president putin a said to discount it because that is sleep walking us into a direct conflict. it's only, it's, i don't know what it is, it's keeping russia from bombing, for example, maybe a staging ground in poland or in the czech republic. because as you say, these weapons are being used to kill russians. i and there's and under the laws of war justification for stopping it. i don't know how, how far it will go. i don't know how far. busy pollutants patients will be on this
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. you know, marco, i, i, and a number of, um, media venues i said before the conflict started is that this is very simple when you're looking at what the kremlin has to say. they don't bluff, they act. and daniel just gave us the background about in december and in january all through february, the russian was saying, we're not kidding. we know we've sent you some proposals. you don't seem to take them seriously, but we are serious and we will take measures and you know what they did, so that the fact that there, shrugging this off now, is just idiocy. go ahead, marco. well, it may be in a world of their own old use really because that to go back to the previous point about the message, the ukraine is winnie or west and how you doing there are about a 150 p r companies directly from washington and london losing with care feeding them the script, the victory script to the mantra. so keep everyone motivated. so that's well in
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a way that they are listening to themselves and like managed by an r c. and all of your voice is pretty much from the west of a wage. so it's not surprising in a way that they believe their own message, which they constantly repeat. obviously, the reality is that russia is in the winning and willing the take the solution. if it's not negotiated, so i would encourage the ukrainians to stop reading the west, the mainstream media, all watching it and to stop actually negotiating in seriousness. so reach a piece that everyone can actually agree on. i'm the which will end the violence of the blood sugar, which is which the ukrainians are now the main cause, you know, john, one of the things this media blackout and throttling r t is a very good example here, is that the western media doesn't really want to talk about the nature of the regime in care of the political forces that are in play. the number, you know,
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obviously i've said many times in this program, but most people don't know that almost all of media has been nationalized in ukraine. political opposition has been outlawed. these things don't make it to me because we're fighting for you grange democracy. well, it's not, and you know what? they had a democracy was overthrown in 2014. again, that doesn't seem to see through. you know, this isn't an amazing over the top propaganda program that the likes we've never seen. i mean, this is 2003 interactive pales in comparison. go ahead, john. i understand why you're so startled and we all are. but it's finally time for us to say that this is all obviously very deliberate, because it's a deliberate policy of waging war against russia. they do not care about the truth . they do not care when i say that the establishment in the western countries in the nato countries did not care about truth. they did not care about freedom and democracy in human rights. they just have one goal, destroy russia. at any cost,
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we just have to again, i understand why just thought that i am to, but we have to stop being startled. just to understand what their goal is. daniel, did the aim is to destroy russia and at any cost, even if it impacts their own citizenry in the west. because that's quite obvious right now, daniel. well, putin's price, like, you know, i just wonder, every time i go to fill up my car, every time i go to the store, i see putin's price. i, you know, americans are not very patient with things like this. on the president said, there are 2 reasons why you're paying more cove it and put, and i just wonder how long they will be patient with this mantra as it starts state home. you know, all of the wars that america has engaged in. in the past 30 years, they've never impacted americans direct, right? they've all been hidden in the fed printing money out of thin air. americans haven't had to pay the 1st time. they're actually having to pay up front in an indirect, but relatively direct way. so we'll see how long they'll be patient for this. the
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problem in the united states is we don't have an opposition party. we have to pro war parties. republicans are running on being more pro war than the democrats. so there is no alternative right now in the united states. we're single party state. well, you know, it's interesting. as the 2022 elections come up, there was an empty lane and of course never count on the republicans for did to do the right thing. never count on a mil always, they'll always let you down. okay. and is because public opinion is against this. ok. but of course the republican leadership is tone deaf. i gentlemen, i'm going to jump in here. we're going to go to a short break. and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on the ukraine complet staying with with
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with, with ah, ah oh, well, she's news media coverage and i can if you speak russian, keep your voice down while out and about a couple. don't put your human symbols on display
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a little space each night. all right, so you guys don't talk to strangers. 7 i avoid noisy gatherings and rallies with i don't get them in the marashi eaten your colleagues and perhaps also your friends think you're guilty because you'll russian, much naya what either of them. so, what's my job? that was my mistake. so i'd be glad to, with being a, by needful a specific story with a welcome back. the cross walk, were all things are considered. i'm peter bell,
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to remind you we're discussing the ukraine conflict with okay. school, back to marco in london, marco a few years ago before he passed stephen cohen was on this program, it was such a pleasure to have him on john mearsheimer was also on. and he was talking about the possibility of a world war, 3, a new killer conflict, nato against russia. and i kind of pushed back gently against that. when he said, peter, i am very, very serious. we're on that path prescient. at that, do you think one of the things that really bothers me, i mean, i remember the anti war movement in the 1980s. you know, intermediate metals all i'm ever that very well. ok. and it seems to me, look at the rhetoric, the, the very reckless rhetoric that comes out of the political class, particularly in the united states in the u. k. b, they're both the worst,
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the u. k. is the worst of the worst. actually. they don't seem to, they seem to have forgotten the, the terror that we had in the 1980 of a new killer war. you remember like threads and the day after and all that. i mean we were to verify, they don't seem to care. they seem to be immune to it. i mean, we even have members of congress say everything's all the table every day. you know, i mean this, rambo, type rhetoric is just, you know, it's very dangerous. mark, what happened to the public the really very strange, the public effectually has disappeared from the discourse. but the, i really real with astonishment when i have some pronouncements from u. k. positions as well as really talking about imposing no fly zones on puts in the crate. and so it's astonishing to me that they could it all seriousness be talking about is, i mean, we have a ready, for example, kevin regime don't distinguish between a big war for itself and the big war for the world. and it seems to imagine that if it gets.


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