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with ah, latest reports from the southern ukrainian port city of odessa say several rock and south head to local military infrastructure. there with no casualties. as you had reported coming up in the program, the u. n. z a is, it has not documented patterns that i'd like to genocide in ukraine. country to the repeated claims of western leaders. berlin explains its hesitancy in not sending heavy weapons to ukraine because of the risk of provoking a 3rd world war. doubts us further slits emerge in the nato alliance over the needed response to the conflict. on the destiny of the european union is in the
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spotlight this sunday of france votes in that presidential election room off challenger marine look. been promising to reform the entire with saturday, april the 23rd live from moscow. this is our t great to help your company today. i'm you know, me. local report claims several rocket soft hit, the ukrainian port city of odessa on verified video, posted online claims to show a caliber rockets flying over the city. the, this on verified footage is said to show the destruction left after the strikes report say 6 rockets targeted the cities military infrastructure or the one rocket was reportedly shelf died and then it's
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a residential and no child who sees has been reported, exclaimed the rockets were rushing caliber class massage, russian defense ministry earlier nines, the new stage of its military offensive, the takeover of southern frame, which includes a dest and no, there's no official comment from moscow on the incident in the neighboring region of her soul. and the russian defense ministry has released footage of a destroy ukrainian weapon store. the m o. d states ukrainian troops were using a school storage for a wide variety of weapons, including mortar bombs, thousands of runs of munition grenade launchers, portable onto aircraft, missiles, systems, and anti tank installations to the har coverage. ah, we're more footage has that been released all versus sutures. half thing
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to add to mine settlements at the request of local suffer units, something here in residential areas high so long and fun. the exclusive devices are then moved safely to a trench destroyed using t and t charges unless it bring you to the city of mar, you, paul. this footage shows the devastation really in the local ports after weeks of intense fighting their buildings in the area being totally destroyed as well. the ships with one of them now blocking the entrance to the harbor on excluded mines and board. the vessels also present continued danger and it's been confirmed. one crew member was killed and 27, remain missing. following the recent sinking of the russian flagship cruiser, the mosque of russia claims a fire on board caused an explosion. ukraine says it struck the ship with missiles,
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the russian m. o. d has express condolences to the relatives of the victims. surviving crew members have been re deployed elsewhere in the navy. well, many people in mario paul have decided to remain in their hometown relying on humanitarian aid provided by russian done yet. republic forces for those unable to reach the distribution center, volunteers are operating on the ground right now. our team from one culture of his team. indeed they're helping to as well as assisting in the search from missing relatives. the city of mario fall, as you can see, is so almost completely devastated. and the people who used to live in those buildings on are forced to live in the basement or makes shift bomb shelters. we're trying well on a daily basis to deliver humanitarian aid like food to water medicine, hygienic items. it's happening every single day. i
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go with also and people are coming up to me. and so they're asking to send her. there's no network here, the communication. so they're asking me to send a video messages to their loved ones in russia, in the ukraine or in other places around the world. this woman that i'm about to speak with shorts, recorded message for her sister. no, i was on my mom has been in portland for 2 years lately. she has been crying a lot because people who are coming there and showing our homes were not reporting on the victims. you might visit them so people didn't know anything. yes ma'am, sell my house and cried because she thought that neither me nor my kids were alive, but she is calmer now. she knows we're not dead. because i hello kids. i wanted to tell you that we're all alive and are staying in our flat,
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even though it was bright. we are now back from mario paul, back here in my hotel room in jeanette's. and as always, i received her many video messages from the residence there who want to let their loved ones all over the world. they want to let them know that there, okay. catch of roughly 2 minutes a mon causative has this that i bought the new skill where you believe it'll she would year will to wash mamma. madame all the while ago when you tell no palmer she would. yeah. but i saw the beside levels video let you know. absolutely yes, alex such as english, needed no. giblin, the liquid or prospered leading them center. when you are, it was weaker. you initial, not a minor, there will be sleeping better to night, knowing that their moms are healthy. they're safe and sound rum on call for a party. the nest people's republic or western countries aren't just providing high grade military equipment and weapons to ukraine. some of also bought key abs claim
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bouts, rushes guilty of genocide. i'm doing everything within my power bar, executive orders to bring down the price and address the pudding price. i in fact, already made progress since march inflation data was collected. your family budget, your ability to fill up your tank, none of it should he and john, whether a dictator declares war, commit, genocide, half a world away. i'm afraid when you look at what's happening in, in boucher with the revelations that we're seeing from what putin has done in, in ukraine which, you know, doesn't look far short of genocide to me. we don't know or is it possible to have negotiations was such a kind of ah, no conchee or it was such a kind of terrorist who would like to kill own people to make henderson against of ukrainians. a lot of these legal qualifications, crimes against humanity and genocide at the end of the day would be for
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a court of law to determine. but no, we have not documented patterns that could amount to genocide. all the while more weapons are heading, c crane u. s. presidential biden announced on thursday of further $800000000.00 and military 8. they'll include howitzers and armored vehicles to tow them, hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, and more than $120.00 phoenix goes tactical. drones recently developed by the u. s . or force of britain will send a further $100000000.00 pounds of military support, including more star st county, or prov, missiles, a british short range reticence system. but civil rights attorney robert patio believes the west is using allegations of war crimes and genocide to justify those increased weapon shipments to ukraine. we've seen prison zalinski are wanting a full court press. were western aid. i'm this when we started seeing these pushes for, quote unquote, war crimes,
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crimes against humanity. just today president body of mounts another $800000000.00 or $800000000.00 military directly to the ukraine. germany is backing this up and sitting more on missiles and bombs and tanks to the craniums. our also seeing big 29 fighters being shipped there. so the more but zalinski gets on western television and claims that they are under the threat of war crime from the russian government. the more money being pushed out thing. we're near 3 or 3 trillion dollars from united states directly to those zalinski this point in time. just a military aid that another i think $1500000.00 g, mandatory and aid. so at the end of the day, the same government, the both president trump in person, a bite and called one of the most corrupt governments in the world, is getting massive amounts, billions, robert adrian, from the west. and this is why they keep pushing the story about war council, very little evidence to back it up. german liter, olaf schultz is facing increasing pressure over berlin's refusal to send such heavy weapons to ukraine. the chancellor argues
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a confrontation of russia must be prevented while citing the risks of a 3rd world war. we must do everything possible to avoid a direct, military confrontation between nato and a highly armed superpower. like russia, a nuclear power. i am doing everything i can to prevent an escalation that leads to a 3rd world war. there should be no nuclear war yet, direct language there from the chelsor, but nato member states aren't all reading from the same page when it comes to the response to the conflict in ukraine. some states are refusing to follow the official line of the alliance on those ortiz maria. financial reports are, instead choosing to prioritize their national interests, united and determined. this is how joe biden describes nater in its readiness to confront russia, our unity, who are unity, with our allies and partner in our unity with your kind people send an unmistakable message to put him. he will never succeed in dominating and occupying all of your
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crime. he will not that will not happen was sweden and finland intended to join the lions, nay to might seem to be getting as monolithic and strong as ever and ready for war, which the u. s. that alliance is actively pushing for, according to fellow nate member turkey. but following the nato foreign ministers meeting, we got the impression that there are those within the nato member states that want the war to continue and let russia get weaker. they don't care much about the situation in ukraine, and shortly after germany announced 8 will no longer send arms to ukraine either. while hungary is in no hurry to take sides and his calling for peace talks. we still believe in the diplomatic solution. that is why we cherish and really respect the efforts of the president of turkey and the foreign minister of turkey to facilitate peace talks into convince the parties to come to an agreement.
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because the sooner we come to a negotiated agreement, the sooner this war will end in, the less people will die. this is the most important issue for us. poland is downscale and it's relations with hungary of budapest stance on ukraine with war. so also criticizing french president micron for his attempts to mediate peace. mister president micron, how many times have you negotiated with couldn't? what have you achieved? have you stopped any of the actions that have taken place all this at a time when europe is divided over how to approach and embargo on russian energy supplies and proposed e u deal to sanction russian oil and gas is up in the air over disagreements among the unions, members, i can't give a date. as far as i know, there is no proposal on the table, but there are options on how best to do this. there is no unanimity on any of these proposals. meanwhile, baris johnson, his country is in the middle of its deepest energy crisis in years. a saying there is a realistic possibility that russia can win the war,
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even though his german counterpart has recently said that kremlin must be defeated . however, london has gone even further threatening in nuclear strike against russia without the approval of nato allies. if weapons of mass destruction are used, the u. k. reserves the right to strike back independently without consulting other nato countries. it's clear that h ne to country has its own interests and is not ready to neglect them for the sake of their lions. the idea of unity that joe biden is so into seems somewhat exaggerated. the question now is, well, new members, how bring native together or cause even more discord them on the block? reyes national? well, another pillar of transatlantic unity to european union could be under threats some of this sunday when the 2nd and decisive round of the french presidential election is held, the result could be unthinkable for bustles challenger marine. the pen is promising
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a complete overhaul of french foreign policies under a radical shakeup of the you are opponents incumbent president manuel. my trauma still has a firm leads. according to the latest polls, his team have also been promoting these campaign posters which suggest from swell alliance with russia. if flip penn winds are to charlotte you been ski explorer is not whether the tactic will succeed in putting millions on from voting for the right wing counted to 2022 presidential election isn't just about the 2 features that france faces, the choice of voters, me here on sunday will have far wider reaching implications for the feature of the you project to mac. korn is a keen europe file, openly present, says image of an ever closer union might have caught on your i believe in europe. and i believe in the franco german relationship le pen has softened her anti you
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stance, but it's still adamant that she believes in putting france 1st. just with her stay . i want to stay in the european union. what i want deeply to have it modify to actually bring about a european alliance of nations. the changes she wants to make include transformation of the european commission, giving french citizens priority for certain jobs and access to public goods and services. and she wants to include the shang and treaty, which allows the free movement of people and goods. so the idea that she could win is making many across the block shake in their boots in a been to persuade undecided voters that they feature is in trouble. you leaders are openly cooling for the french to turn out from mac on the 2nd round of the french presidential election is not for us an election like the others. it is
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a choice between a democratic candidate who believes that france is stronger and powerful and autonomous european union, and the far right candidate, who openly sites with those who attack our freedom and our democracy. however, while some new leaders have voiced concerns, there are other european heads of state who would probably welcome a le pen presidency or bond would probably welcome her from hungry, other more conservative leaders. i think you would, you might see or embrace her as well. the, perhaps even poland, they're speaking more for the values of their country rather than following blindly on what other brussels puts out. so you'll see countries coming together and not perhaps not on all issues, but on some issues, to provide a more stronger, a stronger voice. to counter brussels policies that are may, that may not be in the interest of the european citizens. countries like italy,
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hungary, poland, have all previous re elected euro skeptic, governments. but the idea that france, one of the original block members would shift in such a direction is the brussels. the thinkable definitely could come to a challenge for the euro. the european concept, the euro project here. but also on the data side, it could become a threat to the nato structure as well. so it could actually cause some fractures within the nail nato will. i meant to also you could see turnover across multiple countries. you may see changes occurring and as a result a weakening of their, of their union of the whole concept under is another concern to le pen has said that she would look to block sanctions when it comes to russian energy,
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saying that it is the french who will end up paying the price of this. the e u is already in a difficult stage when it comes to getting new and more restrictive sanctions put in place against moscow approved than these are agreements that have to be unanimous across the u. l. a pen presidency would bolster support for leaders like hungary, as in victor albany, who has called this a red line. so how likely is this to happen? or the polls have seen macro on pulling ahead. this rare intervention by the leaders of germany, spain and portugal shows that they are worried that she still has a short of winning france and therefore the european union is at a crossroads. the choice of which turning to take is simply too close for some for complaint. charlotte deven sky r t. paris 23 years ago today,
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nato forces bomb the headquarters of serbia's main broadcaster r t. s. 16 civilians were killed and another 16 people were injured. canadian serbian film director bars malik gorski has been looking back at the toronto conversion this stay in 1999 nato bomb serbia's public broadcaster radio television, serbia nieto justified the attack by saying r t, as was a part of slow, but i'm low so much is war propaganda, which is why they killed 16 workers, makeup artist, technicians, artists, and security staff. was this a legitimate military target or a war crime? think
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why was serbia bombed in the 1st place? the wes wanted serbia to give up its southern province of kosovo. where guerrilla groups waging a war of secession, us envoy to yugoslavia. richard holbrooke, made it clear to yugoslav, president slow, but i'm low so much what would happen if milosevic fail to accept the american's offer a sat in that big room in the palace. and i said to him, you understand that if our delegation leaves here today, and you haven't changed your position, that the consequence will be the beginning within a few hours of very swift, severe and sustained aerial attack by nato forces american diplomacy. and while much of the west was convinced by their propaganda machine, that bombing serbia was the only way to stop the serbian counterinsurgency in kosovo. the bombing of the national tv station polarized public opinion a report by amnesty international that nato had violated international law by
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targeting areas were civilians were certain to be killed and added that the bombing of the r t s. building quote was a deliberate attack on a civilian object and as such, constitutes a war crime and quote noam chomsky called the bombing of art. yes, an act of terrorism made a commander wesley clark tried to downplay what they had done. there were actually 6 people who were killed as i recall. i recall certain i retired, feminine know the families. i mean think about it. this wasn't an attack on some tv tower in the middle of nowhere with nobody working there. this was the bombing of the state television headquarters in a heavily populated urban area in serbia's capital belgrade, the killing of innocent people who are working the night shift. if that's not a war crime, what is clearly the goal was to instigate terror because artist resumed this programming less than 24 hours later from a secret location. can you imagine what it was like for the people working there,
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knowing what had happened to their colleagues knowing they? i'd be next, isn't that the goal of terrorism? this wasn't a one off thing. any people don't know that the state television building in the major, serbian city of novi sad was also hit by nato on may. 3rd 1999. the bombing happened on world press freedom day and that tv building was bombed a whopping 5 times. nobody was held accountable for the attack, but it reminds us of the alternative to press freedom in the modern world, threat of every one to hear a different opinion before it was bombed. r t s allowed foreign journalists to report from r t. s. the studios, some of those foreign journalists supported the bombing nato, didn't give r t s the right to disagree with the bombing of their own country. i say we hear
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every one and decide for ourselves. nato should directly attack russian cities. that is the claim of a former swedish diplomat who's also worked for the atlantic council. think tank, that's an organization with close ties to the military light. my humble advice to nato would be give all the arms you can to ukraine. opened the black sea ports of ukraine for normal shipping bomb relevant russian cities, preventively to make sure that putin does not use chemical arms or nukes wake up. we are at this stage. the tweets has since been deleted. all unders osland coal to bomb russia appears to be at odds with his own diplomatic record. in the $900.00 ninety's, he worked as a senior advisor to the russian government under then president boris yeltsin. and the suite also has experience in ukraine. he was appointed to the supervisory board of one of kias major banks in 2016 while professor at the institute of
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european studies in belgrade, stephen gach believes the tweets written a lot about the views of political elites in the west. these calls are above everything dangerous. they are irresponsible, and the they are just saying a lot about the state of spirits in the, among the political wester, especially about the we are speaking about the elite. ah, because what i see here is this duration. i don't expect things to think his whole series the at this stage, but it certainly sounds volumes about the way that people that some people in a 2 are thinking this faith and the whole course reminds me and everybody i'm say not only in serbia in the countries of former yugoslavia over a brutally colonial approach was us. one,
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the lot is calling for is actually war crimes against civilians. now among the most vocal globally against the u. s. lead nato alliance or some latin american leaders who view us politics in the region of imperialistic former oblivion. president even morale is told r t y. he believes it's wrong for washington to decide the fate of the world alone, killer, sanguine elbow he has done calling they. this is an age old struggle of mankind between those who on the side of the people and those on the side of the empire, over the years of trade, union and election struggle. i've only seen the capitalism and imperialism, are not able to solve the social and economic problems of most peoples of the world . therefore, we created a political movement to confirm the external and internal enemies of the ordinary people and this internal struggle in bolivia, show me that there are countries in latin america that treat the empire as low subjects. obediently fulfilling the requirements that the u. s. dictates. as well
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as other countries and governments to behave independently. and even here in south america, in the caribbean, some representatives of the far right say the troika is causing problems for some presidents. who do they mean by troika? this is cuba, venezuela. nicaragua is all, i don't agree with this on the country. these are just independent countries. and now they want to include russia in the list of empires. and everyone knows very well the whole world, especially ordinary people, to the problems that have arisen between russia and ukraine are in fact, the work of nato, the united states, and israel. and they, they believe that the american empire acts as a judge who has the right to decide the fate of the world. and they are very wrong vehicle interventions, incursions, military bases. the use of nato forces. all this with the aim of plundering natural resources. i understood for myself, i'm not an expert in this field, but i realized for my own life experience that the struggle of mankind on plants,
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earth is built around the possession of natural resources. natural resources can be the property of the people uncontrolled by the state, or they can be owned by private companies and be plundered by trans national corporations. and unfortunately in latin america, and especially in south america, there's a democratic movement against u. s. policy. when chavez lula and kirshner korea were in power, those were completely different times. at some points, there were some problems, but then me, when again, for example, in peru, in chile, in columbia, there is also an opportunity to wind. and i'm sure that in brazil, lula will be able to become presence again. all this is a democratic movement against u. s. policy. i think people have become more conscious. unfortunately, there are organizations that cooperate with the u. s. in the field of politics such as the o s, not all o s countries are complicit in cruise for some of them do support them. i would also like to note that unfortunately, the problems caused by the activities of the united states are perceived by them as
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business memo. there was a similar example in our history, the chuckle war ostensibly between paraguayan and bolivians. but this was not a war between paraguayan bolivia. it was a war between 2 oil companies, american and british pay attention to this story who controlled the sale of hydrocarbons. the united states through a private company. they sold oil last week. we heard about russia being suspended from the human rights council, allegedly because of the invasion, the u. s. has carried out so many incursions in libya, iraq and many other countries, sometimes to accrue data. and yet they consider themselves to be the defenders of human rights. they have no moral right to do so. now let me, let me remind you the united states has not ratified a single international treaty, a single convention on human rights. what's more rights, what authority do they have to talk about human rights here? they think they have the right to judge human rights. what about military interventions? there is a big difference between the people and an empire. the peoples are fighting for
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peace with the help of social justice of the united states. the path to peace lies through military intervention, but where there is military intervention to plunder natural resources, there will never be justice. and the goal of democratic resistance in south america is precisely to put an end to invasions, interventions and crews. we now former congressman and ex mayor of cleveland, dennis percentage is that a special guest on going underground and he does not whole barking conversation with option that all gets ahead in moments. they're close. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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a with i'm absent at junior, watching, going on the ground team and i will be back soon with a brand new look, just white nato nation and the you censorship. but until then we'll be showing some of your favorite shows a season so far. i'm option or it has when you're watching a special edition of going underground 54 years since the tet offensive. a turning


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