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a with americans claim they want to make the world unit polar for good. what objective process go in the opposite direction? the world is multi polar brushes, top diplomat say the west is trying to move the world to unique polarity. the u. n . chief echoes about sentiment during his 1st visit to moscow since the conflict began in brain. meanwhile, on the front on once again, a huge variety of different mind grading positions. again, money that you play with it doesn't help. more evidence emerges about ukrainian forces using bond t personnel minus the slide plains. the munitions were destroyed years ago under international say, you case,
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armed forces minister say ukraine should be able to target russian territory can do so with those weapons. while the alliance holds a summit to discuss, sending more with life from an international new center in moscow, this is our team. great to have your company today. my name gina, know me of the un secretary general house call for multi polarity in the world that says he's facing mounting criticism by western leaders for today's visit to russia over the conflict. then ukraine. moscow also appeared to support the sentiment by antonio quoterush. you've sold the review, the world has changed. americans claim they want to make the world unipolar for good, but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar. and
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we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defect euros over dominance of one group of countries out of the 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies speak not still this very important, even in these moments of difficulty to keep alive the values of multilateralism. we neither wolf that is multi paula with multi level institutions and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter and by international law. well, let's say i talked to our correspondent on quarter, who was it following that meeting for his. hi, there, donna take us through what was discussed, i thought high level meeting here in the russian capital, ukraine, top of the agenda, i would suspect, but some other topics to on the agenda, either unit well of the points expressed by un secretary general antonio gutierrez,
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actually were a lot of the same that we heard from russia's foreign minister, sir gay, love rav, primarily that the path to peace can not be achieved unilaterally. oliver off himself also said that multilateralism was probably the most used word during his talks with gutierrez. and perhaps that's one of the reasons why the un secretary general received so much criticism from western officials for coming to moscow seeking peace in the 1st place. after all, we heard from british prime minister, a boris johnson, who said that the meeting would just be used as a propaganda tool by russia. we heard from ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, who said that a gutierrez should have come to key of before coming to moscow because let's face it to, if he has put international position, would significantly weaken if the u. n. started moving closer to russia's position on all of this, and on that very point, oliver, i've actually commented on the un vote that called russia special operation in an invasion and said that it was in violation of the un charter. he criticized the u.
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s. for pressuring countries into voting up for in line with the u. s. t, as interests. and we also heard from leverage that he criticized the west as a whole for using nato as a springboard for to hurt russia in eastern europe. now, who turn also expressed regret at the fact that the un was excluded from the normandy format. that was a group of delegations that were the, that negotiated the men's protocols that were supposed to establish a piece in ukraine even before russia's military operation began. but probably the most important point that lab rav made, was that amid all this talk of peace from all sides of the u. s. and the west continue to send weapons into ukraine loads of weapons. in fact, western leaders continued to say that this war can only be decided on the battlefield. so all these things considered, it really looks like a classical case of the west's words contradicting its actions. don't. thanks very
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much ridiculous throughout our t stone courts. her well, let's get the latest now in the situation on the ground, rushes to armed forces have destroyed for military targets in ukraine overnight, including 2 munition devils. according to the russian defense ministry are launched . missiles also had 2 targets in the heart, cough region. ukrainian, drones and missiles were reportedly destroyed. while in mario, no one has used the humanitarian corridors from the ass off steel plants so far. according to done yet, people's republic officials authorities have stressed that if some civilians are still left at the factory, they may be being used as human shields. earlier, moscow blame care for disrupting the evacuation corridor from this site. further evidence has emerged of ukraine using bond weapons. russian forces have once again fun remnants of anti personnel mines left behind. in the next republic, the mines are bonds internationally and key to destroy them. years ago,
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ukraine has been accused of using our lord munitions numerous times, but denies the allegations are a senior correspondent, morocco, and see if can tell us more about that. as rush and forces advance and battle lines shift. a vast amount of weapons and equipment are abandoned by ukrainian troops and nationalists, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of weapons have been captured by russian and allied forces, including things ukraine didn't want the world to know about. we've once again found a huge variety of different mines. it's ukranian positions, again mines that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't have like these mon 90 vines, which ukraine said only russia uses. and once again, we have found them at ukrainian positions. but even more interestingly here, he's another anti personnel mind it says in the canister,
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bad buried on the ground to be treated in a variety of ways by trip while by stepping on it. and what it does is it flies out of its canister to a distance of about a height of about a meter and designates and all this shrapner war of these pieces and flicks of metal embedded in these plastic shred everyone around at the chess level. also here, ah, andy, thank bonds and hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of high explosives. what they would do with these is stick detonators and fuses from grenades into these blocks of explosives. they would cover them with shrapnel, so bolts or nails and they would hide them in bushes, tie them to trees. so anyone who would step on the trip up would set these off.
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according to the auto treaty, which ukraine joined at 1997 members. states have 4 years to destroy all anti personnel mines and cannot use them under any circumstances. among the mines that we saw were of said them $72.00 and p. m. n. anti personnel mines which ukraine had almost half a 1000000 off, and which they promised to the world they destroyed 11 years ago. and yet all around are freshly planted, ukrainian mine fields laid to slow rushes advance full of different band anti personnel mines, which ukraine lied about the showing. years ago to the whole world. more at gazda of archie, from bennett's creegan, the transit nice to republic, a brick away region of moldova which borders ukraine and has russian peacekeepers. station their house declared its highest terror threats alert once after 3 attacks
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of rock the region since monday. let's say try and contact a little bit later in the program or correspond, maria so not who's keeping an eye on that, but 1st i want to bring you something else at to day. the circle, a shooting, excuse me, at a kindergarten in the really honest region of russia. this story want to bring you now sir, an 800 kilometers at to the east of moscow left for people dead, including 2 children. now the circumstances around the attack are unclear. teacher after kindergarten was also wounded and is being treated in hospital at we do believe the attacker later turned the gun on himself according and to local police sources and investigation. it has been launched into the
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instant when we know a little bit more asked some verification on this story. just sounds like a dreadful one at the moment with children at caled we'll, we'll get that to you. ah . okay. something being talked about quite a lot recently, fake news, more than 5000000 pieces of that has been published since the conflict in ukraine began. now it's according to estimates by russian officials, but it's not just ukraine, that's been the subject of spurious reports. one tie when each channel even recently mistakenly said that china was invading the island, leading air too much strife and reaction and taking a closer look about our tease oksana boys earlier. you know, the chinese don't really like comparing the credit issue to taiwanese issue because of that one china policy. they see it as an internal strive, but again, we see the same tactics,
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the same policy by the united states. it openly supports the taiwanese authorities who don't recognize the unity of china. they proclaim that it's not part of the china. taiwan is not part of the chinese mainland and joe biden administration like in the case of ukraine. it promises it's support what, what's what that support would mean is an open question because i think many people in the world are now questioning what the worth of the american promise. because the crane at the end of the day is left to its own defenses. right. the west is supplying its with arms and the you know, like a logical and diplomatic support by the end of the day on the battlefield. ukrainians are left the one on one of the russians, but going back to the china, taiwan issue, many in china are extremely worried that the same scenario will play out there. and i spoke to one prominent china analyst on that same issue and we can listen to what
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you had to say each other a whole you know, we, we see a think you, yes, you've agreed to best and we can and, and this is very, very easy to see you the same way to best try and find a lot you. one thing that i want to mention is that it's not just in this sort of cognitive warfare or information warfare is not limited to ukraine. i mean, the ukraine is taken on industrial humongous proportions, but just the other day, one of the tv stations in taiwan actually ran news alerts. for example,
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let me just read it to you. new type a cd ship by communist armies. missiles work would break out any moment and you know, similar sort of headlines they later apologize for that saying that that was a mistake and they supported, we put it on there because of some fly, a drills. but you can, you know, you need to understand that the, this is far more complicated because, i mean taiwan is the major producer of semiconductors around the world. so even if it was just a mistake, which it wasn't due to be, you know, the amount of details in those things allows. but even if that's just that, you know, fake news effect the rest of the world immensely because you know, 90 percent of the world and fans computer chipped up and use the entire one in a situation where you can only access to one particular side of the story and let
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them forget when the way that western media covering it is focusing primarily on emotional issues, showing the suffering without giving too much of the context, you know, do political context, economic context. so the rest of the world, i think, really feels to be hostage of this conference patient, not only they are burying the bronk of sanctions that the united states unilaterally introduced and the rest of the world. but they also void of any information and of an opportunity to make up that online. now, while western countries claim they don't want to be directly involved in the ukraine, we're nato allies are continuing to provide heavy artillery to key. if this tuesday, the alliance is holding defense summit in germany to discuss upping those arm supplies further. so that says the u. k. armed forces minister earlier bach, ukraine's firing of missiles onto russian, tertiary, completely legitimate ukraine to be targeting in russia's depths in order to
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disrupt the logistics. that if they were disrupted, with directly contribute to death and carnage on ukrainian soil, could they use british ordinance a tool to do that? is any concern, any of them weapons we've given them for defensive purposes get used and that would that cause any problems? well, i think he's assessing the case that things that the international community are now providing to ukraine, have the range to, to, to be used over the let's bring live on to the program or europe correspondence. charlotte davinsky who's been following those developments for us. hi there, charlotte, nate. so it's still insisting that it's not directly involved in the conflict. yes, that's why we've got the race. the moment for these heavy weapons to be sent into ukraine. we've got countries like the u. k, the u. s. and poland, who say they going to sending things such as tanks, ammunition for the how it says and also coordinate launches all because they
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believe that this is the only way that ukrainian forces can match the capability of the russian army. we've heard from berlin to that, there was a dramatic shift in policy that this idea that germany now also will send in heavy weaponry all murray to ukraine. all of course on nato members. and this comes as they is that meeting taking place today. it's being hosted by the us in germany at an air base there. and either what the idea that is going to be put across too many nato allies who be in attendance is that they need to do more to assist ukraine. but despite the fact that weapons have been going into ukraine over the past few months from allies, including nato allies. so far what we've heard from may to itself is that there is no intention to put troops on the ground. in fact, we've heard many times from again, stilton,
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but this is the secretary general of nato, that nato does not want to see this conflict to escalate beyond the confines of the ukrainian borders. however, for the russian foreign minister, this is already too late. as he sees that nato is already involved, these weapons will be a legitimate target for the russian armed forces operating within the framework of the special operation warehouses, including those in the west of ukraine will have been designated as such targets, more than one sort of thought what else do you expect nato is essentially entering a war with russia by proxy and arming this proxy. there's a war on well, the warnings of how fall based conflict could escalate, including this suggestion. it could become a world war 3 is really we're using serious concerns in some quarters. however, there has also been increasing rhetoric coming out from the u. s. to we want to
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see russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done in invading ukraine. that's why we are arming the ukrainians with weapons and equipment to defend themselves from russian attacks. and it's why we're using sanctions and export controls that are directly targeted at rushes defense industry to undercut russia's economic and military power to threaten and attack its neighbors. such plain words, such big goals, suggestions laced that even sanctions may not be rolled back if there is a peace agreement. this negotiated and signed by both russia and ukraine. also the suggestion that the u. s. is perhaps increasing it's tolerance risk and we are seeing that already with the fact that they are looking to send these complex weapons into ukraine itself. and there are some u. s. officials that say those comments spine, the defense secretary austin a simply not helpful. why? because they say that that plays into the idea of russian propaganda that the u. s
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. a. nato, when what they doing in ukraine is essentially a power play. however, with the u. s. outlining its goal. so clearly, this idea that essentially wants to militarily new to russia, that he wants russia to fail. there were some who had said that that is the only logical conclusion. thanks for taking us through the sart to europe correspondence, charlotte dubin ski. and that said, delve into some of the issues that charlotte was raising. there were geopolitical analysts on for me, you aspirin, bryan for last 6. hi there, brian could to see you. we have rushes foreign minister saying nato countries are now fighting a proxy war with russia by sending in their arms. how do you see it? i think it absolutely is a proxy more and when we really think about it, i think it's you can make a compelling case. the claim, that's what the u. s. has been doing. geopolitically has been
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a series of proxy conflicts with russia and china. this is part of a post world war 2 policy that to us us had to eliminate the possibility of a peer or near peer competitor. we saw this all during the cold war, and we saw this continue after the cold war to prevent the reemergence of russia and to prevent the rise of china. and this is just the latest episode of this playing out on, on the battlefields in ukraine. no, on the methods actually use brian the u. s. defense secretary yesterday said he wants to see russia at weakened. is that how they're going to do it by funneling arms into ukraine. this is what they're going to try to do and we watch them do the exact same thing in syria for years and years. the problem is there is a limit to what just dumping weapons into our country can accomplish. these are
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weapons that ukrainian soldiers have not used before is going to take weeks, sometimes even months to get them to be able to use them and then use them effectively on the battlefield. and they simply don't have that from all the times . what the us is trying to do is just prolong this for as long as possible and do as much damage as possible. a point on not as well. do you think you can have any control of what actually happens with the weapons that are sent in there? or can they control who gets them eventually? absolutely not. and again, we saw this in iraq and syria where a huge amounts of us weapons taken from iraqi forces, fell into the hands of the so called islamic state. and they were being used in iraq and across the border and syria. and this is a problem that persists to this day across the middle east. and this is going to repeat itself now in ukraine. they have no idea who's getting these weapons. and even if they are just in the hands of ukrainian forces,
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many of these units are extremists in and of themselves before even allowing these weapons to fall into 3rd parties on involved in this current conflicts and something else. a fascinating statement by many observers this, the u. k armed forces minister said ukraine has the right to attack russian territory, said the little while earlier. is that surprising to hear at this stage, or did you think this is how it's going to work from now on similar statements like that? it will just be a constant attempt to escalades until the facts on the ground in ukraine prevent them from escalating any further. surely by, by the feeding ukrainian forces in the field. their goal is to escalate and to exact the highest price possible until that happens. the problem is as well, you've got mercenaries coming into the country with their own ideologies,
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which sometimes suit very much, some of the, the neo nazi sent them in stock, or within some regiments of the ukraine military. now they'll go there and they'll get train. they'll learn how to use weapons if not heavy weaponry. how are you going to control them when they go back to their countries when they go back with this new skill, the expertise as well. they're not going to be able to config carriage even if it's not a worry for them. do they care about that at all? i don't, i don't think so. everything that these western nations have been doing all throughout the duration of this conflict, as has been policy that has been damaging most of all the but the west and the proxy. they're using ukraine. they're the ones paying the heaviest price at the moment. brian was a pleasure to help you in the program. thanks very much for your time. your thoughts? brian burlesque. take geopolitical analyst on former u. s. marie, the trans mister republic. a break away region of moved over which borders ukraine
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and russian peace keeper station. there has declared its highest terror threat alert not softer. 3 attacks have rocked the regions since monday. well, let's set dell further into that. make sense of what's happening there are always good to see maria finished in the studio here beside me. just 1st of all on the attacks, right. what do we know about that? in the last 2 days, there were 3 alarm and tags and 33 alarm and incidents in their self proclaimed republic. officers. next there on monday through the last talk through the ministry of state security in the capital city of austin and local authorities said that the building had been attacked with grenade launchers. and later on tuesday, to other explosions happened in the village of mac, some 60 kilometers north of the capital to us. but and as a result to old soviet era, radio must have been damaged. they broadcast russian radio in that area. and
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also we heard later from local authorities that, that military unit outside. roswell had also been targeted, no casualties have yet been reported. and we hear that police is searched for those responsible for the attacks. shortly after these incidents, the head of the self proclaimed republic raised the terror threat level to its highest, which is red and the mould. dolan president, called for an urgent meeting of the country supreme security council. and the modem and government says that these attacks are aimed at creating tensions in the region . they have no control of you. you have the situation where the brick aware region of mold over has a border with ukraine that brings the obvious point. the obvious question, does there appear to be a connection to the conflict there till it's very important to say that it is yet to be investigated exactly who is behind these attacks and whether it has anything to do with the credit card. but we hear and now from the president of the door that
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these attacks is at portly, internal issue of the country. but the matter of fact is that we have been here in a lot about tuesday or in the last couple of months as soon as the beginning of moscow special military operation on the ground. because some believe that base tiny piece of land does matter why. first of all, you mentioned that if you look at the map, strategically located important geographically, it has a very longer on 400 kilometer long border with ukraine. so this is 1st, 2nd, it's taters. this region between the mr. weaver and the quentin border. it's literally like a very tiny tree, but when it broke away from the dog back in 1992 after a short war and its status was not international. recognized at the most of the worlds the still see that as part of more dollars. so ever since it has been as self reclaim unrecognised country, 30 percent of us population russians. and it has very close ties with russia
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economically, socially, culturally, and all the fears. and shortly after that conflict, russian troops have been sent there to the region as peace keeping force to maintain peace and to prevent any military activity any fighting to happen. initially, there were $5000.00 of them there and now it's just the round $1500.00. and i think they have been doing a great job because experts say that this conflict is the calmest and the least deadly all throughout post soviet union area. so as i said, it's a little amount of boots on the ground ration peacekeepers around $1500.00, but still some fear that russia can use from mr. in the operation on the ground, ukraine and even some voices are heard right now, calling on like neutral ais insurance needs or want attacking aid. and he, let's listen to one of the friend in political slash military commentators. there
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is only one chance left to save mary, u paul, a blow to trans. mr. ukraine has the legal right to demilitarize the military facilities of the russian troops threatening us. so right now eyes are on tries may stay and we heard from crumbling that they are concerned about what happened there . and we also heard from that would be oil, c, r and d. you said that they cannot comment on these particular attacks, but they are concerned about our overall security situation in the region. so let's wait and see how this situation develops. all right, thanks for your particular 3. all the quite a few developments in that small region ortiz, maria phenomena. now living under constant shelling has become routine for residents of done bus. they can recognize the types of missiles flying out them and how close that battle is incredible, really, but is a brighter future, and i finally a possibility thereafter. 8 long years. that's the question or documentary explores next.
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ah, what he's got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on. often has very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful. very particular time time you sit down and talk ah ukraine, big and rich country that's always been hand in hand with russia. until recently.
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2014, a qu divides ukraine leads to fratricidal war and on a war that continues to visit with on the edge of a large field near lo, ganske, the mass grave. local say that the people buried here are mostly civilians who are allegedly killed by ukrainian paramilitary groups in the summer of 2014. does this what i missed in a quiet but don't stop. don't be just that means it would be the when the british go was don't cry said things of us. i mean form you not to under saralitos special committee for collecting evidence of the.


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