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[000:00:00;00] a with me, neither will that use multiple us with multi level institutions. the un chief called for multiple or it's a in the world during his 1st visit to moscow since that contract to beat down the grade. but the trip itself, i've seen the secretary general facing criticism from western camino on the front line from germany. i 9 says it's well after all provide here with the anti craft you case armed forces minister say ukraine should be able to target russian territory on do so with nathan weapons. also once again found
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a huge variety of different mines. great position to get in mind that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't help. more evidence emerge is a bond ukrainian forces using bond anti personnel mines this by claims. the munitions were destroyed years ago under international treaty with live for moscow. this is our t, my name's unit illegal in 30 minutes of news and views start to un. secretary general has called for a multi polarity in the world. bounce as antonio quoterush is facing mounting criticism by western leaders for today's visit to russia because of the conflict in ukraine. this very importance, even in these moments of difficulty keep alive the
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values of multilateralism. we neither, whoa, that's who's multi polish with multi level institutions. and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter and by international law. will escrow live. now, to ortiz don quarter, who's been following developments on that forrest on ticket through what was discuss off thoughts, high level meeting, then here in the russian capital, some interesting remarks from the secretary general while union, the un secretary general, antonio gutierrez, expressed a lot of the same positions that we heard from russia's foreign minister, sir gay, laugh rav primarily that that piece cannot be established unilaterally. in fact, labyrinth himself said that multilateralism was the word probably used most during his talks with gutierrez. and he also said that the un needs to better reflect a changing world. use the wood you. the world has changed on americans claim they
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want to make the world unipolar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction. the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defects over dominance of one group of countries. how to 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies. but perhaps that's the reason the secretary general received. so much criticism for coming to moscow seeking peace. we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would probably just use the talks as a means for propaganda. and we also heard from the ukranian president who said that a gutierrez should have come to key f 1st because let's face it, he abs international position would be significantly weekend if the u. n. started moving closer to the way russia sees things. and on that very subject lab, rob did comment also on the un vote that took place that called russia's military operation and invasion and said that had violated the un charter. he criticized the
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united states for bullying countries into voting on that vote in line with the u. s . his goals and also for the actually criticize the collective west at, for using nato as a geopolitical tool. so let's take listen to what he said to deal with short of it has been done in the interest to contain the russian federation. and with this goal, ukraine has been consistently used as a springboard to contain our country for all these years, initiatives by the ukraine authorities to ban everything russian have been encouraged and at the same time steps promoting nazi theory and practices have been legalized to partial gutierrez, also expressed regret at the fact that the un was excluded from the normandy format, that was a group of delegations that negotiated the men's protocols that were supposed to establish peace and ukraine before russia started its military operation there. but probably the most important point that laugh rav made, is that amidst all this talk of peace from all sides, the west continues to send loads and loads of weapons to ukraine. western officials
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continue to say that this war can only be concluded on the battlefield. all that considered, it all looks like a classic example of the west's words contradicting its actions. yeah. will delve into that lot a point on a little bit later in the program. thanks very much for taking us through that ortiz donny quarter. well, let's indeed get the latest now and they situation on the ground in the conflict. rushes armed forces have destroyed for military targets in ukraine over nights, including 2 amunition devils. according to the russian defense ministry are launched. missiles also had 2 targets in the hall county region. ukrainian. drones and missiles were reportedly destroyed while in mar, you pull. no one else use the humanitarian car doors from the da's office. steal plans so far that is according to done yet the people's republic officials authorities of stress that if some civilians are still left of the factory, they may be being used as human shields or your moscow blame for disrupting the
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evacuation corridor from the sites and some news just coming in to us, the un atomic watchdog chief, a said radiation levels of the churn noble nuclear disaster sight are. his words are normal. he said it may have been caused by russian forces moving heavy equipment. their media reports in the west of also claim to show how russian troops reportedly dug at trenches in the highly contaminated ground of the sites. red zone, the visit of the watchdogs chief came on the 35th anniversary of the disaster. and it was an inspection of the side following the polite of russian soldiers who had been under their control for a month with the defense ministry, claiming it was to protect the site and prevent a neutral or provocation. a while a western countries claim they don't want to be directly involved in the ukraine conflict. nato allies are continuing to provide heavy artillery to key if after
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criticism. for dithering, germany is defense minister sees the country well now send t or a process takes to key. if that's this by chance. the shorts previously expressing strong resistance to the move to his coalition allies. the announcement comes of the nato alliance has been holding at defense summit in germany to discuss upping on supplies even more. well, a lot going on that. let's go through it with our europe corresponded charlotte dubin sky. hi there, charlotte. so now we have berlin relenting essentially, and giving into the pressure to supply heavy weaponry to keep it appears. yes so, so this is a significant shift by berlin. as you mentioned that, just in the last few weeks, we'd heard chancellor short saying, no germany can't supply this heavy weapon reach ukraine because that could essentially pit the west against russia. and that could escalate this can conflict up to something like
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a 3rd world war. and those are really strong words that we heard from german chancellor. so this is a massive backsliding policy that seems to have come off the mounting pressure from other countries that germany needs to do more to assist with ukraine. and germany is not the only country now sending heavy weaponry to ukraine. we're also seeing a race to do so by the u. s. the u. k. and poland. they've announced that they are sending tanks, they sending ammunition from how it says a grenade launchers. and all of this is due to the fact that these countries say that they need the ukrainian army to be able to match the capabilities of the russian army. the u. k. defense secretary has also been speaking saying it is completely legitimate for ukraine to use any weaponry that it sends to it against russian targets on russian soil. completely legitimate for ukraine to be targeting
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in russia's depths in order to disrupt the logistics that if they weren't disrupted, would directly contribute to death and carnage on ukrainian soil. could they use british ordinance at all to do that is only concern. any of them weapons we've given them for defensive purposes, get used in that without causing problems? well, i think it is certainly the case that things that the international community are now providing to ukraine, half the range to, ah, to be used over the borders. now what all of these countries have in common is that they are all nato members, and of course the decisions that will come out of jeremy today could also have she drama vacations, is that meeting is taking place at a u. s. army base. this is of nato allies to decide what more can be done to assist ukraine in the fight against russia. but despite the fact that these weapons have already been flowing into cray, for the last few months in may to,
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has been very clear. it does not intend to put troops on the ground. we've heard that over and over from the secretary general in stoughton. but who is also talked about the fact that it is incredibly important for this war to not escalate beyond the confines of the borders of ukraine. however, that could possibly be too late already. the russian foreign minister said a lot of has been talking about the fact that you need to itself is already in a proxy war against russia. these weapons will be a legitimate target for the russian armed forces operating within the framework of the special operation warehouses, including those in the west of ukraine will have been designated as such, targets, more than once. i thought, what else do you expect? nato is essentially entering a war with russia by proxy and arming this proxy. there's a war on so k, lovegrove has also been warning that this conflict could escalate into
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a world war 3, echoing what we heard from olaf shoals just a few weeks ago. and that has raised some serious concerns in many quarters, but it's not just russia that is perhaps upping the rhetoric. we've also heard increasing a strong language from the us. we want to see russia weakened to the degree that it can't do the kinds of things that it has done and invading ukraine. that's why we are arming the ukrainians with weapons and equipment to defend themselves from russian attacks. and it's why we're using sanctions and export controls that are directly targeted at russia's defense industry to undercut russia's economic and military power to threaten and attack its neighbors. such clain words, such big goals from the u. s. then there all these underlying suggestions that that could mean that sanctions may not be rolled back, even if there is a peace agreement that is signed by both ukraine and russia. also,
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the suggestion that the u. s. is perhaps increasing its tolerance for risk, which some say is already noticeable with the fact that these complex weaponry systems are being sent into ukraine. now some u. s. officials have said that those comments by the us defense secretary austin, are not helpful. a tool. why will they've suggested that this could play into this idea of russian propaganda saying that may to in the u. s. bond supporting ukraine or essentially making a play for power. but with the u. s. outlining such big go will so openly, this idea of essentially making russia militarily new to, to make it fail. there are some, in certain quarters would say that that is the only logical conclusion. or you're a correspondence. charlotte dubin state taken us through that nato, provoke the war in ukraine by repeatedly dismissing russia's security concerns on
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supplying arms to key. if that's according to current serve, member of the presidency of bosnia and herzegovina. miller around duke. he's been sharing his thoughts with our t so show her though, that the conflict in ukraine is a result of a global shift of power. the western partners refused to listen to russia's concerns about nato's expansion and some other issues. the sound of the conflict is a good illustration of that. let me quote the european commissioner for external relations. it's all our fault. we promise ukraine as sessions at night and the a you. but when it was time to keep a promise, we backs out. they instigated ukrainians to do such things. they didn't listen to russia. they used ukraine to dictate their will to russia, out of fear of approaching it directly. so these attempts to trigger a conflict between russia and ukraine on to recent development. geopolitical strategists have always said that if you want to rule over eurasia, which is dominated by russia and china, you need to ignite a conflict between russia and ukraine,
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who have virtually the same people in order to erode that unity. western strategists have been quite successful at it in recent years, they have managed to om supply and train certain forces in ukraine, and they've mostly ignored russia's demands and concerns if the road by recognizing the 2 republics, immediately moscow unambiguously signal to the west, that it won't tolerate any deployment of new missiles capable of reaching russian territory in under a minute. london wouldn't have tolerated this as well. neither would brussels, but in or washington, but in their minds they are the only ones who have that right. so how did the conflict start? remember when nature was bombing republic, a sub scott and killing our children. they called it collateral damage. not a single nato soldier was sentenced or put on trial. this led us to believe the west have thought of ukraine as collateral damage as well. that's why they're pumping it full of weapons and doing everything they can to make the war drag out. that goal has been
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a prolonged conflict to mobilize society against the evil russians and use it as an excuse for the failure of globalization and the decline of the liberal system. further evidence is reported to have emerged of ukraine using bond weapons. russian forces, i'm said they've once again fun remnants of anti personnel mines left behind in the denounced republic. the mines are bound internationally and key a volume to destroy them. years ago, ukraine has been accused of using arch slowed munitions, numerous times, but denies the allegations are senior correspondent, broadcast the of can tell us more. as russian forces advance and battle lines shift, a vast amount of weapons and equipment are abandoned by ukrainian troops and nationalists. hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of dollars worth of weapons have been captured by russian and allied forces, including things ukraine didn't want the world to know about. we've once again
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found a huge variety of different mines. it's ukranian positions, again mines that ukraine had claimed that told the international community. it doesn't have like these mon 90 vines, which ukraine said only russia uses. and once again, we have found them at ukrainian positions. but even more interestingly here, he's another anti personnel mine. it says in the canister, been buried on the ground, could be triggered in a variety of ways by trip while by stepping on it. and what it does is it flies out of its kenneth to a distance of about a height of about a meter and designates and all this shrapner war of these pieces and flicks of metal embedded in these plastic shred everyone around at the chest level. also here, ah, and he found one and hundreds and hundreds of kilograms of high
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explosives. what they would do with these is stick detonators infuses from grenades into these blocks of explosives. they would cover them with shrapnel, so bolts or nails and they would hide them in bushes, tie them to trees. so anyone who would step on the trip up would set these up. according to the ottawa treaty which ukraine joined at 1997 members, states have 4 years to destroy all anti personnel mines and cannot use them under any circumstances. among the minds that we saw were observed them 72 and p m n and t. personnel mines which ukraine had almost half a 1000000 of and which they promised to the world they destroyed 11 years ago. and yet all around, all freshly planted, ukrainian,
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mon fields laid her slow rushes advance full of different band anti personnel mines, which ukraine lied about the showing years ago. to the whole world more i'd gazda of archie for vignettes, creegan ah, okay, another story to bring you to davy trans, mr. republic, a brick away region of moldova which borders ukraine on, has russian peacekeepers station there has declared its highest terror threats alert after a number of attacks. rock the region this week on ortiz reef in austin, joins me live in the studio for more on math. mary, could the see you firstly on the attacks than what's known so far? yes, there were 3 alarm. an incident in the self proclaimed mold. galvan republicans turns nice during the last 2 days. on monday series of bloss told through the ministry of states security in the capital city of terrace for local officials said that the building had been attacked with grenade launchers. and later on tuesday there were
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2 other explosions in the village of n. n a. in a, in a little village, some 60 kilometers on north of the capital. and as a result to soviet era, radio mos were damaged. they broadcast the russian radio in that region. and local authorities also said that the military unit, outside the capital to rossville was also a target at the name of that village that i just forgot is my yuk and they had of the republic immediately raised the terror threat level to its highest, which is red and, and the low and president, i called for an urgent me of the country supreme security council. and they will determine government said that the, these attacks are aimed at creating tensions in the region. they basically have no control of and now we hear that there are no reports of casualties. yes. and the police is now searching for those responsible for these attacks. ok, this brick away region of moldova also has
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a border with ukraine. why does there appear to be a connection to the conflict? well because yeah, too early to say that it is, it has to be investigated, of course, who exactly is behind these attacks and whether it has anything to do with conflict in ukraine without here from the president of moldova, that it is a totally internal issue. but the fact is that we've been hearing a lot about trans nice or in the last couple of months since the beginning of moscow's special mill reparation on the ground. because some believe that base tiny piece of when really matters and is really important why 1st of all, of course, if you look at the map, you will see it has a very long around 400 kilometer long border line with ukraine. so days strategically located, this is important geographically and 2nd, it's haters. this region between the nice sir river and the credit border broke away from over back in 992. after a short war, 8 its independence was not international, recognise,
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and most of the world still sees it as part of my dover. so it is a self proclaimed, unrecognized country there. and it has very close ties with russia, 30 percent of its population russians and it is connected socially, culturally, economically, of course, shortly after that war, russian peacekeepers were sent on the ground to maintain peace and the to prevent any military activity or the fighting from happening i think they've been doing great job because experts say that this concert is the calmest and the less deadly all fraud to post soviet union. i area. and initially there were $5000.00 troops, but now it's around $1500.00. so it's not a very significant amount, but still some fear that russia can use trends they started in it's operation on the ground in ukraine. let's now listen to
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a one of the great. and now commentators military slash political. this is what he has to say. there is only one chance left to save mary u paul, a blow to trans. mr. ukraine has the legal right to demilitarized the military facilities of the russian troops threatening us. we hear from the crime lane and from the i see that they are concerned about the security situation. interest nestor now. so eyes are on that part of the globe, so we have to wait and see how the citation develops. here are eyes will be on it as well. thanks very much ridiculous. 3 months. maria phenomena, a russian diplomat to the you in house. claim kia is preparing false flag tucks with the help of the us, possibly involving weapons of mass destruction with the aim of framing moscow. now the words came in connection with the arrival in ukraine of a humanitarian group with the questionable reputation, the white helmets b, u. s and its allies has proven records of using the weapons of mass destruction
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allegations to assault sovereign countries, which do not want to succumb to their pressure. there is a clear pattern of how the years back group stage, such publications, in other parts of the world. first, a so called chemical incident is orchestrated them, the pro western n g o z. in particular notorious white helmets, was t on the alerts. nearby, expeditiously arrived to the venue and collect in violation of all non proliferation norms and procedures. shaky evidence, then they feed this narrative to the western media. will we all know dismissal? don't methodology. while the white helmets positions itself, fans a voluntary rescue oper, organization now it receives broad support from the west, but it's been accused of having linked with terrorist groups operating in syria and lebanon. moreover, it's been repeatedly accused of producing stage video was about the use of chemical weapons in the country,
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as well as preparing provocations. among the reaction we got to add this development was from investigative journalist and member of the serious solidarity movement. rick sterling, who fears were the groups arrival in ukraine could lead i'm interested to hear that the white helmets are there, but because they have, their reputation has been severely tarnished. it's as you know, it's not a n g, it's not a n g o. it was primarily funded by the u. k and u. s. government, for example, the white helmets for florida to be something that everybody should get behind because supposedly they were just rescuing civilians in the,
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in the event of a bombing attacks. but the reality was very different. they were primarily a propaganda tool and a tool for spreading this information and we're trying to escalate the involvement of, of nato in the syrian conflict. and so the concern is that the same thing could happen in ukraine. they are advancing truth that they aren't in dancing justice and they are there as protagonist and manipulators basically. you know, as we know, the zalinski government is trying urgently to pressure and cajole nieto countries to intervene in the conflict. so that would be the pretext from 2014 school in ukraine to watson folding in the current conflict. next,
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our documentary don boss yesterday today and tomorrow timelines, what it's taken just to survive there over the past 8 years and begins with blue with ah, since the break away but donates people's republic, won't been ranging and don't boss ukrainian. artillery it's been showing civilian, townsend, mining village. is that your more lovely deal? hey, i got
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a new one with a deal about one of these up the a little above level of the 3 of the little boys will get those bullet one. 0, a constitution. a me, rogers, a mini lecture asking why a western long time and it has to find the back. so this is
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a why in china nowadays, many, many people, they just oh gosh, nobody will actually this it or she actually with miley on the city on their plunked . dish zillow, karlesha. laura? chad, that the she slew as she yeah. i do have school or g, f, q 3, up i c 8 you, she's leeway federal shell. it's or chris, you give us more detail are still pretty what i to you se, and thereby the warrior in the city on the phone. serious,
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you on talk with us mother, you had a little. should he done bus not on bus associate or any kind of reasoning them. come on to bring me a chair out, osha, city or? yes. yes, marshall. tom mccoy, samuel males, richly ukrainian, helped me as diverse there's a huge void between nationalist volunteer battalions and the ukrainian military force. the u. a. f was who at the per figure was been easier to use the tongue sold up to get the sodium, hopefully more using you. i didn't catch up with lane. pretty cord, almost a full grains. come with a come a lunch is for you mom. gracy did him little shout cousin keep way right and soccer in the prison. well, one of you, i mean, he's not legal dice. no problem. when did you, i'm, i'm, you stand the store? i don't not or chia olga cups. if it works on a prisoner exchange program,
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she has met several ukrainian mothers searching for missing subs. ah, if i'm allowed the about the money was in last and you got lots and lots of dug him on. god, i need somebody. when you, my lease stop was ashlock me, please evaluate why didn't you approve the no she yet. and these young untrained men are allegedly being sent to the front line with national battalions marching behind a new suit castillo, if you can. all of these. but i knew it was video a how do you think that, that other than you do to much to put on there for them really is dismal much it would have to do with the situation. and i was going to do it in your for chism. i knew knew those really or merit injurious. i mean, okay, is came out today. i'm here and you know, it's, you know, should more swipe g number is, it is the at me if there was really got to the work done you to little gone guy. i me legally think you got a feeling that would have all is cut law one. there was


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