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military campaign that is changing the security dynamics of the european continent . and western propaganda is hell bent on escalation. li, neither was that is multiple us. with multi level institutions. the un chief calls for global multi polarity during his 1st visit to russia. since the ukraine conflict, big gum, stressing the need to keep alive the values of multilateralism. i mean the was international fallout. meanwhile, the you case, armed forces minister says ukraine should be able to target russian territory and can do so with nato weapons. the russian foreign ministry spokesman says nato countries are competing to send more lethal weapons to ukraine. with dr. les switch off your thermostats and work from home. those are just some steps. europeans are being encouraged to take, to stop relying on russian energy with
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wednesday morning in the russian capital. my name is peter scots and i'll be bringing all the latest on out see throughout the morning. thank you for joining. on tuesday, the un secretary general met russian president vladimir putin in moscow to discuss the situation in ukraine. the 1st visit of antonio, good terrorist to russia, since the conflict begun. and during the meeting, but he may, putin said russia views the un charter is the world's main rule book. while the un chief address moscow security concerns. the ex
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model that we should seems to with the thing that the main rule of the world is the un charter and other tompkins adopted by the surgeon, is ation not a documentary that were trapped in by someone for themselves, for their own interest. and it came as a surprise to us to hear some statements of our counterparts about that someone in the world can have some exclusive rights to do something. some interesting takeaways from that meeting between russian president vladimir putin and un secretary general. antonio gutierrez, 1st and foremost putting reiterated that russia is dedicated still and always has been to diplomacy with ukraine. he also said that the problems between moscow and kiev really emerged after the 2014 year old, my don coup d'etat the country, and that the russian military operation does not violate the un charter. now the terrorist for his part said that he understands russia has legitimate grievances
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when it comes to ukraine, as well as european security as well. perhaps that's why the secretary general received so much criticism going to moscow seeking peace. after all, we heard from the british prime minister boris johnson, who said that moscow would just try to use the meeting as a propaganda tool. we heard from the ukranian president vladimir lensky, who said that gutierrez should have went to kia 1st. because let's face a key of international position could seriously weaken if the un starts moving closer to russia's point of view in this whole situation. and jody's visits moscow, the un secretary general, also called for multi polarity stressing the world needs multilateral institutions . that's what he met with the russian foreign minister said a gala grove on tuesday. this is very important, even in these moments of difficulty to keep alive the values of multilateralism. we neither won't,
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that is multi paula with multi level institutions. and those multilateral institutions must abide by the un charter and by international law. you still there with you. the world has changed on americans claim they want to make the world unit polar for good. but objective processes go in the opposite direction, the world is multi polar. and we have been repeatedly saying that the un security council needs to get rid of its main defect over dominance of one group of countries. out of 15 sit 6 belonging to the western countries and their allies. geopolitical expert peer, manuel tallman believes the multiple arts he has never been in the interests of the united states. the mercury law to our system actually doesn't work any more in the murky, put our world, the united states on. it's already so want unipolar world, unused her the murky law to our institutions for your own. geopolitical benefit,
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united states still wants to impose a unity, put our award on twice to escalate the situation in ukraine when russia, who like her to were to achieve main good, which is a neutralization of ukraine, where united states today will be. you're criticizing this meeting because it doesn't fit, are we? there are objective to were to make the war us wrong as possible to weaken russia since from the beginning of a crisis day wanted to user ukraine as a proxy against russia. and derby made already your own negotiations. impossible on, and you were european security order to provoke this war. well, during those talks between you and chief on the russian foreign minister, the city of maria full was also a topic of discussion with until antonio gutierrez, proposing to mobilize the humans resources to assist evacuation of the 2 months.
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the 5th, i think some semblance of normality is at last returning, and humanitarian aid is being distributed with rebel and damage. vehicles being removed from the streets, ortiz foe to the survivors of the deadly strike on that multiple fisa router who proceed. casey observed, was here. i asked them give me at least a can of food, half a loaf. and one of them said, maybe you want me to feed you. like i said, not me. just the kids, the germans did not mock like they did. there's a basement, a bomb shelter in the next house. so they threw in boxes, barricading people. they sat there and would not get out until the donnas republic forces came. they force people to make a molotov cocktails. if they were not able to do it, they drove them to an apartment and shot them. they are like the germans during the war. my nephew did not have time to get water to the fire tank, but he was swept over by an explosion. i found him helped pull him out. yeah. women, the elderly in wheelchairs went 40 kilometers to yalta,
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where they were told that buses would be waiting for them, but there was nothing there. officials and the police left with the red cross there was a corridor, is f rosie for them. but the 1st ones who left voluntarily were shot because there was no corridor, because we are apparently a 5th column. yes, and you poor sankoh. they should be shot for starting this war bullet a month has passed since the attack on maria pulls drama theatre. russia accuses the nationalist assault, battalion of blowing up the building, but local officials play moscow for the attack. as many as 300 people sheltering in the theatre died in the incidence. and as nato countries continue to supply weapons to ukraine, the u. k. armed forces minister reiterated ukraine's rights to launch attacks on russian territory. russian foreign minister ministry spokeswoman of maria's or carver said that such claims are illogical and question nato's desire for peace. nickerson, you good. it seems to me that they are competing to see who can supply my lethal weapons to ukraine. and at the same time,
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they say that they want peace and pose the need to enter still, it is human. it's illogical. after coming under fire for refusing to send key of heavy weaponry, germany's defense minister says the country will now fund anti aircraft systems to ukraine, noticed by chance the shoals previously expressing resistance to the move. much to this may of coalition allies. the announcement comes as the nato a lion held a defense summons in germany to discuss, hoping arm supplies even more. what's western countries claim they don't want to be directly involved in the ukraine? conflicts? moscow says weapons of ice would further aggravate the situation. geopolitical analysts and former us marine bryan ballistic, believes the u. s. is waging of proxy conflict against russia. i think it absolutely is a proxy more. and when we really think about it, i think it you can make a compelling case to claim that what the u. s has been doing geopolitically has been
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a series of proxy conflicts with russia and china. this is part of the post world war 2 policy to us us had to eliminate the possibility of a peer or near peer competitor. these western nations have been doing all throughout the duration of the conflict has, has been policy that has been damaging most of all the west and the proxy. they're using ukraine. they're the one paying the heaviest price at the moment. now drive less work more from home and slow down on motor ways. those are just a few of the steps to stop rushes, actions in ukraine on the countries president vladimir putin, us, according to the international energy agency, r t showed you bends, gas mall and us as the woo continues, the e u is trying to reduce the amount of energy, it needs to import from russia last week. the box, foreign policy chief admitted that an outright ban was proving difficult. i can't
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give a date. every one can speculate. but as far as i know, there is no proposal on the table. but there are options on the best way to do it. attacks and import band, the iranian system. while countries may take decisions at a national level, citizens are being urged to do that part so far. you commissioners and politicians have suggested a range of how to do your bit to help you crane the advice is varied from cold showers to turning down the thermostat. but now the international energy agency b, i. e a has come up with a full proof of 9 point plan called playing. my part is in visions how every day people can feet. puting, how well dr. last use public transport where possible work from home at least 3 days a week. if you can't cut down on your car use,
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you could draw it will slowly on the highways and make sure that you keep air conditioning turned down in your car because he eats fuel at home. it suggests also less air conditioning in the summer. less heating in the winter, the i. e a, he says, all of this won't just stick it to putin. it will also help people be more sustainable . faced with the horrendous scenes of human suffering that we've seen following russia's invasion of ukraine, people in europe want to take action. this guide has easy to follow steps that with little or no discomfort on our part can reduce the flow of money to russia's military and help put us on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable planet. and how much exactly will all of these measures save the i e, he says a typical household. you'll save around 450 years a year. that's about one year or 23 a day or enough every working week to buy a law say in paris. however, if everyone across europe does pitching,
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this would add up to using 220000000 barrels of oil. less every hey, that sounds pretty significant, right? except when you realize that russia exports around $5000000.00 barrels of oil a day, overall, this would cut back only around $44.00 days of oil a year. while the precious have been welcomed by some. there is also a sense that voluntary action just isn't enough or that these demands could also be perceived badly by the public. the question is, what can we do in terms of regulation to ensure every one is participating? not only those thinking of the climate or household budgets, all be honest, it is very difficult not to come across as someone telling people what to do in a mean. scrooge like way. that is why it is important. we coordinate our information campaigns at european level. but if the idea is, every little helps,
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then you can at least try to play your part. charlotte's even sky, i'll see paris will not all europeans may agree to follow the plan. italy faces a hot summer period, while the air conditioning will not be allowed to be lower than 25 degrees centigrade. as, according to the country's energy to cree, we've spoken to some residents who believe it's not possible for europe to say good bye to russian energy just yet. i will said she, russia has been supplying us with gas for many years, and it is not possible for europe to give it up at the moment. i also think that other countries do not have the potential to be able to supply all of europe with gas. just keep on in recent weeks, there has been a reduction and we have already seen the increases in the crisis that exists from prices, bills, gas have increased. all this is making us understand that we already need what we did before and we cannot do without it after cove. and there was a great crisis and we cannot afford other moments of crisis for gas in the news
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1000000000, a tech genius and now switch the owner ill on most cars slammed critics. you've been expressing face over his pledge to let free speech flourish on twitter. this guy has no experience whatsoever with any of the lines of business involved in twitter. he has no media experience. he has no experience with advertising. maybe what must cares more about now than app or is this role of influence power and celebrity. and he just got the worst job in the world. he is now the king of content moderation on the worlds fastest moving news. or if he thought this was going to be a be fine, i don't know what's going on because this is just gonna be a world of hurt. in a pledge after the takeover must highlights of the need to soften, which is censorship, which many weren't fond of with the world's 2nd richest man jeff bezos questioning the possible rise of chinese influence on the sides. so human rights groups have questioned whether hate speech would be given more of a platform, though,
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as well as as many who it earlier left twitter out of principle including fox news hosts, took a coulson and outgoing by coping for a new no sense ship era. now twist is often made headlines for its controversial censorship policies. starting from bunning then president donald trump, back in 2020. so importantly taken down over 600 post with criticism of jo biden's policies in just 2 years of his presidency. but the flesh this out we can, of course, live to nicholas when says the president of the americas 1st foundation radio host carry harrison and michael rates and will form a professor of liberal studies at the new york university. gentlemen, welcome to our international great to have you with those. and kerry, i'm going to start with you. if i may, i know you must be claimed that he will adhere to free speech principles. what do you make of this promise, and do you think it's easier said than done given the current climate?
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well, it's private property. so he can do whatever he wants. he could put, you know, rusted school bosses on their boats. decide who does what and not, except of course in the you where they have true laws now about hate speech, about other issues that he will be forced to comply with or pay a fine. it may be worth it to him to pay a fine. and you mentioned jeff bezos earlier, well, that sounds like jealousy to me, because if you're this entrepreneur such as ill on mosque who doesn't seem to have a ton of empathy, but he's very brilliant, very creative. and you know, have basically the world's largest megaphone. and you could push the batteries that you have all around the planet, every car, every solar cell, what a good investment. so free speech. what does that really mean? do you really care? even if you get more people using the platform, it's a bigger platform, your investment has a better return on investment. thank you,
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michael. and we have seen some by caution, concern from critics of mosques, free speech plans, while some of been obviously publicly promoting the principles of free speech. where do you stand on not? well, i think we couldn't do any worse than what twitter has been to date, which is effectively a censorship and propaganda working for the democratic party and the, the state for, for lack of a better term really is what it is. and so now we have the possibility in and i'm not saying it's definitely a guarantee that they'll be some listing of this censorship and some lack of preference for official propaganda. and that will have actually a free space for actual discussion, which is not a threat to democracy as it's being put by the left k left this gate keepers. but it's actually a representation of people's voices in the public sphere. thanks michael. nick,
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what do you agree with that? do you think there's a risk of, of letting free speech go unfettered on twitter? do you think we are at risk of seeing arise of hate speech and fake news? no, i think if you look at where the big news is coming from and the problems with unfettered information, i think it's coming from the american regime in from the us state department. i'd be a lot less concerned about so called the speech from centered individuals than i am about the narratives coming from the state department about chemical weapons being used in ukraine, weapons of mass destruction and russia for elsewhere. i'm a lot more concerned about the information coming from the americans. then coming from a rather i should say the american states and coming from century american people on social media. ok. we'll talk in the american state. kerry, what do you think the reaction from the government will be to this? we've seen, broadly speaking, may be
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a divide down the political lines with some republicans who do feel maybe a little bit unfairly targeted by social media. being glad to have access by to twitter and some democrats, maybe a little bit hesitant about the must take of what's your take? well, let's remember again and again. and again it's, it's not a free, it's a free public space, but it's owned by somebody. it's private property. this is not some public park that everyone's taxes are paying for. this is somebody has a right to kick people off the lawn. if they don't like it's true that ku klux klan rallies and nazi slogans are considered unsavory in the united states at least in modern times. and so the people that own twitter, just like facebook, just like any other private company, have a right to block stuff. they don't like, i'm not defending this. i'm also as ill on most calls himself. a 1st amendment
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absolutist. my family came over in the mayflower. my ancestors signed the declaration of independence except of course for yelling fire in a crowded theater. if it's not on fire and other things of that nature, is this bad for democracy? know the solution to hate speech to seek that one doesn't like you don't like is for the other guy to speak just as loudly or more loudly. that's uniquely american. so let's can continue with that and hope that ironically, ellen musk who thinks free speech is absolutely perfect. he should also be pushing that back in his home country of south africa, where they might be able to take a point or 2 about why that's a good idea. so leave it to the course of public opinion then michael, we didn't suck. you said that no matter who runs all owns twitter, the president has been concerned about the power of large media platforms such as twitter, to where to where is the line between this freedom of speech and possible government
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influence and stepping in on this. well, the government's been stepping in for the past decade, and in fact, you know, the biden administration has basically ordered facebook to do surveillance on its users and to report misinformation and dis information regarding coven, for example. so it's not as if the state is not already is not already intervening and inter loping in this public sphere in this private privately owned public sphere. but so it really couldn't get any worse. and i think i agree with nick that this has been a the, the real danger here is actually twitter being used as a state microphone, which is really what a mega phone, which is really what has been used for. it's been used to propagate particular narratives to, to squelch other views. and to basically promote a particular perspective. nick,
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one of the world's richest men will be in charge of this platform. it's what i mean . obviously nothing compared to facebook, but it's still quite an influential social network. do you see any dangerous or not? no, i, i, i agree actually it was one of the previous panelists. now the problem was how twitter was previously being managed before you are moscow on twitter, or twitter was owned by saudi proud branch, black rock and other financial institutions. and it was being used to steer the public discourse in america towards the interest and the agenda of the american stage. so when we're talking about changes in ownership, it's not really a question of what is ideal or what is perfect, but is it better than what came before? and i think that unquestionably american social media has been used for evil. basically, i think since the 2016 election with all this censorship really began. so as far as will this be good or bad? well, i don't think you'd get,
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i don't think it could get much worse than where we were one year ago and twitter band, the sitting president of the united states. so certainly, i think that it's not the most ideal situation. i think you'd be better maybe with twitter work, maybe nationalized or something, and actually the 1st amendment apply to the platform, but i don't think worse than the previous owners. ok, carrie. how do you think you use this should be kept safe on or on, on twitter from, from a fish or do i have a feeling you want to respond to nick? i saw some express i'm just reeling at these. i think they think their conservatives trusted, wanting to nationalize twitter handed over to the very government that we've just heard for 10 minutes is the problem. the problem is the government has its fingers in there. now nationalize it with the government please. these arguments are insane . you either are on american who likes the constitution, who loves the 1st amendment, and is willing to take
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a slap in the face on private property because nothing, nothing is more important in the united states. remember we left the king of england because there was no private property and you were property of the king. so enshrined in our constitution, is that right? don't private property if you're wearing crappy shorts and a stupid hat and somebody doesn't want you on their lawn. they get to kick you off period. you want the government to take over twitter and you're calling it a, you know, it's a void, a state media, you've just made state media. so please, please, we're watching and listening to this and we know that is mark nick. i'm going to give an opportunity to respond to that. what would you say? well, i would say the idea that a restaurant taking somebody out or not wearing a shoes are sure. i don't think that's comparable at all to somebody like twitter or facebook l. i must, accurately pointed out that this is the digital public where this is where the public discourse is happening. and i think that the 1st amendment should apply to
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you. call it a private company or something like this is 300000000 active users on twitter, 2 and a half 1000000000 on facebook. it hardly has the same significance as a lemonade stand or a mcdonald's. i think that the importance is the free speech is and trying when we engage in the public square and where the public. whereas now is on the so called private platforms, i think would be far more beneficial if they were nationalized in the 1st amendment did apply. and if you're writing to platforms was treated like your right to telecommunications or other things, a t p can't turn off your phone lines, but twitter can turn off your twitter account facebook and turn off your facebook the couch. you know, this sort of libertarian idea that the founders intended for twitter to be owned by shouting, crowd presses and whack rock. it's just ridiculous as the height of falling micro quick. i'm going to give you a chance for your thoughts on the nationalization with a i totally disagree with it. i want to make that perfectly clear. i think that free and fair competition is the way to instruct to ensure free speech. and that
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is what has happened is we've had state protected monopolies in effect. and that's why we have the situation that we do because the state has been meddling in these corporate affairs. and so i totally disagree with the idea of nationalizing. i'd like to see more competition, less monopolization and less regulation all all the way through. ok, well i believe, what would you do you know, grants agree entirely on that leaving on very quickly. we don't exactly know what elan most is going to do with he wants to make some algorithms open source for free speech and authenticates humans. um, what do you think kerry is going to do with that platform and and monetize it as well? he did him a few odds on the platform and maybe move to a subscription model. why all meet? he is advanced level,
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really an entrepreneur. he's turned the outer space into a commercial tourism adventure. i mean, this is the stuff of h g wells happening right now in front of us. he's now bought up the largest bullhorn in the world in many ways. and by the way, the new york times, it's also a huge publishing organ. i don't hear anyone saying that they should publish everybody's bet. it's kind of the same thing. 11 mosque is uniquely whimsical. he'll do what he does, but one thing we know he will do 100 percent is he will exploit this platform to sell his batteries, to sell his technology, to sell everything he's involved in. that's the end game here. it's not that he's worried, but little timmy doesn't have a place to go shout it's. he's a very smart guy and he knows in order to sell product, you have to own the entire store and he has no problem with that. and most of us
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don't, as long as we think we can fairly compete, and that's why monopolization is the issue, but not the platform or the content. well gentlemen, as much as i'd like to talk about this more, i'm afraid we run out the time, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds for with the on the eel on most, nicholas when says the presence of americans 1st foundation video, scary, harrison and michael read some old former festa of liberal studies at the new york university. thank you very much for your time today. gentle. thank you. thank you for more on any of those stories. check out our website on our social media pages. my name is peter scotts, i'll be back with more in half an hour. do say cheer and to fall well, to part with ups on a boy coming up next. ah
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ah, there are 2 kinds of conflicts being fought in ukraine. a western design in controlled propaganda war targeting russia and a russian military campaign that is changing the security dynamics of the european continent. and western propaganda is hell bent on escalation with
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. mm welcome towards the part of the old chinese saying suggest that it's better to be a dog in terms of tranquillity than a human in times of change. a problem that many of us may pass out soon as the world we knew just a few years ago, rapidly disintegrates what is likely to emerge in its place. well, to discuss that i'm now joined by when when's executive dean of the jungle institute for financial studies, dr. when it's great to talk to thank you very much for your time. thank you for helping me. now, chinese scholars are not known for their excessively dramatic assessments. but.


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