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tv   News  RT  April 28, 2022 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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existence with at least 5 civilians, a dead and 23 injured to children among them after ukrainian for with this shell, the city of dawn, yet with 6 rockets, according to local, helpful authorities to say that 4 people died and an initial blow with washington's blessing. poland is clothing to take over western ukraine under the pretext of protecting it from russia. that's according to russian foreign intelligence. the russian pilot jailed in america on drug smuggling charges has returned to moscow in a prison exchange deal unsafe. he was tortured and g with custody, and we talked to him about his experiences with
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welcome. this is also international with the latest world news update is good to have you with us. and we thought this out with a breaking news that the city of don. yes, has been shocked by ukrainian forces, thus, according to local authorities, with at least 5 people reported dead warning. you may find the following image is disturbing. donya is health ministry. essays. 23 civilians were injured with 2 children, suffering moderate wounds. authorities say 4 people were killed at the sites and one person died on the way to hospital 6. rockets are reported to have landed on the city. explosions were also reported in the ukrainian city. of course, an overnight video is posted on social networks came to show massive blasts in a city, along with the remnants of projectiles or pool. would say the time came from positions held by ukrainian armed forces with a drone used to carry out the strike. a telecommunications tower is understood to have been targeted, but the local defence system, restricted damage. local residents said to russian tv channels in the city were all
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fair as a result of the strike, but broadcasting is now said to have been fully restored. there was no immediate comment from keith. now poland on the us, the most vocal opponents of russia's offensive in ukraine has been discussing the polish annexation of what walsall claims to be its historical possession territory that used to occupy in western ukraine. that's from the russian foreign intelligence chief. according to information received by russia's foreign intelligence service, washington and warsaw are working on plans to establish tight polish, military, and political control over so called historical possessions in ukraine. while his on course joins me in the studio now with more details, don't thank you for coming in a tell us more about the revelations from the russian foreign intelligence. well, mickey, according to this report from russian intelligence, the stage, one of this plan would involve deploying polish peacekeepers to western ukraine
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under the pretext of defending the country from russian aggression. that's despite the fact that this area would be the least likely to see any sort of confrontations with russian forces. warsaw, its actual objective, would apparently be to capture strategic facilities from ukraine's national guard. and then to create a pro poland counterbalance to the country's nationalist forces with the help of ukrainian elites that are friendly to poland. it's also said that war saw would believe that this would lead to ukraine splitting apart, which would give these polish peacekeepers the opportunity to take advantage of the situation. so what are the so called polish historical possessions mentioned in the statement? apparently war saw is looking to get his hands on these territorial claims in ukraine that it made all the way back in world war one. you can see those regions on your screen right now. and the question here then is why in the world would poland, all of the sudden decide to rehash these territorial claims that were made around
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a century ago, while russia says that it's because polish colonial app or aspirations have resurfaced in the country. and we've also heard that washington is actually working with poland to rally western countries that are in favor of this idea. but so far, there haven't been any takers. now, yesterday, that person spoke of how russia would respond to any foreign interference in the conflict to be a new revelations point to a further escalation. do you think? well, that's right. yesterday. prudent made actually a lot of very important points with regard to the conflict in ukraine. and one of the most significant ones was no doubt his promise to the west. that if western countries interfere in russia's affairs, there will be a lightning response to that. yes. list auto was limited, so if someone from outside decides to in to say, and the ongoing operation and will post strategic threats unacceptable to russia. they should know that our response will follow at a lightening speed. we have all the tools which no one else can now boast off. i'd
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like to stress that all the toss of our military operation in don't bus and ukraine will be successfully tackled for sure. our soldiers have managed to avert a real danger looming over russia. now with that statement in mind, poland is also planning military exercises to take place at the beginning of may, at the same time war source telling its citizens not to take pictures or videos of any troop movements. so it is definitely quite a coincidence that these military exercises are going to be taking place shortly after we got this information from russian intelligence and potent statements about basically staying out of rushes affairs. you dont thanks for coming in with those details as nineties don quota let's go live now to john la, clint, political science and history lecturer. thank you very much for joining us on the program. mister laughlin, now, according to russia's intelligence, as we were just saying, poland is i in the annexation of western ukraine. how likely does this scenario since you? i'm skeptical about it, wherein,
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and information war. this could be disinformation coming from the russian side. on the other hand, i don't think it's a secret for any one that a poland regrets. the loss of these territories, your euro journalist, or correspondent, just now i said that these claims go back to world will want know, the more recent than that these territories particularly evolve and rovner and volleying were taken from poland off to the 2nd world war. not after the 1st world war, so it's much more recent. admittedly, this for 2nd, well, war is already 75. 80 years ago. but they are, they have been polish territories in more recent memory. so it's not a secret for anyone that holland would, in an ideal world like to have them back. the problem is that if poland what to do that, that's why i'm skeptical about this. it would become poland would become objectively an ally of russia in the dismantling of ukraine. because both countries,
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of course, occupy parts of the territory of ukraine and in the case of crimea, climate for themselves. and poland would therefore be putting itself on the same level as russia, where as of course, its whole anti russian stance has been based on the kind that russia actions are illegitimate. moreover, poland is not the only country that last territory to ukraine after the 2nd world war, hungary also lost territory around the town of god and a and frankly so did romania. so this move, if it happened, would quite possibly trigger offer a chain reaction with various countries claiming parts of ukraine. and if that happened, yes, the country would then stay facto cease to exist. but as i say, it would cut a lot of the legitimacy, the poland, and the other nato states claim for themselves if they were to move in in this way . opponents also saying it plans to hold military exercises in may. what do you make it? the timing of these drills considering the conflicts well, i mean,
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it's entirely understandable, i suppose, for poland to conduct military exercises. after all, it's always been territory. it has the same right to do that as russia had to put troops on the credit board before the events of the 21st of the 24th of february. but yes, you're right to ask that question because i certainly didn't predict the russian military operation in ukraine. and so maybe indeed this is a precursor. maybe it's not this information at all, but i cannot say we, we only have this claim. i have no information to validate it or invalidated the us has of course dressed. it will not send his troops in to ukraine. do you think washington would prefer to keep fueling the conflict through some of its allies, perhaps poland. yes, i do that because that is what i think the american war aims are in this,
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in this conflict. i think that the well i know because it's been said by the the chief of stock, general milly, the american chief of staff. it's been said that if russia were to, he said this before the 24th of february, so the crusher invades ukraine, we will fund an insurgency. and the american calculation is that ukraine would become an afghanistan. in other words, the russia would get bogged down in ukraine. over a period of many years, and that that would weaken russia in the long term. and as we know from what joe biden said last week, the goal of the americans in this conflict is to we can russia so. so my view is that the russia, the americans want the war to drag on its proxy war between them and russia. they wanted to drive on on the theatre of ukraine. and they're perfectly happy if it drags on for years or even decades. because they think that russia will, they believe that russia will not be able to sustain over time. a counterinsurgency
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war, such as they faced in afghanistan, and frankly, such as the americans also faced in afghanistan after 21. so a rush i was saying is that any possible polish incursion would be carried out without ne time support? but do you really expect warsaw to be able to act in ukraine without support from its allies? no, i think if a potent were to go it a go it on its own to go on its own then with if it were to be decided, i'm sure it wouldn't do that. it, it would not, it would not do it against the will of it, of its allies. maybe i'm prepared to believe it would not be a nato operation as such, because nato is trying on the face of it not to get involved. a lot of calls nato states. aman ukraine, as we know about the idea that poland, frankie or frankie, ukraine would act independently of the united states is, is completely impossible. tongue cleansed,
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political science on history. like too many, thanks for your time. we appreciated you are not the battle ground, the of mario paul, where no more live seems to be returning following week so of intense fighting. the calls have been flocking to the streets in an effort to restore commerce. as the sound of gunfire and explosion slowly declines with rushes, construction ministry saying it will provide all the necessary help, mary. all pal needs. we spoke to a local man who said the city is starting to revive. although the situation remains far from peaceful, which is to be with just of course, the fighting is practically over already. we have 2 hospitals working in the city, an intensive care unit, and an emergency you and your school number 53 is open with more than 700 students . so one of the biggest problems today, there is no mobile connection. without such connection, you could be looking for a person for 2 to 3 hours, even though they're already on their way on assignment. that is very complicated.
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and how dangerous so safe is it around here. now, i cannot say that it is completely safe, as long as there's more shilling in recent days, there been more attacks on the left side of the river and closer to the city center . the threat is still present and there are still enemy positions inside the as of style factory. i'll senior correspondent, more gauss, you have has been seeing the upturn in fortune for himself. the city of mary uncle is with her rule malady to see people out on the street 3, almost 2 weeks up again. street a crave isn't the school that was free for brittany road from surrounding areas? obviously there's a lot more that needs to be done to bring the city back to what it was. good. as you can hear, this is the more need for body arm and helmet is no gun fraud or explosives. the city of mario who is slowly, regardless of thought,
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what to do is the situation. the city has already become better, fewer gunshots can be heard, but it is still scary to live on the upper floors because you can hear those gunshots more clearly during the night. in the daytime it's com. i have to tell you it is in comparable now to what was happening 10 days ago. oh, no mountain views of yellowish a lot of houses, residential buildings. there. the main problem at the moment. i'm living in a basement for the 2nd month now. unable to move out, my house was on the seat, his outskirts. there are only rooms there now, but for 5 hours, we didn't hear a single shot or blast at the heart of the city. the vast as of steel, industrial complex negotiations are underway, daily between russian representatives and the remaining ukrainian nationalists besieged inside people no longer wish to wait. it want to resume their lives now however, they can. this is valentina,
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she's 81 death and disabled. she has chosen to return to her, burned out apartment, or are no doors, all windows just scorched concrete. with these her home home you hear what can i do? look well if, what can i do? this is not how it should be. variables, new authorities have promised that the city will be rebuilt. that power water and gas would soon flow again. and that, mary, you will a city of half a 1000000 would once again become the gem of the as off see more, i'd guess the of r t from mary you pull a russian pile and jailed in the us on drug smuggling charges. hands were turned to moscow in a prison exchanged ale. constantine yara sank. i was swapped for former us marine. it tried to read, who was jailed in russia for striking a police officer. here his anchor was imprisoned for 20 years in 2011. after being
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convicted of involvement in a line, barry and drug smuggling operation, he says he was tortured in custody and moscow claims he was abducted and his arrest violated the vienna convention on diplomatic relations. while we're now joined in the studio by constant in himself, newly returned from america. thank you so much for coming in. first of all, how you doing and how does it seem to be home? the chestnut bucket, most of the well right now, i am overwhelmed by emotions because i found a just returned home back to my family. i still feels really overwhelmed by the happiness i feel. i was finally able to see my family up to 12 years. so it's really, i'm really happy to see my, my, my daughter, my wife as well. and so i'm getting
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a hold of myself right now. 12 years is a really long time. did you lose hope at all it? did you always dream this day would come of it if i knew that the day would come? yes, i'll stop. skip my business. i knew the russian government, the people will not leave me, will not abandon me, not just me, but all the other russians is russian people wherever they are, because russians abandon our own. so i was always positive. i always knew that sooner or later i will be back home. so when you 1st heard that you are going to be released, how did you feel and how did it all come about? well honestly,
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i feel the very last moments of hi wasn't sure that this was actually real, that this wasn't happening because i wasn't sure that the government that's our court is, will be able to get me out because this was an unlawful imprisonment by the us for it is so i spent, i wasted 12 years of my life for things i didn't do. and i paid for these things i didn't do. you've mentioned several times that you were taught yet. i in prison. can you elaborate on? i can't tell is exactly what happened with bullshit but the while of what i could tell you later. but all the things i was, sir, i captured by the us, sir. authorities by the da, by the drug, her and ministration and her on the 28th of a me to 1008 from my hotel. from there i was brought up
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to the say to the, in a say had quarters in liberia and louis komatt flip there. there was a torture chamber there where i was tortured for 2 and a half days shows. so this was in human our most physically and psychologically they, it was a lot of pressure on me. at one point i didn't think i wanted to live anymore. i lost consciousness, i and i and then i went back to her, then regained consciousness and said what was difficult to so i survived. but go them all the time. it was brutal and the torture was brutal film and they were really professional added as well. they knew where to kick me or how to torture me so i stayed alive so that they could do other things to me
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later they ah, ah, holding on the strike struck me at the teeth. they broke my knees broke, a broken broke, my teeth broke my bones or the sills of my feet. so it was brutal. yes. very brutal. do you think they were treated any differently than other prisoners or do you think this was standard procedure? it is like ok, so see what the i don't know if it was a standard procedure, but what they did to me was the american authorities did to mean and cooperation with the liberian authorities. that was horrendous. what they did to me it was awful and her changes came with us more. and it, sir, just there using human words,
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it's impossible to describe it. what helped you get through this incredibly difficult time, but just couldn't cause well the support i received from ah, my loved ones from my family, from the russian people, my weakest thought from the government of russia. this is deborah martha from the russian diplomats from look at it to help have her be helping me over these 12 years to survive and will talk to her. and of course the faith that sooner or later i will be back home. but also a faith that spoke with they will be there will be there are people who are fighting for me. there are diplomats fighting for me. and personally, thanks to our diplomats and personally thanks to present boot and i was finally able to get back home. so this faith in the russian people or cisco and the people
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of russia in the russian government, in the russian president, that's what helped me to overcome the surrender situation. this very difficult situation. and were you able to have constant contact with your family members while you are in prison? oh yes, yes. yes, yes, i was money. i'm yes, if i could sir. the phone with my family. there was sir a certain amount of time amount of minutes. i could take to, to phone my relatives. so it was allowed, i guess at some point they didn't do it because in american prisons, sir, ah, let me go quickly to. well sir, it's awful at the conditions that people are. are it only for one experience?
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they're working, this is are awful and with the american authorities like to blame russia and other countries for violating human rights or prisoners rights. what's is, in fact, what's happening if you look at american prisons or it's, it's awful. and so these are double standards that we hear from the us when they talk about human rights and prisoners rights. i just remember one, panama, and other secret prisons that the u. s. operates around the world, the torture people routinely the capture. people seize people unlawfully from other countries, not just me, birds, but i see a number of other citizens including citizens of russia. remember,
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victor boots romance sellers now for many others have been captured just like that says yes, i'm really happy to finally be here and be able to say the truth about the things that the american authorities do to russian people and to people of other nations whom i've met in american prison. you've been through so much and i understand you've only just got back to russia. you need some time to to contemplate everything that you've been through. but do you harbor anger, resentment for what you've been through? oh, do you feel relieved? yes villain, well what i experience is, of course, the gratitude to the russian government and i am really grateful to our president
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and i'm really grateful ah, for the work of our diplomats from our i'd like to thank our foreign minister on our ambassador in the us and other government bodies that's and agencies that made my return possible what machine is and, and see for the us suspicion and turn their minions who from the help violate the fundamental. let me emphasize these, these are fundamental rights, human rights. these are the international law, legal conventions and sir walden agreements. this is jess lowe to help with not evil and evil must be punished. and i will do. i will try to do everything that i can also do to a young girl who was helping me with a lot of people to help people find out what,
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what's happened. and i will try to do it. i'll try to corporate, bring this information to the world, to tell everyone what the us authorities are doing, what they are doing outside of the us. and sir, i'd like to bring this sir information bring my truth to everyone else. so it may be through the courts may be in russia or elsewhere. and of course, if possible, maybe this case will be investigated in international courts if possible. but i understand completely there a t right now, all of these international organizations are a, well, basically the u. s, saga properties. and so these organizations answer to them. so you know what the standards are right now in nor grade.
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but as long as you know how people, how are people in ukraine? i how i i treated so look, it's yemen. look at sir. all the refugees, so you watch. so they don't, sir with address sir. violations of human rights or city. so when the people of yemen, when the people of syria, when people of iraq, 12 people of syria are all people that all the same, they're all living human beings who have families that have families waiting for them. this people are in dire conditions and they need to be protected. so the same goes for the people who have got to stand and given the current state of relations between russia and the us, you release as seen as a victory. i what chance do other russians in us prisons also have now to be
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released no longer will that i do not know, but i would be really happy to see that happen to see these sir. people who are imprisoned to finally be released and meet their families. these are russian people. i want them to get back to their families. i deeply want that to happen. i wanted their families to be re united with them. so what should that years? and i really hope that was that sir, my case is just the beginning of this. so long road, so that all russian people who are imprisoned in the u. s. a who are in humane conditions so that they could return to their homes back to their families. and do you feel that you are a victim of the problematic relations between russia and the us?
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and how can you personally explain what happened to you mighty said jill. the c a case a was falsified. and so it was a month was it was all faked. and so i was just one link in this long chain to attempt to discredit the russian government a i see the fact. so i, i realize why they did that, why they cooked it all up. and this was all the facade for the real intense of the us, that their authority, what they, what they wanted to do against me and other russian citizens like victor boots.
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or this was a provocation. i mean, to come to achieve the goal, sir. and that so the us have as okay, one final question for you, you've been away for from your home for a very long time. you've only been back in russia a few hours. how do you plan to spend the next few days and weeks with you have a high do bowwie stuff. well, 1st off, i'd like to have a good night of sleep you needed. so when i was sir brought here from the us, i still have this marks on my hands from the handcuffs. so you can look at that. and it was really so stressful and
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it was physically stressful and painful. since i was tied up, i was handled, counsels middle school for over 24. i was they didn't take the hand counsel all 4. so my health is not really good. after all this torture of the rules is psychological. torture. it's going to take some time to get better. so i need some sleep right now and later i think life will tell whatever happens next. thank you so much for giving us this time today. we've been speaking to constantine irish. okay, thank you very much. i'm thank you for joining us today. now we requested a comment from the u. s. prison in which she, i think i was allegedly tortured the yet to respond.


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