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i, steve wayne, lead today due to them by with russia does not intend to tolerate western countries thievery and will not allow them to steal the money it earns for the export of oil and gas. rushes top diplomat says it's a v e u, that is weaponized in gas, applies with its threat to cut all ties with russian energy. that's as the commodity has become a major stumbling block in relation between russia and the you. the situation is very fragile right now. there are senior officials from the un here from the red cross, as well as washer officials or trying to negotiate and negotiating with the nationalists still inside the as of steel. the russian military announces temporary feast fires, to evacuate civilians from the besieged as install factory. and mar, you pull,
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the industrial complex bears the last pocket of ukrainian nationalist resistance in the city. in an attempt to rewrite history, ukraine begins a massive dismantlement of monuments to soviets soldiers who had fought to free ukraine from not the occupation during world war 2. a and international workers de turns violent and a number of countries including france and germany, where police use tier guy against angry protestors and make a number of arrests with broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas . certainly glad to have you with us. now you leaders have not shy away from
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condemning rushes, suspensions of gas supplies, as quote blackmail. but that's after you countries froze russian state assets on a massive scale with much of those funds consisting of payments for oil and gas. russia's top diplomat says moscow will not tolerate that. this was a decision for a state. the simple thing is happening today. but critics of our actions, everyone who has been condemning us in recent days for some reason do not want to talk about it. we haven't robbed of our money more than $300000000000.00 taken install. and most of that some had been received for the supply of gas and oil. and according to your rules of gas problem was supposed to keep the money in its accounts in western banks. and when they decided to punish russia, they simply stole it. russia does not intend to tolerate western countries thievery and will not allow them to steal the money it earns for the export of oil and gas. hungary, i have said 90 countries have agreed to russia's request for gas payments to be made in roubles, even if those governments have not publicly declared their compliance. in contrast,
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poland and bulgaria and have taken a strong stance against russia and moscow has halted gas appliance to them, or cheese equals donald comments now on the growing tensions over gas between russia and the west. weaponized gas, no, not an unconventional is fixed and above the one you might use to cook or keep the house warm. now it's in the epicenter, the road between russia, europe, and the u. s. that you says moscow is shaking down the block. got problems announcement of that. it is unilaterally stopping gas deliveries. to certain jo, member states is another publication from the kremlin. but it comes as no surprise that the kremlin uses fossil fuels to try to black. my last back in march, in response to the use aggressive sanctions, russia announced a key change in how the book will have to start paying for gas in short, in rubles in detail. the customer now has to open to accounts in
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a russian bank. one in euro's, the other in roubles, the payment comes into the 1st account, then the bank converts euros into roubles and transfer them into the 2nd multiple experts have said that for the e u, the change is negligible, but it's now the us that's going out of its way to blow this out of proportion for working for other nations like korea, japan cutter and others to support or effort to help the europe and allies threatened by russia with gas blackmail and their energy needs and other ways. oh, well look, who's talking? washington. surely knows everything about weaponized energy resources, because the us has actually been doing it for years, like when they tried to get europe hooked on americas much more expensive l n g, because it's supposedly freedom gas. the united states is, again delivering a form of freedom to the european continent, and rather than in the form of young american soldiers, it's in the form of liquefied natural gas. a shift like that for europe would have
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been equal to shooting the kneecaps off its own economy. but for uncle sam, there's no place for sentiment when it comes to making the big bucks. same goes for the nude stream to gas pipeline pro, from russia to germany. when the u. s stopped just short of sanctioning its own allies to derail the construction. today, i have directed my administration to impose sanctions on north stream to act in its corporate officers. these steps are another piece of our initial trench of sanctions in response to russia's actions in ukraine. the pipeline could have easily take to be ridiculously high gas prices and helped europe with its energy crisis. but trying to tackle russia is surely much more fundamental on america's pyramid of needs. the actions we've taken to date have already had a devastating impact on the russian economy. and even if you're a goes down with it, oh, so be it. for years the us has been turning oil and gas into a weapon of mass,
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economic destruction, and so have some of western allies, but all of their own express. we've seen from new proposal, brussels, the a, the international energy lobby is pretty for the template plan to break the you away from dependency on on, on russian energy. some of the idea is quite sensible. others are pretty ludicrous, like people reducing the thermostats, nor heating systems by one degree. but all of this is very much a theory of very much what he does well, which is basically come up with ideas and produce papers and create committees were very, very long way from anything really happening. so i don't see any real changes very quickly. other than more division, politically, which makes the weaker every day. he has plans to reduce natural gas consumption in an effort to build up reserves and cut supplies from russia. one german thing tank
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has claimed that would be possible only with significant restrictions on industrial production. and power generation, if the storage tanks to be filled according to the plan specifications and at the same time deliveries from russia ought to be cut so severely. this will only be possible with significant restrictions for industry and power plants. the proposed plan is to squeeze the use economy while gases redirected into storage with factories and power plants to stop operations. we heard from richard varner, a governance and sustainability expert at demo for university, who says, such measures would negatively impact ordinary people. if the european vessels do as america is requesting, which is really what's happening here. because previously we've heard from the european government of business impossible. we need the russian energy. but if they're now on the u. s. pressure buckling and they are saying, okay, we have 2 russian oil employers, maybe the end of the year, then that will be
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a serious, very significant negative impact on the economy on economic growth. in fact, on the standard of living. because the energy inputs are an integral parts and necessary input for almost all types of economic activity in europe. and yes, ordinary people will feel this. it will be very painful. food prices will rise, energy prices, everything will go up. we are entering a period of accelerated stacks, lation, where the economy slows down, and contracts and inflation goes up and all the people get squeezed. the spokesman for china's foreign ministry has pinned to the responsibility for the ukraine crisis, squarely on the u. s. government, the u. s, bears unsuitable responsibility for the outbreak of the ukraine crisis as it broke its promise and continuously pushed for nato's eastward expansion. in
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a sign of moscow strengthening ties with beijing rushes, natural gas exports to china have increased about 60 percent since last year, while conversely, on the backdrop of strained relations with the west rushes gas and supplies to western nations have been reduced by around a quarter. then last week, russian state gas export gas prom suspended supplies to you countries, poland and bulgaria after they refused to pay in rebels. benjamin child a professor at the paris school of business, says russia and china have recently signed major energy deals. the collaboration between china and russia is extremely promising, especially in the long run, although it is very challenging to increase exports to china into the in the next 2 or 3 years. because the energy exports from russia to the east face are resorts constrained logistic bottlenecks. and also political issues. one estimates that gets prom could probably supply an additional 28000000000 cubic meters by 2025 only
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oppression of the 155000000000 cubic meters once she has applied to russia in 2021 . but in the long run, it will be much less a problem. and why is that? because russia and china assigned to large energy deals this year, the capacity of the power of us a barrier pipeline is 38000000000 cubic meters per year. a guess problem is also planning and at around to china via my goal here we have a plank capacity of 50 beating cubic meter per year. these to be built in 2024 and in production, 2027, up from 38000000000 cubic meter per year before the ukraine crisis this year. i think it is a sensible thing for russia to, to have to have to secure the for research in their own bank account before being able to sell something. they don't want to sell anything for free. of course. ukrainian nationalists have been hold up for weeks in the besieged factory and
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variable their last pocket of resistance in the city. meanwhile, the russian military has announced a unilateral cease fire in an effort with the un and red cross to evacuate civilians from the sprawling industrial complex. this is recent footage from the as steel factory. russian lead forces have been transporting civilians to in nearby village where they are provided with food accommodation and medical care. those prevent, want to travel to areas controlled by care of are being taken care of by representatives of the u. n. and the red cross. some of the civilians who have managed to escape the fortified factory say that they were forcefully held, thereby ukrainian military troops from the neo nazi as a battalion. if she wasn't shown, if we tried to leave 2 or 3 times even by bust back when there was no shelling, but they always brought us back, they didn't let us leave. we were all outraged. how could they keep us there? if we are the ones who chose to shelter there, we were scared. so we just ran as off members came to our bunker and said, yes,
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we opened the apartments, we went inside, they swore at us calling us a pro russian city. they said they found russian flags in almost every apartment, but that's only what they told us. to be honest, i didn't have a russian flag in my flat, but i didn't have a ukrainian one either. few of my relatives did, but some of the resolve fighters who came here very still, very aggressive towards us civilians are to correspondent what are god gave reports from arguable and explains the initiative for evaluating civilians. mary, you bull has fallen silent. the quiet feels almost alien, but seed holds unilateral cease fire, established by russia is now in its 3rd day broken only by cranium. snipers within the adult seal dash real soon. russian and allied forces have been ordered to hold fire. for
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a 3rd day. there are no air strikes, new artillery barrage has even infantry must seek permission to return fire also that a brittle evacuation deal can succeed. the situation is very fragile right now. there are a senior officials from the un here from the red cross, as well as russian officials all trying to negotiate and negotiating with the nationalists spill inside the as of steel. industrial complex because the situation is so fragile. journalists have been forbidden from going anywhere near that. that is one of the conditions that the nationalists have put forward to keep the press away, not to feel what is happening. so that is the, the talks that are ongoing between them and various officials closer to the as of steel, industrial complex. but as i say this, this is a hopeful sign that this cease raw has now, i've been in effect for over 24 hours. the city hasn't been least quad since the
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battle began. more than a 100 civilians held by ukrainian nationalists for 2 months have been able to leave the as of steel complex. many more still believed to be inside. but this quiet has provided us with an opportunity to visit areas recently liberated from nationalists . this is another armored personnel carrier that was captured by russian forces from as of nationalists, ukrainian nationalist. this imperfect working condition, other than the tires, replaced those and off it goes. but this is an air, very interesting machine, a btr 82 k, because the pumps here are from italy. the engine is mercedes from germany and all the thermal imaging and video cameras inside the electronics are all marks in english. now the interesting thing is how did these come into the possession of
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ukranian nationalists as of nationalists, which until recently, even many western countries considered a radical organization. yet nato instructors and nations quietly train them captured documents and pictures show, and supplied ukraine with high tech equipment that they knew would fall into the hands of ukrainian nationalists. nationalists, and mercenaries here at the edge of the vast as of steel industrial compound. we found the body of another ukrainian nationalist killed during the fighting. he had i. what's interesting about him, if you have a look at he say, it's think it's long, it's very dark, uncharacteristic of ukrainians. most likely, one of the many foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf with ukrainian nationalists here. but of course, be interesting to see a full list of just how many nationalists of parish the foreigners,
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and how many still a lot of inside the vas as of steel industrial compound. russia believes that hundreds of foreign fighters are we've, as of nationalists inside mary, you builds industrial zones many far right radicals from the americas and europe. white supremacists, send war junkies for 2 months. that have also been persists that reports that among them active duty, nato instructors and even offices who may well be according to room was part of the civilian evacuation. deal more at gas div artie from mario po, russian foreign minister, sir gala rob has said t f. has it taken every possible effort to hide information about foreign fighters taking part in the conflict for the ukrainian side? he would suit duexis gritty was the union,
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the situation with the resistance at the as austell factory in mary you, paul and the stubborn hysterical desire zalinski and his western patrons to withdraw all of those people and send them to ukrainian territory is explained by the fact that many people are there who can confirm the presence of mercenaries or active western military officers on the side of the ukrainian radicals. meanwhile, ukraine's president zalinski in an interview with greek television, has expressed praise for the ukrainian armed forces as of battalion. despite it, having embraced neo nazi ideology, including using an emblem derived from hitler's vermont, there is also the is of battalion which does not consist of volunteers. but as part of the national guard of our state to day, they are part of the armed forces and all of them are an official army of our state, mary, you, paul, is protected by professional soldiers. it is protected not only by the as of battalion, whoever the volunteers are. we are grateful to them, but only professional soldiers can defend his off still and marry you paul. with such courage. ukraine has made desperate attempts to rewrite history as it begins
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the mast dismantlement of monuments dedicated to soviet soldiers who had given their lives to liberate ukraine from nazi occupiers during world war 2. with commentary on that. here's don courter as war rages on and ukraine, a destructive frenzy against the countries anti fascist past has spread like a plague memorials to soviet soldiers who fought and died to for ukraine from the nazis are being desecrated in mass. oh, oh ah, should we be at all surprised, after all russia said launched its military operation because of the worrying number of people who still glorify naziism and ukraine. and since the operation
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began, gives attempts to whitewash world war to history have been kicked into overdrive like when ukraine's government removed and profusely apologized for a picture of former japanese emperor hero quito. that it posted in a video on twitter. our sincere apologies to japan for this mistake. we had no intention to offend the friendly people of japan hero. he toe was depicted alongside ad, off hitler and benito mussolini. since they were, let's not forget the leaders of the axis powers in world war 2. but just because tokyo, which now supplies key of with military equipment founded offensive ukraine, decided to rewrite that part of history. he has also decided to and its participation in a historical initiative of the commonwealth of independent states, which was intended to protect the memory of courage and sacrifice demonstrated by the soviet people during world war 2. and for some reason that something ukraine doesn't want to do your mind, you must oracle memory is being destroyed by the hands of ukrainians,
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say to you. but as the people who rule ukraine, who are destroying it up when you the main country, the rules, ukraine, is the united states. the main goal is to pet russia, ukraine against each other when young to destroy historical memories, the, to inspire the younger generation and to believing that russia has always oppressed ukraine. that upon vent arrow was a great ukrainian hero. it is for this purpose that they want young people not to know the history of what we're to. so they do not know that russians and ukrainians of brothers, a lot of ukrainians were heroes of that war. my father included. and now the west is trying to divide us, arguably the most absurd was ukrainian president vladimir zalinski is attempt to liken rushes, military operation in ukraine to the extermination of the jews at the hands of the nazis movies named arizola. we are in different countries and in completely different conditions. but the threat is the same for both us in you, the total destruction of the people state culture, good time and even the names ukraine, israel,
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good. on february 24th 1920. the national socialist workers, party of germany, was founded. the party that took millions of lives the destroyed entire countries tried to kill nations 102 years later on february 24th, a terminal order was issued to launch a full scale russian invasion of ukraine. needless to say, some israeli officials were not impressed and reacted with outrage. war is always a terrible thing. but every comparison between a regular war as difficult as it is, and the extermination of millions of jews and gas chambers in the framework of the final solution as a complete distortion of history. zalinski is government hasn't been alone in this alarming trend of re writing world war to history. though, for the past 6 years, russia's un proposal to combat the glorification of naziism around the world has been met with only 2 votes against the u. s. and ukraine. at the same time, washington says it's cancelling this year's annual arlington cemetery ceremony.
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that commemorates the meeting of us in soviet troops. shortly before the nazis defeat in 1945. no doubt, a startling trend of historical revisionism is growing throughout the western world . one in which the soviets who liberated the concentration camps of eastern europe are called oppressors and the ukrainian neo nazis who glorify a past of anti semitic nazi collaborators are called heroes. was shown blue showed now they are instilling in ukrainians that hitler considered ukrainians as arians equal to himself. but there was nothing like that he considered ukrainians, subhuman, based upon mendera himself, was arrested by the nazis because he advocated for ukraine's independence. hitler school and ukraine was enslavement, extermination, and the settlement of rich ukrainian lands my german colonists. sooner or later people will see the light. people understand that ukraine and ukrainians were just expendable for the goals of the west. serbia has recently been gripped by
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a wave of pro russian demonstrations. thousands of people have taken to the streets to express their support for russia, amid the conflict in ukraine, with crowds of demonstrators waving russian and serbian flags and holding up pictures of russian president vladimir putin. they shouted, the slogan, serbs and russians are brothers forever. referring to the traditionally close ties between those 2 predominantly slavic countries, the leader of the serbian pro russian movement peoples patrols as serbians support for russia has resonated throughout the world. estimated a little bit, as i put i did, i was the central leader of the raleigh and support of the russian people. not because they said that that initial rally serves. and russians are brothers. and we do not necessarily need to be pro russian oriented. we provide direct support to the people we consider ourselves are self organized. the escalation of problematic issues occurred after the migration crisis in 2015 after the outbreak of the war in syria. the government leadership did not do its job properly,
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were very involved in all of the current events for the many of our journalists and volunteers were in ukraine in 2014. we know very well how the war began. there. nobody sense, especially in the western media from 2014 to 2021. 121-1000 people died by the hands of the ukrainian military. now when information campaign is being conducted against the russians, just as it was conducted against the serbs and the 1990 s. the reaction to the rally and support of russia, which we organized was significant in the world in western europe and in our society. in particular, we will continue to support russia so that the russian people understand the we are truly strategic partners in the balkans representing the serbian people. in the meanwhile, in germany numerous people have protested against heavy weaponry being provided to ukraine with demonstrators saying that they will not stand aside as quote, mad men dragged us into world war 3. they lay down around a make shift missile,
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presenting themselves as casualties of a suppose that nuclear war war monger and liar. that is what protesters in a northern german town shouted at the country's top diplomat. during her speech about the green conflict. 0150 protesters used whistles, sirens, and loud speakers when the minister was on stage. the reaction was provoked by her defense of the government's decision to send heavy weaponry to hear that decision was made last week by the parliament now willing to join other nato members in sponsoring the war to state. earlier germany provided ukraine with anti tank and anti aircraft systems as well as armored vehicles. some demonstrations on international workers day on sunday descended into violence with riot police using tear gas against aggressive protesters. awe
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heavy clashes wrapped it in paris where police fired tear gas and angry crowds, thousands gathered to protest against inflation and low wages in the country. as activists urged the government to do something about plummeting living standards, as well as environmental issues, opposition leaders used the demonstration to mobilize people ahead of next month's parliamentary elections, putting pressure on the recently re elected president emanuel micron. we heard from a local reporter who explained the situation without either a le, many as you are, the demonstrators have reached the end of the roots. there are still many people in the square. now as you can see, everything is calm, but just recently things are completely different. the police are standing around the perimeter of the square police offices with water, canada, which is sometimes used to disperse the crowd. and also in cases where the demonstrates is behave aggressively towards the police for last year,
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100000 people gathered for a demonstration. it's hard to say just how many a head today, and perhaps a little more or a little less. you have to understand that right, the beginning of the procession demonstrates is behaved rather aggressive. lots of shops, restaurants, boutiques with targeted roles, including one of the local mcdonalds. in addition, many offices at banks and insurance companies will also affected. the police began evacuating people from the square root. so far, all this is happening without aggression has the police withdrawal river without exception, and no one should remain in the square. was still very quiet. me to buy me, said man, pushing every one out. ah, several arrests were also reported in the german capital. as protesters collided with authorities with berlin police officers using tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowd. he's not only you that saw violent classes on the 1st of may in
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the bull was 160 people were arrested during a demonstration branded illegal by the authorities. central areas were fenced off as the turkish cities administration sought to ford large gatherings. but the measures reportedly provoked classes between groups of protesters and police. locals had taken to the streets to express their anger over an economic crisis caused by mounting inflation. pay pal has blocked the accounts of multiple media outlets that have opposed official u. s. government narrative, new site ment press and others that have voiced opinions that differ from biden's stances have been banned from using the payment service for 6 months meant press, which recently ran articles on the war and ukraine is now calling for help in protecting their freedom of speech meant press news has been banned from pay pal for unspecified reasons. help us fight back against this onslaught of censorship. pay pal says the band will last for 180 days as bank accounts or credit cards.
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already linked to the payment service cannot be removed or added to another account . we heard from mint press founder and director minot abberly, who says that pressuring independent journalism has become the norm in today's america. well, there's no question that pay pal bending myself and mid press and other journalists like caleb month. and it's a form of censorship, of dissenting journalists and outlets. if you look at the kind of coverage that we produce that meant pressed for the past decade, we have been unapologetically, working as a watchdog journalism outlet, which is how journalism is supposed to operate according to our 1st amendment to hold both in power account to expose the profiteers of the permit worst day. and we've done this from the wars in iraq, afghanistan, libya, we're living right now in an intellectual. no fly zone, which is what we've named it. where online censorship of dissenting journalism has
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become the new norm that does it for me, this our stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and commentary, this is our to in traditional ah only one main thing is important for not as an internationally speaking, that is a nation's allowed to do anything, all the master races, and then you have the mind, the nation. so the slaves, americans, brock, obama and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves the american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist. i turning this russian into this dangerous go. you man, that wants to take over the world. that was a culture strategy. so some of it on your own i v, i actually stood off in one and tablet la.


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