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tv   News  RT  May 3, 2022 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] a with russia reportedly resumes its offensive on marty. you polls on zill style. steel plums says ukrainian forces are accused of breaking this ceasefire earlier putting in place to have funky wait civilians to safety vladimir putin lines new tit for tenants. economic measures in response to western sanctions against russia. the list could include a bond on raw materials export also head on the program today, the hungarian foreign minister slums. what he describes us on justify the attacks by the west budapest position on russian energy supplies.
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a indian prime minister and their written gra, moody visits, denmark on day 2 of his working trip to europe. it comes against the backdrop of western pressure, all new delhi to join sanctions against russia, with just after 8 in the evening in jerusalem in nairobi and right here in moscow this tuesday may the 3rd welcome to the news roundup. here on our t ukrainian forces have reportedly used this cease fire as marty. you pulls a self style plant to move into a new battle positions. the russian military attacks on military fortifications have now reportedly resumed with ur, strong sound artillery used in the offensive. it comes as a thief, fire was announced in the area for several days with more than a 100 civilians evacuated to safety. during that time. this is how one russian
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soldier describes the fighters left in the mar. you pulled love for not the reason . they are fanatics. they are waiting for something maybe negotiations waiting for them to be taken out of there somehow. they've waste hope on zelinski. although they did say that they have been abandoned down there because keep doesn't answer their calls. they're just fanatics. regular ukrainian forces would have already laid down, their weapons, served their time in captivity and returned home. there are also a lot of criminals there and they have nowhere to run it 70 kilometers to the nearest positions of the crowning forces. they even want to have enough time to get there even if they really wanted to. he just makes no sense for them to go out only to wait for something serious negotiations and other headline story today, russian president vladimir putin has announced a new sense of economic measures in response to western sanctions. the decree prohibits, among other things,
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are bound on some exports of raw materials to western companies. ortiz eager shut off, can tell us more. this is yet another step that the russian government is taking in response to the unprecedented pressure that it is facing from the us from the you and their allies. and according to while the decrease signed by vladimir putin, the russian government has 10 days to come up with a list of entities, including both individuals and businesses that will be blacklisted from making any deals with the russians with the russian business with the russian economy. and in fact, not only the russian government and the russian businesses will be, will no longer be bound by any contractual obligations they might have with the people with the entities on the list. but in fact, they will be outright banned from making any deals, any transactions, any financial operations. essentially, this is the list of the most toxic and radioactive, you know, entities for the russian economy. so it is yet to be formed. again,
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the russian government has 10 days, but the ramifications can be significant because the ban it includes, for example, the export of goods. if it is in favor of these band companies of these sanctioned individuals, if they were to be the beneficiaries of such exports of such deals and so on and so forth. now again, this is significant and we're of course, yet to see who and what companies will be included in this 1st version of the list . and i say the 1st version, because we've seen no indication that whatever 1st world version the 1st draft we might see coming for coming and published by the russian government. there's no indication that it will be the final one. in fact, quite likely, if russia was to face more pressure from the us in the you, this list will be expanded even further. again, this is a, something of a mirrored response. a tactic, the rush,
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a strategy that russia has been following in the past few years, because of the e. u and the u. s. they already have very similar lists, the list of the same nature of russian business men of russian companies that are in fact toxic for the u. s. and the e u. economies. in fact, we have seen several russian managers, members of the board and ceos resign from their position so that those companies are no longer affiliated with them. a very similar measure now to very similar step taken by russia, taken by the russian president, get something else to tell you about other busy news day authorities in the break away republic of trans mystery. i say they have prevented a terrorist attack on the regions, infrastructure official say, a drone with explosives and slum, and the liquid which you can see in these images was launched from ukrainian territory. it comes as tensions in the urea, remain high with several countries asking their citizens to leave trans history and
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to large radio towers were recently blowing up in the region with the office of the security ministry also attacked several explosions occurred. alan military compound outside the largest city to the president of the self proclaimed republic, described the incidents of terrorist attacks and blamed them on ukrainian nationalist urging here to investigate that. i need to be hungry as foreign minister has claimed his country is being unfairly attacked over its stance on russian energy supplies. we're looking at this issue solely from the perspective of hungarian national interests. we're not interested in what the still the west think about it. the real security of supplies is an issue for us because it's currently physically impossible to run the hungarian economy without russian oil minister at c. r. 2 also point 2 hungry against iran, 65 percent of its oil from moscow. budapest confirmed earlier,
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it was back and embargo and russian energy and could veto use sanctions on the countries on industry. hungry also was among the 1st european countries to agree to allow the conversion of their gas payments to roubles. and it comes as a rather kil, ukrainian website, known for naming and shaming those deems enemies of the states that hungary and prime minister victor or bomb to its list. the i to accuse them of being the only you leader to refuse to allow the passage of deadly weaponry for ukraine through the country's territory. the site's branded hungry leader until ukrainian propaganda as the complex of course, russian crimes. the secretary of ukraine's national security and defense council is also accused hungry of want to seize, part of ukraine's territory. and even being informed of russia's military operation in advance. the move provoke an angry response from the deputy chairman of russia.
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the security council dimitry may be at this rate soon enough, right in european capitals, ukrainian, nazis will personally deal with any inconvenient superiors and will separate the lambs from the goats. i will decide who to exclude from the happy ranks of ukraine lovers tomorrow. so the presidents and prime ministers of france, germany, italy, and others the where you and now under their suspicion. while among the reaction we got to this was from political commentator george the newly who believes that you is seeking ways to punish hungry for victor or abounds, aim of maintaining good relations with moscow. owner is victo as distinguished from many countries and live with them. well, in declaring that this fight between your brain on russia hunger is fight, i mean, whole or been already cause problems on the slave with european union. i mean, the european union is not bringing action against him to the fuse of any
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funding he has been trying, speaking more for the ways to punish it's going to it's very important for hunger is national interest. that it may say good relation, russia, but obviously security reasons, but not bubble for energy. and it is when hungry getting all of the energy from it pretty much, you know, 100 percent of its energy comes from russia or balance and the st relation, rush, indian prime minister and rend remote is on a diplomatic tour of europe. it's his 1st visit to the west since the start of the conflict in ukraine, coming against the backdrop of diplomat, again, fighting and pressure all new delhi to join the sanctions regime against russia. correspondence already to sing expand from a dr minister, not in the mo b on his 2nd day of the tour in europe,
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met danish prime minister met frederickson. and in their bilateral talks, they talked about several issues, including by nature, trade on technology, innovation in r g, especially if you knew, i believe they're g, as well as ukraine. in fact, prime minister, not in the movie called for peace in ukraine, and an end to war. you couldn't hear some good, good at the start of the wall. we immediately called for a cease fire and reiterated that dialogue is the only way to find a solution that we know when is at the end of this wall. everyone will suffer losses. that's why we want peace and g prices, sky rocketing food shortages, the spreading is affecting every family in the world. yesterday, braden's turn it into more b met german chancellor lock shows. and in there by electric agreement, they, in fact agreed to set up
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a green hydrogen dos force. apart from that germany yesterday had demonstrations for and against india in the context of ukraine. however, mr. moody to lease doors has refused to criticize or condemn russia. in fact, even today, in his meeting with the danish prime minister, there was no mention of russia whatsoever. the last stop or friends to more be in this visit will be in fact is where he will meet president emmanuel macro on after his recent re election. in fact, to the store that has been, have been attempts by the european leaders to pressurized remans to more b, to condemn russia. but that brimstone more b has so far, not, not only not mentioned russia, but has continued josh, due by the russian crude oil,
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by the discount prices. some of those points i spoke with kanisha gower, a policy expert on in the 1st with he's of the view rush has always been an important strategic partner for a deli that's not going to change. he says western politicians will not affect that . i don't think so. in didn't, i mean it's still relating to condemning, but if you go back, russia has been in the strongest. and then in the starting the media, russia that has come forward and supported india. so today, if you look at kind of a movie on the re, mr. not it is one of the school yesterday and it seemed are ready to go back to mission when it came to look over the soft gosh, looking forward. yeah. how strategic? i know g for terry. com. and when it comes to the oil market,
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a stronger lines that russia, nbc, that one is not going to get broken down a bunch of data, g 7 is also a big red. that actually is a strategic partner. you know, all the time. i don't getting peace because india is one country which is the maximum because of this war. if you go to b, b a, d, i have those massive b and that's not like, you know, got it. because 90 percent of that y comes from russia. if you look at what i see that i don't particularly in india are ecosystem is often the most. so in there wants peace between russia and u. k. and debate i missed as i get the best to sling. i don't know. i don't know. i mean, one time they're talking about peace and the 2nd time we are sending weapons, how can you have peace negotiations? why you're sending weapons to ukraine. right. so i think indian by mr. understand that far, and it didn't,
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prime minister is that who ensure that there be more partners in europe who can support you? great. not to wage war, but get into these negotiation with russia. let's keep that diplomatic theme are luck. they're all next ukraine's ambassador to germany is called the countries chancellor love shows on offended liver, versed over his refusal to pay a visit to kia at the backdrop, to that being ukrainian authority snubbing a visit from german president frank walter stein my last month acting like an offended liver. worse doesn't sound very statesmanlike. we're talking about the most brutal war of extermination since the nazi attack on ukraine. this is not child's play. those comments come shortly after just a short told media that kias refusal the host the german presidents that in the way of his own visit ukraine not earlier, criticize president stine meyer for his relations with moscow,
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while also slumming germany for providing they say in sufficient military support as berlin pledge to provide more lethal aid in late april, an open letter to chancellor shows then written by leading social figures in the country, made an urgent appeal to the german leader not to supply more heavy weapons to. the letter was published a day after the german parliament's decision on april 28 to deliver further arms to cause widespread debates. german ortho, and blogger thomas rupert said, this isn't the 1st time doing ukrainian buster has criticized germany and suffered no consequences. i would quote scandal from this, from this ambassador. he asked, i have a work as a roster to go on strike not to work with russia ships. he's really mixing in german policies. and i think this nothing in embers or from any country could do or should do it. this is not his job. you imagine
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a chinese ambassador would do something like this in the u. s. a. or in france, or even a germany. this would be a scandal, but with mister mail, it seems he can do whatever he wants and they seem to ignore it. and germany is always a country in europe with which was in favor of a happy ukraine financially economic. but let's don't forget the ukraine receive from the e you more than 15000000000 euro, which are some are gone with the wind and even the german government gave them money. so he is really biting that is feeding them. but the germans allow that no, no reaction and that's why i say we have such quotes of this ambassador for quite for several weeks already and no reaction. i don't know if i can go until there will be a reaction. by the way, there is a on change. org. people are really collecting signatures to get rid of this guy. i think there are only 550000 signatures in germany already,
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but the policy doesn't care. and the media also u. s. secretary of state anthony blanca and has praised america as a haven for freedom of speech dance, despite much criticism, states, side of the pressure applied in the media views that oppose official and mainstream . normative united states has the final state promoting the right to freedom of expression, gluten free press on. also, while the work information, ideas, opinions, including social power to size, vibrant independent press is a cornerstone for any healthy democracy across live. now a took us corresponding kill of mine and either a killer secretary blinking pretty a few of their full of praise wasn't a for his country today. take us through those remarks. well sure, those words you just heard from us,
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secretary of state antony blank and are simply met with laughter by anyone who observes the policies of the united states over the past few months. they've been doing everything they can to shut down and silence media that fruits forward. any perspective critical of the nato perspective, when it comes to the situation in ukraine, they are working to try and shut down tv networks and shut down different viewpoints. they're encouraging censorship on social media outlets. so, mean they were ever words laced with utter hypocrisy. there was those words we just heard from anthony blank and claiming that the united states is promoting free press and freedom of speech, which is the opposite of what u. s. foreign policy has been about in the last few months now. it's also important to note that he seems to think in addition to believing that somehow the states is promoting free braswell, it tries to shut down criticism of its foreign policy. he also seems to believe
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that us officials know better what's best for russia better than russians do. this is what he said. it's very significant challenge when it comes to dealing with the, the information environment in russia that has been created and, and bolstered over many, many years and a space that was already incredibly restricted is being shut down to virtually nothing just in the last 6 months to know that an opposition network and outlet is critical of the russian govern was invited to that press conference. however, r t and other networks that are more sympathetic. they were not allowed to participate. tv networks in and outlets that are sympathetic to the russian position and show things from the other point of view. contrary to what the status is, pushing are generally not welcome at the us state department and other other places
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where us officials are speaking that are not invited to the white house, etc. but yet anthony blank and continues to maintain that it's the united states, the champion of freedom of the press. now he also turned on beijing and started using china of being totalitarian, threatening taiwan, et cetera. this is anthony blinking, attacking china in addition to his hostility to russia. taiwan is quite literally on the front lines our seas pirate warfare, including this information including cyber attacks. and these are designed to basically distort information environment as democratic processes. so we've partnered with family stories on the civil side to support independent fact they journalism. now it's important to know that in his tirade, the arguing that the united states is a champion of freedom criticizing countries that are critical of united states or
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opponents of the united states and the political stage and the name of opposing and the name of freedom. and promoting freedom, anthony blank and relied heavily on the world press freedom index, published by reporters without borders. and that world press read an index that it was published actually did highlight a big polarization in media and talk about how media is fueling divisions that are taking place. but us officials rely heavily on the documents published by reporting that borders, but report without borders is pretty well known to be a us back n g o promoting u. s. foreign policy interests. promoting and reporting on things from one perspective. demonizing countries that the united states is also critical out and kind of glossing over the problems in countries that are more aligned with the united states. so that's what anthony blanking was relying on in order to make his remarks give up. thanks very much for taking us through. the corresponding kil apartment present bite is expected to put pressure on congress to
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authorize an additional $33000000000.00 in aid for ukraine. it comes amid a visit by the president to a u. s. plumps manufacturing javelin anti tank missiles widely used by q president is traveling to troy, alabama to visit lockheed martin facilities that manufacturers weapons systems such as javelin anti tank missiles. we've spent over $5500.00 javelin anti armor system to ukraine to support the ukranian peoples fight for freedom. in addition to touring the facility, he will deliver remarks about the security assistance we are providing. highlighting the urgency of the request to congress to pass funding quickly to help you can continue to succeed against russian aggression. while the promised 5000 plus javelin systems have been sent to ukraine by the u. s. americas ally, taiwan is being forced to look for weapon alternatives. as the conflict in ukraine
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is the laying washington supplies to the island. and as the u. s. leader thanked arms manufacturers for helping ukraine's fight against russia. the biggest defense contractors in the u. s. of every reason to pop champagne corks to celebrate the profits flowing it where there's war, there's big business, looking to profit from the carnage americas weapons. manufacturers know that better than any one else. take raytheon technologies, which saw dollar signs on the horizon even before russia's military operation and ukraine began. we're seeing, i would say, opportunities for international sales. the tension in eastern europe, the tensions in the south china sea. all of those things are putting pressure on some of the defense spending over there. so i fully expect we're going to see more benefit from it at the same time making money from people killing each other doesn't weigh on their conscience one bit. i think again recognizing we are there to defend democracy and the fact is,
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eventually we will see some benefit in the business over time. everything that's being shipped into ukraine today, of course, is coming out of stockpiles either at the department of defense or from our nato allies. and that's all great news. eventually we'll have to replenish it and we will see a benefit to the business over the next coming years. not only is this endless flow of state of the art weaponry to cranes spurring the weapons industry forward. but the accompanying gap in washington supply is creating that much more of a demand spike. the united states military has probably sent about one 3rd of its javelin, anti tank missiles to ukraine, one 3rd of our supply given to them replenishing us stocks of those weapons would require 32 months. some politicians, or even calling for president joe biden to invoke the defend production acts that would allow washington to make companies prioritize government contracts to refill the country's javelin, and stinger stockpiles and seeing estate deals are what the weapons industry relies
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on. it would mean significant profits for these merchants of death. we have a significant usage rate for the stingers that we're moving over there. javelins also, and we have to not only be able to help the ukrainians, we have to maintain our stock. the cupboard is empty or it will be very, very shortly unless the president invokes the defense production act to provide that demand signal on an expedited basis. no doubt arms corporations are thrilled about the potential for a new military spending. frenzy lobbyists are already working around the clock, pushing for more state contracts to defend the country, so called defense industrial base. after all, raytheon and lockheed martin stock prices skyrocketed the very same day that russia's operation began. on top of that, washington is looking to send ukraine, some obsolete personnel carriers from the vietnam war, which would make more room for weapons producers to fill the space left behind with new equipment. looks like weapons manufacturers can count on a lot more profits in the near future. while we can count on
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a lot more casualties. we have been flooding arms into ukraine. we should be seeking peace, rather than seeking to prolong the, the conflict. there are few ways of becoming wealthier, faster and easier than to start a war and to bleed off profits from of, from war, from the arms industry. tremendous dr. by the, the war industrialists to produce arms and to, to, to create a level of war, hysteria that will produce of markets for their, for their arms. it, let's turn attention across the atlantic. from there, the british prime minister has announced a further 375000000 dollars worth of military support to kiev, stirring a historic address to grange parliament,
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or as johnson encouraged the country to keep on fighting, fighting quote, ukraine's finest hour. the remote speech was the 1st by a foreign leader to the countries robert. since the conflict began. i can announce today from the u. k. government, a new package of support totaling 300000000 pounds including radars, to pinpoint the artillery bombarding your cities. heavy lift drones to supply your forces and thousands of night vision devices. we will carry on supplying ukraine alongside your other friends with weapons funding and humanitarian aid. until we have achieved our long term goal. which must be so to fortify ukraine, that no one will ever dare attack you again. yet more and more weapons are being shipped to ukraine at the same time. nature has started its defender, europe,
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military drills on the continent, hosted by 15 member states and allied countries, 30 states and battled vehicles, war ships and military aircraft, along with less few amy and thousands of filters to lithia, excuse me, right up to russia's borders. meanwhile, interesting remarks here at pope frances has commented, saying, the quote, barking of nate, so the door of russia may have contributed to the crisis in ukraine, and that he didn't know how appropriate it was for other countries to supply kiev with more arms. the pontiff also noted the rule of quote, other states in the conflict though, stopped short of naming them. and speaking to r t former new zealand deputy foreign minister mutt robson questioned how the western military blog claims russia and china are the world's main aggressors. well, at the same time, natal continues the place spaces around the world,
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the history of the united states. you don't have to tell people to latin america, but the brutality and the violence, the intervention of the united states for centuries, the people who've been waiting to the people to cuba, the people who make it work. and now nato has also got a base in columbia and the dutch in the british, who still got colonies in those areas have extended to nato's long, long ago let it shows. so yes, it's a terrible thing that they're trying to line up against russia. but on the other hand, the great majority of people in the world opposed to what the united states is doing . and i hope that you will. we're going to make sure that a movement begins in new zealand to stop us being dragged into this war cherry, which is later, we know it's reputation. we know it doesn't defend democracy. but we know also that
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the russian government saying that they want to the cation of the ukraine is for all of us because the growing threat of fascist for nazi so out the world is a real threat. and the what russia has done with the special operation, it's good, it's a good description. what russia has to do is on behalf of all of us, it's not just for russia, is to wake people up to how aggressive nature, though, is how distracted it is to have to look at libya. its role in both throughout the world and dismemberment of


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