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is not because of the contact with the enemy, but rather because they were shooting a mine. so that's why they weren't happy. as they told me, they weren't happy that the as of battalion decided to lay down arms because, well, they were quite blood thirsty, but well, what happened with has happened. it was very humanitarian. so, but again, there's no secret as to what's going to happen to the, to the prisoners of war to these people. because according to the russian authorities to the local government here, those who will be tried and found guilty of committing these crimes of committing crimes against people here of committing war crimes. well, they will have to face military tribunal and again, they will have faced punishment in accordance with the law. really eager, thank you very much for being the latest of the surrender. those troops on the steel planners, arctic correspondence from the ground imaginable. ego done of some of the ukrainian soldiers who have surrendered half tattoos with apparent nazi symbolism. one had a school printed on his hand. reminiscence of the touching copper symbol used by
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nancy s. s. troops. another had a 30 resembling an iron cross, which was a nazi german military award form. a u. s. marine corps intelligence officer scott ritter, gave us his take on the surrender of those troops. the reality is and rushes responsibility to get this message across is that they surrendered because they had no choice. if they didn't surrender, they would die. and they are prisoners of war. they're not evacuees or prisoners of war. and if they haven't committed crimes, there's the potential that they could be exchanged for russian prisoners of war where they have committed crimes. they're going to be brought into the russian system of justice, the crimes of the age of regiment, the crimes of these nazis. these ultra nationalists are horrific and there are recorded. there is a monster ball, not speculation. and if this debt is put out there in a way that's, that can be retrieved and absorbed by western audiences. i think that eventually
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the west is going to have to acknowledge that there are some very bad people in mario. ready operating under the guise of the regiment and horrific crimes were committed against the russian people in russian speaking. people don't bus for 8 years. we also discuss the latest developments with executive vice president of the radio sense, a think tank rasmussen on investigative journalist edward sol. here in the u. s. of every turn on the regular news, but obviously if you turn on the main stream media and the newspaper, it sounds like my gosh, when is roughly going to laugh. i mean, your crane is winning, so hands down why, why is this work still going on? and it's completely opposite. we've got a very, very, very strategic, well plan, methodical approach being done by the russian army, you know,
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credit given here and it's. ready lately, the opposite direction so, so from a media perspective, they don't want to read it. so i think is a very, very, very good approach that president took here and isolating the city, putting the, basically it's a prison. they are essentially in until they really had no choice either they star themselves or, or die of injuries or, or render them out. just this is a move that their leader should have done a long time ago. several weeks ago. the defeat of the forces are in the as a still plants and stole and vicinity of mary opal. they represented what could be considered to be the most trained, most is our most committed forces that the ukrainian army had. and also this is, it's in a victory that the tire world can't deny. right?
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it's something that has been a question here in the west for watching the war from seeing social media posts and obviously seeing the statements by the west. the statements by the government of russia center one what the truth that smell something that is undeniable is that when a flag is rate, which is the i guess or the elephant in the room is no one is able to factually or journalistically deny that the group that's being placed on trial, the leaders, the soldiers during placed on trial are neo nazis who committed war crimes. the westlaw presented by ignoring it, downplaying it. and of course, condemning russia for carrying out these very just judicial actions. a former french soldier whose recently returned from ukraine after volunteering as a medical worker, as questioned his country supplies of weapons to kiev. claims that such donations helped legitimize controversial far right elements in ukrainian military. we will see you here as the as off emblem you,
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which is the same emblem used by the s as battalion. here it is. it has the same letter, n is just up turned. and here you can see the symbol of one of the battalions of the 3rd right there. it is a circle with the raise arranged to like stairs you the symbol is also reproduced here. and even without any changes we're, yeah, i'm showing this. so people understand and difference, we will do what is success maker and gucci to read as you're exactly, you know, so they just, um, turned to the letter n, u taken from the ss emblem, while the symbol of the 3rd right remains unchanged. it means the as of emblems, dizzy, neo nazi symbol of the ss and the 3rd right was m eyes comma will bully, how can you describe and you justify the fact that ukrainian forces using the ss and 3rd reich symbols are now receiving weapons which france and europe is supplying to crane just to make it clear. france and europe are sending weapons and ammunition q craniums the, as a battalion is ukrainian military force that also was getting these weapons and
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ammunition and young. it is part of the ukrainian army vector, right. how can france and europe justify the fact that a neo nazi battalion is being provided with weapons and ammunition through movie or the french presidents? a manuel by kronos promised his ukrainian count vod, zalinski, the dom supplies to care of would increase in the coming days. journalist and author daniela's all things to supply more weapons to ukraine will only make the situation worse. western media as doing its very best to make sure that the whole, any information about not the influence than the ukrainian military is suppressed virtual line. which is repeated in one newspaper or t, v station after the other is that there are no nazis in the ukrainian military, or they're very minor. and that is all russian propaganda west, as nurturing a heavily not supplied military force in the ukraine. if the,
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the more arms that flow to the ass off the tally and the more this element is militarize, the more we can expect to see such incidents themselves multiply, leads to further violence atrocities, punitive actions against the russian minority. it leads to a growing militarization of a, of the, not the movement which will have effects not only in the ukraine, but elsewhere as well. when. meanwhile, the guns republic is close to coming under the full control of russia and his allies. that's according to the russian defense minister has been providing updates about the situation on the phone lines. workers if you want to rush and dance can ligan's crew public forces continue to extend their control over dumbass territory . the full territory of the guns republic is about to come under their control. russian forces are doing everything they can to avoid civilian casualties. so human
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tearing corridors can continue since to start the operation. more than 1377000 people have been evacuated to russia. which military forces have been providing humanitarian aid to civilians in need in the guns. as the troops advanced to rest control from the last remaining ukrainian military units in the republic, a local resident told us the situation is much calmer now where he lives. things calm down on the 5th day for the for previous days, the ukrainian army had been shelling with mortars. my neighbor was killed, several houses burned down. some of their roofs were blown off. but now it's quiet for me facing, excuse me, a series of domestic protest against increasing a to ukraine. italy has submitted a 4 point piece fun that it believes could. and the war was, while the use of foreign policy chief your set barrel has said they received the initiative, he distressed that it is of the ukraine to decide on the terms of any negotiations
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. artie contributor rachel moss and explains who might see italy's pawn as unprofitable until now western governments of the capitalizing on the shock and off of the conflict in ukraine to ran through the seemingly endless sending packages to arms support the country. in one effectively amounts to a proxy war with russia. earlier this week, the u. s. senate approved and i watering $40000000000.00 in economic, military and managerial aid, and you'll buy facing the lowest popularity rating. it was 39 percent of currency associated crust novel as dental sign off on the hand of even though americans could sure use that kind of casual self, mid rising fuel costs and planning inflation. but citizens out some western countries are starting to push back against these blank checks. major labor unions in italy hit their government with a 24 hour general strike this week, impacting businesses and transport all in protest of the telling governance,
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seemingly endless cash for ukraine. while italian workers simply have to may do, but we may be finally witnessing the beginning of a shift away from war. and the 1st tentative but concrete steps in favor of peace, italian for a minister luigi to my o, has apparently come up with a piece plan for you grange, suggesting that italy may be joining france and germany in seeking de escalation of the conflict. despite pressure from the united states and great britain to keep it going to my was taken his plan to united nations secretary general antonio terrace . now this is interesting, because keep in mind that 3 weeks ago before any individuals criticized magenta's for making a trip to moscow to discuss the conflict with russian foreign minister said a lover and president vladimir couldn't before heading to here. so the miles decision to involve gutierrez could suggest an interest in leveraging us
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theoretical and traditional role is peace broker. in a problem, i was laid out for a point plan 1st as the fire and demilitarization of eastern ukraine. secondly, negotiations on ukraine's neutrality and any potential integration into existing blocks, such as european union, 3rd, negotiation between ukraine and russia over existing territorial disputes involving crimea, donnette, and who guns, and fourthly, and finally, a larger european security agreement relate to our control which no, no, will be needed after ukraine has been flooded with weapon from its western benefactors. but looming over the miles best intentions is whether washington will even allow europe to push for peace. in light of its multi $1000000000.00
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investment in the continued the stabilisation of ukraine to the economic detriment, or you're going to require strength of will, unity and determination on your spart political scientist, oven garbage says, italy's peace initiative will not prevail as the collective west has different plans for the war and ukraine. i think these 2 factors, one is that easily wasn't hawkish to begin with, or is that as not being hawkish is probably seen as a country diplomat can start some kind of establishing a re established and gracious in russia that it should come out with this sort of initiative, i honestly believe that at this point these initiatives are going to anything because the west is not interested when i say the why fi? i mean the united states and let's say brussels collecting brussels in the 1st row
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. because their idea from the beginning was to try to economically chronically suffocate russia to maybe provoke regime change. i guess they want to prolong the war and the other side. so why would russia ever go to sign a deal that would be absolutely against its interest? ah, move on to the news now. the u. s. is to use defense department aircraft to bring baby formula from europe to america. as a country faces severe supply shortages, americans have been voicing concerns, worrying about how to feed the baby's. my child's drives all milk. a pretty big deal and you gotta figure out, you know, the baby doesn't understand shortages. she just knows she's hungry. i usually get for these big tubs that will last me for the month. and so we buy more and i
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started to see that there was a formula shortage. so i was telling my husband, i said, honey, we gotta go and find this formula because this is a crisis you. so everything is going to be all right. you know, all of us that a, we go to buy formula. everything is gone since been pretty scary. to realize that you may not be able to teach me. great. so we're probably gonna try switching and get some for children that went out. but we just don't know what to do. supplies of baby formula in the us are reportedly done by 40 percent terrifying parents relying the products. the shortage begun in february is the biggest formula production so that it was closed by the us food and drug administration. because of contamination problems and the white house has announced that the flights will bring the former from europe to alleviate concerns. the f. d a has borne the brunt of the outrage over the shortages. and after more times,
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hell bring the baby formula back to supermarket shelves. why did not spring into action? why did it take for months to pull this formula? sure, the story shown how many more ownership and that's record due to the end of the a slow response. one problem i've seen over and over with the f d a and my 10 years here is you guys aren't good at communicating. and you know, this is something that parents are asking about. they want to know what happened, who was handling all of this in when this report went to the f d a, i am committed to get back to us specifics about what happened. i'm just not prepared today to do and i apologize for that. earlier we heard from economics and politics professor jack rasmus, he says americans need to start question u. s. government spending priorities. just another example how across the board in the u. s. this seems like the administration has turned it back on the needs of a lot of american people,
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and it's totally preoccupied. now. we're providing $5060000000000.00 to a war halfway around the world. when something's wrong with that, americans have been ask themselves, my question is about 3 and a half to 4000000 babies born in the us every year. and about half of that was and supplied from other labs. so you got about 2000000 babies who have no formula, you know, on average out there and what's buying, doing well, buying this says there's going to bring this weekend one and a half 1000000 bottles from nationally, from europe. well, you know, one and a half 1000000 to 1000000 just like a bottle a day. that doesn't solve the problem. they're going to have to have a shipment of that large every day. and over to pakistan now, which has been shaken by a new round of mass protests with support is a former prime minister, enron con rejecting his recent dismissal by parliament. ah,
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the deposed prime minister expressed criticism of the new government during a recent rally in the city of milton and told his followers to quote, not bow your heads before thieves. now he's been holding a series of speeches across the country this month. as to mobile. i support against the country's new leadership whom he accuses of corruption and says what is was installed by the u. s. he also says his party will make its way back to his. i'm about next week and he's demanding a fresh election. we are here to support con and the pizza party to oust this important government. the regime change allegations must be investigated for mature to come to a conclusion. now there must be an investigation. a man, he said we can rent a warm no cons accused us of
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orchestrating his ousting over his close size with russia and china. that is of course an allegation that washington has denied, adamantly, pakistan's for minister bill a while a boot. so is a diary during a recent press conference at the united nations describe cons, february visit to russia as an innocence action. he also said that is i'm about would like to pivots away from a quote, transact tree relationship with us. we believe that pakistan must continue to engage with the united and it with the united states at all levels. we believe that that's in the interest to both of you who have pakistan and the people of america. what we heard from a political unless to show that now is the time for us to understand that fueling armed conflicts is not the right way to repair relations. do foreign minister or a lead lead barkus don relations with the united states should be beyond the rhyme, off or inter and back on and it stopped bras,
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including the establishment. members have been seen united states policies as a not right lead guided in the region because focused on see united states as supporting its practice on a stance towards the nomic integration of the region. but unfortunately, united states is convincing pakistan to do more in order to read, to get the terrorism richer to me, has already been regulated by the fall on the establishment that is now under the control of going to side. the truth is that the united states is not trying to understand. focus on, you know, when it starts to beer war on terror. that is completely the stabilize the reason, almost 80000 people of arkansas. and i've been mart fighting the war of united states. now, after almost 2 tickets, it is time for the united states to realize that the answer isn't jr. economics, not in the military security report say they couldn't believe have been used to
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kill prominence. i'll just have a general sharina who actually doing is really military raid this month has been located. israel however, says it has no intention to open a criminal investigation because the reporter was killed in what has been described as a quote. i see combat situation now. quick warning, you may find some of the following footages disturbing. while a senior officials have refused to hand over to israeli authorities are recovered bullet that caused the death of the palestinian side that he doesn't trust. israel isn't as demanded an international investigation. he's really military has said the bullets could have been fired by a palestinian militants and palestinians have staunchly denied that claim. now the reporter was shot in the head while reporting in the west bank during her funeral, which gathered thousands of mourners in east jerusalem is really rather riot police appeared to assault a group of people who were carrying her coffin that did exacerbates the palestinian outcry. the only public information about the death has been provided by palestinian authorities who conducted the autopsy. we heard details on the matter
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from journalist mohammed ha mile. the reason why the policy and authorities rejecting or any cooperation with the israelis is the israel, has a long track record of not going through with their investigations. in the past, we have seen a israeli investigations where these issues are often either buried either in time they're buried in that in the dust. and of several months later, they come to a conclusion without even announcing what has happened we, i'm personally in my 12 years of coverage in the region. i've seen how these investigations do not amount to anything from the israeli side. a fact that no criminal intent was not found doesn't mean that there shouldn't be an investigation . a life was lost. and i feel like that warrenson investigation, regardless of whether there was criminal intent or not. there's a several ways you can deal with this weather, involuntary manslaughter. whether this was a, you know,
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somebody has to be reprimanded, somebody must be held accountable. well, that's it for now. do head over to our web site, full more news headlines. my name is peter scott. and what's available to you? i hope your weekend is off to a great start. ah, ah, ah ah,
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so what we've got to do is identify the threat.


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