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tv   News  RT  June 20, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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ah, the the, the cleaning military continues, it's devastating shelling of don't yet residential areas. hitting pavilion buildings almost go acute care of the packing, rushing through drilling break from the black thing, wounding 3 workers, become to top export oil to china and defiant. the western sanctions does not pay fines, no shortage of biased towards energy use. when in germany, the green agenda goes up in the flames of coal plants fires as it is supposed to compensate its energy market for the loss of russian gas import. the
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former rebel fighter becomes the left wing president and colombia of history would be traditionally us the allied country now expected to shift away from washington's agenda. the a very well welcome to you. you're watching all t international coming to live from moscow. we've been late in the world headlines is good to have you with us. and we start with the latest from the dawn bus, where ukraine's military has resumed its heavy shelling of the city of dawn. yes. look, official, say kids forces have been firing artillery at the residential area of dozens of film, which is away from the fighting on the front lines. the . there's some verify damages to teach proposed to show the aftermath of mondays at
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acts as they know word about casualties at so far and when you shall and came after 19 paper were killed and more than a 100 wounded in a don. yes republic last week. as a result of your training as hat local authorities of accused kids, chips of using shells and rockets recently supplied by nato countries or correspondence vermont caused represent on yet with this report on the latest developments. what is said, definitely very, very warring, the city, the ground here in a city of the nest was shaking, starting in the early morning as the ukrainian nation is forces at access several districts in the city. we could see the clouds of smoke rising in different areas, and there was a lot of damage to civilian infrastructure, including homes, including a power lines and thousands of people are now without the electricity. now, a very heavy explosion took place where the tv towers are located. here in dawn,
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ned scanned according to some local experts and this is yet to be confirmed. ukrainian nationalist forces apparently used an american and 142 high mars high mars some multiple rocket launcher once again, this hasn't been confirmed, but people on the scene experts who are working are suggesting that so this is what they had used also earlier in the day here in de anesco, a missile defense systems have been deployed over the city as a cruise missiles were flying over here, as well. at the moment says shelling it still continues in the city of dennis, from a nearby of dave at pesky village, which is just about 12 to 15 kilometers away from where i'm standing. i should say the cranium military has attacked the crimea companies drilling in the
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black sea. the russian republics governor stays at least 3. people have been wounded and a search and rescue operation is ongoing. it say, according to a local senate said the platforms operated by a crime me and state company willow, taste around 71 kilometers from the ukranian city of a desson. crimea lee to save more than a 100 people, were working on the rigs at the time of the attack with the evacuation effort still under way that the guns were public officials, se ukrainian artillery as keeping up it's intensive shelling of the ton of past naya, despite the fact that most of the buildings that have already been heavily damaged or completely destroyed, however, some locals are still trying to survive inside the embattled town as on t v. costano reports from the thing unexploded missiles and craters from fresh shillings. this may be 200 people in all of the town of papa now left in this area in particular, around 6 behind me are obliterated homes as the ukrainian forces keep blowing up to
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pieces. livelihoods of people here. every single house here is wriggled with holes like a fine grain sieve in a place like this, which is routinely shelled by ukrainians on a daily basis. it's surprising to see, survive was still willing to call it the only home they have was a saturday, so they were shooting with self propelled guns. rockets were flying, look over there. i'm trying to clean this up. when it rains, it's impossible to be here. you have to please bowls everywhere. we have no way to go. my husband does not want to leave this house. if his parents, the cargo, how have they treated us? bad? we are separatist them. one of them came and said, i'm here to choose slaves for myself. the moment keep troops retreated, these people outlasted their use as a human shield for ukrainian soldiers. they were the ones who dug up the now overgrown french's right to mid people's little backyard gardens. this maze of
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trenches was one of the most of an god, if not the most heaven guard position of the ukrainian forces in the town of papa. now i say in the town, because here you can clearly see that it was established amidst private sector. the rest of the town stretches as far as b. i can see the only thing the handful of locals here are left with is to wait and hope wait until they're finally out of range of the soviet made artillery at the service of the ukrainian army. hope that west and made bombs don't start dropping on them, like they already have on the civilians of the next o. russia has replaced saudi arabia as the top supply of crude oil to china with bating, making the most of discounted supplies from its neighbor to the north west as all exposed to china thought 55 percent from the previous year to a records level in may. the latest figures reported russia overtook saudi arabia, whose export volumes increased,
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but only by 9 percent moving the middle east and country down to 2nd place. india has also been taking advantage of discounts on russian energy supplies, with the reported spike and russian coal purchases in recent weeks. meanwhile, the youth talk economy, germany is facing a gas crisis, as they've been seeking to cut supplies from russia. germany has even been warning his people to use less of the commodity or else they might not be able to adequately heat their homes this winter. we must and we will do everything we can to store as much gas as possible in the summer and fall gas consumption must continue to fall. some more gas must be stored in storage, otherwise things will get really tight in winter. i think it contributes a right to lawson takes us through the latest on germany's energy crisis. so much for germany is clean energy session sticking. it's a good by avoiding rashid ass, currently now also means tearing up your countries green energy program. berlin is backed itself into an energy crunch with the west's anti rushing sections. last
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week, russia's gas from announced an overall reduction of 40 percent in russian gas deliveries to europe via the north street pipeline. it's germany citing siemens failure to return. repaired gas lamps. the german company explained the canadian anti rushing sanctions prevented the return of the units from a factory in montreal for use in the pipeline. 9 thing, the berlin would be happy to fulfill his promise. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski of reducing russian gas imports because that's effectively what this does . but that's not the case as berlin solution to cut down on its gas needs is to fire up the dirty whole plants. again, it's that total odds with the country's green energy policy. that means to be honest, more coal fired power plants for a transitional period. that's bitter, but it's almost necessary in this situation to reduce gas consumption. germany industry association support setting climate goals aside now in favor of ensuring
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an energy supply. no kidding need. energy, right. the move is all more surprising, given berlin's policy. a phasing out cool by 2030, which a carney minister spokesman's steph. and gabrielle house says, is still on track. maybe not for long. france seems to me in a bit better shape. paris managed to convince the european union to classify nuclear energy as green energy last february paving the way for french president, emmanuel. and i called to announce that nuclear energy is for us is future and that there would be a french nuclear results. this after previously no, being the closure of friendship. we are energy reactors under the pretext that they weren't rein enough. or lin still refuses to see nuclear energy as a clean alternative to rush gas, but it's docked itself into a corner by denouncing nuclear power. so lawn green energy has been on the used mind for
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a very long time. and germany was one of the strongest proponents for the switch to renewable energy, to the detriment of natural gas speed up or the necessary green transition. we have to face out a pollutants gas. we want to create thousands of jobs per daunted hospital. we must massively develop renewable energy in order to abandon the use of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. this is exactly what we have undertaken to do together. but today we're taking our ambition yet to another level, to make sure that we become independent of russian fossil fuels as quickly as possible to accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuel. and most importantly, to kick start investments on a new scale. wow, i mean that about face was so fast, so i will talk with wash, just listed. jury's best laid plans run out. rob like is offered to you. great drugs on sticking. it looks a lot more like sticky at your local treat her these days. ah,
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columbia has elected his 1st ever left his president, gustavo petro, who's promised to transform the south american country phrasing. questions about whether washington can maintain its grip on his traditional ally. one that i discuss this further, now we joined in the studio by ot contributes her fear rela, is about thank you very much for coming in at, but one margin did. gustavo petro, when the presidential election, he wine by over 3 percent, which was a, it's a close race, but it was actually going to be a difficult battle, considering the fact that the 2 other candidates had allied against gustavo, petro. so i wanted to speak to remain for columbia. so this victory is a huge deal for columbia. it basically means that they are now ushering in a new era where they can actually have a chance to have a republic where they can have a chance to get rid of the narco routine that has impacted them for decades and decades. death and destruction for so many colombians,
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this is why this is an emotional moment for colombia. and it also means the ability to dismantle the systems of old and bring in a new form of democracy that columbia hadn't seen before. this isn't about a battle against capitalism. this isn't about really so much about left versus right. as much as it is about destroying the previous regime and allowing the colombian people to have a sovereign election. they have never had a sombre election until now, and they have never had left us until now. so a big deal full columbia and a turning point for the country as well. what's the reaction been like to this? the reaction has been extremely emotional. people have been crying, celebrating out in the streets. there has been so much support from latin america and general president of mexico. and that my, my little brother, known as ablow, was one of the 1st to congratulate columbia. also, bolivia, her route, argentina, cuba. they all congratulated that i expressed my most fraternal,
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congratulations to gustavo petro, on his election as president of columbia in a historic popular victory. we reiterate willingness to advance the development of bilateral relations for the well being of our people's and i think it, one of the biggest things to consider is the geopolitical aspect. this now makes it more difficult for the united states to maintain control in the region. it's neighbor, venezuela. nicholas model has also congratulated columbia and trying to have more bilateral relationships, more of a multi polar shift towards the world that we're seeing. and so with this, it's going to be more difficult for the united states to impose its will let it be known that the united states has a long time made columbia an ally. it is a needle partner, the only one in latin america. so this is going to definitely market shift in terms of how the united states must deal with geopolitically, with colombia, but also for the rest of latin america that is solidly behind the government of
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gustavo petro wants to watch interesting times and day. thank you very much. for coming in, that's fear rela and is about the q. thank you. ah, my belgian work is march 3, brussels on monday in a massive rallies and wanting government action to tackle shop lee rising living costs. the national strike was called by the 3 main unions to push for higher salaries. a soaring inflation has eroded purchasing power police a 70000 people attended to the demonstration. the strikes affected brussels is main, airport and other transport hubs throughout the country. bringing public travel from those locations to a near standstill. inflation has been estimated at 9 percent this month off to sanctions against russia disrupted supply chains all over the continents, making regular people pay exorbitant prices for the choices of their leaders. i came here to defend purchasing power of the citizens because demonstrating is the only way to make change. we cannot cope anymore even with 2 salaries as we have on
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the medical teacher. both of us are working and we can not get our head about water . we must increase our purchasing power whether you love it is becoming more and more difficult gasoline hidden fuel. if will lower the taxes to 6 percent on tricity and gas, it will then make the population happier of the nation one suffer. me one is washington precious. the in you to ditch energy supplies from russia is deepening the crisis by remaining steadfast on its sanctions against iran, missing out on the potential for importance from that country to re stabilize oil prices. as auntie is donald casa, explains calling all oil and gas producers. it's time to flood the markets, at least that's what washington's hoping for peace. asking upon our domestic and international producers to produce more, it makes sense. joe biden has long been trying to rip the west away from one of its biggest energy suppliers, russia. today i'm announcing united states is targeting the main order of rush
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economy. we're banning all in ports of russian oil and gas energy. there will be no longer a nor stream to we will bring an endo system. imagine different fact. europe didn't have to count on russian oil if they were energy independence, 400000000000 dollars of e u, sanction related losses. record breaking runaway inflation in the u. s. itself and washington's taking all this even further. it's recently slapped sanctions against a number of chinese and m roddy companies doing business with a ran one of a few countries that might be able to counteract the rapidly rising global price of oil. but washington seems more interested in its maximum pressure campaign against iran. so oil prices saw a sudden sharp rise after that decision is just the latest episode and biden's series of sanctions that leave world wide pain and suffering in their wake. for those who had rather laugh than cry means comparing biden's. tragic tumble from his
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bicycle to the collapse of the economy. offer some sort of comic relief. others though, just want the price of oil to go down. asian boys hoping for a quick return of iranian supply to bring oil prices low amidst rising geopolitical tensions. i think that the united states responded to soviet, contrary, as they saw what happened, that was happening only ukraine. because of all the thought that of beginning is that they could use this column, maxwell fisher and, and using lol alms. ready sanchez said she, these a without realizing that this is old. oh, really backlash on their own economy on their likelihood that he was likelihood and on inflation, it should come as no surprise that all these consequences of the west's generosity towards ukraine have begun to change people's minds about the conflict. according to a poll, published by the european council on foreign relations,
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35 percent of europeans are war weary and want to see a peace treaty signed with russia. only 22 percent want to see the war continue. that much is clear when you talk to the people on the streets of italy. for example . i think you know that gasoline has an absurd price with to your hours of gasoline . you can't sell the tank that i don't go out and i don't take the car and i go with the public transport. it is the only way for that. he's a guy with the subsidy that will be removed at the end of july. gasoline. price will reach to euros and $0.50. there is no solution. we are in a catastrophe. often with empress politicians have not always been up to the task. we hope there will be a more substantial intervention and has become a difficult situation. i don't drive the car any more. i write a vesta. the european union's helmsman, no doubt, see the fatigued riding on the wall with the calls of its officials for key of to come to the negotiating table getting louder and louder. french president emanuel
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mac, ron said kiev will eventually have to negotiate even suggesting that ukraine might have to give up some of its territory a big no, no for ukrainian president. fly tamir zalinski. bascom, a monique on to noodle. but we want to build peace, which means that at some point we all want to cease far and discussions to start again. the quinn imprison, we'll have to negotiate with russia and we, europeans, will be around the table, notably to bring security guarantees that it is relevant to our continent. that is, the reality of things. it is absolutely necessary to speak to patina will continue to do so as the french president will also, at any rate, washington's insistence on putting politics ahead of common sense energy decisions might just see western economies take a harder tumble than biden off his bike while some european countries, i guessing weary of the ukraine conflicts and are pushing for peace talks. the u. k . is new army chief as well, and he's preparing
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a forest capable of beating russia. there is now a burning imperative to forge an army capable of fighting alongside our allies and defeating russia in battle. we are the generation that must prepare the army to fight in europe once again. the statements from the army general follow last week supplies visit my u. k. prime minister barak johnson, to care of the chief of nate's. i was also echoed the u. k. sentiment that the west must prepare for a long term war in ukraine. i'm afraid we need to steal ourselves for a long war time as the vital factor. everything will depend on whether ukraine can strengthen its ability to defend it soil, faster than russia can renew its capacity to attack. we must prepare for the fact that it could take years. we must not lit up in supporting ukraine even if the costs are high, not only for military support, but also because of rising energy and food prices. it's time to learn the lessons. nato must intervene. let's officially acknowledge this and order the russians to
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cease fire. the alliance must go beyond the framework or see sits activities. while you, as president joe biden has announced the countries, 12 package of weaponry for ukraine is the largest single tranche so far, amounting to a $1000000000.00 moscow's foreign ministers. they c u. s. is spending so much on the war if it, because it wants to destroy russia. really, they are trying to achieve what they have already announced a long time ago that russia should know its place. russia has no right to its own voice in international affairs. russia must abide by the rules invented by the united states. that's all and i think it's perfectly clear that they won't succeed . when douglas, a communist party organizer in person, has to announce the west attempts to escalate. the conflict is a clear and present danger all sides. anybody who gets involved in he's involved in diplomacy, anybody who's involved in foreign policy development, should know how to actually converse with 2 other leaders. you know,
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we all know in a situation here where there is no race to the west from what's going on here. and escalation situation potentially will, mike, it was not just for the people, if you cry, it will potentially escalate and other countries in the war. they seem to have forgotten that, that, that's actually, you know, in the fight a whole nuclear arms race, which is predicate it on the basis of my 1st games. we now actually have western leaders. he walked countenance single possible. it's a 1st use of nuclear weapons and he to escalate this war, i think is extremely dangerous. i think it indicates really just how i'm fit for a face. but by 1st johnson at least trust all i don't have a real proper understanding of international politics. i don't have a proper understanding of how to actually deal with people on moscow. say it will
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retaliate to what it calls lithuanian illegal ban on the transit of sanctions. goods to russia's western enclave of kellen in grad. here's the latest reaction from the regions governor. we ship and we believe that this is a serious violation of the baltic states succession to the protocols and a violation of the rules of free transit to and from the clinic grad region. these are the obligations of the you in the baltic countries that's without even saying what an extremely serious humanitarian issue. this is an attempt to strangle our region economically. they, your country's restrictions apply to construction materials and consumer products, amounting to almost 50 percent of russia's transit to cullen in grant. moscow says it will act as it sees fit to protect its national interests. unless lithuania agrees to lift its been. russia has listed a number of international treaties neglected by vilnius, including a fundamental world trade organization protocol, guaranteeing freedom of transit,
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but lithuania claims that made the decision with support from the european commission economy. professor richard varner says lithuanian measures violate international law and could lead to grim consequences. it's actually a domestic transaction. so domestic transport between 2 parts of russia that have to go through do to geography another country. but therefore, sanctions cannot possibly apply because it's a russian internal transport that's happening. so that's the biggest flaw in this argument. and then of course, you know the, that the transport between russian pods is not actually subject to any sanctions and also, or any restrictions that are now being placed on the coline gra region. do not actually directly seem to come from the sanction regime. so it doesn't seem to make sense. this parent move on is delaney, it could turn out to be very,
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very serious with very serious consequences. so i think it's important that people realize what they're doing is the aim here to, to stop the 3rd world war. and, and have a nuclear war is, is really what the west wants. it seems totally unjustified. and, and criminal in proportion. many thanks for joining us here in all the international web. back at the top of the i was 7 ah ah, in the lease hunter russian state, i never tied as on the north landscape with
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rural van in the european union, the kremlin. yup, machines. the state aren't russia today, and switch ortiz football game in our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with with me. oh, when i was showing wrong one, i'll just don't hold any world. yes, to shape out disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. a ticket with becky, a less you with that you for that with party i spoke earlier with her. what are your thousands of people still live in small towns
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and villages that have become the new front line? show her that what they call this area of the greys a really early founder of course. pretty me what that was only about a user to come with a bill or tell or via email, don't know why it was so that similarly wasn't done more than a show berella like noise through and which is cool, which carrier lennox on roku or blue shield that tell us that she made us feel pleasure. what's that? what does that double hit somebody with buddy leslie was just before he boise here,
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scott replied throwing up last time. i didn't look like a gin and like other than you should be in . ah ah, ah ah,
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somacki is one of the most beautiful cities in russia's far east. ah, it sits on the river that runs in russia, china buena and was for many years the far eastern capital. mm. there is no shortage of historical sites here. the officers club is one of them. this is where in december 19, 49 and 12 members of japan's. quinton army stood trial. mm. that was the only time wall criminals have ever been tried for creating a biological weapon and testing it on. mm .


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