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tv   News  RT  June 30, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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a did a a good will gesture. russia says it has pulled its troops from ukraine's snake island to facilitate the un backed export of brain cutting off speculation on the global food prices. we must not promote a famine. that's the message from the pakistani foreign minister, as she urges us to unfreeze afghanistan's assets amid a severe economic crisis. and with nato's
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summit in madrid, wrapped up with black branding china, a strategic priority for the 1st time. that's after labeling russia. a significant threat. amid that, the ukraine conflict, we put the blocks evolving strategy for discussion. the west nato, united states and other, they're fighting of rocky wall, right at rochester door. ukraine is nothing less than an extension of nato's military power. conflicts as a sport, how much do you eat hostage of need to end the u. s. with, by casting lot of direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. right now, moscow has withdrawn its troops from snake island, a strategic point in the black sea seized by russian forces. when the conflict erupted. in late february, russia says the move is an act of good will to support us efforts to facilitate
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ukrainian grain exports to the global market. so it's not that your question is russian armed forces completed their assign tasks on snake island and withdrew their garrison from there on june 30th. there's a gesture of goodwill. thereby, we are showing to the global community that russia is not hindering un efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor to transport agricultural goods from ukrainian territory. to this decision will not allow the key of to speculate about an impending food crisis by saying it's impossible to transport grain due to rushes. total control of the northwestern part of the black sea snake island is located close to key shipping lanes and is near to the major point of a desa experts. note that it's convenient location makes it possible to control air and sea space from the territory. kiev had claimed that russia's control of the area was an obstacle to ukrainian grain exports. a supply chain disruption was one
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of the main topics of the talks between russia and indonesia, presidents in moscow. on thursday, the indonesian president, fresh from a trip to kiev, said that he had become with a message from his ukrainian counterparts, but neither side provided details. she'll go, we don't on the current g 20 chairman, also expressed readiness to serve as a mediator in the ukraine conflict. although the main focus fell on the global food crisis was, when you're us by 2 year old, we have repeatedly emphasized global free market disruption was caused by many years. and responsible macroeconomic policy is conducted by a number of countries that have refused to admit the false policy. the sanctions imposed against russian impala, russian exports of grain and fertilizers. only further d stable when the tuition should be done. when another thing that we discussed was the situation where the food and the fertilizer supplied with, which is
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a very important item for the global community that hundreds of millions of suffering on account. so disruption is and i appreciate the fact that the young president prudent said that trash guarantees non safe. so supplies of slices from russia, but also from ukraine. not just pakistan's foreign minister has urged a western countries to lift sanctions on afghanistan, where millions of people are on the verge of famine. the tale bonds return to power last year lead to the abrupt end of foreign financial aid. despite the us previously forking out massive sums during its occupation of the country. how is it that 3 trillion dollars were spent on the war? but today there is not even $10000000000.00 for the survival of afghans. i don't understand this in the current situation. it is not
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a good idea to continue to starve afghanistan and risk and economic implosion that . and that is exactly what will happen if the country remains locked out of international banking and its foreign assets remain frozen. we must not promote a famine. the west hard line stance on the new taliban government has helped fuel a simmering economic crisis in afghanistan with the countries financial sector, particularly hard hit after the u. s. froze $7000000000.00 worth of its overseas assets. now the un has repeatedly called for western aid for afghanistan, while warning of a looming humanitarian disaster. with more than half of the country's population of $40000000.00 people said to be facing acute hunger. earlier this week, washington pledge to provide some $55000000.00 in humanitarian aid to i'm going to stand. however, some critics are saying that's a drop in the ocean compared to how much money the u. s. and it's how i spent funding their 20 year occupation of the country that ended in chaos last august as
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the nato back government collapse. just days after western troops left, we heard from us, if durante park is downs, former envoy to the u. e and t wrong, who says the severe crisis in afghanistan directly affects its neighbors in particular, and pockets them as well as the immediate neighbors. ones have been telling them to unfreeze hours then $1000000000.00. and he's going to, is that right now on one side is facing a minute didn't basis almost 95 percent of the people are below the poverty line, the people selling needs and also selling to and so this kind of situation has come up and, and we are worried because the image is true if the guy
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that out was they will head boards plus $2.00 to $2.00 asian in fact, something happens in the one. so immediate neighbors will be affected. images, especially a senior policy maker says that he is disappointed with a lack of progress after the latest round of e mediated talks between the u. s. and iran to potentially restore the nuclear deal failed to pat. now, unfortunately, not yet the progress the e u team as coordinator had hoped for. we will keep working with even greater urgency to bring back on track. a key deal for non proliferation and regional stability. u. s. spokesperson has been quick to blame your on for the lack luster talks claiming that to ron has rejected and you back the draft deal, but iran says it's all washington's fault. as the western proposals included, nothing of economic benefit to the islamic republic. jo biden's administration has
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so far failed to woo iran back towards an international nuclear energy deal, which was scrapped by donald trump in 2018. we heard from independent journalist luc rivera, who says, european powers want to revive trade with iran, because they desperately need gas for the coming winter. the europeans are concerned because they would like to continue trading with iran. you know, since donald trump being posed harsher sanctions. moreover, the more important thing that brings us back somehow to the special operation in ukraine is the fact that the europeans, desperately looking for gas for the coming winter. and iran has a large reserves of gas as oil, of course, and large reserves of gas down not develop, get as a state should be if the needs of europe have to be met. but that's the hope for
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the future. and behind this conversation scene go out between americans and iranians in different rooms with mr. more i going from one to the other. i did. how many issues linked to the, to the situation you can russia is to help egypt building. it's 1st nuclear power plant, cairo has a given approval for the start of construction of the l. w. plant by the russian state atomic and the cooperation ross adam. now the plan has to be built in the city of l. dobbin on the mediterranean coast and will consist of foreign power units with reactors based on a russian design. ross adam, ours also agreed to supply nuclear fuel to the plant, along with assistance and training for the 1st 10 years of its operation. the company's director general says that the plant will help secure egypt technological future in the greater middle eastern region.
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nato's summit wrapped up in madrid on thursday, with the block dubbing china, one of the blocks strategic priorities for the next decade. the 1st time it has introduced such a policy during the summit, the blocks chief also stressed that the alliance wants to avoid open confrontation with russia over ukraine, despite earlier labeling moscow. a direct and significant threat r t contributor rachel marston brings us the details. important to say this is the a meeting of the western military industrial complex and marketing firm. basically, they made more promises of weapons for everyone. ukraine themselves, all using the fear of russia and china, for saber rattling, but that's not how stillberg sees it. if this becomes a full scale war between russia natal, then, was it suffering damaged death, destruction of this scale, which was much,
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much worse than what we see in ukraine today. we also have a, a chorus visibility, of course, to prevent escalation beyond ukraine. and that's the reason why a night was not a portal. the conflict on the ground. well, what else did stilton burg say? he said that the final session at their summit focused on threats and challenges from the middle east, north africa and the south region. he also said that they reviewed progress in the fight against terrorism. that's interesting. i didn't know that they are into that still or at all because french president, a mentor and my call has said that nato was brain dead. he said that in an interview with the economist last year, and he said that nato is that way because it should have pivoted away from russia towards counter terrorism. and so it's, i guess, news to a lot of people, including may be french president emanuel racquel. that is now a priority. just because they say it is doesn't mean it actually is. we'll have to wait and see what happens. as for the other nato members, leaders law,
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let's see what they have to say during their press conferences, turkish president and his at arrow on. remember, he lifted his veto to sweden and finland joining nato. he calls it a diplomatic victory, which makes you wonder exactly what kind of concessions were made to turkey. we, we know it involves occurred, but we haven't heard many of the details. german chancellor off schultz, he said that the west would not live sanctions against russia. if peace was concluded with you crate on conditions imposed on heave, so no end in sight to these anti russian forever sanctions. well, joe biden certainly seems happy about being able to expand nato. us president has become a little too carried away with his geography mistaking switzerland for sweden biden also doesn't seem to sure about who's actually fighting, who in ukraine we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies to stick to the grain as long as it takes to in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by,
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by ukraine in ukraine, by, by, by russia. we got the telephone, he suggested we call the leader of switzerland switching. my good, my goodness, i'm, i'm getting really anxious here about expanding nato sweeten. meanwhile, in madrid, thousands of people have again taken to the streets to protest against nato, while the city was hosting the western military blocks. latest summit this year, spain is marketing the 40th anniversary of its session to nato. summit was dominated by view crane conflict and the lines of efforts to provide more weaponry to kill the masses of protesters, however, have spoken out against nato's endeavours, claiming it is no source of peace, as they call for spain to withdraw from the blind. ah, 7 in 10 australians say their governments alliance with washington increases the chance of being drawn into a war in asia pacific that would be against national interest. that's according to
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an annual foreign policy poll conducted by the low li institute ne, prominent sidney based a think tank. but despite the concerns, more than 80 percent of australians say that the alliance is important for their national security that's made growing tensions between beijing and cambra after australia leader attended a nato summit for the 1st time. china has warned that the expansion of u. s. military ties in the asia pacific region could provoke a confrontation. earlier, my colleague nicky, aaron, at disgust nato's swiftly evolving strategy with a panel of guests who expressed a range of views on how the situation could potentially unfold. i, steve claims to pluck does not once a confrontation with my case, it was you will take on that statement, considering the fact that many ukrainian trips were trained by nato instructors. and now fighting with weapons supplied by the us led alliance. i mean, it's just a ball faced lie and he knows it, nobody knows it. and, you know,
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when the secretary defense of the united states states straight up, that the goal and objective of the united states, which is the lead to player and nato, nato does not blame without american approval. nato's policy is to inflict as much harm as possible on russia and ukraine, so that russia will never again seek to entertain a similarly aggressive move that it did in ukraine against anywhere else in europe . that means it the purpose, the mission is to chill russians. that is the mission of nato today, to kill as many russians as possible in ukraine without getting involved directly using ukraine as a proxy force. ukraine is nothing less than an extension of nato's military power, right? now, does he not like the world is thinking into a new cold war which could involve even more countries than in the 20th century?
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well, the cold war is already, they may not be called by, by that name. in fact, in some ways it is worse than the cold war because during the cold war, there was an effort by the united states and the soviet union to find proxy was bought in distant geographies. but here, the west nato, united states and other, they're fighting a proxy war right at russia door. and there are enormous risks in this because things can escalated and they can go out. and in fact, we're talking about hybrid warfare. and what is happening is actually hybrid walk conducted by nato against russia. there was the, this other european conflict, deliberately august traded in because of a failure to accommodate us to genuine security. concerns terrified and has claimed that
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a so code nato is ation of europe is the only road to pace there. do you agree with that? if there is one thing that this conflict is exposed, is how much you is hostage of need to in the us. things are unveiling right now that you is not, is not, is completely hijacked by us interest and the old following. and the going against the own people day when you you look at feeling and see them, did they do the referendum and ask people if they want to join they won't do that. they won't do that. it's not the selling freedom and democracy but not they're not, they're not real democracies and the supporting a state you clean, which is the least in aquatic. there's no position. it's not the state the supporting that see any. it's a shame considering europe history a
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test of a u. s. hypersonic missile system failed on wednesday, and that's according to media reports confirmed by pentagon spokesman jim gorman. it was the 2nd time in a year that the test of such a system by the pentagon had gone awry. us officials did not specify exactly what had gone wrong, but said a problem had occurred after the ignition of the test asset. the failure comes as russia and china and north korea step up, development of more advanced missiles systems, capable of evading interception and surpassing the speed of sound. the mon, this, let's cross live to larry c johnson, the former c i, a analyst, and c e o. of berg associates, thanks for being with us here in our international sean. so it looks like another setback for the u. s. in the race to develop and field hypersonic weapons. and that's despite budgeting. $15000000000.00 for their development between 20152024
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is the u. s. plan for hypersonic technology on the right track. while they're playing. chechnya, if you're back to 2001, lead up to 911 bush administration is pushing actually developing a missile defense system that would have naturally led to the hypersonic muscle as part of that arson. but 911 ended up your rating that they weren't denied. ready 11 warning signs before that and i think a lot of the money that might have gone towards that development of technology was siphoned off into the so called. ready ready one terrace, of what has happened in the course of conflict in ukraine is united states has awakened to the reality of how important is technology. yes, the air strike that rush. it made them yardi, which was a factor nato based in western ukraine. i think it was on march, the key was
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a real wake up call call. i know from friends that were aware of the reaction, independent gone. they were all last. why were they alarm? they couldn't rack the missile. they were not able to get a warning out before the mrs strong and they had no defense against. and so right there, russia already starts with leg up in the got to the conflict because he's hypersonic missile is a death weapon for the us aircraft carriers. in other words, the united states is largely a naval power. was sort of like what britain was in the 20th century, and we're not a ground force ground based. well, military, we are really a naval military. the hypersonic missiles eliminates that enables right? so you touch on this a little bit, but how are these missiles different from the conventional missiles, and how important are they to us security?
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well, they don't. the speed is the key fact. all missiles will carry a warhead roughly the same. you know, you can adjust depending upon the size of the missile, determines the size of work. but it's the speed and the speed on the, on the missile. it can affect if you have a defensive system in place. and yet that then subsystem is not calibrated to deal with something is struggling and hypersonic speeds. then all of a sudden your defense system is useless. if there were only what it would be like trying to grab the gun after somebody has already broken into the houses ransacking and holding you too late, go grab the gun. in this case, the hyper sonic missile commission is really it gives a dishwasher or strategic advantage. and most western military animals i think
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prefer to try to your for now. but, you know, this is the reality if, if any us naval aircraft, or not, if any kinds of striking range of russia, it would be just thought russia has that keep all of that kind of the conflict escalated to that. now russia and china have also been developing their own d, b r k as well, but we're not going to include them in this, in this race, if you will, who's ahead, who is presently taking the lead in this, in this new missile race? i think russia certainly has the edge on it's not just the edge on the hypersonic sign. it's also in developing defense systems that can prevent the possibility of hypersonic issues. so russia is, i think, 2 or 3 steps ahead of the united states. one of the problems with the united states defense establishment is there really is currently co op. it's building weapon
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systems that are not quite into a strategic vision. in other words, we're not trying to create a force that is genuinely devoted to defending united states. it's really coming up with bells and whistles things that look exotic, but they end up being very expensive to maintain. and they're not necessarily going to work well in a combat environment. so there is a hyper sonic missile. there's something that had been talked about, it never been see, never demonstrated until russia started use that credit. and this person and speed, i believe her. now, given the root wake up, fall to both american policy, married to defense planners and the defense industry. all right, larry johnson, former cia analyst and c e o of berg associates. very interesting to hear your thoughts the conversation. appreciate it. thanks,
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john. all right, now on kong is celebrating 25 years under chinese rule. with friday, marking the day, britain relinquished the sovereignty over its vend colony the hand over agreement outlined a governing principle of one country to systems for a period of 50 years. and china as president, she's in pain, has made his 1st trip outside mainland china since the pandemic to celebrate the anniversary. in his arrival speech, he stated that hong kong had been reborn of fire, noted the success of principles that had allowed the city to have its own governmental system and also to govern its own legal, economic and financial affairs. earlier we spoke to russia's consul general to hong kong, so get off who highlighted to the importance of the one country to systems principal . this business over the last 25 years. so i have seen the implementation of this
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policy. it's unique in content and form, and we can confidently say that yes indeed, it has passed the test of time. it has proven its liability. and given good result is now more and more integration of the 2 economies. and it gives a kind of synergy fact for both the development of the mega c t and the development of china itself. therefore, the success of these forms, the success of this formula. one country to systems is very of is. as a result, we can see what it can nomics successive have been chief by hong kong and the success in mainland china has achieved an 8th achieving of going back to the united states military for just a bit. while joe biden has announced that the u. s. will establish a permanent military base in poland, back home of the country's military is struggling to meet its recruiting goals are to kill him up and has more. joe biden says it's time for more us troops in europe,
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boots on the ground in poland on the ground involved next day. i'm just turned in the marines, the scratch beneath the surface of the overseas bravado. and you'll find out that the u. s. military is having some problems on the homefront. one of them is recruiting. this is the start of a long drought for military recruiting. the military has not had such a hard time signing recruits in 1973. the year the u. s. left vietnam and the draft officially ended. 2022 is the year we question the sustainability of the all volunteer force recruitment for the us army was only 40 percent of target numbers. the air force was 4000 short. the air national guard and the army reserve are also short and won't meet their expected numbers. so they are turning to help from the silver screen. i've got a whole generation excited about naval aviation, excited about coming and doing military line and joining the service. our ho,
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people go in this movie and by the way, all the other side all over again about why for us not very good. seems that out of desperation they, they actually change the rule. they now except recruits without high school diploma and with tattoos on their hands. and next that's been outlawed for years. also confidence in the us military mom, the u. s. public has significantly decreased after last year. debacle and a half ganeth us public trust in the american military went from 70 percent in february all the way down to 45 percent in december. and the policy in the us military are also a bit off putting to many americans. this is the story of a soldier who operates donations patriot missile defense systems. the skins in california with a little girl raised by 2 moms for some reason,
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this attempt to woke up by the u. s. military is not causing an inflow of fresh blood. and for some that is not particularly surprising at all, but it keeps going. the u. s. navy is now raising awareness about pronouns for l g b t. freidman. using the right pronouns is really simple way to affirm someone's identity. it is a signal of acceptance and respect. if it's a signal of acceptance and respect, how do we go about creating a safe space for everybody? that's a good question. a really good way to do that is to use inclusive language. now the new woke optics might be one thing, but there are real problems that the u. s. military has failed to meaningfully address. among them are suicide and sexual assault. the brass are holding summit on these matters that incident persist. what's the problem? well, it appears commander in chief joe biden isn't as popular as he might think years, but it also appears that the bungle pull out of afghanistan has caused
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a lot of rank and file was in the military to lose confidence in the chain of command. also, that won't make over is not really a big deal with the fighting men and women and dying for america now doesn't seem to be so popular. now, america is continuing with its usual habit of picking fights across the planet, but it may not have the personnel or the morale to back up those fighting were the military is not seen as really heroic. it's not seen as particularly patriotic. it doesn't have any big winds to kind of broadcast its success where it hasn't been overtly successful. and it's also seen increasingly as associated with big government and americans increasingly don't trust their government. and that would include the military as well. young people and their parents have rel, his friends cousins, brothers, uncles and aunts who have returned from some of these wars,
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particularly afghanistan and iraq. and they have returned damaged. i'm either psychologically physically or both. many of them can't work. many of them have had personality changes. most of them are advising. the young nephews and nieces and sons and daughters not to go into the military. it's not what you're seeing on top gun it's. it's something very different. and that is a for me, i'll be back in 30 minutes with another full infrastructure newsday with a start to international ah, ah, the north atlantic treaty organization is a peculiar thing. it claims to be a defensive military alliance, but it aggressively expands and that expansion is directed. russia and its client st. ukraine is losing a war. nato actively supports, essentially, nato has decided to double down on failure.


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