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ah, obama protect its own existence with the remaining foreign guns for hire. those who survived, at least they ran out of this place, ran out of the town of several denette. fighting continues in the people's republic with russian forces advancing on cuba positions in the city of louis chance, or to report from the front line. the good will gesture, russia says it has pulled its troops from ukraine's snake island to facilitate the un backed and export of grain. cutting off give a speculation of the global food crisis. we must not promote a famine. that is the message from the pakistani foreign minister as she urges the us to unfreeze afghanistan's assets amid a severe economic crisis. and lurching from one set back to another,
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the pentagon is scrambling to fill its worth recruitment drive and decades. while the latest to us hypersonic missile tests, and in failure with broadcasting from our studios in moscow, this is our to international and john thomas, i'm certainly glad to have you with us. and our 1st, let's begin with the latest in the war in ukraine where russian and lucas forces are advancing on caves. positions in the republics city of lucy chanced, forces loyal to kiev have been driven out by the cities, oil refinery and rubber factory. that's according to the guns people, republics, ambassador who added that all significant roads in the area are also now under control. however, here's battles continue elsewhere in the city with more than $300.00 ukrainian soldiers now reported killed. while another $500.00, including foreign mercenaries, have been observed abandoning the city or cheesy was done off. sent us this report
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from the front line. ah, this was ukraine's penultimate lodge stronghold in the la guns republic and these are exclusive, previously unreleased shots of how it was overtaken by the russians here and in the neighboring villages. they met the resistance, not only of ukraine's regular army, but also foreign mercenaries. yahoo moved on the home visit right now. look, i think from least lines the enemies waiting for us to enter from here. but what do we need to do? firstly, we don't yet know what is in these areas where trip wise are waiting to explode. so
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during the nights these areas will be examined by intelligence groups. we'll go from east to west and here from north to south. after checking the territory and securing here will close the flank pong. the total number of foreign marks here was estimated, at least in the hundreds soldiers of misfortune, lifeless bodies of some of them were left at the battlefields. some were captured like this polish colonel hooker. so by show daniela's done that i am a lawyer. i mean, lawyer should, i knew that lot. ah, i did also thing. i did also to don and i will put her. she'll go any further than i own ukraine. boone prisoners of war taken here. talk of how they've been treated by their command. admittedly, possibly under duress, primo wasn't better here in captivity than out in your positions. there. nothing is clear there. the commanders are not doing anything. can you explain to thought of
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soldiers that if they surrender, how will they be treated at times better than their the remaining foreign guns for hire? those who survived, at least they ran out of this place, ran out of the town of several denette crossing this river and into the town of least chance, which is very clearly visible behind me. as are the plumes of smoke that are occasionally rising above its sky. like the battle for the town was still ongoing, and the russians are already partly in control of that place. amish done of reporting from the don bass. frontline artsy, moscow has withdrawn its troops from snake island, a strategic point in the black sea seized by russian forces when the conflict corrupted in late february. russia says the move is an act of good willed sport, un efforts to facilitate ukrainian grain exports to the global market. so it's not the way you when you have a crash. russian armed forces completed their assign tasks on snake island and
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withdrew their garrison from there on june 30th. there's a gesture of goodwill. thereby, we are showing to the global community that russia is not hindering un efforts to organize a humanitarian corridor to transport agricultural goods from ukrainian territory. this decision will not allow the key of to speculate about an impending food crisis by saying it's impossible to transport grain due to russia's total control of the northwestern part of the black sea. snake island is located close to t shipping lanes and is near to the major part of a desa experts. note that it's convenient location makes it possible to control air and sea space from the territory cave had claimed that russia's control of the area was an obstacle to ukrainian grain exports. supply chain disruption was one of the main topics between the russian and indonesian presidents in talks in moscow. on thursday, the indonesian president fresh from a trip to cue so that he had come with a message from his ukrainian counterpart, but neither side provided details. and jokes, we don't know the current g 20 chairman, also expressed readiness to serve as
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a mediator in the ukraine conflicts, although the main focus on the global crisis and many respect your goal is to both 0. we have repeatedly emphasize looking global food market disruption was caused by many years and responsible macroeconomic policy is conducted by a number of countries that have refused to admit the false policy. the sanctions imposed against russian impala, russian exports of grain and fertilizers. have only further de stable when the tuition she'll be gone. gone and i think we discussed was the situation and food and fertilizer supplies, which is a very important item for the global community and hundreds of millions of suffering on account of these disruptions. and i appreciate the fact that president putin said that russia guarantees the safe supply of fertilizers from russia, but also for crane. parkinson's foreign minister has urged western countries to
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lift sanctions on a gun. he's done where millions of people are on the verge of famine. the tale bones return to power last year lead to the abrupt end of foreign financial aid. despite the u. s. previously forking out massive sums during its occupation of the country. how is it that 3 trillion dollars were spent on the war? but today, there is not even $10000000000.00 for the survival of afghans. i don't understand this in the current situation. it is not a good idea to continue to starve afghan histone and rescan economic implosion that . and that is exactly what will happen if the country remains locked out of international banking and foreign assets remain frozen. we must not promote a famine west hard line stance on the new taliban government has helped fuel a simmering economic crisis. and i've got to stand with the countries financial sector, particularly hard hit after the u. s. for $7000000000.00 with of its overseas assets. the u. n. has repeatedly called for western ages for africana stand, while warning of a looming humanitarian disaster. with more than half of the country's population of
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$40000000.00 people said, be facing acute hunger. earlier this week, washington pledge to provide some $55000000.00 in humanitarian aid to afghanistan. however, some critics are saying that's just a drop in the ocean compared to how much money the u. s. and it's how i spent funding their 20 year occupation of the country that ended in chaos last august as the nato backed government collapse. just days after western troops left, we heard from a few dirani, pakistan's, former envoy to the u. e and t. ron, who says that the severe crisis in afghanistan directly affects its neighbors, in particular, pakistan as well as the immediate neighbors. other ones have been telling them to and fees that thousands of rooms, $10000000000.00 and he's going to is that right now? one son is facing a community basis. almost 95 percent of the people are below our to line the people
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selling their needs and also selling their children. so this kind of situation has come up and, and we are worried because the image and trust is crucial out the i was they will head towards part so it was due to a sion in fact, if something happens in the one. so immediate neighbors will be affected. images, especially a frank exchange involving britton's prime minister, sees him compare falkland islanders rights to the term and their future with the people of ukraine's. the sovereignty of those who live on the falkland islands remains a tough subject with both london and argentine or laying claim. relations have been turbulent since the 2 countries fought a short war in 1982 over the islands. more than 8000 miles from the u. k,
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which britain one forest johnson claimed that the u. k. had vindicated falkland inhabitants. right? to be british, i just said it had been 40 years since the u. k. had vindicated the principle that falkland islanders should have the right to determine their future under basic diplomatic principles and have the right to be british. i made the point, we were spending a lot of our time talking about ukraine, where the principle at stake was the right of sovereign independent people to determine their future. just some forest johnson shows the pure historical hypocrisy of the united kingdom and using terms and examples that completely contradict each other to say that the people, falklands, whose territory they occupied have the right to self determination in accordance with principles of democracy is a real deception. we'll know that the current population, the falkland islands was settled and the past inhabitants who occupied the same lamps were completely expelled by the military forces of the british occupation. in 18. 33 people from argentina were never allowed to returns of these towers race. this is not the same as what is happening in the dumbass,
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which we know russia has no population of russians. people now live in the dull, massive lit on these terraces fit tens and hundreds of years. these 2 situations a completely different, but boris johnson uses them as he is comfortable in the conditions he needs and in the interests of his country. and his closest partner, which is the united states. the united kingdom continues to adopt the u. s. international policy. it consists of creating conflict situations in order to confirm their own, if not opponents, than even enemies, as they now call them, which of russia and china, and the nato some image which showed it very clearly, because they said it publicly. ah, russia is to help egypt build its 1st nuclear power plant cairo says it has given approval for construction of the future plant by russian state atomic energy corporation. rough adam. the plant has to be built in the city of el dub, on the mediterranean coast, and will consist of 4 power units with rafters based on a russian design. rough adam has also agreed to supply nuclear fuel to the plant,
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along with assistance and training for the 1st 10 years of its operation. the company's director general says the plant will help secure egypt technological future in the greater middle eastern region. a test of a u. s. hypersonic missile system failed on wednesday. that's according to media reports, confirmed by pentagon spokesperson, tim gorman. it was the 2nd time in the year that the test of such a system by the pentagon had gone, arrive, us officials did not specify exactly what had gone wrong, but said a problem had occurred after the ignition of the test asset, the failure comes as russia china and north korea step up the development of more advanced missile systems capable of evading interception and surpassing the speed of sound. however, it is not the only problem depending on his facing right now. as the u. s. army is having its worst problems recruiting. since the vietnam war ortiz kill them up and
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comments. joe biden says it's time for more us troops in europe, who's on the ground in poland on the ground involved next day. i'm just turned in the marine, the scratch beneath the surface of the overseas bravado, and you'll find out that the u. s. military is having some problems on the homefront. one of them is recruiting. this is the start of a long drought for military recruiting. the military has not had such a hard time signing recruits in 1973. the year the u. s. left vietnam and the draft officially ended 2022. as the year we question the sustainability of the all volunteer force recruitment for the us army was only 40 percent of target number. the air force was 4000 short. the air national guard and the army reserve are also short and long meet their expected numbers. so they are turning to help from the silver screen. i've got a whole generation excited about naval aviation,
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excited about come in and do a military line in joining the service. our ho, people go in this movie the way all we signed all over again about why for us not very good. seems that out of desperation, they actually changed the rule. they now except recruits without high school diploma and with tattoos on their hands. and next, that's been outlawed for years. also concert in the us military and i'm the u. s. public has significantly re after last year, the debacle in afghanistan. u. s. public trust in the american military went from 70 percent in february, all the way down to 45 percent of december. and the policy in the us military are also a bit off putting in many americans. this is the story of a soldier who operates donations patriot missile defense systems.
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it begins in california with a little girl raised by 2 moms. for some reason, this attempt to woke up by the u. s. military is not causing an inflow, fresh, blind person. that's not particularly surprising. and, oh, have you seen the us army commercial m of calling the most pathetic excuse for recruitment ad? it's even dawning. any reform they lost focus of that target audience. don't worry . i've seen the u. s. army recruitment ad and there is a girl called emma, who has 2 moms. i feel completely safe. i recently watched emma's video and i wondered if i was watching a u. s. army recruitment video or, and netflix originals trailer. but it keeps going. the u. s. navy is now raising awareness about pronouns for l. g b t fried. using the right pronouns is really simple way to affirm someone's identity. it is a signal of acceptance and respect. if it's
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a signal of acceptance and respect, how do we go about creating a safe space for everybody? that's a good question. a really good way to do that is to use inclusive language. now the new woke optics might be one thing, but there are real problems that the u. s. military has failed to meaningfully address. among them are suicide and sexual assault. the brass are holding summit on these matters, but incident persist. what's the problem? well, it appears commander in chief joe biden isn't as popular as he might think years, but it also appears that the bungle pull out of afghanistan has caused a lot of rank and file was in the military to lose confidence in the chain of command. also that woke, make over is not really big with the fighting men and women and dying for america now doesn't seem to be so popular. now, america is continuing with its usual habit of picking fights across the planet, but it may not have the personnel or the morale to back up those fighting words. the military is not seen as really heroic. it's not seen as particularly
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patriotic. it doesn't have any big winds to kind of broadcast its success where it hasn't been overtly successful. and it's also seen increasingly as associated with big government and americans increasingly don't trust their government. and that would include the military as well. young people and their parents have relatives, friends, cousins, brothers, uncles and aunts who have returned from some of these wars, particularly afghanistan and iraq. and they have returned damaged either psychologically physically are both. many of them can't work. many of them have had personality changes. most of them are advising the young nephews and nieces and sons and daughters not to go into the military. it's not what you're seeing on top and it's, it's something very different. ah, the nato summit, wrapped up in
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a madrid on thursday with the block, dubbing china, one of its strategic priorities for the next decade. the 1st time it has introduced such a policy during the sum of the nato chief also stressed. the alliance wants to avoid open confrontation with russia over ukraine, despite earlier labeling moscow. a direct and significant threat or to contribute retro marston and brings us more important to say this is the a meeting of the western military industrial complex and marketing firm. basically, they made more promises of weapons for everyone, ukraine themselves, all using the fear of russia and china, for saber rattling, but that's not how stolberg sees it. if this becomes a full scale war between russia natal, then, was it suffering damaged? death destruction of the scale, which was much, much worse than will to see him. ukraine today. jewels over the core responsibility
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of course, to prevent escalation beyond ukraine. and that's the reason why the 9th was not a part older conflict on the ground. well, what else did stoughton berg say? he said that the final session at their summit focused on threats and challenges from the middle east, north africa, and the south region. he also said that they reviewed progress in the fight against terrorism. that's interesting. i didn't know that they are into that still or at all because french president emanuel, michael, has said that nato is brain dead. he said that in an interview with the economist last year. and he said that nato is that way because it should have pivoted away from russia towards counter terrorism. and so it's, i guess, news to a lot of people, including maybe french president, a miracle that is now a priority. just because they say it is doesn't mean it actually is. we'll have to wait and see what happens. as for the other nato members, leaders law. let's see what they have to say during their press conferences, turkish president of arrow on remember, he lifted his veto to sweden and finland joining nato. he calls it
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a diplomatic victory, which makes you wonder exactly what kind of concessions were made to turkey. we, we know it involves the kurds, but we haven't heard many of the details. german chancellor, all of schultz, he said that the west would not live sanctions against russia if peace was concluded with ukraine on conditions imposed on heave. so no end in sight to these anti russian forever. sanctions. well, joe biden certainly seems happy about being able to expand nato. the president has become a little bit too carried away with his geography, making mistake, switzerland for sweden by and also doesn't seem to be too sure about who's actually fighting. who in nuclear, we're going to stick with ukraine and all of the allies to stick with the grain, as long as it takes to in fact, make sure that they are not defeated by, by ukraine. an issue in ukraine, by, by, by russia. we got the telephone suggested we call the leader of switzerland
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switching. my good, my goodness, i'm, i'm getting really anxious here about expanding nato sweeten. meanwhile, in madrid, thousands of people repeatedly took to the streets throughout the nato summit to protest against a block policy. this year, spain is marking the $43.00 of this session to nato. the summit was dominated by the ukraine conflict and the life is efforts to provide more weaponry to care. masses of protesters, however, focused on nato's endeavors, claiming it is no source of peace as it called for spain to withdraw from the blood . australia 7 in 10 people said that their governments alliance with washington increases the chance of it being drawn into a war in the asia pacific region. a war that would be against national interests. that is, according to an annual foreign policy poll, conducted by the louis institute, a prominent sidney bay think tank. but despite the concerns, more than 80 percent of australian said that the alliance is important for their
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national security, that's amid growing tensions between beijing and camera. after australia is leader attended a nato summit for the 1st time. earlier, my colleague nikki aaron discussed nato's swiftly evolving strategy with a panel of guests. they test his claims to pluck does not once a confrontation with most cases it was you will take on that statement. considering the fact that many ukrainian trips were trained by nato instructors. and now fighting with weapons supplied by the us let alliance. i mean, it just a ball faced lie and he knows it, nobody knows it. you know, when the secretary of defense of the united states states straight up, that the goal and objective of the united states, which is the lead to player and nato, nato does not blame without american approval. it's nato's policy is to inflict as much harm as possible on russia in ukraine, so that russia will never again seek to entertain a similarly aggressive move that it did in ukraine against anywhere else in europe
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. that means it the purpose, the mission is to chill russians. that is the mission of nato today, to kill as many russians as possible in ukraine without getting involved directly using ukraine as a proxy force. ukraine is nothing less than an extension of nato's military power, right? now, does it not look like the world is thinking into a new cold war which could involve even more countries than in the 20th century? well, the cold war is already, they may not be called by, by that name. in fact, in some ways it is worse than the cold war because during the cold war, there was an effort by the united states and the soviet union to find proxy was bought in distant geographies. but here, the west nato, united states and other, they're fighting a proxy war right at russian door. and there are enormous risks in this because
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things can escalated and they can go out. and in fact, we're talking about hybrid warfare. and what is happening is actually hybrid walk conducted by nato against russia. the was the this other european conflict and deliberately august stated because of a failure to accommodate genuine security concerns. what's your take on nato labeling? russia? i think the most significant undue reg torres, there's no surprise here. i've been reading papers. thank papers for a long time, the pentagon papers and the more recent ran corporation papers and it was always clear that they would escalate. the idea here was to contain russia, and my goal was to go for the big price, the cheese china. keep in mind that china was already the target in 1965 in the pet,
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the good papers. those plans are not done over the overnight. they will plan 50 years ahead. so i'm not surprised. it's going to be an escalation, but they are desperate desperate because in front of them, it's no to your is nor leave yet, you know, iraq, we are talking about based on super power. and it's back. it's not alone. it's not along the bricks. we bigger than the g 7 photons bigger, and we can see people actually backing silently backing booking. and he's not alone . hong kong and celebrating 25 years under chinese rule with friday marking the day, britain relinquished sovereignty over its than colony. the hand over agreement outlined a governing principle of one country to systems for a period of 50 years that president chief paying praises to keep the power to
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administer the hong kong. as they are firmly in the hands of patriots is essential for safeguarding the long term governance and security of hong kong. at no time should this principle be allowed to be compromised. protecting the power to administer is protecting hong kong prosperity and stability, as well as the interests of a 7000000 hong kong residents enjoy the packing of the motherland. while staying connected with the world is a notable strength unique to hong kong, the strength cherished by both hong kong residents and the central authority. chinese president, she's paying took his 1st trip outside of the mainland since the pandemic to celebrate the anniversary. and his arrival speech, he stated that hong kong had been reborn of fire. he noted the success of principles that had allowed the city to have its own system of government and also to make take charge of its legal, economic and financial affairs. to console general to hong kong, you've got to get off who highlighted the importance of the one country, 2 systems principal over the last $25.00. yes,
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we have seen the implementation of this policy. it's unique in his content and form, and we can confidently say that yes indeed, it has passed the test of time. it has proven its liability. and given good results now is now more and more integration of the 2 economies. and it gives a kind of synergy effects for both the development of the mega city and the development of china itself. therefore, the success of these reforms, the success of this formula of one country to systems is very of this. as a result, we can see what it cannot make successive, have been chief by hong kong and the success of the mainland. china has achieved and eat achieving does it for me this hour, but stay with us throughout the day as we bring you more news and commentary. this is our international god. happy with us. i
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to simply do nothing short, then build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program. that the world had ever known real. oh, you know to production, but it gives you. oh sure good. did that they're not eligible. no, you suddenly luna, kudos you he on mom, mom you know margaret thought this meant union from all one of i've been there and i've got to learn much sales. i got your name. i understood. i wish to know about jewelry. whoa, whoa knew i know you didn't. oh gosh, more polished enough, jr. let's i had to put the code and mother and all your body build you a couch. nice. oh boy. good to go or? oh, what the on this the wow. she my indiana. i'm all i can send more on all
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