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this one, me not a toyota. we see a poor slow. it's all wrong than emerald garcia's added with with dog or of brings food to the city. and on her way back, she takes people who are too weak to live in the ruins of murray. you pull any more papers about the guide, nothing yet to resume the accumulated our door is women of a dumb. this chris will new hershey. the scarlet post,
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the material for coastal with the coastal grains just right up of the little logo. it shows now to get them to get that, that the grains, my brozowski, which genuine wasn't her deal of the young. it wasn't, it wasn't that doesn't kill me, have not got an e. what group? yeah. well chuck shows of i do it. you'll never thrill. no go. ah ah, do maria goose old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities? horrifying battles. many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watched the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh.
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shows us on the lease with a talk with with my grandma tomorrow. this is the 2nd storming of mary jo blue she seen in her life . she survived the horrors of world war 2 is a child with a she think the day
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t as later, she'd say nazi tag. thanks again. this time from ukrainian military, using civilians as human shields. and once again, she'd be thanking russian soldiers for saving them with sheets, showing that the u. n. got your wife with
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a thing i do like to do is to go with the like how about and zanna does not give me a blue book, as you said, we could build on with
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a us or to the stop for the focus. you are going to still with ds bonus you want to when you wash your yes, by yourself the so like you bless creative. what do you said a one second, i believe story you book and sit down with the owner for full for on shirts with
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in spring 2022, many mario pl residence. remember that he has previous date. they've been visited by one of my dads ringleaders, p o, r i shanker, there become the president of ukraine shortly before his visit. even then he knew that the russian speaking southeastern regional, could only be kept from exiting ukraine with punitive measures for me
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with only now did the people understand the meaning of these words about a human shield defending the city shallow herself scotia? well, it was only neutral scaled, although i will show more clearly lusciously, or for ideally, should go fios willingly for last month. and it was a sunday, hers ask, your schedule is for it, you know, so personally and you do you still love where you love you? meaning it was really touch on like your voice, slow you were you i since 2014 variable and the don bass region of being considered disney oil territory by cave stay tv channels. oakland, he called to suppress the pro russian sentiments of the regions residence in the
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most radical manner. no. it's in the past of the percentage you want me to come next. it just talk on the percentage. yep. and it be a permanent got that. what do you think you could have a post of with just to you or should booster on as really condenser turkey store? so you may unique when your school guns cool was to corruption that of go out of nature. i need to part with chrissy to push fries a loop to pick her up for the lesser should. she couldn't come, gamble local residents,
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explain the nationalist cruelty simply in 2015 pro russian militia repulsed and counter attack to another ukranian army offensive. the frontline was just 15 kilometers from are you both federal sort of thought they in me in to for what do you live ah see via she least me off the market said them on the classical is about if you can look up or who heal up will be at the what the, what the shower being or just thought they had the minsk accord, stipulating heavy weapons with school was signed at that time. those agreements enable, can you to keep control if the city the 8 years with
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a particular what if it is a local storage seems to be okay. you close to because you money one me well get a new boy move on. you start going for someone who was a prominent is she, i mean it's just a really, she is lost on the social or most of the coming thoughts, gremlins, caraway, only designers, personal abuse. can you switch one of those on pro, which they probably could have someone give me a call with you potentially what? hello, this is just medical group. how are you? mo bush and it was heated me while it's on with today. the militia man regret believing ukraine's assurance apiece and not taking control of mary. you pull in 2015. mm
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hm. with in may 2019 lady measure lensky defeated p. o. to publish and get an ukraine's presidential election with a promise to end the bloodshed in don bass. with straight down to his election, he immediately changed the rhetoric and started talking about withdrawing from the men sca cause them to meet each other. the only from that moment, nato military, thanks bud, steps out, the ukrainian armies training for the upcoming war. so when you watch on the morning, which i, we found what kind of school grades give me is where we left sharon,
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your seabreeze divide sentimental data. but you will lose the more menu, so miser, she's actually a queue operator. dryden, this issued with, even before the active combat phase of nationalist regimens, militants were ready to sacrifice murray. you both civilians to keep control of the city ah, ah, with the north atlantic treaty organization is a peculiar thing. it claims to be a defensive military alliance, but it aggressively expands and that expansion,
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misdirected russia, and its clients that ukraine is losing a war. nato actively supports essentially, nato has decided to double down a failure ah with
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yes unit got a new local bonsa isn't as a minute. he says what? securities continuity constant so should pronounce in them or didn't hear more. can you because i have a different different bunker from went off and you're still preacher, so he's not on my policy with an organ nissan, which is a senior call usually come down to kind of lost the morality to so you can give me some financial new banking, you're about to talk to proseries, chris, and you could shift their own stock you know, gotten, you know, more love that each i need a little more. general teresa sanction approach has now resulted in the dance of thousands of civilians on both sides of the front line. ah
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a for the cut shortage, updated that list. come on. rosen warden at the posted yet a bit more. durable. a particular view. just give sure to should go in there a day of is jim underscore, his mouth is yours, but everybody does time spot seaborn especially yes. if never, you know version there for life with their pointers under the call. say not jennifer paragon, near a c apps that allow bonnie in the us of some guy li as all parts. scott, help me my real re enough time. i know that apollo champion money by the charlotte . first of all, they thought safe there to buy yet or not. fortunately of nature shows and you what
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a bug as i journey says to shy to great deal. graham, located in the war chuck priestly mother adventures a garden jordan reba. i knew you spoke under g o, salt and several other clinical logo. what did surely want to do that across the domain itself? good. been updated. yep. yep. um for a month or whatever, but well, get them at about jameer for the normal northridge. i'm just gonna work up a say on that. was it with journalists follow to brianna is one of those who have been trying in vain for 8. he is to bring the truth about the horrors of the ukrainian civil war to the world. yeah, pretty my restore it of a few weeks to any of us. no. yes, certainly the 60 mile east. that also should the could kind of look new. they up
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and most of them natalie's thought here. he heard that us supervision. i put one of not still lose and dusted. i was good much, i believe joke what up like new because i don't still with my found d stall enough of braithwaite walters. and i think most of each of us. lucy's national. below i listening today, pavel is going back to the city he left 8 years ago. he wants to see what's left of his foam alive, which changed for ever in 2014. mm mm hm. we'll just change it to the sustain. a good misquote. good little chance. coca cola finished showing him logan. he said he was looking then you krishi just need to see if see it on the ocean. it was an okay. 2 bottles from
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from seller at a inch is there it is asking us tell natal hoffer? jessica ah, period with i was just unless you close the charges to lose because then is the with though we seen him you by asking me these cars. i just the windshield company, new. my boy. nice. got your nails the fuel but because it wasn't dangerous and the other hit, the viola really is a brand new product that you voice it. justin frustrated about this cuz i just saw board that that'll go. but i did not say it immediately. no, not a good visit with lulu. i'm not
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a good one here, cuz he said, that system that was very of shit, but then we'll start a book, went up for quite a kiddos for organum. undeniable pretty takes a couple how when you go to city of sheila moines. yeah. she's done. you have shit . silly. better parties can you have? no, can you insure to somebody to it up. but you know the stepping a little shiny or no more vanya, i'm all ready to discuss you can or are through steepness opportunity opportunity with kiva vanya proposal or tunica. he's not here. we do watch video booking because he thought i'm listening. but i know what you all know. she was so severe, but he was caught my eye when you i am here. i'll walk down there was mr. ross just
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can't you don't thompson's. i mean, you know, he's also supported on my for just so you think you can see us on the, on my study, just my thoughts other than you bringing a blue with . i'm in though. so another g o g d, v d a does give you my didn't the full say good i was out for them was or if, by the years this i'm, if you're not go don't boys leave it then you see. or when we see it, do it, but the one that doesn't go quiet, does it started just our school is about god dog. why do i drive a dog a dumb already just for fun. i'm a live a life still though with the city
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was learned. you have a genius. mm mm. today, mary, you police getting used to peaceful life again. the city is recovering after almost 3 months of fighting. mm hm. everyone's looking for something new housing, food and water, lost relatives and friends through stories of rescue repeat themselves. ah, with sure that when you that show a film on a fetus for all of us in the she didn't get the lea
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a she lives with a volunteer has just a few hours left before the curfew. she's been looking for the stopping her family all day long. this of the gal stopping to go this with a i don't know, the main thing is to get ready and leave the city before dark hair. a dog, lucky with all the images. with the call, you know, there's nothing in boxes, louis armstrong,
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i normally use to vote for diseased bose condition i using their motion to bring to you and balance with funds and that was the photo and video of the shipping. yes, i see a function of the forces mom was just by you them from ikea or my last that there are the now state again to see a. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready police family, the terrible battle for mary village in the past that going to their relatives in relatively quiet mackey africa, defended all these years by don bass militia. the 1st shower in 3 months and a sound sleep and
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a warm bed are waiting for them. with with. ready ready a with . ready ready ready ready ready no one knows what they will dream about. battles on the streets of their home city or the militia men who came to liberate their homes. or maybe about
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a new piece coming to the land of don bass, torn by an h e or civil war. mm hm. what our most comfortable, i'm more than you know, also to just about as long as you can give us a said a warmer, you know we're, there's no mirror, no there to, to talk to the counselor but your body to russia border. so with some of them are a up i'll do a little just always cook with the well not sure, but similarly i bullshit. second a on may, the 16th 2022 as of regimen. representatives approached alexander hut, kosky unit with white flags. the unit was storm in the as of style, plants basements, the last ukranian strong held as of had finally surrendered. the battle on where
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you put a had lost it almost 3 months. ah oh. yet the bill good. i think is 70 percent of you been 80 percent of so be below for why
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in the future say i want to approach and it means i want this best buy this one. me not a toyota sale, possibly so. and then we'll proceed with a proud disdain becomes to an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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today i'm authorizing the additional strong sanction foreign companies, quitting russia, numbers on $21.00. thank you. let's glycine. so atm console blantan banks disconnected from the international payment system. functional hoppey joe mull donna and euro exchange rates follow up on that level up article go more so. so what are what the committee met that evoke and the billing address that is the current. can you see what it was? oh, sure. c, m a j, i look a little much volume in russian business overcome this song. see near i bought in nazi to huddle. she instrument. she tells me. don't press voice bullshit. national, productive notches, steel dash, a miracle. what i see, i flip a consult, but when you come, when you with, before you go to go, then you will have your mind or defeat not, but i, she's appraisal by the close loop. i know post cost to the group when you, when you're speaking with dr. new solution, who is a solution for her to lose with good food, with the machine cleans with
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hello and welcome across the top where all things are considered. i'm peter lavelle . the north atlantic treaty organization is a peculiar thing. it claims to be a defense of military alliance, but it aggressively expands and that expansion is directed at russia and its client state. ukraine is losing a war. nato actively supports. essentially, nato has decided to double down on failure cross talking.


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