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ah ah, a among don't yet residents of the ukrainian military shell civilian areas. well in the neighboring luke guns republic, russian forces advance from the key city of lee see chance. the reports from the front lines. despite emphatic claims that a membership is within, cab's reach, the european commission cautions that ukraine must 1st half entrenched corruption and z. u. k wants to send another $1000000000.00 worth of aid to ukraine,
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taking that money from state funds for impoverished countries in africa, africa, and asia. as the activist charity august, i'm say, the world's most powerful nation for leaving millions of people on the verge of starvation. instead of doing what is needed, the g 7 are leaving millions to stove and cooking the planet. with a very welcome, this is our to international with the latest world news update. it's good to have you with that 1st care has accused russia of carrying out a deadly ass strike on a residential area. a new ukraine. southwestern city of odessa is on verified for teach, released by local emergency services, allegedly shows the aftermath of the attack, ukrainian officials, at least 19 people were killed and 38 wounded. he has military claims, the russian forces launched 3 miss files into the area overnight, hitting a civilian building and to creational centers. now we are expecting an official
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response to those allegations from russia's defense ministry. mosca has previously said it only target sites used by the ukrainian military will keep you updated on the latest on that. now, on the other side of the front line, local authority, say ukraine repeatedly showed the city of don. yes. on friday morning earlier they reported the key of sports is launched. 20 grad missiles into the city also on thursday, the nearby frontline town of yas and have a tire also came under fire. oh. 2 a job with this for to show the residential building completely destroyed by the shelling authority from the don. yes, republic say the ukrainian military has been deliberately firing heavy artillery a civilian areas in the neighboring la guns republic. the city of least chance has become a hot spots of intense fighting. russian forces have claimed control of an oil
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refinery in the west of the city saying that ukraine has lost almost 200 troops within the vicinity of the facility. within the last 24 hours as the bath, hopefully the chance grade is on auto. the ecos on our reports from the frontline ah, the, this was ukraine's penultimate large stronghold in the la guns republic. and these are exclusive, previously unreleased shots of how it was overtaken by the russians here and in the neighboring villages. they met the resistance, not only of ukraine's regular army, but also foreign mercenaries. young with only conversely, but you did not look, i think from least lines the enemies waiting for us to enter from here. but what do
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they to do with firstly we don't yet know what is in these areas where trick wise are waiting to explode. so during the night, these areas will be examined by intelligence groups. so we'll go from east to west and here from north to south. after checking the territory and secure and here will close the flank or with block, the total number of foreign mugs here was estimated, at least in the 100 soldiers of misfortune. lifeless bodies of some of them were left at the battle fields. some were captured like this polish colonel as though by shot on it. um, but i own a lawyer. i mean, lawyer shot, i knew that lot. ha ha, i did go to law. i did or so did. i mean, i mean, put sherburne over thought that i own ukraine who and prisoners of war taken here talk of how they've been treated by their command, admittedly,
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possibly under duress, primo, why shouldn't matter here in captivity and out in your positions. there nothing is clear there. the commanders are not doing anything. can you explain to thought of soldiers that if they surrender, will they be treated at times better than their the remaining foreign guns for hire? those who survived, at least they ran out of this place, ran out of the town of several denette crossing this river and into the town of lucy chance, which is very clearly visible behind me. as are the plumes of smoke that are occasionally rising above its sky. like the battle for the town was still ongoing, and the russians are already partly in control of that place. i'm again done of reporting from the don bass frontline r t kia must do more to join the e u as the message from the european commissions president to say is potential membership. the ukraine is within reach, but the country must 1st strengthen his anti corruption laws. your european path
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and the reconstruction of the country will go hand in hand investments will have to be coupled with a new wave of reforms. you half created an impressive anti corruption machine. these institutions needs teeth and the right people in senior posts large only ministry. they with more details now as our teeth. charlie dimansky, thanks for coming in charlotte. now we know that corruption is a major problem for ukraine, and now we know that it needs to address that problem to become a member of the egypt. how severe is the problem in ukraine? well, let's be clear of the last 2 years. ukraine has done a huge amount to try and deal with the corruption in its country, but it's so systemic that the you had to highlight this several times when it was giving a ukraine that queen night to be candid at member for the you to say it has to deal with it and that's again what we heard from the commission precedent versus lavonne
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delay and today. now, zalinski has got a very different view of this though he has suggested previously that act, ukraine has done so much that other e countries could actually learn from ukraine. questions of being raised about ukraine's anti corruption infrastructure. i think that a developed infrastructure like the one in ukraine, which has proven effective both before and during the war is something that is absent in many countries. quite simply though, the facts don't really stack up in his favor when it comes to that. if you look at transparency international, the 2021 report suggests that ukraine was a 100 and 22nd out of a 180 countries when it came to corruption winning, it really was on the lower scale far, far lower, or far higher corruption than in any other country, there was also a port that came out for the center for strategic and international affairs, which essentially said that yes, it's been tackling or corruption,
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but that tackling of it has been completely inconsistent. and that prior to the war, there was so many issues with corruption and how's the landscape in handling that, that this really hit his approval ratings. and it's suggested with the war in ukraine, that things could become even more exacerbated in terms of the problems. so we've got your current leadership here saying that the ears concerns about corruption in within ukraine had been blown out of proportion. could you elaborate on that? well, he knew it's really interesting. there's so many facts and figures. it is difficult though, on the ground at the moment because there is this war going on. but just to give you an example, one survey. recently i showed that some 84 percent of the anti corruption experts in ukraine had had to abandon their posts since february 24th. so of the not able to do the work that they would like to carry out. we've also had these warnings from interpol, from you, ripple about the weapons going into ukraine from the west, saying that, you know, they're concerned that there isn't enough transparency as to where these weapons
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are going. it means they could end up on the black market. they could even end up in the hands of terrorists. so really big concerns on that medical aid to as well, has been suggested. this is incredibly vulnerable to being taken by those who are corrupt to be selling on the black market. one whistle blowers head and this is somebody who worked in the ukraine in hospital said, 99 percent of you queen in hospitals, were highly corrupt. even in the us, we know that congress is said that it wants to have a hawkish, i what happens to the billions and billions of us dollars that are now being funneled into ukraine. because of this concern about the systemic corruption that has been there for such a long time. i mean, you know, it's a big problem, but despite, and all of this are we've heard from, you know, the ukrainians, deputy prime minister, the, even if you quain, essentially, back tracks in, doesn't meet these conditions that was set out by the you that bill keep their
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candidate status. the european council's decision adopted on june 23rd differs from the recommendation provided by the european commission because we have unconditionally received candidate status. that's actually not true though, because the e u does reserve the right to remove that status if those conditions aren't fulfilled. so we have the ukranian government here trying to shrug off these concerns. but corruption is certainly a major problem for the country state of affairs that has corruption affected people's perception of the war and who they blame for starting it. yes, that's true. and this is a study that just come out in conjunction with wall street journal and found that as some at 85 percent of ukrainians, who responded to that study at said that they were highly concerned about levels of corruption. and how that could be exacerbated by the war. and they said that what they were concerned about is that that was corruption. 85 percent amongst ukrainian high officials were talking about potentially government members and also the
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wealthy in the country. what's also really interesting about this study was what the perceptions are of ukrainians in regards to whose responsibility it is for the war that are going on at the moment. as you'd expect. a high percentage at blamed russia some 85 percent. but more surprising is the number that felt the acquainted government itself was to blame some 70 percent of respondents that's really quite striking when it comes to the west. the u. s. was blamed by 58 percent of those who responded, and nato by 55 percent. what's really important to note here is this was a study that the survey that was conducted at in conjunction with a big western media outlet. and in terms of the respondents of those who would consider themselves be pro russian were only 2 percent. it really is giving us a much clearer idea of what ukrainians on the ground feel about the current situation, which is somewhat different to what we do read in the mainstream media. that is
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very interesting. thanks for coming in with those details. the thirty's at charlotte kaminsky. oh, so you can use that to send an additional 1000000000 pounds worth of 8 to ukraine, but that money is being leached from state funds to helping millions of people in african and asian countries who nevertheless, the british governments. business chief is prayer has praised to move the vital 1000000000 pounds commitment from boris johnson to enhance ukraine's resistance against russia, british weapons, equipment and training, or transforming ukraine's defenses. my department has contributed to the effort by surrendering climate, finance, and foreign aid under spends i find out more now from naughty contributor rachel marston. rachel, nice to see you again. at the u. k. is redirecting massive funding for impoverished nations around the world and said to focus on this aid for ukraine. thus, despite claims that millions of people elsewhere could face starvation, could you give us more details about this phase?
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so and that is in the you case, energy secretary is talking there about giving funding previously earmarked for climate change initiatives and for helping countries to that to fund weapons for ukraine and to justify the move. the minister is using a new buzzword. interesting. he's saying there understands meaning that we're supposed to believe that there was money just, you know, sitting around that couldn't be spent. so is there a climate emergency or isn't there because last november at the club, 26 climate change summit, you might recall that boris johnson prime minister of the case that is opening address that it's one minute to midnight on dooms on the doomsday clock. and we need to act now, he had also called undeveloped nations to meet a $100000000000.00 climate pledge. and now suddenly we're supposed to believe that there's money to burn. just laying around. environmentalists have already had to face the insult of seeing coal plants and fossil fuel infrastructure,
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getting fired up again in western countries after they slap sanctions on their own gas supply. coming from russia that was brilliant. the un secretary general's youth climate advisor is one of several activists who are expressing how they feel on social media and are less than thrilled about this new funding direction. under spends on climate finance in the context when the $100000000000.00 target has been missed. sounds obscene and using help to the people of ukraine as a shield against criticism on this is double obscene. so you sacrificed funding to assist african nations in dealing with their energy and economic crisis for a war with uncertain in i know you as a single person with no children may not take seriously global warming, but african families are very concerned. and are
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we also supposed to seriously believe that there is now just foreign aid funding laying around to where all we've ever heard about up until now is how others starving poor who desperately need our money. and there is never enough of it. g 7 nations, literally just wrapped up a summit, where they tried to pin a global famine on russian president vladimir putin instead of acknowledging the impact of their own sanctions on the global food situation. and they pledged $4500000000.00 against local hunger and oxfam international still doesn't think that is even enough. faced with the worst hunger crisis in a generation, the g 7 have simply failed to take the action that is needed. many millions will face terrible hunger, and starvation is a result instead of doing what is needed, the g 7, a leaving millions to stove and cooking the planet. this is further exacerbated by
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their lack of progress in delivering promised finance to support climate action and developing countries and on top of that, the united nations world food agency is also saying that there's an on of funding for yemen rations. so there are starving people in yemen, as we know, due to the ongoing conflict in that country. and, and, you know, when faced with the choice between these priorities and catering to the weapons wounds expressed by ukrainian president vladimir zalinski in his latest zoom call. you know, the squeaky wheel apparently gets the oil when it comes to these things and it makes you wonder if these folks are actually serious and talking about folks running g 7 countries. if they're actually serious about solving any of these so called major world problems when all their of their supposedly biggest concerns are now suddenly taking a back seat to their obsession with sticking it to russia and putin,
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via ukraine. and now even their own agendas are becoming collateral damage. rachel, many thanks. full of eyes, those details that are thought to contribute to rachel moss and we discussed the looming financial crunch for the african and asian countries with the co did a co director of the international action center. sarah found us, and she's described the western aid search to ukraine at the expense of helping people in other nations as a case of criminal misconduct. this is one more effort to use public relations firms, stars, media cameras, to project a completely false image of the ukraine. and it's also in buys, mega, money dollars that are never seen even by the people of the crane, but certainly not by the people around the world who are facing absolute famine.
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because of the sanctions and war imposed, of course they want to pay attention to ukraine, where they can promise that they are a big democratic course and push off to the side, the absolute destruction that they have created in afghanistan and in yemen to this day. this is not only hypocrisy, absolutely. criminal conduct on a huge scale. i mean, this is war crimes to provide, to refuse to provide for millions of people in need. when the ability is their nation, particularly afflicted by the hunger crisis, is afghanistan with the foreign minister of neighboring pakistan. now, working western countries to lift the sanctions against the water and country where millions on the verge of famine, that's how the bonds return to power. last year also led to the abrupt end of foreign financial aid despite the us previously for can gotten massive suns during
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its occupation. how is it that 3 trillion dollars were spent on the war? but today, there is not even $10000000000.00 for the survival of afghans. i don't understand this in the current situation. it is not a good idea to continue to starve afghanistan and risk and economic implosion that . and that is exactly what will happen if the country remains locked out of international banking and foreign assets remain frozen. we must not promote a famine. the west hotline stance on the new taliban government has helped fuel assembling economic crisis enough. gone is done. countries financial sector particularly hard hit as the u. s. has frozen $7000000000.00 worth of afghanistan's overseas assets. the un has repeatedly called for western 84. i've got this done well warning of a looming humanitarian disaster. with more than half of the country's population of $40000000.00 people said to be facing acute hunger. early this week,
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washington pledge to provide some $55000000.00 in humanitarian aid to afghanistan. however, some critics are saying that's a drop in the ocean compared with how much money the us and its allies spent funding that $20.00 occupation of the country that ended in chaos last august as the nato backs government collapse. 2 days off the western troops left as if to run a pakistan's, former envoy to the u. a. e on the wrong told us that the severe crises and i've got an if in afghanistan directly affects neighboring countries. as well as the immediate neighbors are, the ones have been telling the americans to unseat that hours of $10000000000.00. and he's going to is that right now? why son is facing a minute didn't basis almost 95 percent of the people are all the people selling the needs and also selling or to do so this
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kind of situation has come up and, and we are what it because the major trust is that was due to the tradition, in fact, something happens in the one. so immediate neighbors will be affected. the images, especially 5 percent hong kong, celebrating 25 years in prison hand today the control limits form a colony to china. beijing have pledged to preserve hong kong civil liberties for at least 50 years underneath and arrangement called one country to systems which china's current president, she's paying, it has praised. she are human for you to keep the power to administer the hong kong, as they all firmly in the hands of patriots is essential for safeguarding the long term governance and security of hong kong. and to no time, should this principle be allowed to be compromised. protecting the power to
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administer is protecting hong kong prosperity and stability, as well as the interests of over 7000000 hong kong resident, enjoying the backing of the motherland. while staying connected with the world as a notable strength, unique to hong kong strength cherished by both hong kong residents and the central authority christian. she paid a special visit to hong kong for the anniversary and his 1st trip outside the chinese main nonsense and started the kobe pandemic rival speed. she stated that hong kong has been reborn from fire, as he praised the success of the principle of 2 systems in one country. however, britain's prime minister doesn't quite agree with the chinese leader. horace johnson has even acute beijing of failing to stick to its obligations on the 25. he will deal with london on hong kong. let's not get some reaction and insight from nelson. wong, vice chairman of the shanghai center for impact of international studies. many thanks for joining us on the program. it's good to see you. now as far as johnson has said that the u. k. wants to be actively involved in hong kong as domestic
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policy, even though it's been 25 years since the hand over was he will take on that statement and, and what do you make of its timing of the british prime minister according to understanding people have to understand that reality is and what has happened last wanted to go some people from that to thomas and the few years as having going to and sometimes people for example,
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in just a few months off. ringback for my own maintenance on the phone that was course on which is financial to defend its local and economy funds to many and it is very bad to say that all call manage and came out of the crisis. ringback not to suffer too much to small. 5 hong kong monitor weakness, financial backing from the central government. which was not the jump, a general property at the time of it's happening now back in 20192020 hong kong. so a series of mass protests against a central government and beijing bank then accuse western powers of trying to
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influence the demonstrates as to what extent do you see belated controversial statements from london as possible. big picture when it comes to the situation in hong kong? well, we have 2 ways, so we have to look that's what happened in the fall and that was relatively quiet on to march to march 23rd. when a mass protest was staying, we went into full force in one day. however, the call was somehow guided towards the building up of a separatist center whereby involvement on some anti china forces from the scene was soon re went too far
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and captured as well. once was the pro long and well organized. and i tried to move, which started in june 2019 and put into a fashion of social lives writing a model. that is a problem that we often see was almost a year later in june 21. when the central government didn't buy james to restore that by saying that in forcing maximus. ready bash exactly. ready what has happened was they were the halfway mark of the original 50 year agreement on hong kong. how do expect the city to develop in the next 25 years? well, let's, let's,
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what is the opportunity exist on call engaged in the greater. ready and send so the next 25 years were recruited for special ed. we do all the things going on in. ready as a government under the guidance and includes collaboration with the center, the old ones you see, well, the men to see the big and understand the reality on global competition. is that the only way forward for me to be a continued success story is the 1st of all we recognize
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itself as an integral part and to ride on the truck and be part of the country's overall. so i would strips is that although it is didn't go off the 24 hour and this is what is round the world. we're all need to face the reality that hong kong is now 1st and foremost. ready gone, we did, you could tie up the country. that's no way off. it's only phone and now some long vice chairman at the shanghai center for win pack and international studies. many thanks for your time. we appreciate it. the julian sanchez
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lawyer, so he filed to fresh appeals against the whistleblowers extradition to the us. they move hands prolonged the legal battle against the u. k. government's decision to hand over a songs to the us when he faces up to 175 years in prison for publishing us military secrets on wikileaks, his supporters have been rallying in london to demand his release. yeah, yeah. oh. as long as legal team stays the us had previously attempted to illegally abduct him and therefore extradited him. beth had put his life in jeopardy. the whistleblower is being held at britain's high security belmont prison. his wife says his health has seriously deteriorated while in custody. he was arrested outside ecuador, with embassy in london, 2019 off the knots in american countries scrap to the asylum status. he's wanted in the us on espionage charges off the publishing tribes of classified military
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documents, revealing alleged american rule crimes during the conflicts and ask on his tongue under ro hey, thanks for joining us. hey arty international web, back at the top of the i with the latest ah, ah, people i think is 70 percent of you with 80 percent of the people of ocean. but you know.


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