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tv   News  RT  July 1, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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i did with did a rocky road to europe despite claims that the membership is within kids reach the blocks commission, chief warren's ukraine must 1st tackle is entrenched corruption, u k pledges another 1000000000 pounds in funds to ukraine, diverted from aid to african and asian countries. when millions remain at risk of starvation, thousands take for the streets in india after the beheading of a hindu shopkeeper was filmed and posted on line to muslim suspects, have been arrested over the killing. also coming up germany seeks to ease
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tensions with moscow urging lithuania to lift restrictions on freight transport from mainline russia to its cleaning glass x play with just on for and on saturday morning here in the russian capital. i'm peter scotts bringing you all the latest. well news here on our t as we head into the weekend. welcome to the program. but 1st we'll start off with an update from the dumbass donnette school authorities have reported the ukrainian forces launched a number of grad rockets of the city on friday. it's unclear whether there were any casualties the last 2 weeks i've seen the city repeatedly come under fire on this foot. did you see now shows the aftermath of one of the latest attacks on the kiera keep district. the left several houses damaged under residence. injured locust told us what told us what happened to the incident. please 3, there was
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a shot in the house was set on fire. he fell down and hit his head. you did. i was sitting on a chair at the entrance of the house while keeping an eye on my garden. being quoted, everything was come. then there was a shot, and suddenly i realized i was lying on the ground. my head a's, he had blood here on his temple. here must work harder to join the e u. that's the message from the european commission chief who says the potential membership for ukraine is within reach for the country was 1st strength and its anti corruption laws. while earlier my colleagues nikki, are in a shout, davinsky discussed where the key of he's actually able to make us a lot of on the lands called are reality. your european pass and the reconstruction of the country will go hand in hand. investments will have to be coupled with a new wave of reforms. you half created an impressive anti corruption machine. these institutions needs teeth and the right people in senior posts or the last few
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years. ukraine has done a huge amount to try and deal with the corruption in its country, but it's so systemic that the you had to highlight this several times when it was giving a ukraine that queen night to be candidate member for the you to say it has to deal with it, and that's again what we heard from the commission president versus vandalay. and zalinski has got a very different view of this though he has suggested previously that actually ukraine has done so much that other countries could actually learn from ukraine. questions are being raised about ukraine's anti corruption infrastructure. i think that a developed infrastructure like the one in ukraine which has proven effective both before and during the war is something that is absent in many countries. quite simply though, the facts don't really stack up in his favor when it comes to that. if he look at transparency international, the 2021 report suggests that ukraine was a 100 and 22nd out of a 180 countries when it came to corruption winning,
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it really was on the lowest scale far, far lower, or far higher corruption than in any other country, there was also a port that came out for the center for strategic and international affairs, which essentially said that yes, it's being tackling or corruption. but that tackling of it has been completely inconsistent. and that prior to the war, there were so many issues with corruption. how's the landscape in handling that, that this really hit his approval ratings. and that suggested with the war in ukraine that things could become even more exacerbated in terms of the problems with what you kinds leadership hes saying that the ears concerns about corrupt in within ukraine had been blown out of proportion. could you elaborate on that? it's really interesting, there's so many facts and figures. it is difficult though, on the ground at the moment because there is this war going on. but just to give you an example, one survey, recently i showed that some 84 percent of the anti corruption, experts and ukraine had had to abandon their posts since february 24th. so of see
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not able to do the work that they would like to carry out. we've also had these warnings from interpol, from you, ripple about the weapons going into ukraine from the west, saying that, you know, they're concerned that there isn't enough transparency as to where these weapons are going. it means they could end up on the black market. they could even end up in the hands of terrorists. so really big concerns on that medical aid to as well, has been suggested. this is incredibly vulnerable to being taken by those who are corrupt to be selling on the black market. one whistle blower said, this is somebody who worked in a ukrainian hospital said 99 percent of ukrainian hospitals were highly corrupt. even in the us, we know that congress has said that it wants to have a hawkish, i what happens to the billions and billions of us dollars that are now being funneled into ukraine. because of this concern about the systemic corruption that has been there for such a long time. i mean, you know, it's a big problem, but despite, and we know all of this, are we've heard from it, the ukrainians,
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deputy prime minister, the, even if you quain, essentially, back tracks in, doesn't meet these conditions that was set out by the you, they'll keep their candidate status. the european council's decision adopted on june 23rd differs from the recommendation provided by the european commission because we have unconditionally received candidate status. that's actually not true though, because the you does reserve the right to remove that status if those conditions aren't fulfilled as corruption affected people's perception of the war and who they blame for starting it. this is a study that just come in conjunction with wall street journal and found that as some at 85 percent of ukrainians, who responded to that study at said that they were highly concerned about levels of corruption. and how that could be exacerbated by the war. and they said that what they were concerned about is that that was corruption. 85 percent amongst ukrainian
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high officials were talking about potentially government members and also the wealthy and the country. what's also really interesting about this study was what the perceptions of ukrainians in regards to whose responsibility it is for the war that's going on at the moment as you'd expect a high percentage at blamed russia and 85 percent. but more surprising is the number that felt the acquainted government itself was to blame some 70 percent of respondents. that's really quite striking when this was a study that a survey that was conducted at in conjunction with a big western media outlet. and in terms the respondents of those who would consider themselves be pro russian were only 2 percent. it really is giving us a much clearer idea of what ukrainians on the ground feel about the current situation, which is somewhat different to what we do read in the mainstream media. well, in the been a journalist, jason, michael believes that you has given ukraine false hope reading that whole. i think
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there is certainly an awareness within ukraine and we're, we're talking to an intelligent and educated population who are aware of the history of their state. what's happened in recent times ukrainian people feel utterly betrayed by the lack of on the ground as got gotten to see this dumping a huge dumping of weapons and to ukraine without any real support or something chrome. so of course they feel betrayed by this. this is about getting false encouragement in order to keep the ukrainian military fighting you and here have announced the starts of ukrainian electricity exports dro manias claim those export from ukraine may help overcome energy dependence on russia that are who know greens, korea lucrative. you more, the significant part of the russian gas consumed by europeans can be replaced with ukrainian electricity. this is not just a question of export revenue for us. it's a question of security for all of your m. very glad to announce that as of today,
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ukraine can export electricity to the market. it will provide an additional source of electricity for the you and much needed revenues to ukraine. so we both benefit stronger together. romania is set to be one of the 1st you countries to receive energy from ukraine, discounts of prices. last autumn, ukraine raise concerns over the lack of its own electricity supplies ahead of the heating season. which is verna, professor of economics, are demand for university and u. k, believe the move is politically motivated. we witness the emergence of some kind of block building whereby, you know, russia is being cut off. whereas ukraine is now applied for you membership and is very keen to become integrated into, you know, the european political and economic as well as electricity grid. it seems just coming year ago. the worry was, the ukraine itself will know there's enough energy because also ukraine has been
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relying very much on russian gas and power supply. at the moment. there is not such a huge demand on electricity. i mean, the peak demand comes said towards the end of the year. that's when it's going to be critical. and there is the risk that both ukraine will run out of energy and west of europe as well. and so then this, you know, this politically motivated demonstration that the 2 working together can somehow replace russia is unlikely, this calculation is unlikely to work out on the united kingdom is set to send an additional 1000000000 pounds worth of h. ukraine. the money's been diverted from funds designated for millions in need of aid in african and asian countries. nevertheless, the british governments business chief, has praised the move the vital 1000000000 pounds commitment from boris johnson to
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enhance ukraine's resistance against russia, british weapons, equipment and training, or transforming ukraine's defenses. my department has contributed to the effort by surrendering climate, finance and foreign aid under spends that you case energy secretary is patting himself on the back for promising to use funding earmarked for climate change initiatives and for helping those under developed countries to support nato's weapon shopping spree and ukraine and to justify the move, the minister is using a new buzzword for this magically available cash. the under spends meaning that we're supposed to believe that there is money just laying about that couldn't be used because there was just already so much of it already for climate and a foreign aid. environmentalists have already had to face the insult of seeing cold plants and fossil fuel infrastructure, getting fired up again in western countries after official slaps sanctions on their
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own energy supplies from russia. under spends on climate finance in the context when the $100000000000.00 target has been missed. sounds obscene. and using help to the people of ukraine as a shield against criticism on this is double obscene. so you've sacrificed funding to assist african nations in dealing with their energy and economic crisis for a war with uncertain in i know you as a single person with no children may not take seriously global warming, but african families are very concerned. so the ukraine war isn't just deflecting our attention from the climate crisis. it's draining money from the already inadequate budget to deal with this looming global catastrophe. and by wary seriously supposed to believe that there suddenly extra foreign aid, when all we've ever heard about until now is how much the world's famine problem is underfunded. g 7 nations, literally just wrapped up a summit, where they tried to pin a global famine on russian president vladimir putin rather than the damage done by
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their own sanctions. during this conflict in ukraine. they just pledged $4500000000.00 against global hunger and oxfam international still doesn't think even that is enough. faced with the worst hunger crisis in the generation, the g 7 have simply failed to take the action that is needed. many millions will face terrible hunger and starvation as a result. instead of doing what is needed, the g 7 are leaving millions to starve and cooking the planet. this is further exacerbated by their lack of progress and delivering promised finance to support climate action and developing countries. meanwhile, the u. n. world food agency says that a lack of cash means cutting rations for starving people in yemen. but when faced with a choice between those priorities and catering to the weapons winds express by ukrainian pirate president, advisors zalinski and his latest zoom call. guess who wins out makes you wonder if
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these folks are actually serious about sol? any, any of the problems that they purport to be actual problems when all of their supposedly biggest concerns are now suddenly taking a back seat to their obsession with sticking it to russia and vladimir putin, even their own agendas are now becoming collateral damage. earlier we discussed the looming financial crunch for those african in asian countries with co director of the international action center. sarah found us this is one more effort to use public relations firms, stars, media cameras, to project a completely fall scrimmage of the ukraine. and it's also in buys, mega money dollars that are never seen even by the people in crane, but certainly not by the people around the world who are facing absolute famine. because of the sanctions and war imposed. of course,
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they want to pay attention to ukraine, where they can promise that they are a big democratic course and push off to the side, the absolute destruction that they have created in afghan or stand and in yemen to this day. this is not only hypocrisy, absolutely. criminal conduct on a huge scale. i mean, this is war crimes to provide, to refuse to provide millions of people in need when the ability is there in the news embodied way now has a new parliament building constructed by china replacing a colonial era structure. the southern african states could also see out with the old and in, with a new, with its currency, with the current, the country considering a switch to gold coins instead of its current currency. this month by ways
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inflation rates reached a 191 percent, meaning prices have more than tripled since the beginning of the year. the certainly nation is seeking ways to soften its economic crisis on restore investor confidence. the countries the central bank aims to introduce new coins made from 9 to 10 gold into circulation. we spoke to edward graham cross as in bobby, a member of parliament who told us that the country is trying to attract investments. i think it's essentially an effort to try and give people something in which they can invest their surplus funds. people are buying gold in the gold coin form will in fact be paying a substantial premium. so i think it's more to do with increasing the value of production rather than any kind of monetary considerations. if it results in a higher price for, for, for, are going produces, i've got no doubt a tool. we must be about the 6 largest go to producer in the world. and there is
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a large volume of, of investment taking place into the gulf industry at the present time. and i think that if this translates into a higher price for the goal producer, i think that they will respond very strongly ah, rage over libya's political style maids and worsening living conditions bawled over on friday as protested broke into the country's parliament. lighting fires in front of the building in the eastern city of brook video circulating on social media shows. the polymer barricaded with protest is burning tires and thick columns of black smoke. coming from the building. some processes with the waving green flags, the symbol of the duffy regime. no casualties were reported as the building was likely empty during the process of friday is weekend in libya. local media reports libyans rallied against the political crisis as the country is torn between warring political parties, coats, and sewing prices also added fuel to the fire in fridays on rest.
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religious tension spots in india, several 100 hindus thought to the streets to express the outrage over the killing of a shopkeeper to mostly men allegedly pretended to be customers before attacking them on the suspects posted a video on line saying they were beheading the man. as revenge as he supposedly expressed support for high ranking hindu politician who insulted the muslim profits mohammed while india is officially a secular, multi ethnic states, religious tension hopping on the rise for the latest instant. the government has undertaken some drastic measures as our correspondent reports. not just teaching there has been put on high laws to internet services have been suspended off. i'm not gathering, have been ban pulling mom to off talk to y'all law a pillow with brutally mobility in broad daylight day for the kid shows the entire country. the tailor wants to be headed in the shop. the beheading was turned on
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camera and then widely circulated on social media. also the fact that prime minister, letting the bully, what turn by these murders on the camera, we have headed to tailor. we are living for all god and we shall die for him. listen to me now and remotely, you started this fire, we will douse it in connection. so the international control c which broke out all the now suspended both both of the duly bossy and india, made mosse over the trophy, in a television to be held him off. from baltimore, multiple deputy tree, and it's led to why protests flying across the country. it also drew condemnation from or a dozen golf country. you know, all that had defended and push are known as social media platform and the mother
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see that they were a when g installed can with long. what come organizations? well, what's the political leader in india have condemned the crime. the general secretary of the jamie a dilemma. a hind condemns the brutal killing a new diaper, apparently committed on the pretext of insulting the profit and calls it a violation of the line of islam. what happened in new di poor has affected the whole country. the murder in question is a heinous crime. it became evident over night that this crime is directly connected to international terrorism. india investigation agencies are looking at it as an actor stern. people have been arrested in connection to the case, including the dual monitors who are caught on camera. in fact, those 2 people who seem to be headache now are you in the dean to the, in the supreme court of india, game down heavily on noble shar,
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magole. her use tongue, and as she should apologize to the nation for flaring, communal tension. we spoke to the former former chancellor of milan or other national id or university. he says, the instance presents the wrong picture of islam. dina country like india. i can tell. imagine the sinclair happen. now. i just wonder, i am bo myself. you know, i am quite worried as to where i can please ling what these people are doing. dad doesn't think that home with general. his mom is lamb. his understanding because of people like mama was one of the murderers. and a vector liaison said he doesn't margaret me. islam is suffering a lot, lee on account of people who are not as it was in thing that right up at the hugh in the right men of islam. geminus chancello
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love shalt says unexpectedly sided with moscow amid a dispute over lithuanian been on the transit of sanctions goods to russia's clinic guard region reminded, fellow e u countries that the western russia exclaimed should not be cut off from the rest of the country. rusty fog regarding the issue of colleen grad, it's up to european union to determine the necessary frame or controls. of course, these matters must respect the fact that we are talking about traffic between 2 parts of russia. i believe that all parties involved are currently making great efforts to establish at t collation dynamic. here what is by the german leaders calls lithuanian presidents has responded by branding russia, a long term threats. given us negotiator, also stress that nato remains united regardless of some disagreements among its keep member states. to reese ago, lithuania announced it would no longer allow you sanctioned russian goods to pass through its territory which borders the cleaning god region. vilios effectively
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blocks the transits of metals, coal construction materials, and high tech for those to the russian exclaimed, if you're in your claims restrictions awfully in line with the you. sanctions and i've been approved by brussels over at rushes for ministry, has condemned the move. the las waning authorities have gone beyond breaching international law and are behaving in an aggressively hostile manner. i hope that the las waning and officials have some semblance of professionalism in assessing the situation. they must understand the consequences, and the consequences will unfortunately come. earlier we spoke with the executive director at the ron pull piece institute, done in mcadams, who think that nato has hurt itself more than russia with it's unseat moscow sanctions. what we're starting to see some cracks in the block. they want to give the impression of unity, but literally everything that they have thrown against the russia ukraine situation has not only not stuck, but it's been counterproductive, hurt nato,
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more than it's obviously hurt russia. russia continues to rack up victory after victory in the battlefields, not sustainable and in irrational world, would have disintegrated. at the end of the warsaw pact to worse, of course, came into being as the response to the creation of nato. there has no reason to exist, and that's why it's sort of collapsed into buffoonery. 8 o writing checks that can't be cashed by it's individual member governments. the politics and poll being super aggressive toward russians and you have germany facing a very cold winter, u. k. facing an economic collapse that's going to spread like contagion throughout the region throughout the nato sphere in europe. and that's what they're going to be facing soon. the south korean official expressed concerns about new threats from north korea urging china and russia to convince young young not to conduct plunder nuclear tests. this comes as north korea has increased its nuclear weapons, testing activities with
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a recent report alleging the process was lightly quickened by leak of information for minute military ponds. in ukraine, it looks like north korea's next nuclear missile test is coming up soon. this time, young young could be looking to develop tactical nuclear weapons and sol thinks there intended to hit us led forces in south korea. north korea's transition and weapons development from long range ballistic missiles to short range ballistic missiles from strategic nuclear weapons to tactical nuclear weapons is obviously targeted toward south korea. that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though. since earlier this year. south korea's then defense minister publicly stated he could launch a preemptive attack against the north. no doubt the situation is a lot more stable than it would be if only one side was armed to the teeth with nuke spot. the way north korea was able to get its hands on long range missile technology could mean bad news if non state actors were to try to get their hands on similar weapons. in the same way. according to the united nations to north korean spies were detained. back in 2011 after they were caught trying to steal
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nuclear secrets from a ukrainian factory called use mosh in 2011, 2 officials of the democratic people's republic of korea, travel to ukraine and approached an employee of the state own entity for me. engaged in the developments of medium range, the intercontinental ballistic missiles, to obtain photographs of secret academic theses, according to ukrainian authorities. these would have provided the democratic people's republic of korea with information on advanced technologies and new forms of technological processes for the design of missile systems. and liquid propellant engines fast forward to 2017 and pyongyang had its 1st successful intercontinental ballistic missile test. with what a western investigation said was most likely an imported engine with modifications . no other country has transitioned from a medium range capability to an intercontinental ballistic missile in such a short time. what explains this rapid progression?
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the answer is simple. north korean has acquired a high performance liquid propellant engine from a foreign source. and where did the author of this investigation say north korea got that engine ukraine? it's likely that these engines came from ukraine, probably illicitly. the big question is how many they have and whether the ukrainians are helping them now. at the same time, ki evan, the management of use mash denied, offering help to pyongyang. but the investigation thinks north korean spies revisited the factory a 2nd time and succeeded. a small team of disgruntled employees or underpaid guards could be enticed to steal a few dozen engines. these machines can be flown or more likely transported by train through russia to north korea. if what the investigation claims is true, the time at which the engine was allegedly stolen wasn't exactly an unstable one. for most of ukraine, with a don boss conflict to now affecting the entire country, the west continuing to flooded with weapons. who knows what organized groups with
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bad intentions might be able to get their hands on. the we spoke with an economist on publisher. i'll take you hammer, who thinks that the issue of global arms proliferation from ukraine should be taken seriously. of course it is. it is a big problem. as you know, ukraine was known as the most corrupt country in history. it is known that the soldiers are pretty decent and not, and it can't be excluded that they are selling weapons to whoever wants to buy them . in any case, when the north koreans are leveled up with nuclear nuclear arsenal and leveled up with new technology for the new the new p r snow. it's always a big problem for the rest of the world because we have just one planet. and whenever there is a nuclear war at one site,
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it will harm everywhere. combine that, we have pretty menu, doubtful people in europe, especially in germany. and now a huge market were weapons of any kind are basically handed over for free, then it's getting, it's a way sion and a threat for europe that nobody can really calculate any more. and so i would say it is really a disgrace to make such a free and cheap weapon to market in it, on european soil, in this case, in the ukraine. well, those are the main stories. this money is pizza scott's and i'll be back again at the top of the more news and views here on the international see it and thank you the
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