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tv   News  RT  July 2, 2022 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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ah, ah ah millions remain, it's risk of starvation is the u. k. pledge is another 1000000000 pounds in funds to ukraine. diverting aid from african and asian countries. 1000 states. the street in india, after the beheading of a hindu shop keeper, was filmed, posted online to muslim suspects. i've been arrested over the killing and hundreds gather in madrid and a protest against police violence resulting in the death of 37 migrants who tried to cross the moroccans punish florida. in early saturday morning in the russian capsule,
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mon is peter scott's and his how the world's look in as we head into the weekend. but 1st we'll start off with an update from the dumbass. daniel scores is reported ukrainian forces launched a number of drug rockets of the city on friday. and i still unclear whether there were any casualties the last 2 weeks have seen the city repeatedly come on the shelf fire on this footage on your screens. now it shows the aftermath of one of the latest attacks on the kiera school district. the left several houses damaged on a resident injured. locals told us what happened in the incident with there was a shot in the house was set on fire. he fell down and hit his head. you did. i was sitting on a chair at the entrance of the house while keeping an eye on my garden. being quoted, everything was come. then there was a shot. and suddenly i realized i was lying on the ground. my head ease, he had blood here on his temple. the u. k is set to send an
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additional 1000000000 pounds worth of aid to ukraine. other money is being diverted from funds that were originally designated for millions in need of aid in african and asian countries. nevertheless, the british governments business chief, has praised the move the vital 1000000000 pounds commitment from boris johnson to enhance ukraine's resistance against russia, british weapons, equipment and training, or transforming ukraine's defenses. my department has contributed to the effort by surrendering climate, finance and foreign aid under spends that you case energy secretary is patting himself on the back for promising to use funding earmarked for climate change initiatives and for helping those under developed countries to support nato's weapon shopping spree and ukraine and to justify the move, the minister is using a new buzzword for this magically available cash. the under spends meaning that we're supposed to believe that there is money just laying about that couldn't be used because there was just already so much of it already for climate and
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a foreign aid. environmentalists have already had to face the insult of seeing cold plants and fossil fuel infrastructure, getting fired up again in western countries after official slap sanctions on their own energy supplies from russia. under spends on climate finance in the context when the $100000000000.00 target has been missed. sounds obscene. and using help to the people of ukraine as a shield against criticism on this is double obscene. so you sacrificed funding to assist african nations in dealing with their energy and economic crisis for a war with uncertain in i know you as a single person with no children may not take seriously global warming, but african families are very concerned. so the ukraine war isn't just deflecting our attention from the climate crisis. it's draining money from the already inadequate budget to deal with this looming global catastrophe. and by wary
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seriously supposed to believe that there suddenly extra foreign aid, when all we've ever heard about until now is how much the world's famine problem is underfunded. g 7 nations, literally just wrapped up a summit where they tried to pin a global famine on russian president vladimir putin rather than the damage done by their own sanctions. during this conflict in ukraine, they just pledged $4500000000.00 against global hunger and ox sam international still doesn't think even that is enough. faced with the worst hunger crisis in the generation, the g 7 have simply failed to take the action that is needed. many millions will face terrible hunger and starvation as a result. instead of doing what is needed, the g 7 are leaving millions to starve and cooking the planet. this is further exacerbated by their lack of progress and delivering promised finance to support climate action and developing countries. meanwhile,
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the u. n. world food agency says that a lack of cache means cutting rations for starving people in yemen. but when this, with a choice between those priorities and catering to the weapons winds express by ukrainian pirate present environments, zalinski in his latest zoom call. guess who wins out makes you wonder if these folks are actually serious about solving any of the problems that they purport to be actual problems when all of their supposedly biggest concerns are now suddenly taking a back seat to their obsession with sticking it to russia and vladimir putin, even their own agendas are now becoming collateral damage. earlier we discussed the looming financial crunch for african and asian countries with co director of international action center, sarah flanders. this is one more effort to use a public relations firms, stars media cameras, to project
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a completely false image of the ukraine. and it's also and browse mega money dollars that are never seen even by the people of ukraine, but certainly not by people around the world who are facing absolute famine. because of the sanctions and war imposed. of course, they want to pay attention to ukraine, where they can promise that they are a big democratic force and push off to the side, the absolute destruction that they have created in afghanistan and in yemen to this day. this is not only hypocrisy, absolutely. criminal conduct on a huge scale. i mean this is war crimes to provide, to refuse to provide food for millions of people in need. when you go and he is there, religious attentions fled up in india,
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several 100 hindus took to the streets to express the outrage over the killing of a shopkeeper to muslim and allegedly pretended to be customers before attacking them on the face, posted a video online saying they were beheading the man, as revenge, as he supposed, supposedly expressed support for high ranking a hindu politician who insulted at the muslim profits. mohammed. now while india is officially a secular, multi ethnic state, religious tensions have been rising recently. for the latest instance, the women's has undertaken some drastic measures. as our correspondent recalls the odyssey in india have been put on high on the internet. so this has been suspended in several galleries. have been ban 40 mom all still have been a lot, a deal, brutally my dog in a broad deal i seen all day for the kid shows the entire country taylor was beheaded in his shop. the beheading was found on camera and then why he circulated
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on a social media. also, the fact that prime minister in the movie was trying to buy these murders on a camera. we have the headed to taylor. we are living for all god and we shall die for him. listen to me now and remedy you started this fire. we will douse it. is in connection to the international control c, which is broke out after the now suspended. both of the ruling party to party in india made moscow with a trophy in a television to me over ma, some profit mom of what considered guaranteed c i. e led to why he protest fine across the country. it also drew condemnation from all a dozen golf currencies. now i defended and push our non social media as far as the money or see that they were avenging installed to islam with them.
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organizations as well. what's important to us across india has condemned this crime, the general secretary of the jamie a dilemma. a hind condemns the brutal killing in who die poor, apparently committed on the pretext of insulting the prophet and calls it a violation of the line of islam. what happened in new di, poor, has affected the whole country, the murder in question. as a heinous crime, it became evident overnight that this crime is directly connected to international terrorism investigation. agencies are, you can get it as an act of care. some people have been arrested in connection to the case, including the, to modern are who are caught up on the camera. in fact, those 2 people who firmed the beheading, now all the on the day to day and the supreme court of india came down heavily on new bush, our mom calling her new tongue. and that she should apologize to the nation for
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flaring, communal tension. earlier we spoke to the former chancellor of the melana, a national do university says that the incident represents the wrong picture of islam in a country like india. i can tell. imagine the sinclair happen now. i, i just wonder, i am bo myself. you know, i'm quite worried as to where i can please going. what these people are doing. dad doesn't think that home with general his mom islam, his understanding because of people like mama was one of them are gross and that he has them study deadline more gross. me a slam is suffering a lot. lee on account of people who are not present, presenting that right attitude and the right men and offers them in other news,
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rage over libya's political style made on worsening living conditions. bald over on friday says, protested broke in syllabus parliament lighting fires in front of the building in the eastern city of to brought video was circulating on social media, shows the parliament barricaded with protests as burning tires with thick columns of black smoke. coming from the building, some protesters were seen waving green flags, the symbol of the gadhafi regime. no casualties were reported as the building was likely empty during the process of friday is a day off in libya. local media reports that libyans rallied against the political crisis as a country is torn between warring transfer parties, pockets unceasing prices. also added fuel to the fire. in friday's unrest, madrid saw hundreds protest against police violence. the results in the death of 37 migrants attempting to cross the border between morocco and the spanish enclave of melia. the processes gathered at the cities at central square holding signs and
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banners, videos on photos of the border incident, spots outrage among human rights defenders, as well as united nations processes voice calls for an independent cross border investigation into the death ah, him on the main demands we are demonstrating foreign spain have to do with the question of pointing out those to the spanish end moroccan governments. their policies of death at the borders to demand an investigation, to make sure that this does not go unpunished. some of us on the demonstration against murder because we don't want the murder of our comrades go unpunished. benito, ah, likely warning. you may find some of the following images disturbing. what you're seeing here is video footage from the scene of people lying on the ground, rounded up by security forces, at least 76 migrants, and 140 border guards are reported to have been injured in the incidents. the un
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says the moroccan authorities use buttons and stones to attack the migrants as they tried to scale offense to enter the spanish ex clave human rights defenders say the police deliberately refrained from helping those injured. no one bothered to come to the 8 of the migrants on the ground during and after the clash. some of them were crying in pain for long hours and the son of spain's prime minister called the incidents, and it's hike on spain's borders and blame the death on human trafficking rings. federal sanchez is now facing a backlash from his own coalition for failing to condemn the actions of the moroccan police. the prime minister as a government has no plans to take action against the ledger perpetrators of that violence. while earlier we spoke to egyptian writes and mohammed sabrina, who commented on the roll, western li display in the migrant crisis. i think the blame is actually, must be mainly is always ends. you will be in
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countries who are leaning in these african countries. some party in the country are actually encouraging people to leave. and some other player, you know, intervene to change that game and also, you know, make promises. so when's the leech, you know, the shore of the western country, we discover that you know, they are not welcoming and they make their life miserable. we should speak loudly and ask for justice for these, these people. and i think, you know, now this is this answer them though, or this tragedy is actually everyone is speaking about. and it will be very difficult, you know, to, to both of us to under carbon germany's chancellor
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o left shoulder on expectedly sided with moscow amid a dispute over lithuanian bun on the transit of sanctioned goods to russia's cleaning grad region. i reminded fellow e u countries of the western russian a slave should not be cut off from the rest of the country by steve park regarding the issue of clean grudge. it's up to repeat union to determine the necessary frame more controls. of course, these measures must respect the fact that we are talking about traffic between 2 parts of russia. i believe that all parties involved are currently making great efforts to establish at the escalation dynamic here. good will, despite the german leaders, cause if you any, as the president has responded by brundage russia as a long term threat, gets enough. now see ada also stress that need to remains united regardless of some disagreements among key member states. 2 weeks ago, if you any announced it would no longer allow you sanctioned russian goods to pass through the territory which borders the cleaning region. villians effectively block the transits of metals,
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coal construction materials and high tech product to the russian ice clay. if you're any claims, the restrictions are fully in line with the sanctions and have been approved by brussels by the vs. foreign ministry has condemned to move. the le sweeney authorities have gone beyond breaching international law and are behaving in an aggressively hostile manner. i hope that the las waning and officials have some semblance of professionalism in assessing the situation. they must understand the consequences, and the consequences will unfortunately come. earlier we spoke with executive direct said the ron pole piece in jude dunny mac adams. the things that nato, that is of more than russia by supporting until moscow sanctions were starting to see some cracks in the block. they wanted to give the impression of unity. but literally, everything that they have thrown against the rest of your current situation has not only not stuck, but it's been counterproductive, pert nato, more than it's obviously hurt russia, as russia continues to rack up victory after victory in the battlefields,
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not sustainable in irrational world. and what have disintegrated at the end of the warsaw pact to worse, of course, came into being as the response to the creation of nato. there has no reason to exist. and that's why it's sort of collapsed into buffoonery. nato writing checks that can't be cashed by it's individual member governments. the baltics and poll being super aggressive toward russians and you have germany facing a very cold winter, u. k. facing an economic collapse that's going to spread like contagion throughout the region throughout the native sphere. in europe, and that's what they're going to be facing soon. and moving on now, president putin has decreed the cycle in energy investment company is transferred to the russian state. the company previously served as the operator of the large scale faculty into energy project. secondly, in energy will be taken over by a russian company. it will inherits all assets of the previous operator with all stuff to be employed by the new company. besides,
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russian gas from shares of suckling energy were owned by sho, mitzi and mitsubishi. a boss of their shells will be returned to them with the rest to be sold to russian companies. the company spokesman commented that the case wouldn't set the precedents and each individual case would be considered individually. we heard from international petroleum economist john foster. he says that this response from russia is quite logical. the executive orders signed yesterday by the president, put in, explains its purpose is to protect the national interests, economic security of the russian federation in response to unfriendly actions. that's more, that's what it says. they are the west, i was, i would comment, has gone to extraordinary lengths to bring down the russian economy, including oil and gas. and it just failed you think of is for
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a pro is non stream to is messing about now with no extreme one that's being forcing western companies to out of russia. and it was a worldwide cap on russian oil price. and yet, it still was access on its own terms to the russian oil and gas. so from erosion point of view, this would be intolerable. the south korean official express concerns about new threats from north korea urging china and russia to convince young young knots can don't expect to nuclear tests. this comes as north korea increased in nuclear weapons testing activities with a recent reports alleging the process was lightly quickened by leak of information from military plants in ukraine. it looks like north korea is next to nuclear missile test is coming up soon. this time, young young could be looking to develop tactical nuclear weapons and saw things
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there intended to hit us led forces in south korea. north korea's transition and weapons development from long range ballistic missiles to short range ballistic missiles from strategic nuclear weapons to tactical nuclear weapons is obviously targeted toward south korea that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though. since earlier this year. south korea's then defense minister publicly stated he could launch a preemptive attack against the north. no doubt the situation is a lot more stable than it would be if only one side was armed to the teeth with nuke spot. the way north korea was able to get its hands on long range missile technology could mean bad news if non state actors were to try to get their hands on similar weapons. in the same way. according to the united nations to north korean spies were detained. back in 2011, after they were caught trying to steal nuclear secrets from a ukrainian factory called use mosh in 2011 to officials of the democratic people's republic of korea, travel to ukraine than approached an employee of the state owned entity,
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fully engaged in the developments of medium range the intercontinental ballistic missiles, to obtain photographs of secret academic theses, according to ukrainian authorities. these would have provided the democratic people's republic of korea with information on advanced technologies and new forms of technological processes for the design of missile systems and liquid propellant . engines fast forward to 2017 and pyongyang had its 1st successful intercontinental ballistic missile test. with what a western investigation said was most likely an imported engine with modifications . no other country has transitioned from a medium range capability to an intercontinental ballistic missile in such a short time. what explains this rapid progression? the answer is simple. north korean has acquired a high performance liquid propellant engine from a foreign source. and where did the author of this investigation say north korea got that engine ukraine? it's likely that these engines came from ukraine,
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probably illicitly. the big question as how many they have and whether the ukrainians are helping them. now. at the same time, ki evan, the management of use mash denied, offering help to pyongyang. but the investigation thinks north korean spies revisited the factory a 2nd time and succeeded. a small team of disgruntled employees or underpaid guards could be enticed to steal a few dozen engines. these machines can be flown or more likely transported by train through russia to north korea. if what the investigation claims is true, the time at which the engine was allegedly stolen wasn't exactly an unstable one. for most of ukraine, with a don boss conflict now affecting the entire country, the west continuing to flooded with weapons. who knows what organized groups with bad intentions might be able to get their hands on. of course, it is a big problem. as you know, ukraine was known as the most corrupt country in history. it is known that
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the soldiers are pretty decent and not, and it can be excluded that they are selling weapons to whoever wants to buy them. in any case, when the north koreans are leveled up with nuclear, our nuclear arsenal and leveled up with new technology for the new called the nuclear arsenal. it's always a big problem for the rest of the world because we have just one planet. and whenever there is a nuclear war at one side, it will harm everywhere. combine that, we have pretty menu, doubtful people in europe, especially in germany. and now a huge market were weapons of any kind. basically, hand it over for free, then it's getting a situation and a threat for europe that nobody can really calculate any more. and so i would say
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it is really a disgrace to make such a free and cheap weapon market in it on europe. soil, in this case, in the ukraine. the world braces, so for the polar possibility of yet another covey to wave, the chair of the lungs. the commission has a nice, a suspicion to the viruses. origins in us, biotech. i'm pretty convinced that came out of the us lab. it's a blunder in my view of biotech, not an accident of a natural spill over while doctors around the world are warning about the danger of the possible new way were coded, though it will be a new phase. i certainly is a reason for alarm. at the same time, we have continued today about the origin of the cobit 19 virus. now jeffrey sachs of columbia university. well respected economist has also said there could be some credibility to this hypothesis about the origin of colbert 19. we do not know
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whether the insertion of the few are in cleavage site was the result of natural evolution or the result of a deliberate introduction of the fear and cleavage site into a sorry, like virus. as part of a laboratory experiment, we do know that the insertion of such fear and cleavage, sight sequences into sars like viruses was a specific goal of work submitted to the u. s. defense advanced research projects agency. now, us officials have often insisted this theory about the coded 19 pandemic, possibly originating in a lab, possibly a u. s. military lab done for research on biological weapons or biological warfare or dangers linked to the u. s. department of defense. often the usa has dismissed this as a conspiracy theory said that it is not tolerable for discussion. now wherever we now have the end of the world health organization, saying that they should be able to discuss all i offices, leave them on the table and leave politics out. own hypothesis,
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my city main on the table until we have evidence that enables us to rule certain hypothesis in or out. there are new questions about the possibility called that originating at a u. s. department of defense link laboratory. it's important to note that some of the censorship that has gone on since the beginning of the pandemic, limiting discussion, and not permitting debate about this issue, certainly worth reexamining. questions being raised about why certain theories about the pandemic were not allowed for discussion. well that's how the world is. look in, it's 826. am this saturday morning, moscow time. i'm peter scott. i'll be back again with another look at today's biggest stories in about half an hour's time. ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms race, his on offense bearing dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with ah, good, good, good, good, good, good. and she's like,
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