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tv   News  RT  July 2, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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that time european union emphasized that is something completely different, and russia actually accepted this. ah, i didn't stick to the street in india after that, the heading of a hindu shopkeeper was billed and posted on the line to muslim suspects. i've been arrested with thousands also gather across spain, to voice outrage against police violence following the killing of dozens of african migrants who tried to storm the morocco spanish porter, but were brutally prevented by moroccan security forces on teetering on the brink of an arcade, palm dance, rom, page, or force nigeria, killing, and kidnapping. some claim, the seat of the unrest was planted more than a decade ago when nato intervened on the african continent.
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with me de la pas midnight in hong kong and 7 in the evening here in moscow. welcome to the global news, run up an r t. i'm unit owner. we begin with developments in the ukraine conflict. danielle scott, sorry to have reported that 2 civilians were killed by ukrainian fire over the past 24 hours. it occurred in a ton of yes, siena. vitalia officials also claim key. i've launched multiple ground rockets against the republics capital. the last 2 weeks, i've seen this city repeatedly come under fire. this footage shows the aftermath of one of the latest attacks on the corolla district which left several houses, damage on a resident injured local, shed their accounts with our teeth on what they were pretty aware. there was a shot in the house was set on fire. he fell down and hit his head. did you did?
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i was sitting on a chair or the entrance of the house while keeping an eye on my god and being quoted, everything was come. then there was a shot. and suddenly i realized i was lying on the ground to my head ease. he had blood here on his temple called to get the latest developments on the conflict in ukraine and on boss to hetero website where he can delve into updates from the front lines as well as find global perspectives on that one on fully outside r t dot called religious tensions are rising in india, with several 1000 hinders rallying to express their outrage over the gruesome killing of a shopkeeper. to muslim men are believed to have pretended to be customers before beheading the store owner. the power posted a video online saying they attack the man in revenge after he supposedly express support for a high ranking hindu politician who insulted the profit margin. while india is
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officially a sector, a multi ethnic state religious strains, hoping only increase following the latest deadly incidents, the government has undertaken some drastic measures. as ortiz sharma ruin june checks us through. not just sitting there has been put on high off the internet services have been suspended and 7 off i dont gatherings have been ban 40 mom all still gonna. dina was rudely modelled in broad daylight. you know, they were, the kids took the entire country, the tina was beheaded. if you saw, the beheading was found on camera and then widely circulated on media. also the fact that as communist to let angel movie what factors by these murders on camera, we have beheaded taylor. we are living for all god and we shall die for him. listen to me now and remedy. you started this fire. we will douse it. oh,
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in connection to the international console, see which is called after the now suspended both both and the ruling. 5 years and party in india made moscow with the prophy in a television to me is a remarkable prophet, muhammad, with sea legs, 2 wines in protest. fine across the country, it also drew condemnation from all a dozen golf con fees. now i defended and push our non social media platform and the mother see that they were avenging installed to islam with assurances, well, listen to the leader across india has condemned this crime the general secretary of the jamie a dilemma. a hind condemns the brutal killing a new diaper, apparently committed on the pretext of insulting the prophet and calls it a violation of the line of islam. what happened in new di,
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poor has affected the whole country. the murder in question is a heinous crime. it became evident over night that this crime is directly connected to international terrorism. india investigation agencies are looking at it as an actual scare me. some people have been arrested in connection to the case, including the, to modern, ours, who are caught on camera. in fact, those 2 people who found the beheading. now while you're in the day to day and the supreme court of india came down heavily on newport sharma ali her use tongue, and that she should apologize to the nation for flaring communal tension. among reaction we go to, this was from the former chancellor of 100 buds, manu university who sees the incident presents the wrong picture of islam. dina country like india. i contend imagine the sink glove f one. now i just wonder,
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i am bo myself. you know, i'm quite worried as to where we are currently explain what these people are doing . dad doesn't think that home with general his mom islam his understand because of equally like momma, the boss, one of them are gross. and that would be awesome. study. deborah margret. me islam is something a lot lee on account of people who are not as it was in thing that right at the q and the right men of his loan. okay. from asia to africa were libby as political turmoil on worsening living conditions ignited protests from friday. hundreds of people broke into the country's parliament and lit fires at the building in the eastern city of to brook video circulating on social media shows the parliament barricaded with protesters, burning tires thick columns of black smoke were seen rising from the building and surrounding area. some protesters were seen leaving green flags,
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the symbol of the good duffy family. libyans rallied against the deteriorating situation coming up, the country is torn between warring political parties, power cuts, and soaring prices in the country of fuel tensions further. thousands of people across spain have protested against police violence. it comes in response to the death of $37.00 migrants at the hands of moroccan police while attempting to storm the border between the north african country. on the spanish enclave of malea protestors gathered in madrid, central spar pulling signs and banners, videos on photos of the border incense, far tight for age among human rights defenders as well as up the united nations. many are now calling for an independent cross border investigation into the death i am, i'm not the main demand. they are demonstrating foreign spain have to do with the question of pointing out both to the spanish and moroccan governments,
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their policies of death at the borders to demand an investigation, to make sure that this does not go unpunished. for a demonstration against murder because they don't want a camera to go unpunished. from finance. for footage of the incident from the crime shows hundreds of migrants and vault and just the warning you may find the following. images disturbing. the. you can see people on bodies scattered all around being rounded off by security forces, at least 76 migrants. hello, 140 border guards are reported to have been injured in the instant. the un sage moroccan authorities use buttons on stones to repel the migrants as they tried to steal a fence to enter the spanish ext with human rights activist. lin police are deliberately also refraining at those helping who are asking for it,
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who are injured. no one bothered to come to the 8 of the migrants on the ground during and after the clash. some of them were crying in pain for long hours in the sun. what spain prime minister call the incident on attack on spain's borders and blame the debts on schumann trafficking rings. petro sanchez, is facing a backlash from his own coalition for feeling to condemn the actions of the moroccan police. earlier we spoke to egyptian writer and journalist mohammed submarine, who commented on the rule, western leaders play in the migrant crisis. i think the blame is actually, must be mainly is always and ends. you will be in countries who are leaning in the african countries. some party in the country are actually encouraging people to leave. and some other
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player, you know, intervene to change that again. and also, you know, make promises. so when they reach, you know, the shore of that was sort of the country when discovers that, you know, they are not welcome in their life miserable we should speak loudly and ask for justice for these people. and i think, you know, now this is the answer then, or this is actually everyone is speaking about and it will be very difficult, you know, to, to let us to, under the car. meanwhile, at least 10 migrants have reportedly been killed on the border between serbia and hungary. media report say dozens are also hospitalized after shooting erupted between rival migrant groups in a small village near the from here it's reportedly involved,
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the african pakistani migrants the hundreds of people. mainly young men are trying to cross the serbian border with hungry to get into western europe. serbian security services have reported gun wars and murders among people smugglers. now what's being described does, may ham isn't golfing nigeria with abundance rolling right in northern regions of the country. politicians are demanding the government deploy troops to curb the attacks the most deadly of which have been against mining enterprises. and people who work in the locals have really been allowed to carry guns to protect themselves . something critic's fear could plunge the african state into complete. making ortiz, maria for national, looks into what's led to the situation. bandits have long been a big problem for northwestern parts. of nigeria, but it's only in the last few years that the crisis boomed to become a nationwide issue for africa, the most populous country. they were responsible for $2600.00 civilian death,
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a 2021. that's more than the number of people killed by then a tourist book, a terrorist group in one northern state of nigeria, abandoned killed at least 250 people and abducted thousands more. and that's just in the 1st half of 2022 local security services already stretched thing so bad that nigeria is house of representatives, is sick and urgent intervention by the federal government to deploy troops to quell their tax there. the government has directed the state commissioner of police to issue a license to all those who qualify and wishing to obtain such guns to defend themselves . a bunch of ordinary civilians with guns concerns are that it could cause anarchy . the ra, already up to 6000000, small arms and light weapons in circulation. but it seems the authorities are in despair. how did this all happen? for more than a decade? nigeria and the whole saw him have been in turbulence, had made
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a massive flow weapons through the region following the ne, to back to overthrow of the libyan government in 2011. western officials still admit libya is key to controlling the situation in the area. with that stability in libya, there will be no stability in this a hell region. and with that stability, and that's a hell region, libya will not be stable. but the westerners, similarly tend to forget that the number we, you nations participated in native bombing of libya and made a civil war that killed tens of thousands, left a nation in ruins and plunged an entire region of africa into a security crisis. this nato intervention, which has fundamentally changed the security situation in the region, and in which france has play the leading an active role. the greatest may of africans is at the root of the current security problems. and molly, in particular, and in the so hell, in general, more than a decade on the legacy of what happened in libya, is still spreading an impact in the whole region. so has problems continue to grow,
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the death toll rises daily. the question is whether the europeans, whose actions set off this destabilizing chain of events have any regrets. and if they'll ever be held accountable. law arms are leg work, wounds have sooner or swing in the west africans. so bridge on several years back, but it's gotten worse and worse soon, the speed of our last bondage true insurgency. the security agencies include in, it won't be military, are probably not well equipped. oh, stop the flu. of these were bombs into the country. if you then will, i have to say who now on arms and protect themselves from these buns. there you will be pretty arms on i'm initials in the hours of many more
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people just called you $4.00 and $5.00 increased violence in such places or at some interest remarks from germany, chancellor, left sure he has unexpectedly cited with moscow amid a dispute over with you and he has been on the transit of sanction goods to russia's kalynne and rod region. he told other e u countries that the western russian ex slave should not be cut off from the rest of the country. a steve fog regarding the issue of colleen rud, it's up to opinion to determine the necessary framework and rules. of course, these matters must respect the fact that we are talking about traffic between 2 parts of russia. i believe that all parties involved are currently making great efforts to establish a to escalation. dynamic here was landscape colace by the german leaders called luke you in as president has responded by branding russia a long term threat given us. now, sienna also stressed that nature remains united regardless of others, being quite
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a few disagreements among its members, states, not 2 weeks ago, lithuanian owns that would no longer allow you sanction russian goods to pass through its territory which borders that kellen and crop region. melissa effectively blocked the transit of metals, coal construction materials, and high tech products to the russian region. matthew, any acclaimed the restrictions are fully in line with a use sanctions and have been approved by brussels brushes, foreign ministry, how strongly condemned de las leaning authorities have gone beyond preaching international law and are behaving in an aggressively hostile manner. i hope that the lithuanian officials have some semblance of professionalism in assessing the situation. they must understand the consequences and the consequences will unfortunately come. political commentator telling them mc albums believes nato is cause more pain to itself than to russia in supporting the sanctions. we started to see some cracks in the block. they want to give the impression of unity,
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but literally everything that they have thrown against the rust ukraine situation has not only not stuck, but it's been counterproductive, hurt nato, more than it's obviously hurt russia. russia continues to rock of victory after victory in the battlefield, not sustainable, and in irrational world, it would have disintegrated at the end of the warsaw pact. the worst, of course, came into being as a response to the creation of nato. there has no reason to exist, and that's why it's sort of collapsed into buffoonery. nato writing checks that can't be cashed by it's individual member governments. the politics and poll being super aggressive toward russians and you have germany facing a very cold winter, u. k. facing an economic collapse that's going to spread like contagion throughout the region throughout the nato sphere in europe. and that's what they're going to be facing soon. ah, okay, moving the program on the president signed a decrease, effectively allowing the russian state to take control of the succulent energy
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investment company. the firm previously served of the operator of the large scale suckling to oil and gas, project cycling energy will not be taken over by a new company. it will unheard. all assets of the previous operator would staff to be re employed besides russia's gals prom shares of succulent energy, where owned by foreign firms shall mit seuy. mitsubishi. the decree indicates it's up to moscow to decide whether foreign investors will remain parts of the project. will the criminal spokesman said that the move shouldn't be seen as a precedent on that any future cases will be considered on an individual basis? tobler and g l, as john foster believes, there is logic behind the russian response. the executive orders signed yesterday by the president, put in, explains its purpose is to protect the national interest of economic security,
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of the russian federation in response to unfriendly actions. that's more, that's what it says. the. the west i was, i would comment, has gone to extraordinary lengths to bring down the russian economy, including oil and gas. is failed. you think of is a pro is non stream to it's messing about now with no extreme one that's being forcing western companies to out of russia. and it wants a worldwide cap on russian oil price. and yet it still was access on its own terms to the russian oil and gas. so from erosion point of view, this would be intolerable nother story or across today, a site korean official has express concerns about new suppose that threats from north korea urging china and russia to convince the young not to conduct expected
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nuclear test. and not all comes as north korea has increased its atomic weapons testing activities with a recent report. this is interesting alleging of the process may have been quicken by a leak of information from the military plant. in ukraine. looks like north korea's next nuclear missile test is coming up soon. this time pyongyang could be looking to develop tactical nuclear weapons and sol, things they're intended to hit us led forces in south korea. north korea's transition and weapons development from long range ballistic missiles to short range ballistic missiles from strategic nuclear weapons to tactical nuclear weapons is obviously targeted toward south korea that shouldn't come as too much of a surprise though. since earlier this year. south korea's then defense minister publicly stated he could launch a preemptive attack against the north. no doubt the situation is a lot more stable than it would be if only one side was armed to the teeth with nuke spot. the way north korea was able to get its hands on long range missile
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technology could mean bad news if non state actors were to try to get their hands on similar weapons. in the same way. according to the united nations to north korean spies were detained. back in 2011, after they were caught trying to steal nuclear secrets from a ukrainian factory called use mosh in 2011 to officials of the democratic people's republic of korea, travel to ukraine and approached an employee of the state owned entity forming gates than the developments of medium range the intercontinental ballistic missiles, to obtain photographs of secret academic theses, according to ukrainian authorities. these would have provided the democratic people's republic of korea with information on advanced technologies and new forms of technological processes for the design of missile systems and liquid propellant . engines fast forward to 2017 and pyongyang had its 1st successful intercontinental ballistic missile test. with what a western investigation said was most likely an imported engine with modifications
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. no other country has transitioned from a medium range capability to an intercontinental ballistic missile in such a short time. what explains this rapid progression? the answer is simple. north korean has acquired a high performance liquid propeller engine from a foreign source. and where did the author of this investigation say north korea got that engine ukraine? it's likely that these engines came from ukraine, probably illicitly. the big question as how many they have and whether the ukrainians are helping them. now. at the same time, ki evan, the management of use mash denied, offering help to pyongyang. but the investigation thinks north korean spies revisited the factory a 2nd time and succeeded. a small team of disgruntled employees or underpaid guards could be enticed to steal a few dozen engines. these machines can be flown or more likely transported by train through russia to north korea. if what the investigation claims is true,
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the time at which the engine was allegedly stolen wasn't exactly an unstable one. for most of ukraine, with a don boss conflict now affecting the entire country, the west continuing to flooded with weapons. who knows what organized groups with bad intentions might be able to get their hands on. of course, it is a big problem. as you know, ukraine was known as the most corrupt country in history. it is known that the soldiers are pretty decent and not, and it can be excluded that they are selling weapons to whoever wants to buy them. in any case, when the north koreans are leveled up with nuclear nuclear arsenal and leveled up with new technology for the new the new p r snow. it's always a big problem for the rest of the world because we have just one planet. and whenever there is a nuclear war at one side,
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it will harm everywhere. combine that, we have pretty menu, doubtful people in europe, especially in germany. and now a huge market were weapons of any kind. are basically hand it over for free, then it's getting it's iteration and a threat for europe that nobody can really calculate any more. and so i would say it is really a disgrace to make such a free and cheap weapons market in is on european soil, in this case, in the ukraine. the sole survivor from the crush of a small plane and eastern russia has been found alive. almost 2 weeks after the fateful journey, the crew member injured harsh conditions in the remote and vast wilderness. before rescue teams, finally spotted him puzzle. crevice shopkins had been flying to work with
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colleagues when his plane crushed into a mountain top to 2 thick fog. the 2 other crew members on the flight were killed an investigation into the incident. how's being launched? pavel was transferred to a local hospital for treatments and reveal more about his against the old survival from there. that was really near coming to school. it just happened from above. i could see a house from the crash site. i had to go there on foot up to 3 kilometers away, and then in the hot, there was a supply of fast food and bags. there was no food on the plane, mavin. if that was it, would it burned? and i sat in the hot for about 3 hours then went down to the river and there was a path with tracks. i went to long it. i made a fire down the road, a helicopter flew by. but because of the fog, it did not notice me. i waved a flag for 10 days because i guess that they had found the wreckage of the plane. i went back to the hot, heard the sounds of a helicopter that ran out in this time. they spotted me for the flow of oklahoma 111. there was fog. we tried to fly around the mountain and there was
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a strong blow. i don't remember anything. i had to break down the doors to get out . i consider myself lucky that i survived. thanks to the rescue, as i no longer had strength, i was starving. i got up once a day when the helicopter was going up. now the story, next of those foreigners including actors and other performers who made don boss their home and who are no fighting to protect the area. and it's people are short, dark theater of war, begins to moment blue ah, ah, with the phone to honor or for ukrainian integration into the west or north nato. it
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was rather european union. and the coal new premium crisis, which we see now in full scale, started with the idea of association agreement, 2013. of course, now we see that there is basically no difference between the european union. but at that time, european union emphasized that is something completely different, and russia actually accepted this. ah ah, the 1st time in history, an entire country's culture has been canceled to the very modern weapon cancelled culture. nearly desert one the will i will see a mile or so little it. when will you hear it just me sitting there with the phrase
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now particularly refers to counseling russian culture from yet. don't know what secret of she was, the zip code where your mouth books, your pretty well your child. so out that go with them most of the separate yolanda m e m. we what russia is created over the past 1500 years. there's no questions, partially condemned, reviled and rejected. just to remind you that it was funny at the will of bramble, there's a lot closer on a whole bunch. thank you said a little short list. joining total condemnation, gross daily, and now enclosed dostoevsky, to cascade and shostakovich, that i need to you a quick tour left. but yes, she says that with them. will you do a bummer lee? you're not going to do that a lot. a
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ah, good, good, good. good, good, good cheese work. look. stevie ah nice to meet you. more you can call me when you realize i need to hear from william ward who shot quarterly. really. sure. when you press be good. yeah. but he oh,
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stuck and why i'm with the name of luisel. we do go with a c in the all of them you choose to do, but you brush also put them a solution that she's coming. were the good news? like, what's new from the movie boat us, thanks to be with the review of the living. you please give me a shout at me. ah, i was using it sounds. i mean, you know, there's a personal which people use i was fortunate by who should be doing this or even.


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