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tv   News  RT  July 7, 2022 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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a delusion with the parties over the poorest young friend who says he stepping down is working the prime minister. that's off. he failed to impress, bela conservative on the home fight, despite the fact keeping to roaming up military support for ukraine. our country is facing immense challenges. i firmly believe that the public are ready to hear that truth. president biden says he's scrapping afghanistan status as a non major nato ally, almost a year up to peter's office. u. s. military pull out left the country just right. and with no cash class with gotten left behind by ukrainian troops, this was, they were treated all of this room for the united states,
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a huge amount of power. the charges will fall. all correspondent discovers in abundance of us supplied weaponry hastily, abandoned by ukrainian troops on the front line. as russian forces took control with 6 pm here in moscow. this is off international with all the latest news from across the world. we do thank you for joining us. i'm charlotte tv. okay. now breaking news on our see, the british prime minister boris johnson has announced his resignation. it comes 3 is in place that he's been there, which would be marked by succession of scandals. now, all of the scandals have raised questions about his leadership. now his time at the helm of british politics is coming to an end in mid extreme pressure from his fellow conservatives. johnson had found himself engulfed in yet another
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controversy over alleged harassment this time by a government deputy chief whip. now, despite initial claims that the prime minister was not aware of the whips previous discrepancies, when he appointed him to the opposition, it, they to turn by the force. johnson actually had been aware of that. now this week, scandal was the latest involving the u. k. government, which is included illegal gatherings, downing street during the cove, it locked down. now, while the latest scandal is considered by many to be the straw that broke the camel's back and is prompted this mass reconciliation of government officials some 50 since tuesday of this week. why think inflation and a worsening economy have also been called major factors? the treasury chief, one of the 1st government officials to make one of their resignations, highlighted his disagreements with the prime ministers policies. in general. our
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country is facing immense challenges by firmly believed that the public are ready to hear that truth or people know that if something is too good to be true, then it's not true. in preparation for our proposed joint speech on the economy next week, it has become clear to me that our approaches are fundamentally to different. it's been an incredibly difficult day. subarus johnson accusations are also being leveled over the deteriorating economic situation in the u. k with inflation rates now at a 40 year. hi. experts saying that the u. k. is the highest risk of recession amongst the major developed economies while being grilled on such domestic problems. boss johnson frequently had tried to turn the focus away from that and towards the war in ukraine. well, let's get more now on this breaking news. that's crossover alive to alexander mckay, who's the editor of red star radio and a political unless thanks very much for joining us on naughty international. i just wanna start alexander by asking you about rashid soon act. this is the chance of
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the exact exec executor. i like a huge role in the u. k. government. he was one of the 1st to offer his resignation . he cited in that letter. lots of things, but one of them was disagreements over the country's economic policy. do you think that there is perhaps more to his mistrust and possibly other ministers distrust than what we hearing about in terms of this current scandal? i think that richie su, neck being who he is, which is a former banker as was such as java, the former house secretary, he also resigned this week. he probably wanted to go down a more typically should we say austerity, austerity type groups to deal with the escalating economic crisis. i would guess that for as much of folks at that a little bit given that he was brought to power partly by the defection of
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a lot of former labor seats in the north of england. the tory m p. 's elected wanted to be part of the war, boris told he's in so called leveling up agenda, which involved a good deal more spending on things like infrastructure and soon act. judging from his previous history and politics, probably wanted to go down the road. so cutbacks in public spending, so a lot of those projects would end up getting polt, which would be very damaging for, for us. and it will be something that he might not want to be associated with has clearly been disagreements between those 2 men for quite a long time. now they have clashed in private and it looks like they reached a point where soon act being probably more of the voice of the city of london was prepared to carry on. it looks like that. what we're going to get going forward is certainly more of the soon as point of view, i would imagine, given that will be what the powers that be in the city of london want rather than
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boris is attempts at populism. he attempted to portray himself as a guy who could reach out to the working class in a way the other tory leaders couldn't appeal beyond the hotlines of the tory party . and it looks like all of that is going to come to a close with his resignation. never really went very far to start with because the entrenched power and the shit waits, the economic weight of the city of london precludes any, any prime minister tore all labour from actually doing any sort of radical redistribution policy or even investment in infrastructure in the regions bar johnson said he wanted to do so, i think there's a lot of agendas going on here. one of which is the fact that the, the british ruling class, representative of city of london and the major monopolies never wanted boris johnson in the 1st place. they didn't trust in that regard. him as very unreliable . and now they're in this place where they are in entering as an economic crisis, where we are facing
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a renewal of the crisis that began in 2008. and that has never really gone away. it's clear that the money man in british society of the side is that they want somebody more credible to, from their response to this growing crisis. really the case talk about this being about the money men, but sooner have been at the treasury for a number of years. he's been very, fiscally responsible. i mean, it is only now that he's decided that he no longer supports boys. johnson, you mentioned they've had disagreements, but in that resignation letter, he actually stated that what the real issue here is that the public needs to know the truth. i mean, what do you think he's actually leading to, hey, when he talks about the public needing to know the truth? is it that essentially they're gonna have to come back on a lot of services in the u. k. that's what he needs. what he means, what he means by the truth is he means that he wants to come out and say that needs to be more authority than needs to be more cutbacks that needs to be returned to
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the type of cutbacks and spending that were done by the david cameron and george osborne ministries of the early part of the last decade when they were in coalition with the liberals. so what he means is that the, that the public spending commitments that johnson was making all needed to be dumped and that there any talk has increased spending needed to go. and also a d d. he has been responsible for a cause, the lost bailouts that mainly benefited the very rich during the period of the kobe locked downs. and he was also located in scandals over lobbying, done by the former prime minister david cameron, and re, she's soon out. that was so he's been responsible for spending an awful lot of money, and now he says he wants to tell the public the truth. well, the public knows the truth, which is that there is a cost of living crisis in video case that he's getting worse. busy as inflation lessons on the anybody who is in the working class or the more under the middle
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class knows the truth is the british economy, which is that it never recovered from 2008. and that we've gone through already. 12 years of constricted public spending with all of our service is getting worse. and now it's reaching crisis point. all of the tory party leaders are worrying that johnson is not credible enough. they get to lead a response to this matter is fundamentally why he has been pushed out. ok. a credible figure. yeah. so the economy, a huge issue here as well. i want to bring in the other issue, which is ukraine. of course, boss johnson has given, you know, complete support to presidents, lensky and ukraine. over the last few months is also even being a suggestion that you crane has been put at the send to have policies. because of this economic worst thing situation in the u. k. and that's been used almost as a way of diverting public attention to say, look at how many claim we're doing. everything here will kind of ignore the
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problems we've got on the domestic front. do you see that as being the case? boris johnson adopted the the so called cause of ukraine because he was already getting into trouble domestically. and from his point of view, a wall where he could play it being a role either without actually risking very much from his perspective was perfect. he could rally the conservative party around him. he could play the part of the heroic defender of democracy without risking many british soldiers at all. of course, he made a fail gamble because whilst the poles may show that the british public supports ukraine, the british public isn't going to allow the or which isn't one to allow the british government to support ukraine at their expense. they're not prepared to have the prime minister run around run for every 5 minutes when you get some trouble to stage, supposed to walk with the landscape to get out of the escalating problems that his
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government has caused. on the homefront and people are very well aware of this, you ask them whether they support ukraine. they might say yes, but you asked them what the government should be prioritized, and they'll say the economy, they'll say the cost of living crisis and so bars. johnson hoped that he could use the situation in ukraine. he's benefit by keeping this distraction, rolling by throwing arms and money ukraine. i think that that chapter ultimately ran out on him at ultimately the public, a wise to the trick that he was pulling. and it was a very cynical game that johnson has played with ukraine. he has sought to use the situation that solely for the narrow political domestic ants. without any karen will for the actual fate of the people in ukraine. what is happening or has been happening now over the past 8 years? it is a tremendously cynical and opportunist game that he has played. and ultimately i think more more people and you came waking up to that box because it was obvious
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that every time he was in trouble that he knew photo. what was the last? well, that's what i remember actually being going around and go me into that. the moment, but staying with ukraine, what kind of impact could a change of leadership at the top of push politics have when it comes to the u. k, support unwavering support so far for ukraine. and is this something you think the presence lensky is going to be pretty much concerned about? i think whoever would lead the conservative party will not change the policy in the short or medium term. the a bars johnson was of course into got into this for opportunistic reasons, but there is a greater issue at stake here, which is that the, the british government, since brackson has tied itself ever more tightly to the policies of the united states. and they say in the ukraine, that is a case as well, where the british government's policy will reach will be, remain tied to whatever policy the u. s. issues,
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as long as the u. s. pursues this aggressive policy of trying to use ukraine is a proxy against russia trying to fuel and you on gate this war as long as they can to make it as costly as possible for the, for the russian federation. the british government will continue with that policy and every single candidate so far, for the conservative party leadership as committed to this as far as johnson is. and even if we got an election and by some miracle kiss, darma got to be a number 10. he would continue the policy as well, because this is the reality for british capitalism. now it is in deep trouble and it is ever more reliance on its alliance with the united states. and so neither of the main policies is going to change that policy. and none of the contenders military leadership is going to change that policy. i don't not know. i just want to ask you this before we and the entity who would be your top tip for who's going to take over from barth johnson. unfortunately, i think it'll be
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a figure from the crazy around it'll be either pretty patel or someone like ben wallace, the defense secretary. ok, well what's the space? alexander mackay. thank you very much for joining us. the editor of red star radio and the political analyst. now is your craving remains. the primary focus of western power is all t looks at u. s. weapon resupply to ukranian troops that was abandoned on the front line as they retreated. we're going to have much moral, not in the program and little bit later. now the euro has hit a 20 year low against the us dollar off to the energy crisis has driven the block inflation rates to 8.6 percent in june. now on tuesday, the euro fall by 1.3 percent over night against the dollar. and by thursday was even close at the dollar piracy. now the fall of the european currency is being linked to a fear of a recession in the region of energy and the cost of living rages on the continents
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. meanwhile, in germany, 2nd largest city of hamburg authorities plan to ration hot water that comes amid the acute gas shortage. the country has also reported its 1st monthly tre deficit since 1991. that comes with local companies, face surgeon, co import, and also supply chain disruptions that the economies of southern european countries are also said to be struggling comes and made severe route, which has hit the region funding the production of hydro electric power and sparking fresh fears for the agricultural sector now as the energy shortage continues to worse and the crisis, mainstream media say that the european economies may face the highest inflation rates ever. economists have also been warning of a looming recession that wouldn't hit just europe, but could also hit the us. now the president of bricks,
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international forum says the use economic problems have been around for some time. and the war ukraine has made them worse. he use having their internal problem because they are having inflation from long time. and now you, you can't play the engraved because they are having their internal problems because democratic lun site and policies are implemented by the united states in european funding. this is one sector because every country can not be seen. all people can not be seen. and europe, all this thing was the deciding what they're doing. everything for you to open, union need to king how they can work, and how they can compete defense lobby because peace and war there. and simultaneous may need to be what
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the balance let's head to get this done now where the u. s. president is revoking the country, special status as a major non nato ally, joe biden to nancy mint comes almost a year off that the humiliating american pull out left afghan a stand in taxes, and without any funds to rebuild. i was discussing the situation earlier with our correspondent don't quarter. the taliban has been in power for almost a year now and only now is washington revoking afghanistan status as a major non nato allies the, the, to the united states. basically, this is washington admitting utter defeat. in the u. s. is longest war in its history. i mean, the american forces fought for 20 years. washington spent 2 trillion dollars just to prop up and ineffective and corrupt to government and control. and in the end, the taliban is around to stay. and on top of that,
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it's also got tons of state of the art american weapon read that was left behind during an embarrassing and chaotic american military withdrawal of all in august of last year. okay, so we've got a situation in afghanistan and humanitarian situation that is really worsening. has there been any promise from the us about how it could help the ask people sort of less than a year, essentially after the band and them? sure, we've heard a lot of promises from the united states from washington for example, a devastating earthquake took place in afghanistan just a couple weeks ago, and washington pledged $55000000.00 to help in the humanitarian efforts there. and that brings their total in the last year of humanitarian aid, up to $774000000.00. so now the united states, the thing, it's the biggest humanitarian, a donor, and f dana stand in the world. but there's just one problem here. all of these millions of dollars are really drops in the pond when you consider the fact that the united states has frozen over 7000000000 dollars in foreign reserves owned by
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the f dana stand central bank. and it's all because the white house is afraid that money is going to get into the hands of the taliban as part of our ongoing work to address the humanitarian and economic crisis in afghan. as dan president biden signed an executive order to help enable certain us based assets belonging to afghanistan, central bank to be used to benefit the afghan people. the executive order is designed to provide a path for the funds to reach the people of afghanistan while keeping them out of the hands of the taliban and malicious actors. well, that's what the us had to say. what's the telephone's reaction been to these age pledges? so far, well, naturally they see it as quite hypocritical. and despite all of what washington's been saying, all this promise to aid the, the taliban is actually saying that washington has completely cut off its humanitarian aid to the country. let's take a listen to what they said. bothers be to the more of it after the transition of the afghan regime last year. unfortunately,
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the west stopped all humanitarian. they not only politicized humanitarian aid well, but also forcibly froze $9000000000.00 us dollars for the afghan people. on the one hand, they claim to defend human rights. but at the same time, they have violating human rights. when we call on the u. s. and western society not to politicize humanitarian aid, but to unfreeze the assets of the afghan people. now it's important to understand that this is all taking place while a humanitarian crisis is ravaging the country. over 800000000 people are in need of medical assistance there and that earthquake, i just mentioned earlier, actually killed over 1000 people. so the united states is really talking to talk when it comes to humanitarian assistance. but it looks like washington isn't willing to cut a real deal with the taliban so that it can walk the walk in that regard. now as care strapped up chemist on struggles to keep its economy afloat in the wake of that disastrous earthquake that don't have just mentioned that china has thrown
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couple a financial lifeline, forking out an $8000000.00 humanitarian aid package to help cover the country from those off the shocks, the taliban has praised the move by china. promo who china has provided us with a we should not silent at this moment. we are grateful for him. now as part of the relief efforts, beijing is handed over more than $6000.00 tons of rice struck in the sun. china also help immediately after that quite in june. political analysts nelson long says that phasing couldn't help extend to helping hand to its neighboring country. i wouldn't say that there is elliptical behind because it's not gonna stop. there's a neighboring country right now. and so when, you know that's across a proper way, could kinda responded immediately by sending over you know,
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a, when the systems over the place and shell came over. so a moment a, to be honest on absolutely an act of military and aids. what can the us say because they are yes, they have also expressed their willingness to, to provide financial aid to help us get this done during this. but in the meantime, let's do not forget that was really good. is moving back $7000000000.00 money. so that's correct. yes, that sounds to me and this is very hippa right and there's a new twist to in india is long. last thing, coral would be us base company, twitter with the platform now legally challenging new daily's orders to remove some
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content, twitter fighting, excessive use of power. indian officials, however, claim that they just trying to make twitter abide by the countries louis his ortiz correspondent, one jim sharma with more. this isn't the 1st time the twitter and government of india of the plans in the latest standard. oh you days. and in order to twitter, seeing if they did not comply with the governments take down orders, each corner free is criminal proceedings. while the social media giants did comply, they also find a legal thought. asking for judicial review on multiple rounds, they alleged that some of the orders were arbitrary and showed disproportionate use of power. they demonstrate excessive use of powers and are disproportionate. for example, in several cases, their demands for entire accounts to be blocked. several could pertain to political content that is posted by official handles of political parties. blocking of such
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information is a violation of freedom of speech. i'm good. yeah. those new id laws that came into effect last year to a, to have a little to nor room left to individually challenge the government's dig down order and non compliance could result into legal action against their compliance officer in the county. you day says that any company, anything that should abide by the laws of the land, social media accountability has become a valid question globally. it's important to hold that accountable, which will 1st started with self regulation, then industry regulation followed by government regulation and has the 4th largest faith in india i last year. refuse to fully comply with you. okie dokie goes by the government of india during the time when farmers were protesting across the country . now during the demonstration, twitter receive up to 50 or to columns in response to
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a legal notice by the indian government. the twitter within i was at the store. these accounts, i think insufficient jurisdiction for continuing the suppression. in fact, on multiple occasions, twitter and government of india, i have come up against each other on who gets to regulate the content on social media. what can be regulated the india parties, steve? um, as to what's on top of the shop when it comes to online banking issues in india, all including foreign internet, intermediaries, platforms have right to court and judicial review. but equally, all intermediary platforms operating here have unambiguous obligation to comply with our laws and rules. why could they favor the government to simply find, to use the information technology act, to control the call from social media at the authorities argue that they are just trying to remove
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a certain content which is seen to harm the social order. and now to the ukraine war, where donnette could visual say that 2 boys and a girl, a 7 are amongst the latest victims of the ukrainian army shelling in the republics capital. a hospital and a kindergartener also said to have been hit, northwest of don't at city. the russian defense military has published a video. meanwhile, showing the ukrainian army been targeted by hillary fire. the images that you're seeing right now show russia's rad artillery units, which work in close cooperation with thrones, which provides him with c, t f on possible targets such as military vehicles. meanwhile, in neighboring look out for the public which russian lead forces now claim to have complete control of ukrainian troops have apparently left behind an abundance of us, supplied munitions. they seem, pleads rounds the long way and how it says it's for leave. the weapons were
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discarded as the troops fled their frontline positions near the city of lease. he chanced ortiz correspondent louis garcia of looks through the abandoned, also the sight as a ferment. this explosion just, just look around at the center was here, and all the trees were knocked back by a blast that i can't even imagine. and i know that this was very recent because it's like a sauna here. the, the earth itself, is he still smoldering touching this? this metal, for example, is like touching a hot kettle. now this was apparently a ukrainian truck transporting american shelves. m 7777 shells. those are artillery that have been provided for care of. he is one of the shells that was scattered in this blast as nothing like this in the ukrainian arsenal or what ukraine inherited from the soviet union. but again,
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they were apparently hiding in the woods as many of their troops and forces did around this a chance. they were apparently spotted in and struck. we've fired with assistance from the locals. and evidently, no one's been here yet. the russian troops haven't even found this place yet. this is marla. we'll find m 549 a one rocket propelled shells for the m 777. how it is supplied by the united states with a lot of pomp to the ukrainian military. now these are improved and more expensive versions. they fly even farther over here is evidently the artillery shot way, where ukrainian troops stationed there artillery more, a ver the n 795 shells. these are regular not rocket propelled
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shells. this is all evidently dumped in a hurry. why? while he is the reason russian count a battery fired some of the shelves laying here had been fitted with fuses for imminent use. the american how it says here were undoubtedly damaged this close to impact craters. but nevertheless, evacuated apparently urgently by ukrainian troops they left behind everything else . so during our short search, we found not only shelves, but huge amounts of propellant charges. us army think a t v. also a huge amount of power. the charges in these containers, these are full, full again of us, 1000 left behind by ukranian troops as they were treated, all of this flown in from the united states to supply the ukrainian military
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here between lisa chance quick ukrainian troops fled from. and the city of city of risk, we found a network of trenches and fortifications, which were also abandoned is another dug out, either via the trenches and dugout. dottie is far said areas over there was another one. we won't go down the high chance. it's highly likely that at least that much. we've dug out there are surprises. minds would trip was booby traps left behind. we'll leave this to professionals. the locals in a small village of 2 dozen houses want the place cleared as soon as possible. they've had enough of blasts and the glad to see the backs of ukrainian soldiers than they were positioned all over there. they kept firing. the windows in my house were shaking and of course there was returned fire. did he asked linton father away or we would have had to approach the.


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