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has without us there with me ah ah, daughter of a brings food to the city and on her way back she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of married couple any more about the goodness kinyata assume with accumulated outdoor is women of a dumb this chris mooney, hershey. gillis. carter post the much need for close demo with the coastal grains.
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just right up of the little logo. it shows night and get them to do that at the grange. it's night, but i was off, it was genuine. you wasn't deal of the young people to lose and that doesn't kill me. i've not got an e. what group you have a child shows about doing young still noble port dot murray of those old ladies are involuntary witnesses to the cities. horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basements or a shelter because of their age. so they watch the horrors of war from the windows of shelf lads. ah, with
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a fault with, [000:00:00;00] with the grandma tomorrow, this is the 2nd storming of mario bushy seen in her life. she survived the horrors of world war 2 with a child. little they, she think the d as later she'd say nazi tag. thanks again. this time from ukrainian
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military, using civilian says she, my shields. and once again, she'd be thanking russian soldiers for saving her. them
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with the guy with
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a a, a thing i do like to do well, if you don't always go with the white house dot and zanna, that's a bookish them with the bills are on the phone
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with a to the stuff because you with the kind of steel with ds bonus you want to when you are sure these my, you something so i did the last 3. what do you said one second i gonna do? you said, if you will turn this hot you know a foolish for the 1st order from you will fall on shirts
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with in spring 2022, many variable residence. remember that he has previous date. they've been visited by one of my dans ringleaders fields up. ira shanker, they've become the president of ukraine shortly before his visit. even then he knew that the russian speaking se regional could only be kept from exiting ukraine with punitive measures for meeting.
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with only now did the people understand the meaning of his words about a human shield defending the city the shallow horizontal scotia boy was a lily, new, wilful scaled. although we'll show clear he lusciously or for ideally, shall go, fiddled willingly for last month. and it was a sunday, hers ask, your schedule is for it yourself personally, and you do least little though, when you look emailing, it was really touch on the heel toilet slower. where you, i, since 2014 variable. and the john bonus region have been considered disloyal. territory by cave stay tv channels, opening the call to suppress the pro ration sentiments of the regions residence in
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the most radical manner. you know, and the cost of the pricing that you on that was made to them next, a thumb stock on the percentage. yep. and people have not got that what it would take you to have a post of with, whoops, to you, or should booster on as really condense, picky store. so you may unique when your school guns cost, however, she's not gonna go near it. i need to part with christy to live for a loop to pick a curve for the do less. you should students come good book local residence,
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explain the nationalist cruelty simply in 2015 pro russian militia repulsed and counter attack to another ukrainian army offensive. the frontline was just 15 kilometers from are you both federal sort of thought they in me in to for where do you live? ah, it's cindy smith, the mark that said them on the bicycle is a bad with jessica for who heal up would be what those yet. so if they showered in which i thought they had them in scott cord, stipulating heavy weapons with school was signed at that time. those agreements enable can use to keep control of the city for 8 years
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with about my status for my participate with laska studio. yep. we're getting local storage seems to be up, get you close to because you money one me well, got a do more move. so you start going for somebody who was permanently see, i mean just to let you last on. so similar to the coming thoughts, are you good sounds good when you decide listen to these, can you switch was and those don't polish the proposal to someone like this at music art seegitano's completed for 30 st. lois. this is just a, has all your mobile should've received any wallets on with today. the militia men regret leaving ukraine's assurance apiece and not taking control of mary. you pull in 2015.
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mm hm. with in may 2019 id measure lens. he debated to publish and get an ukraine's presidential election with a promise to end the bloodshed in don bass. with straight down to his election, he immediately changed the rhetoric and started talking about withdrawing from the men sca codes from demean. each of those are the only mom. from that moment, nato military expert stepped out of the ukrainian armies training for the upcoming wall. so when you watch on the morning, which i, we found what guys called grace gave me where we left sharon,
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your seabreeze divides individual data where you will lose to the more menu. so miser, she's actually a queue operator. i didn't do this issue with even before the active combat phase of nationalist regimens. militants were ready to sacrifice murray. you both civilians to keep control of the city. ah ah router, no one. no, sir, no, no. hon. who are you? no, no. what dawn was real than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was
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a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short, then build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program. that the world had ever no real good you know, took production issue or sure doug did that. they're not eligible. non you suddenly blue shield he on more more general margaret thought this is meant nguyen from all one of up on know i'm i got the room was sale. i got your name up. i wonder thought i wish to know about joy. oh no, no, you didn't or guzzle more or less than a cheerios i had to put on with this car, their mother and all our buddy bill. can you come up or cows?
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nice. oh boy, that's good to go as you're on what the bundis were. wow, she my and new other. i'm all, i can send more on all said mom. good student. i don't the year you'll not, i'm all for them. are going to give us a little a yes, it's all right. then you look upon saddam isn't as the man. no, he says what securities can unfamiliar constable. sure. sure. going out to no more didn't we are launching a different different buncombe with it. are you still connect your thought? he's not on the policy with an organ. nissan. which is
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a senior call usually come down south carolina in nevada as you can. so he can zoom in on some familiar with the banking. you're about to talk to proseries to sales, co trip them on last year. no gotten, you know, more about the future. i need to learn if you can, will transfer sanction approach is now resulted in the dance of thousands of civilians on both sides of the front line. ah a got your it is your pin that dileskimo rosa more than a de posted yet a bit more trouble. a peculiar, just give sure to should go in there a day and a shimmering distorted mouth is yours. but everybody does that specific renette,
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especially your significant other version. they're berlin referred to pointers under the se, not genuine of care done yet. i see that at all. i mean that's up to laser truck scott, all me, my re enough time. i know that you politicians by the, by the charlotte, 1st of all, they thought the started the or not, fortunately of culture shots and you horse i, because i journey vicious i to great deal. great. okay. in the war chuck bridge lee . mother, as thank you, dian jordan, i need to lose full coverage or salt on south africa, nicola, go with it. surely forward that across the domain itself. but the not they to check . yep. um, for a bottle worth him to have a good amount
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a butcher mirror did normally in orchard number's gonna what we're going to say on that was it with journalist father to brianna is one of those who have been trying in vain for 8. he is to bring the truth about the horrors of the ukrainian civil war to the world. yeah, but my are sort of a few at least when you thus the new yes, certainly the 50 mile east. that also should the could kind of look new they up in the most at the nazis thought f. e cause that us somebody's diana. but one of not still lou and dr. cook must believe. joke not up like new because that's when store wasn't found. d stall enough of braithwaite walters and i think most of each of us. lucy's national. below i was listening writing today, pavel is going back to the city he left 8 years ago. he wants to see what's left of
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his former life, which changed forever in 2014. mm . mm hm. we'll just change it to the sustaining. good. let's good. good. little sean school counselor finished training. morgan. you said you were focused on you krishi need to see is that if say it on the ocean it? oh, okay. the bottles from from feller branch is there it it? asking us to natal up there. jessica. ah, [000:00:00;00] a
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i was just not you cause the charges to lose because i missed the with the with senior. anybody else can ease cuz i just the windshield company. my boy nice. got your name. do you still decide to move on to the dentist and the other hit? the vala please, a brand new product that you voice it just proposed to do this cuz i just thought no, that'll go. but i think in the 3rd couple immediately, no, not a dog. for sure. i mean, get with hulu . okay. huh. okay. with that system that was very of shit, but that was tied up with any requests for quite a kiddos for organ i'm. i'm being able to proceed fix a couple how when you go to city water moines. yeah. she's done. you have said, silly that are, are these, can you have know, can you ensure that somebody victoria saw it? but you know, it's typical shinny or no more vanya, i'm all ready to discuss,
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she can or off, through stiffness opportunity. the opportunity with roy steven vanya proposal or tunica, he's not here. we do watch video booking because he thought i'm listening, but i look on you on the juicer. but he was told not when you live near the walk down there was misty rush just can't you don't. i mean you're all good you john saw supported on my for just so you think you can see it on the, on the stage. it might all fun with anybody i blue with i'm in though some of the g o u d a does give you my do a full se, according was a assignment
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a voice needed. can you see us when we see it? we do it by the one that doesn't go away. it does. it started just our school is about god. god, why do i drive a dog? a dumb will arrange is performing. melissa, need going here. i'm or device here available. i'm already with the city who's learned here, but i do. you need us go, dean is. mm mm. today mary, you police getting used to peaceful life again. the city is recovering after almost 3 months of fighting. mm hm. everyone's looking for something new housing,
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food and water lost relatives and friends whose stories of rescue repeat themselves . ready ah, with sure that when you that shows a lot of you to get a feel for the all of us in michigan and the one lea, a deal with alicia, a volunteer has just a few hours left before the curfew. she's been looking for the stopping her family
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all day long ago. this with a i know the main thing is to get ready and leave the city before dark here. so we did not speak with all the new issues with the call. you know, there's nothing in boxes. louis armstrong already used to vote for diseased bubbles. condition i using there was a dependency balance with lunch from one lunch and that was the photo and video thing was the shipping. yes. i see
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a phone with the washington mom them was just by you dim mikey is my last that there are there now state again co c. ready ready ready no with. ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready ready this family, the terrible battle from ariel believes in the past that going to their relatives in relatively quiet mackey. if god defended all these years by don't bass militia, the 1st shower in 3 months and a sound sleep and a warm bed, a waiting for them. ready mm hm with. ready ready
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a with . ready ready ready ready ready no one knows what they will dream about. battles on the streets of their home city or the militia men who came to liberate their homes. or maybe about a new piece coming to the land of don bass, torn by an h e. s civil war. mm hm. what our most comfortable, i'm wondering though also to just about as long as you can. it said mom here, you know, we had a summer don't there to talk to the counselor but your body to russia border. so with some of them are a up, i'll do
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a little just always gotta watch your missoula bullshit. second news. mm. on may, the sixteen's 2022. as of regimen representatives approached. alexander had a coff skis unit with white flags. the unit was storm in the as of style, plants basements, the last ukranian stronghold as of had finally surrendered. the battle from mary, you pull the had lost it almost 3 months.
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ah ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult. time time to sit down and talk ah, the middle east conflict in the city and conflict under development in africa or in south america and asia. interestingly,
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none of these are being raised in the past 6 months. so not a problem. with over the past few weeks ordered thousands of additional forces to germany and coma as part of our commitment to nato's eastern flag allies. ideas i see, were you using it? it, they did you. it was back in pacific. scattering me, i believe so. i usefully issue you can use doc
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live novel schumer, evening. mushy. vote on that boy. is that much g e 's from wars mister marsha ah, up stays with me. who posted yesterday that you pick? it shows up quickly because on february, the 24th 2022, president putin delivered an address on the situation in don bass. i'm opening it. that is sure you're already doing it. sally. why? gimme a guarantee. you'll see that she to louie, catherine. the parties are in your voice media, but you got to go see you. i just am in that symbol certainly use cohesion. decision to deploy troops was taken after it was clear, the full scale,


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