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tv   News  RT  July 10, 2022 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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ah, with in the story that shape this week, at least 4 children were killed in the ukrainian artillery attack on the net through public a civilian casualties. man, grieving family struggle to endure the pain. a with. 7 fascinated on the campaign trail, former japanese prime minister shins though, all of a di doctor being shot by a lone gunman and the party.
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they were pulled. forrest johnson, he says he's stepping down as britain prime minister. that's off the he failed to impress bela conservatives on the home front, despite drumming up military support, the poor ukraine. our country is facing immense challenges. i firmly believe that the public are ready to hear the truth with coming to live from us. do tiers in moscow, this is alta international, it's good to have you with us this hour of charlotte, even skate, but 1st to the latest from the ukraine conflict where he says at least 15 people have died off the russia fired rockets at a residential building in dynette at the time that still under key apps control. 30 people reportedly trapped into the de ubri in the town of chess of yard that's according to ukrainian media. 2 entrances of the building are also reported to be
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destroyed. meanwhile, russia's defense ministry has said its targeted miller. g objectives, inches of your strikes, who put the hey to have a containing us weapons and around 50 ukranian soldiers. russia says the troops have been shelling areas of the night sky. meanwhile, ukrainian charlene continues in the capital city of that people's republic. according to local authorities, caps, forces have been using nature type heavy artillery to attack 6 residential areas in don't at city at least 3 people reportedly injured. massive shelling starts on saturday when at least 3 civilians are killed and 12 others injured. now earlier this week, several children died, falling shelling of residential areas in the genetics were public by the ukrainian military with one of the victims, a 10 year old girl laid to rest on thursday of the kids onslaught on the capital
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city tonight. sc a warning you may find the following images to be distressing. i'm not that noise when i'm life because i'm here myself 3 times. now these pictures show the aftermath of the attack with relatives trying to come to term with their children's loss. a large crater was left behind behind where the shells impact nearby. windows were all so shattered. the girl's mother and grandfather described what happened? i lose good. i've been wrong with angela with
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them with another attack on wednesday, left 3 children dead in the nearby city of mark. yeah, get her local officials accused the acquainted military of deliberately shelling civilian neighborhoods. 2 of the deceased were just 7 years old and the 3rd was a teenager. again, you may find the following image is distressing. in this video, you can see the playground where the 270 roles were, were not heavy artillery rounds landed officials in the dutch republic say the shelling was of multiple ukraine attacks utilizing rocket launchers. i need to issue dot hilary. we've heard from an eye witness as to that shelling, as you can imagine, emotions are running high level. who should you put that much reputed immediately
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when i heard the explosion, i went to hide under my bed, put them off with them, and when everything the calm down a little, i went out on the balcony to look around. there were 2 children on the playground, a boy and a girl. you which goes with you. the girl was sitting up. she was still alive and not much. should doug douglas deal bishop. my was grasping at the boy. pretty dubuque, when i got out on to the street, it was actually at which the girl was lying there too low mileage. now the acquainted military shelling of the dentist republic has intensified in recent months. according to local authorities, it's been reported that over $230.00 people, including at least 16 children, have been killed in the attack since february. the capital city donnette has borne
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the brunt of the onslaught after being shalt relentlessly for around a month. meanwhile, in the neighboring lugens for public, which is now completely under the control of russian, that forces r t. senior correspondent, more at gasdio, has found an abundance of abandoned us supplied weapons, apparently left behind by ukrainian troops as they fled the front lines. the battle felicia chanced the site over for amended explosion. just, just look around at the center was here, and all the trees were knocked back by a blast. the i can't even imagine. and i know that this was very recent because it's like a sauna here. the, the earth itself is, is still smoldering. touching this, these metal, for example, is like touching a hot capital. now this was apparently a ukrainian truck transporting american shelves,
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m 7777 shells. those are artillery that have been provided for key of he is one of the shells that was scattered in this blast. there's nothing like this in the ukrainian arsenal or what ukraine inherited from the soviet union. but again, they were apparently hiding in the woods as many of their troops and forces did around this a chance. they were apparently spotted in and struck. we've fired with assistance from the locals. and evidently, no one's been here yet. the russian troops haven't even found this place yet. this is while i will find m. 5491 rocket propelled shells for the m 777. how it is supplied by the united states with a lot of pomp to the ukrainian military. now these are improved and more expensive
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versions. they fly even farther over here is evidently the artillery shot way, where ukrainian troops stationed the artillery. moreover, the am 795 shells. these are regular not rocket propelled shells. this is all evidently dumped in a hurry. why, while he is the reason russian count a battery fired some of the shells laying here had been fitted with fuses for imminent use. the american howitzers here were undoubtedly damaged this close to impact craters. but whenever the less evacuated apparently, urgently by ukrainian troops they left behind everything else. so during our short search, we found not only shelves, but huge amounts of propellant charges. us army think a t v also a huge amount of power. the charges in these containers,
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these are full, full, again, vast awesome left behind by ukrainian troops as they retreated, all of this flown in from the united states to supply the ukrainian military here between lisa chance quick ukrainian troops fled from. and the city of city of sc, we found a network of trenches and fortifications, which were also abandoned is another dug out, either via the trenches and dugout. dottie is forced the areas over there was another one. we won't go down the high chance. it's highly likely that at least than what we've dug out there are surprises. mine's wood trip was booby traps left behind. we'll leave this to professionals. the locals in a small village of 2 dozen houses, want the place cleared as soon as possible. they've had enough of blasts and the
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glad to see the backs of ukrainian soldiers than they were positioned all over there. they kept firing. the windows in my house were shaking, and of course there was returned fire. you asked them to move father away. we would have had to approach them 1st, was a dangerous, we didn't want to get involved with them. no one knew what they could do towards the end. likely fear likely chance this area could have been defended for weeks. but again, ukrainian soldiers and nationalists fighters choose to flee. another sign that morale among them is far from what it was more i'd gas v of r t from the la guns people's republic. ah. now former japanese prime minister sions, obey died in hospital this week shortly after being shot at close range by a lone gunman during a campaign event. a 41 year old suspect was arrested at the scene and is now under
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investigation. ah, the attack took place on friday in the japanese city of nora. people at the scene did attempt to revive our bay before the paramedics arrived. the former premier was then i left it hospital, but said to have no vital signs on arrival. despite the fact that doctors tried for several hours to save his life, he bled to death. it said from 3 deep wounds, including 2 in his neck. shin. so abe's 9 years, as prime minister made him the longest serving premiere in japan's history until he resigned recently citing health issues in 2020. he remained influential in the ruling liberal democratic party for which he was actually promoting candidates ahead of the parliamentary elections. this very weekend, former british diplomat, william mullins says, japanese society has been facing
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a deepening polarization. ah, there was not sufficiently, naturalistic. there are 2 kinds, at least 2 kinds of japanese nationalists, the kind that want the americans in there too. and we wouldn't like it are prepared to accept american nuclear weapons. they're to flex their own muscles against their traditional enemies, russia and china on the one hand. but on the other hand, you have to remember you have the more extreme somewhere i tradition, where you must get all foreigners out and make it powerful. japan once will be worrying people. now, in this highly complex situation in the whole world, is, is japanese society, political society. going to become polarized into the more left wing, anti nuclear, anti american, anti nato lobby on the one hand. and on the other hand,
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those of the more moderate tradition, like, for example, you have at the moment, japan, if you like, as the west of the east, you have societal tensions building up the defense spending has gone up. the possibility is that they will be hosting nuclear weapons. so these are enormous questions and i think to speculate now and say the japanese society is going to become more nationalistic. it's dangerous, but it could happen now across in the u. k. the parties over for boris johnson who's a nancy stepping down of the 3 years as prime minister. his premiership has been marred by a series of scandals. all of which raised questions about his leadership. johnson agreed to quit off to extreme pressure from fellow conservatives with several of his ministers resigning earlier this week. now, most recently,
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the outgoing premier found himself engulfed in controversy over alleged harassment by a government deputy chief whip. it was initially denied that the prime minister was aware of these allegations when he to pointed his ally to the roll. however, it later emerged that johnson had actually been fully in the know. this week scandal though, was just the latest involving the u. k. government johnston's premise ship has been called into question over the infamous party k to fat. he and his wife were fined by the police for hosting an unlawful social gathering at number 10 during a cove a lockdown. now while the latest scandal is considered to be the straw that broke the camel's back and prompted the mass resignation of government officials, rising inflation and a worsening economy have also been described as major factors in bringing johnson down the countries treasury tree was just one of the 1st government officials to
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resign this week on his way out re she soon highlighted key disagreements with the prime ministers policies. our country is facing immense challenges by firmly believed that the public are ready to hear that truth or people know that if something is too good to be true, then it's not true. they need to know that whilst there's a path to a better future, it is not an easy one in preparation for our proposed joint speech on the economy next week. it has become clear to me that our approaches are fundamentally to different. now, while some u. k politicians have welcome the end of johnson's rein. west and officials are also no speculating will impact this could have on the conflict over ukraine. london has been one of key abs, key allies so far, and is all to contribute to rachel most and reports with problems mounting across the west. the finger of blame for all of that was continues to be pointed at the kremlin. well, it's by, by boris johnson,
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and in the wake of the british prime minister's resignation this week, over domestic scandals. some folks seemed less concerned about what it means for britain and more worried about the impact of johnson's resignation on ukraine. maybe because in his resignation speech, johnson returned to the topic a let me say no to the people of ukraine that i know that we in the u. k. will continue to black, your fight for freedom, for as long as it takes johnson then had a phone call with ukrainian president vladimir zalinski, who reportedly called johnson's support, special. bloomberg called johnson's resignation, a good day for vladimir putin, even though it was. well, let's face it, his own government that seemed more relieved than any one else. that he was being shoved out the door of 10 down extreme. but they're not alone in their concern about the impact on the conflict in ukraine of domestic setbacks that are hitting
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the current crop of anti russian western leaders and b. c news called french president emanuel mack holes loss of an absolute majority in parliament. and the surge of mafia depends populist right national rally party into being the single largest opposition party, an outcome that may not be welcomed in washington as the west navigates russia's war and ukraine and its effects. joe biden and canadian prime minister just and trudeau are both suffering from higher levels of disapproval than approval as a result of their own domestic political failures. political points out the western leaders treated the latest g 7 summit as a refuge from their generally dismal approval ratings. back home with their own houses in such a mess. pollings prime minister is concerned about growing western indifference to
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the ukraine conflict. western communities must understand that this war is also about their security. i'm afraid that the coming months will bring more indifference and this is extremely dangerous. unfortunately, putin is also counting on it. sorry, but western leaders just can't keep allowing their domestic responsibilities and growing in popularity among their own populations. to take a back seat while they focus all their energies on sticking it to russian president vladimir putin. meanwhile, the cost of the conflict itself in ukraine for these leaders is continuing to grow . self imposed anti russian sanctions on you. european nation energy supplies are now sparking talk in germany for example of force heat, water and light rationing, not by recruiting who made bores johnson resign or cause bite into dough and mack
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holes popularity to tank. it's their own shenanigans and misplaced priorities in the eyes of their own citizens. and the longer the conflict in ukraine persists, the more at risk, also being seen as yet another one. now in africa, a few years struggling with fuel shortages and rapidly escalating prices. huge lines have been supported at local gas stations this week with some of the drivers saying that they waited up to 8 hours to talk up. the price of diesel increased by 38 percent off to authorities cut government fuel subsidies. previously, ethiopian consumers had only had to pay a quarter of the regular global rates for the fuel. costs have been sky rocketing around the world is transport disruptions and punitive sanctions have impacted. he supply chains. here's what some locals in ethiopia are saying about leg when handling over the crisis. ok, look, i think it was
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a hasty decisions. it is not taken poor people into consideration when transport providers increase prices, immersion, and turn increase the price of their goods. therefore, we are the ones affected, must have been in the queue for at least 45 minutes. i think the fuel crisis is a global problem. i think it is related to the lack of stability globally. we'll understand there is supply chain disruption that most of the global oil was due to a lack of pieces. i don't think it's fair to blame the government. well, there was a lack of supply. like, you know, when i have learned the russia and ukraine contribute a lot to the world. obviously, that is why the cost of living and fuel prices have increased heavily due to the conflict between these $2.00 countries. in an unprecedented way. the world were greatly benefit if there was peace between these 2 countries. now, elsewhere on the content, there are course nationwide protests in south africa with fuel prices surging to record highways. as all tease pool of clear explains,
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the new height comes while may locals are already struggling to make ends meet. the price of fuel has gone up again in south africa climate, maybe 50 percent in the last year alone. just this week it broke a new record so many people choosing to work from home while truck drivers blocked main roads in protest and planned more strikes, motorists are getting increasingly more freed up with the constant hikes and blame the government for not regulating fuel prices. and that's putting more pressure on the economy. everything is expensive. we suffered that always close. everything is close. we know where the problem to all of us can do with this car when it takes almost one those 1000. so 1000. so is that a very they had for us? we would be our president have to because this be somebody who would
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in need if you speak to dad to did the right people, maybe they can make something. they can reduce the petra, it's really hurting my pocket. a lot because i mean, i think from when i started driving 7 years ago, the, the price of petrol is doubled. and putting in 200 ran just for a day of hardly driving anyways. it's got horrible. there's, there's a lot of rates and taxes, but i think it's a bit overkill at the moment. i think that they can be a better solution that the government says it's hands are tied because south africa depends on international markets for its fuel supplies, with between 70 and 80 percent of local fuel coming from foreign import. since february, when russia and ukraine went to war, international oil prices have risen dramatically. russia is the world's 3rd largest producer of crude oil. the waste economic sanctions on moscow have lived poor african countries literally having to pay the price south africa's neighbors,
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along with other african countries, have subsequently been rocked by protests. this is in africa have been ignored. the, the crisis in the fall region, for example, is risk of starvation and famine. as i've said in many parts of the continent. in fact, a report was released earlier this year. that said, that can of the most significant crisis is in the world actually occurring in the africa and they ignored. and this is something that is very, very harmful to africa because the global community has taken its eyes off spaces where autocrat and honda is really rec, and have all on the continent for the high expect of next month when the toil government says it will end a temporary fuel subsidy program because it can no longer afford it. the result is cash strapped consumers being pushed to crisis point, many of whom already cannot afford the more than 50 percent increase in food products and they're threatening to take to the streets. the lack of
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a solution. now leave both the country and the region closer to quite a point policy, a r t, no space. well twitter says it's going to take law must go to court. that's off the wills, which is man pull guards with deal to by the company. he's accused twitter of failing to accurately report on its number of fake accounts. earlier a lawyer representing the billionaire said that the social network had also breached multiple provisions. sometimes twitter has ignored mister muskets requests, sometimes it has rejected them for reasons that appear to be unjustified. and sometimes it has claimed to comply while giving mister musk incomplete or usable information. now we may must said that the deal to buy the platform had been put on hold. does he urged twitter to prove its previous ass. the station that few than 5 percent of its user accounts were fakes. musk says the actual figure might be much
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higher. now twitter has previously faced multiple calls to dakota, disclose the number of its fake accounts. a few years ago, reports emerged to the senior employee at the company was also submitted pena be serving in the british military's information war department. he was allegedly taught with using social media to promote u. k. government interests to get a better understanding of why musk has cooled off this twitter deal. we've heard from journalist and columnist, and the boys come malik a seem like this is an attempt to do at the art of the deal and having having him re negotiate a better price. because twitter stocks have actually crashed since his announcement that he would be taking over. there's definitely something there at twitter has sort of morphed into this narrative shaping weapon and for
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a government or coalition of governments that essentially live in this manufactured, const consent law land. it's, it's the perfect way to shape this fake reality and it stands to reason that they will be putting the premium on twitter to do so. which is why they've been so upset when musk said he intended to buy it. they don't actually want mass controlling the company, but there don't have much choice in terms of finances because they're in really top shape. their, their stocks are going down their, their revenue is dropping. essentially, people are getting tired of twitter because of their intestine centers. you're the only thing that seems to matter in the eyes of twitter sensors is who does it to who it's only when to designated enemies of the west that are getting singled out. whereas western governments, by and large, get away with it. and congratulations to eleanor re back kina who's one catholic stones 1st grand slam tennis trophy that's despite pressure from western media and form
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a place. you don't like the fact that she was born in russia. the 23 year old was born in moscow and represented rusher until 2018, but then switched allegiances to cast stone. she beat in is in ology bel, in the women who built the wimbledon women single final. a tournament russian players are present a band from well, that's your round up for this iowa. i do hope that you can stay with us again for more news at the top of the next hour. ah ah .
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ah the middle east conflict in the city and conflict under development in africa or in south america and asia. interestingly, none of these are being raised in the past 6 months, so not to indicate no narrative has been shifted a conflict in ukraine. so that is warrantable. so can we not hearing that listen to us, you know, be all to exist. a problem with
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with the daughter of a brings food to the city. and on her way back, she takes people who are too weak to live in the ruins of murray. you pull any more papers about the gardener. symbiotic syndrome with accumulated together door. busy . never done this. chris will new hershey give the scarlet post the much need for customer with the coastal grains just right up a little logo. it shows now to get them to do that at the grange. if my brozowski, which genuine wasn't her deal of the young people to know also that those who may
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have not got an e. what group? yeah. what shall shows about. do you only have a still no go ah ah, b maria, who's old ladies, are involuntary witnesses to the cities, horrifying battles. many couldn't get down to basement or a shelter because of their age. so they watch the horrors of war from the windows of shells. flats oh yeah, oh yeah, you got one here. yes.


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