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you watching it out the walk across the mill bloom behind us with the got to my thoughts and knowing that the extra my ducks right below you virginia you will need to crash the ship. sail should also have the golden release soon. this is virginia martinez, or rama she had other than your score. fortune brought up chrome, korea. so both of those, sheila will every bit of your career. what else can you hello coupon chest? no. only will if it's christie. i'm serious. i think that the flutist in that didn't order from a liberal rule jump up. she didn't get into the from us or below. ricardo diversity
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design? no, no, no, no. not from slower slash number. carla. when do the story other for sure. are you sure? well, most with you, but please give a call tomorrow. we'll be listening and should look them up a what group, what group? national adult wants to play with
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2 double guns, still some good will continue to pull the total progression of home a couple of children, nico, new jersey, i just, i can pull up a little bit, then you really, you know what i did now, going to picture so watch a question with
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3 me a sure costello. so there were 2 guns campbell with a well there did the other a la economical, but a fellow who would like a seat maybe just so i missed school. that's dollars up is pretty,
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i do crush. what we do with spirit will be to ship up that. so that was it that you have to deal with us will be while it was somebody at the local channels, you set up with just pick ups that it would love when you've subsidiary with kilometer huttfield dot com. yeah. and then you know, it's pretty good. it pops to deal with when you started to pull it through you all a sudden you took up still a bully. just a new kind of turn in your flesh for being a professional to america, researcher from some reports on your own water news or you can use for read your
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merchant. remember for a marker bits for brazil marshall marshall's foot on the beach are yes. i pedestal costello customer for probably probably probably bundled it up today and miss issa. alterra her yet. i'm with some of the sort of started with the letter fidela murphy, logan. i thought, well 1st of soon i'm on a shot or more than that. i am so, but i was looking at the water lip. i thought you said when you pulled off delivery luckily, but i knew the needs of your awards. mark, when pleasure, or as a who had it took up when you're ready to have it. is it last years award that was from alaska?
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was walks swore that i thought back. oh gosh mm. with what to, what could i huh. come to the doctors here when you, when you mind, you know what? we, personally, it's that she's going to put too much weight beside it on us waves and just wash. rachel, because it's a boot. when you wish i be israel and you have to sit on that with see about it. so it was, i wanted to keep it. that may be nice. i wouldn't if i'm used to starting on you just what's been with sweet ludy poignant store keith just somewhere i need a little sticky. kimberly the human and appraisal. what then you had to the 2nd is debbie simon. you said recently, and we have a couple of other se i keep it in a couple of studies would, you know, do, should received a sick of a promo will not someone said, you need to bidding a study up, which is a, b, c, e,
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r transpose a for the kid and one. yep. and medicaid authority bullet cesar is then you put on monday to just wanted to school colleague pastoral dollar, much any of you get that unless somebody thinks when you put our lead yesterday and you saw what only push, load it up. so the toaster jasmine pushing line. what on the bus? thank you. what is in your brain? krista, get guns, kit is again. yeah. this will just look and church and musicians and you visions, i need to look exactly papoulias conclude zappa with the show. so green. sure to pin morrison up was cut russell is up on me. believe the kid is up a movie in because of a new milestone. grain. yep. individual schanzer enable a visualization shelf. she just finished money and yogurt. ideally, it appeared sho, get poor, let the worst of with bustling heater, whoops. do bits assumes can to kiddos in joke. ah
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right up with stuff she left the request level. paulina up. iran said, well i sure will not. the look at us will not go with a garage on prop, which will just because i had a peer outside. it's a feel way like we didn't last them hobbling. you push lead. not is up a new train. the stop and way. what is somebody within your prospect? especially if you know what their thoughts. thank you somebody what the procedure. so the look i will not post if you think you just have a passport from will senior request, but see what you would wind up with me? yes. hello. thank you somebody with him. if you plug you in to ya, obsolete portal. okay. do you use us? yes. them boss. do my shamika? are you? i love boys. russia? yeah, it was. it was a you, i never,
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i didn't hear you sorry. she knew you, those knew you'd still say live this to go up. would you need please keep which watched him live or we put our slate in for a month. so for grades. yeah. but is it, jim thought us, she's go figure out. so i'm not sure, but as long you see, if there's a time when i should, when you, when music of should deal with ashley the deputy coroner stale push you to watch with 30 sure others who are a little bit a dutch a
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you listen to this is dustin a guy to this? who does a beauty beauty buick. but she'll go oak oak double her baggage who swallowed no. it and yeah the legit but we know it's it doesn't so that it's a nightmare page. it's a nightmare. it's a button. it's a bond fan with an apple shut down, can result in nauseous. come out lou ramos the memory. dr. christa you, when they did, you did the enough. so you sleep the right. he's emotionally or you didn't put you in your you. she knew whole koreans per say, my donna to was collage. i will be doing often and no one with her is to learn this bill to put
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a j a d l m is the issue you're looking at with the following. the law really does actual that one of my associates just for now i'm going to listen, which was michelle, so that they may have missed a couple of perspective these meters at the united my layman, mr. teresee as pesto. any me, little guns keep us quite a bit with the brush with ah ah ah, oh, a
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a ah l look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at that point obviously is to create a truck or rather than fear a various job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with
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a robot most protective phone existence with earlier story share. so for his a floor or store 3rd class period, you'd excuse gear. last year, i must have buddhist 9 with me still, you know, quizzical and do much them. what about surgeries, those don't feel well you got to rush if a co women though prostate my men, for as i do at the applicants, yet, much him lawyer dig around the of the new york national museum in west gutter. i studies childrens them, although them cookbook. busher and yet assignment a tom the by somebody, they accept a doctor by itself by healer. good, nice,
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but some food for you. he put them with house and i got a couple of he shouldn't use billy bieber street, but on the bill bar shook. gosh, lar gullow, assigned to me the important than the naturalist, us and vision boss who bears game the bus. and there was need were army you. bill was recently decided football channel, the initial condition with the ability for the middle. well, it was on the she was there when they are, but at the most about some village, if you do bush procedure, my was to just wonder is all on him that are here again. it was about him was christina, did not actually know what belongs to your school, but you know, just by enjoying looks like you've got a title company hard. i'm sure we'll be on the look for the children shepherd dementia, but it doesn't get here by a,
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by addition to the most which i did it on a little a little bit at a temperature consume up the line. thank you. good morning, young. this is not precipitation because it took them a local local me was a kid with a good. what's a good opinion to was he really much that goes to lots of good emotional nursing and then bustle more. you know this, me, this with, oh,
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great news with border with the not sure of it or get a month. so those are your shipment will be about a year. okay. do you know you guys are shut sister down? that's my book book. now look back to me. i each has brought to where, you know, brought them with your date, which maria did not be in a studio done with somebody at dodge, approve the work to do. should you go to christ? yep. start talk with you. i'm always, you may what put a whole lot of them has been my d her and you're pretty. which no longer is lasha. close to me on
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a fuji. i need for a while, but because that's the worst, some you flee in the front, you know, for the more has to provide is to feed your line, you up with them because of the new i had some questions, tool or got social skills going to cost i'm going with i'm going to me and it is $1.00 with the one results you're going events result worked with us. look at the middle you semester to throw hundreds, i sure would in a duck and use them. we are getting them, sir. no problem. renewing 2nd question would be when was it at your or no, i didn't pop up. i called ms. crystal. it's a little bit. hm. mm mm ah
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yeah. but actually who made it to jewish elude you could or cooking shows, mile on us. but just to get the show why you see him a little he's a junior when you, when you sports. i just wonder tenisha as in boy for history. you can't do much at austin point, you know, us by do just wait. i'm not done custom. so my loyalty must have made a counseling medium to push the peculiar crane again. but what he can shoot me to, to, to deal is to, to really mental bottling with him. was actually a butcher at some place that i need to manufacture, ingenuity, or community. ah, living in a position you'd be love. she'll let you know any more from your fill in your will
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that always look hard to do here with those on wednesdays or just so on correction i will, will she said she drove them. she stepped up. when you break, i said, and i was out about can learn about the bus today from tomorrow. little bit which sheila wanted the union spirit function, reginald richman, when you had you, and i just need to show you a little pursue. initially. the contrary was submitted in the just a long way and nobody can yes, i know you said you could get it was can ship a bottle of sale, a lot of singing. i'm not the most of the want to, i know any and i just to as we miss you and just let us start, just let us know which way canada from the office wouldn't let me get lost on the one actual list. roy, last model, special,
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i think good wesley ah, shows actually it was a political shooting in those no stone age group, all total bustle, compressible package, just a regular store, or choose venue message. and we did lots of little sport. there are similar so don't to shuffle shirts on cron dealing co. thank you know that those are pretty mortgage for boston, which i'm willing to look very good job. ordeal foster from just all you need to do is i will either be worth a shot of 1st before different but anyway, so just a little higher your the. ready ready to just to give you the
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new she was bringing me a while. oh yeah. well not some years do need him. you can come here with me. it was pretty cool. but should you follow up with you? yeah, i'm okay with that. will you let them? yeah. that goes along with some doesn't so personally at the school bus you recently messed. and also when they should often use a contract, you know, but, but when you ask them, not just for the parents here today also, but we were like georgia or she can pull sessions isn't good session supervisor. and then we'll show you, you've said was, she'll blip out of one similar there. she was hoping to learn what some most of she
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has a student that has got to look in some way. also with a little we should still do it. then you could almost all you did them or not, didn't know or can you catch up or could he will he did. i'm yet cuz i didn't click on there was a dollar a. so i'm going to want to know what can you send me a quote to you was it could tell me about
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it. she was short, it was a book with a web log with the other kind of what the deal was with this essentially due to this where you just needed to go unless you need to coordinate. ah, meghan more direct but he's already
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a support ticket with a well, it's not that i was able to do you want them to connect with you at a store where they go senior for the future. what does that mean with,
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we're still, we're always some lips of michelle, but i should say not, but he isn't on them. he is a visa with my disability, can get it to the most that is public. you lead it looks a little bit but was in that video to do the situation that also was that the with with you much that did a good way to miss dempsy this with them. but you might that a senior or question yourself told us just if you did not get them, we have to go post that they will pick them up almost like when you must get suddenly william i've got
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ah ah, when it comes to selfish russian relations and i believe go on, and putin by a literal, literally, she is a very to to, to the extent that if birth leaders are out of office, we can, you know, that's a picture, same level of engagement on with only one main thing is important for knox. ism internationally speaking to that is that nations that's allowed to do anything, all the mazda races, and then you have the mind, the nations who are the slaves. americans, brock,
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obama, and others have had a concept of american exceptionalism. international law exist as long as it serves american interest. if it doesn't, it doesn't exist by turning those russians into this danger is boy man that wants to take over the world that was caught your strategy and walked out of it on your own. i not leashed off to exhibit in tablet block. nato said it's ours. we moved east. the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous, is it? the law is the sovereignty of all the countries. the exceptionalism that american uses and its international war planning is one of the greatest threats to the populations of different nations. if nato, what disbanded shareholders in united states and elsewhere in large obs companies would lose millions of millions or is business and business is good and that is the
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reality of what we're facing, which is fashion. ah, a with this with you, i guess with you, i'm with
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full credit gets approved from beach, gonna still be patient with me. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful,
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very difficult. time. time to sit down and talk ah ah, with the 7 civilians are reportedly killed and 60 injured as the ukrainian army hits the town in the region. local authorities say us delivered high precision weapons. we used to be in wiley, you officials on the alarm over ukraine bound western weapons ending up on the black markets in the continent. security at risk australia rejects the plans suggested by china to restore relations between the 2 countries saying that cambra doesn't respond to demands. also coming up on the.


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