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tv   News  RT  July 17, 2022 9:00pm-9:31pm EDT

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protect you from iran. iranian massage strikes. i mean, this is the level of deception that goes on with with incoming artillery fire is reported and done yet. and russia's course region near the ukranian border as russian the lead forces continue to make advances on the front lines and ukraine on the done by a failed policy of iran, a phobia. that's the message from to ron, as it accuses the u. s. of inflaming tensions in the middle east, as joe biden wraps up his 1st presidential visit to the region. a is gripped by math outrage over shortages of essential goods, particularly food and fuel. as the south asian country seeks rushes help to provide
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much needed energy supplies, we heard from local, struggling to cope with the prices are only able to give our children now once a day. the counting and gab basic financing for children with broadcasting live direct, more studios in moscow. this is our to international, and john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. now we start with the latest updates in the war in ukraine, as incoming artillery fire is reported in russia's course region in year. the ukrainian border, a massive blaze, reportedly from the showing a has been captured in video posted on social media in the border area. has it been experiencing incoming fire for weeks? now? the region is governor. has said that the russian military have you been advanced in nearby and ukraine's neighboring to me reaching a. this footage was released by the mayor of the city of got all of the done yet school public showing what local officials have described as artillery,
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showing by cubes, forces on a residential neighborhood. several houses and a cafe were reported damaged. there was no immediate information about casualties. meanwhile, russian back forces have continued to make advances in the dynamic republic moving towards key strongholds of ukrainian troops located in the front line cities of sever, scanned of cham, oscar r, t. r. big correspondent, reports on the ground was laquata with allied forces continue to advance in the direction of savage. solid are our kill musk there. ukrainian troops have significantly strengthened their positions. now the fighting is heading in this direction and the allied forces managed to break the defensive lines of the nationalist battalions and foreign mercenaries. there they will be able to move deep into ukraine in hell territory and continued the military operation to protect don bass. the place where we arrived, his being shelled from 3 sides, roger herself that her we continue our offensive in the direction of solid are
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bankruptcy and beyond. the enemy resists, using all possible means from artillery to large caliber weapons. you can now hear how the suppression of enemy artillery points has been carried out. the loo, ganske people's militia, which is moving in this direction, has confirmed the seizure of ne to weapons as trophies and villages and towns abandoned by the ukrainian troops. newtonian credit posted molina, but who knows what this is their lasting 3rd line of defense. it is always the most fortified, therefore, they use all types of weapons here, russian intelligence reports that extremists and mercenaries are concentrated in residential buildings. this fact, as well as the objective to save the lives of civilians is hindering the progress of the allied troops to some extent. sargon had i, r t, daniel people's republic. and in the lugens republic, local authorities, se ukrainian troops have been targeting the city of it's the hon. off using it to you as supplied high mars rocket systems. no casualties have been reported so far
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elsewhere in the gl ganske republic. heavy fighting for the city of lucy, chance russian forces have been tasked with restoring order in the city. martin with our guardian hasn't visited the area and observed the russian patrols there even when the fighting n and the blood cease, chaos can still thrive at feeds on uncertainty on fear, on lawlessness. and it can be difficult to stomp out here, at least a chance piece settled slowly. it is difficult work with no police force to speak of. it is up to volunteers and soldiers who establish order is patrol is doing just that. this is a hard time for locals, for weeks they hidden basements and expected the worst political. the worst did not
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happen, that they are still coming out of shock with them. i didn't show the liquidity when we were told to evacuated that. but where would we go? this is my homeland where surviving and we have hope that peace will return and there'll be work with the open shops, pension salaries. we probably, we hope that young people would have a reason to study in work layer. this is john sc may be recovering, but it has some ways to go yet. bear in mind, i reported 15000 ukranian troops was stationed here. they fled in a matter of days. most of them. yes, with control that we will we the now calling for back up most of hostile potential, hostile in an apartment building and he just took
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a short police patrol. the problem is that many ukrainian soldiers who deserted, who were left behind were who were left behind, have now changed into civilian clothes and to hides in the apartments that they have broken into obama. when you, who do i get off of them. but i'm done with weaver, now been us to leave all rather escorted away from the area. the display of special operation on the way reinforcements of a rob. they're going to sweep the building a high, high rise 9th floor apartment building floor by floor apartment by apartment in order to catch this person who fulfilled a 3rd day that has been taking what shots i would truly truth. every day, more ukrainian desert is and stragglers found some come in peacefully,
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others play, hide and seek. why did you decide to change it to civilian clothes and abandon yamil to re units? also, there was no sense in going anywhere. it's either a bulletin. it had or a criminal charge. i'm a local so i decided to stay there. so you felt it was futile to continue to fight us. indeed, we were constantly retreating. where should we go to next? to europe, for michelle, why didn't you try to leave the army earlier if it were so if we left would be shot by our own forces, whatever you captured ukrainian, so has confirmed is that morale amongst their forces was disastrous. the crating, the food was felt abandoned, but they felt like cabin fog and they didn't like it all knew that. we were to look up to the maria and my unit was very low as we were constantly retreating and
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didn't have enough ammunition. the commander state far from the front and came out only to pillage. i saw that personally while i was in the city or this man was captured by soldiers of the atomic was once exclusively made up of chechnya. and now it accepts any who want to join regardless of ethnicity. that job here is law enforcement. with all that, it entails what you want to hold on for a one focused on foolish alone with not of course you just, you know, put a medicine i didn't know what component of from previous and over you know, with every day the city's commandant tells us chaos and lawlessness. rashid like order strengthens but there is a long way to go. yet it is one thing to when the violence and the crime and the
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looting entirely another can be a public that they will to come back with her before i guys d. a r t family she chance lugens people's republic. while he was government persists with its demands for increasingly more supplies of western made weaponry. major u. s. defense manufacturer has sounded the alarm that the available stockpiles were not meant to provide for a lengthy war. the ceo of northrop grumman says the government needs to be clear about exactly how much weaponry it needs. the most important thing now is to get a clear demand signal on what the sustained commitment is. and the level of draw down from those stockpiles is going to be i wouldn't necessarily say that i've heard we're running out. but if you do project forward that we're going to want to sustain these levels of commitments for another couple of years. that's certainly not what anyone has built stockpiles to accommodate the company makes bushmaster
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artillery, guns and ammunition that america has supplied to cubes forces. but the american defense industry has been struggling to source critical components due to constraints in the global supply chains. the u. s. government has committed to provide far more weaponry for the ukranian efforts than any other country. the u. s . has already provided more than $6000000000.00 of military aid to ukraine. meanwhile, poland defense minister has announced the purchase of more than 100 used tanks from the u. s. as poland reinforces its own military, while sending masses of arms supplies to neighboring ukraine. that says poland has been seeing its own army liking some key weaponry from on this we can cross live to michael maloof, who formerly served as a senior us security policy analyst in the pentagon. michael was helping me break this down. if you don't mind, the us administration has already told out about $6000000000.00 of military aid to
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ukraine, since the conflict corrupted in february, what can you say about the concerns? the u. s. weapons stockpiles might actually be running low. well, let me, let me correct on one thing it's, it's going to be upwards over 60000000000. that they, that they're going to be supply and, and what the u. s. manufacturers are experiencing is just what the northrop grumman, c. e o pointed out that they have some stocks stuck piles, but they don't have endless stockpiles. and i think that, that, that's why there's an appeal or the, the biden administration that come to, to, to clarify just what is the policy biden has said that he intends to keep on going to the end, whatever that means and, and us stockpiles are limited. the, not the ability of manufacturers to make this equipment is also running into
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issues, namely the, the, the, the supply chain issue. but also a lot of these, a lot of the equipment technology requires micro chips and what have you. and those are very difficult to get a hold of right now. so there's, there's also that aspect of it that, that creates a problem in their, their project team. manufacturers are for the equipment that ukraine would need our project in. it's going to take maybe a few years to be able to adequately supply and backfill, not only backfill, but also whenever a country such as poland and the other nato countries provide military equipment. the u. s. is expected to backfill just like they're trying to do right now with those used abram tanks to poland. well, to what extent do we have surplus and that's and that surplus is beginning to dwindle. and a lot of the equipment has been used. it's already seen war, so it long jeopardy is going to be questionable. now you've brought
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a good point there about the supply chain issues. nothing happens in a vacuum. the same supply chains that civilians use the contractors have to use as well. so these challenges have been impacting the u. s. defense industry with shortages of electronic parts, as you mentioned, such as cables, connectors and power supplies. could nato countries not be able to fulfill their promises to supply weaponry to ukraine over time because of this big problem? yeah, i think i think it's just a matter of months because they would have to gin up their, their own industries and they're not doing that. and the, relying upon the united states to be the primary supplier and u. s. isn't ready for a, a war of this magnitude look what happened in afghanistan. we left $83000000000.00 worth of equipment. we just left it to them and then, and then deserted the and then deserted afghanistan. and it's so there's $83000000000.00 that of equipment the telephone would be happy to set up to 2
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people. but, but again, this is, this is the other problem. the equip lot of the equipment goes that is being supplied is not not tracked. so no, no, no one knows where this equipment goes. once it gets into ukraine, a lot of it's been destroyed. but a lot of it to is going on black market. so this is, this is another terrible problem that's, that's resulting from this course. it's no secret that the u. s. wants to weaken russia. in fact, the defense secretary said he wants to see russia weekend by the conflict. do you think that you can change if the us actually starts struggling more to provide weapons to fuel the war? i don't think it's gonna last much longer. i think the american people are getting fed up with it. they, they, there's the, by the ministration has not clarified what the national security imperative of ukraine is for the united states. they didn't have this issue with russia before
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and at all, it all began as a hoax by the biden crowd. and hillary clinton, clinton declaring that russia was in collusion with trump. and they had to and it was proven to be untrue. and for the election of 2016, and now they have to live with this hoax. and now they want to have a real war over it. and you're right, they want to ultimately contain russia. if not change the, the, the, the government there. i've heard talk of wanting to partition russia similar to what, what biden has outlined for syria in recent years. so this is, i mean the, by the ministration is just not in touch with reality, and it's creating more problems. and now they're having to live with their decisions and they're coming up short. and the allies are beginning to see that.
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wow, interesting thoughts, they're now weird question here. do you think that middle countries, i mean, it's kind of a popery, if you will. right now, some people agreeing with each other, not agreeing with each other. turkey kind of on the outside. but do you think the nato countries actually have enough oversight over the weapons that they are sending to ukraine? no, absolutely not. not even the united states. they don't know where it's going, i don't think they care once it gets in there. but although, because they're hoping and relying upon the united states to, to resupply and i don't see that happening. and over next, over a long period of time, maybe over the short term, certainly not with a long term unless the united states invokes the defense production act and turns the ford motor company into reproducing tank. some things like that, like they did, world war 2. it would take that magnitude of, of production to, to meet and to meet the needs as it is. ukraine is spending over a $1000000000.00
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a week, i think, and, and equipment and what have you. and now the united states has been called upon to pay for their pay for the, the, the pay of the, of the troops. and it's just, it's endless. and it's in the united states, and we have so many, many resources. and that's, that's aside from the equipment itself. i mean, it's, it's, and the congress, i think, in the american people certainly are waking up to this reality that there are other issues where america right now. and that's what, by the ministration should be focusing on. and it's not now briefly we're out of time, i'd like to go on and talk to you a little bit more about this, but we've got a move on micro maloof, former senior u. s. security policy policy analyst at the pentagon. thanks for being with us here . on our international thanks so much. bye bye. the sri lanka has been in turmoil over shortages of fuel and other essential goods such as food and
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medicine with persistent mass protests pushing the president to resign and flee the country. now the south asian republics government is intox to purchase much needed fuel supplies from russia. party correspondent runjun sharma, reports a shortage of fuel in a bankrupt country has led to prices of all commodities including rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables. going to the roof with inflation at more than 50 percent. the prices are burning a hole in the pockets of she lumpkins. ordinarily this market would be buzzing with people at this hour. but now with the prices of basics going up drastically, things have changed. something like a banana, see, for example, is also become a luxury for many, it's very expensive, some bad people months and will be don't consume brooks like gooseberries be just get their st. joseph people, debris, read money. this is robin. the beans are not normally at the moment. the island
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nation is running out to foreign currency deserves to import essential items and its impact is hitting hard look with the now counting on the changing political landscape of the country to reshape their economic future. despite got away roger buck shells, resignation, protest continue, and sri lanka. it's d 100 and the crowd chance have gone from. got a go back to run and go back. why are people still your work and not at home? you me ask. not far from the demonstrations is better sons lean in while or what day in these small alleys. we stop by our house. it's around 7 in the evening. and regina has just started making dinner. she has to feed a family of freaks, including her 2 children. with no gas, she was as kerosene to cook. her, she is just about finished cooking and as been a bubble, got she, her family are going to eat the meal. incomplete darkness, just like more states,
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the power won't come back for the next 5 hours or so. although the cuts have gotten better from a month ago, but it's still a daily affair. by dwelling on godaddy was her only able to give all children. now, once again, 3 times previously, smith's powder is now too expensive. we'll try to feed our children 3 times a day. we can barely manage to do more than once or twice. we counted and gab basics, madsen phone, children. there are no on to by ot, except local pharmacy or even at hospitals reach any story does not just her story . it is the story of many of the 22000000 people in the concrete. and unlike the daily cut out, their plight will last much longer than a few hours with no telling when things will improve for engine sharma in colombo, for ocoee to iran has accused us of spreading iran. a phobic
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sentiment says joe biden wraps up his 1st presidential visit to the middle east. the u. s. is once more trying to create tensions and crises across the region through relying on the failed policy of iran, a phobia. your joint statement released after by this trip to israel emphasized u. s. lead efforts to prevent a t, ron from building a nuclear bomb biden has asserted, there could be a possibility of using force against iran as a quote. last resort in turn to ron has retorted that it's the us that was the 1st country to use nuclear weapons. and the u. s. cells, massive amounts of arms across the middle east, in flaming tensions. earlier this week runs president promised a harsh response to any escalation by washington, or if l life right now, biden's saber rattling comes as the u. s. president has failed to win an immediate oil output increase and the regional security alliance at the arab summit with more on how biden's middle east tour poor dashed u. s. hopes for
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a grand return to the region. his are to use policy or findings for day, middle east trip is over, but the question of what's actually achieved is still up in the air. his bed for more and cheap oil has been blown out of the water. i want to see the impact of this visit. i suspect you won't see that for another a couple weeks. we, i'd say as a canopy, its oil production beyond 13000000 barrels a day. and off to shunning the kingdom over the 2018 killing of saudi german is jamal cash hockey. all eyes were on what might and would say to the conference i in thank you. thank you. thank you. that's exactly what bite enabled saudi arabia while on his campaign trail back in 2019. but now fighting his tongue, he came asking for
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a favor while still trying to save his own face. correct, calling out of saudi's prior, i don't hear anything. i said, but you don't seem to bump a to wyatt, do you? mm. mm. i didn't makita from the golf compilation council invited to place it into the united arab emirates to washington, also announcing $1000000000.00 to believe hunger in the region. while his overall message to avid lead is was, we will not walk away and leave a vacuum to refill by china, russia we're room will seek to build on this moment was active principle, american leadership. china was not increased phasing shot record. my dad saying that the middle east was not someone's back yard, let alone a so called vacuum. meanwhile, american forces continue to target terrorists in the region and are deployed i
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basis to up the middle east. still, this didn't stop bite and from suggesting he was it paid from what america did in iraq and afghanistan. easy for him, not for the families of a 1000000 iraqis killed not to mention the disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan. and what about his very own 40 and slip always honor the bravery, selfishness, selflessness of the sacrifices binding turned one page to another. this time he ran, of course, and renting up support against these lamps for public. the united states stresses that integral to these pledge is the commitment never to allow iran to acquire a nuclear weapon. and that it is prepared to use all elements of its national power to ensure that outcome make no mistake by all elements might and meant does that also means that you would use of force against iran? is that what that means? if you are with a last resort,
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yes. he also failed to mention how close st. iran's nuclear program was tied to how america many suffocated to ran with sanctions. because at the end of the day, it's one thing for might in to say that the us will not walk away from the middle east. it's quite another to ask how much the middle east once the americans to stay, especially now when washington has so little to offer. although walking away might not even be an option any more. i think the history books, remember this trip as, as a sort of tipping point of how little power, how little influence, how little or he went to germany, really a has affect any more intimate lease. you know, it was really busy going on event, you know, we live in a new, well now a multi polar wealth whereby a russia, china, india, turkey, and a few others are forming
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a block and alliance in the world is growing exponentially and which it's gonna be a much, much bigger power in the world than america ever was. is a transition going on. u. s. a gemini hasn't really played much role in the middle east for the last 5 or 6 years. and you can see that it's changing out the whole. the whole arena is changing. severe wildfires have been sweeping through parts of southern europe with thousands of people forced to flee their homes in france, spain and greece. the blazes have been attributed to extremely hot and dry conditions. as a summer heat wave has gripped the continent with temperatures regularly climbing over 40 degrees celsius. global warming has been cited as a factor with more hot weather forecast for the coming days. with
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with that is it for me this are i'll be back about 33 minutes with another phone 1st lecture news thing with start international. ah ah
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation. let it be an arms race is often very dramatic development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very difficult time to sit down and talk with
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me on welcome to wells fargo some 30 years ago. just as the soviet union was about to collapse, francis fukuyama pronounce the end of history, giving a science expression to pretty simple american craving for eternal dominance. because of these theory became apparent pretty quickly in part because what matters in the final analysis is not only why history as but also where it began in trying to understand that war in the ukraine and what it means for the rest of the world. how far down memory lane should we go to discuss them now? join why we asked to search for the south african chapter of the southern african trade in which you have agreed to talk to you. thank you very much for your time. thank you for having me. do just fine. it's great pleasure
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talking to you and i think from reading some of your recent articles wish your similar space for me. oh con politics. you know, the intention of launching wars and the name of all the good against all the bad sometimes or most of the times leaving scorching lines in the aftermath. but for some reason this scenario is supposed to be happening over and over again. i cover the words in libya or in theory and just a couple of years ago. and nowadays everybody forgot about it. it seems that the only one that exists in the media space right now is the one ukraine. and while it's a pretty horrible outcome for russia, 1st and foremost, i wonder why do you think this cycle of, you know, each new wor, replacing the memory of the previous one. why do you think the cycle goes on? i think we have a global hedge amman, which is the united states.


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