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ah, ah, with russell says the coming winter will be spent without russian gats and calls on the blocks members to rely on other sources of energy. also this hour with our american and british counterparts, really want to turn this war into re real what it's advantageous for the u. s. and the u. k. were sitting far away and an exclusive interview with our tea, rushes foreign minister or day lab rob shares his take on what the u. s. and u. k. are planning for ukraine and the european union with our. 4 correspondent is in the thick of the action amid the latest ukrainian shelling of the low gods people to republic as key have horses,
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launch and offensive to retake territory there. and mass demonstrations. re john and sri lanka after the acting leader is elected president in a secret ballot by parliament with protesters burning his effigy. as security forces are on high alert, a low there you're watching r t international on donald quarter. welcome to the program. now on to our top story, european countries will have to rely on nuclear and coal power. this coming winter due to giving up on russian gas amid soaring prices. that's according to a top you official. we have made a decision. we are preparing for the winter without rush and gas in order to get through this winter and possibly next winter. the e, you states can extend the operation of their nuclear power plants or coal plants. so here it is. the european union's big plan for how those of us here in the block
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are going to get to re summer of heat waves and the winter cold while maintaining industrial production and fueling our daily needs amid the u, blocking of its own gas supply with its own sanctions, the plan is called saved gas for a safe winter safeguarding winter from what you might ask from russia weapon ising . its gas applies according to a new e u commission statement, because if you thought that there was absolutely no way that the leadership could possibly spin their self harming policies into a russian security threat, that requires us to sacrifice our way of life. once again. then you'd be wrong because that's exactly how they're spending this referring to the kremlin weapons ation of gas exports with almost half of u. member states already affected by reduce deliveries. but whose fault is that? well, let's ask some officials around the u. initially. i thought we had any short ourselves in the foot, but now it is clear that the european economy has shows itself in the lungs and it
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is gasping for air. if russian gas is no longer received and there are average winter temperatures, or current reserves will be enough for only a month or 2, taking into account our obligations for gas deliveries to other european countries . we have a real emergency because of the gas shortages, entire branches of industry are in danger of permanently collapsing in the aluminum glass. the chemical sectors, such a collapse would have massive consequences for the entire economy and jobs in germany. whatever happened to showering less to show russian president vladimir putin, whose boss, i guess the hygiene is just so good here in europe with far too many showers, being taken to get his through the winter. so now the e. u is formally asking member states to reduce gas use by 15 percent at least until march of next year. can they actually make us do that though? while they're saying that it's voluntary for now, but couldn't become binding if the situation deteriorates? not only didn't be you have a back,
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a plan for replacing its own gas just before it cast it off and set itself a drift in a sea of total incompetence. but now its own sanctions have also interfered with routine maintenance of one of the few energy lifelines that still hasn't cut off with its own kamikaze policies. the north stream, one pipeline of rush and gas into germany, russian president vladimir putin had an interesting theory on that today. mr. canada did not want to give back the turbine for nord stream, one, not because of russia's military operation and ukraine. but because canada itself produces oil and gas and was to sell them to europe. the e was starting to look like the village piano. every one in the west gets a turn at playing it and gas. prom confirmed earlier. the foot dragging, despite earlier request to date gas prom has not received official documents from siemens that allow it to supply a gas turbine engine for the porto via compressor station under the sanctions, restrictions of canada and the u. unfortunately,
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it's always the average citizen who ends up having to make accommodations for the ideologically driven thoughtlessness of the big brains in brussels. it's going to be really tough, but we absolutely made russia for the next 5 years. stass the situation for oil, we could go by buying oil elsewhere, but for gas, we can't, because everybody is producing get maximum. and if you need to invest, you know, in the producing countries, if you need to install and g terminals, if you need to produce to our, to build new ships, hundreds of new ships, it will take 5 to 7 years. so let's say for years strict minimum to replace partly rushing gas. so um we have a big problem this winter and did all the details of course, which were not explained to minute go. all that make it even trickier, you know, uni per, is the largest of a guess,
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supplier and stalkers stocking company in europe gets german and it's nearly bankrupt now. why? because they, they usually buy gas in the summer when it's working cheap, and de, sell it from their stocks in the winter when the countries in europe need it. but now it's the country. prices are very high now and may be next wednesday will be a little lower anyway, they will be the same, and so they don't make any money anymore. meanwhile, a new era is dawning on a post unipolar world that's according to vladimir putin who says it's now up to truly sovereign countries to spearhead global development and lead by example. wesley went mute. a party of a craig was up no matter how much the western and so called super national elite strive to preserve the existing order of things in a new era is coming with a new stage in world history. and only truly sovereign states can ensure a high growth dynamic and become an example for others premium and the director of
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the asia center for studies and translation archman post office as the new world order is being shaped by russia, china, and other bricks countries, united states and the aggregate it still wants to control over their wallet order, but unfortunately they cannot right now for a lot of elements. because you can make deficiencies that pulls very shown. and it started the recession of 2008, and then followed by kwoana. and right now, confronting official operation in a crane, i think we events show how much of the deficiency of the work to prevent even ethical models to be followed by the other countries. well, mine and how much it is kind of very sales and very weak aligned because according to one element, especially the energy, all the guys, all, all these identity of resources cannot do anything. and i already use your work
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organization and the work done to do it. cannot make any situation stop giving up any kind of movies. i cannot because they cannot even solve the investigation as problems and efficiency, economic problems that happening to the western europe and to america and canada and japan as well. at least i think now the features of the was older is being perform it by wash, by try not used by bricks, you may be fixed in the future that there's no point for the west to completely break off its ties with russia, especially when it comes to the energy market, that's according to russian foreign minister, sergei lab, who in an exclusive interview with our channel, also underlines that moscow is not worried about the use desire to curb purchases of russian oil and gas. you don't wish to listen to this, so i don't think that it's in their interest to cut all ties with us and to use
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liquefied natural gas that the americans are trying to sell them. and if they do that, then we would have no problem. the president said that due to what they do with the north stream to pipeline, we are ready to launch it. so there is pressure in the pipeline, but so far, only 50 percent of the capacity of the pipeline that we planned. so we use it now for internal consumption. when we 1st reiterate that russia's never wanted to cut europe from gas, they've long stated this. it's never been their intention. the issue that oliver off mentioned was, the escalation is coming from the west. they have attempted to continue to bring in countries like finland and sweden and to nato. they have continued ignoring russia's wishes. and europe is essentially cutting off its on foot because the sanctions are hurting them in particular. and through this escalation, we're seeing tops that the west is blaming russia for all of this. when in reality, russia has never wired to escalate into a nuclear conflict. this has not been something that they are pushing for middle
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school, local, our american and british counterparts with active support from germans, polish and baltic states. really want to turn this war into re real one, the one direct confrontation between russia and europe. it's advantageous for the u . s. and the u. k. who are sitting far away. it's easy for, particularly for the u. k. and the united states have really set back and allow this to happen to really try to escalate this. because europe is the one that is going to be feeling olivers 40 percent of the sanctions are actually affecting them . the most did survey lover of say anything about a cooperation between russia and countries in africa and asia? yes. so russia has been building its highs in the east. they have other markets in china, india, and, and now pakistan. we have recently seen the deal made between russia in eden for 40000000000 dollar. turkey also made it young for $30000000000.00. clearly these sanctions are not working and affecting the indicated targets, right,
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whether they're affecting the you and many countries. of course in developing nations, including africa, africa has long been a partner of russia in terms of develop may and, and dish restructuring. and of course, they're also working with china, but the relationship that russia provides to africa is entirely different than the relationship the wes wants to provide because moods, we have had good relations with africa since soviet times. for many years now, we have been restoring our presence and the africans are reciprocating. so we never taught them anything. we never force them to do anything. we always help them to resolve their tasks and to lead their countries in the way they want it to you. and we always had mutual visits. and what a glover off say about the prospect of us coming to a peace agreement or ending the conflict in ukraine and on loss. that is all up to the west and, and nato, to really stop supplying weapons,
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especially long range missiles into ukraine. because if they continue to do that, he has stated that they will continue increasing their kia graphical shift. in fact, one of the main points of this whole interview was the fact that russia is shifting its geographical as strategy be on the don. yes, in the lugens republic, and they are going to continue to do that as long as the west continues pushing. but again, there is not the intention to escalate this conflict into something bigger. moving on to dawn boss, one person is reported killed and 3 others wounded, including a child in the latest ukrainian shelling of the cities of danielle can girl of con, wednesday as keeps forces have unleashed a devastating artillery barrage of residential areas. another city and the done yes . people's republic. yes. seen of audio was also shelled by the ukrainian army with several homes destroyed in that attack. local officials say that around $1700.00 buildings have been devastated inside the don boss republic since the start of
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russia's military operation. and in the neighboring lugens people's republic, ukrainian military has launched a new offensive to retake territory after russian led forces recently claimed. they have full control over the entire republic. ortiz murat, gasdio reports from the ground there. on the outskirts of delegate, of course, we witnessed a somewhat rare spectacle and attempted offensive by ukrainian forces. ah, i am yes of the time that you found movie gap in support of the gigs of the white glove. the ukranian troops here belonged to the infamous nationalist kracken battalion. their
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intent was to get close to bill a god of go through the woods near by. they were met with a hail of artillery fire. he perceived them after that we were ordered to retreat. every one ran away. we kept shouting, don't shoot at the soldiers who were behind us for the war. dmitri was wounded by shrapnel. he was left behind by his panicked brothers in arms. in all 4 kracken fighters were captured alive, one of them an officer, or have been commanded street. the troops, i don't know, like both worms just crushed them under foot and kept walking. who, how is morale in your units in crackin? no, there no morale. no one wants to fight it. all we did is watch the sky for rocket launchers. she couldn't, and now they sent us right into it while also telling us there was no one there. no, if he's telling the truth, what we know is that ukrainian artillery in the parents act of revenge for their
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defeat here. with crackin is an infamous outfit. that 5 has sent shock waves around the world, ought to filming themselves, torturing and killing, unarmed russian prisoners. shooting them in the knees, suffocating them with plastic bags, and cutting their eyes out. all the while laughing for months they had been station didn't hide, give. we now know why they was sent away. villa going up, we were sent to belgrade because of that kind of plan. they found some corpses in
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his back yard, who with the 7 people he killed civilians for what, for nothing, just killed them. he buried them in his yard and you didn't think that that was savagery. it was savagery. the city of how to give has always been viewed as a pro russian city, which is perhaps why the ukrainian government stationed one of its most brutal and said the stick battalions. their locals certainly made that dislike plain the. where were you stationed in the city center, where we were last station in a church? you say last with there? many bases were kept changing them. how often? bout months ago, until surrealist would publicize our location. what do you mean? i mean, publish our whereabouts online. throw telegram they would say, here is a unit we contrast with them. here. dmitri claims that he had that no choice but to
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join. he says the territorial defense unit that he was with was merged with kracken . he says he is no say this nationalist or neo nazi. what if they decide to exchange you in a prisoner swap? i'll go back to ukraine. come again, sir. i won't go back to your crane. you refused to be exchanged. i can go back there. we cannot verify whether what he told us is true crackin fight is a well aware that russian cool saw off to them. and moscow has repeatedly promised that it will bring the men involved to these inhuman torches, mutilations, and healings to justice. or i'd guess the of haughty rebel or got of good. you got the people's republic. now as i mentioned earlier in the program, one person has reportedly been killed and 3 others wounded, including a child in the latest shelling of the daniel group of people's republic,
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city of gordon, of co, by ukrainian troops. that's according to the mayor of the city, yvonne pre, horta. he also says ukrainian artillery has been hitting residential areas since early morning on wednesday. cordele of car has been under the control of the done yes. people's malicious since 2014, and is located some 50 kilometers north of the republics capital. since the start of rushes, military operation, the city has been hit hard by ukrainian forces, destroying many homes and killing scores of civilians. here's what some of the locals have told us about the latest attack. dog with reloaded food and applause, they deliberately shelled the village. there were no troops or military facilities here while they purposefully targeted the village, though they are shooting everywhere. vast areas, one neighbourhood after another. today it was ours, so they are firing with grad rocket launchers, intense bombardment, although there are craters in practically every neighbourhood, either. now shelling very often, half a year ago, there weren't doing this. it seems they now want to bring more harm to the civilian
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population. this something an artillery shell fell here this morning, or a gift from ukraine, as always, they are the ones who always expressed so much admiration and congratulations to us . it was that they wanted us to come back to them. why the hell would they want us back? i have no words to describe this. so long as acting leader has won the presidential election conducted in a secret ballot by parliament as mad protests persist in the impoverished south asian country, devastated by a spiraling economic crisis. hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the president's office. some of them burning an effigy of the interim leader or demanding he resigned a symbol of a tarnished government. security forces have been on high alert as well in the capital city of colombo and made the election with soldiers patrolling the streets and waterways. meantime, scores of protesters keep rallying outside the parliament building and are corresponded. runjun sharma reports from the scene.
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a mustang it. now the big question is about the boy o. c lanka accept him up behind. the simple answer is no wonder when we started. when we were all part of it, i didn't started hundreds and thousands of few long guns collectively said enough is enough. so i think it has a constituent process. but we believe that i did it now run into somebody who was seen as an ally of the roger buck shots. remember when google by roger fox off fled the country. he made rondon as an acting president of the country is also the prime minister. the palmer dynamics now once again with the raja buckshot, this is some pink that is going to anger the forecast does they don't have any faith in the raja buck shot is what the project to see in the days to come to
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protest on the ground could amplify mostly longer. ready is grappling tool shortage of fuel shortage of follow, shortage of food as well as medicines. and now there is a new problem at hand, which is a humanitarian and no one on the crisis which only seems to be intensify in the country. the hungarian parliament has passed a resolution that calls for curbing the power of brussels and dictating to you members, lawmakers in budapest did not mince words, criticizing the european parliament european democracy must be led out of the dead end into which the european parliament has steered it the european union must change because it is unprepared for the challenges of our times. according to the hungarian lawmakers, national parliaments should reserve the right to veto you why decisions imposed by brussels. the resolution comes after some top european officials, including germany's chancellor called for the veto,
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right to be scrapped. plus brussels has withheld billions of euros in recovery funds and credit from hungry over concerns of corruption in that you member state, economist and researcher from budapest, anna maria art, nor believes more countries will follow hungry defiance. i think don gave him a man man, still to any of the members have we think upon them for international relations, we can add to the that the believe there in india and had made decisions about people had they had money spent money and to becca is about even pete, and they did all the function to mom. he was they had decided to well pack the hundreds of millions of people in, in jail. more and more other voices can be
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heard, which are in favor, up top, paying get a sanction policy. and i think be in so it can be the hormone or later under the pressure people, more countries can be in the can populated by hunger. china's foreign ministry has fired back at u. s. allegations that beijing is not doing enough to prevent and an escalating humanitarian crisis in africa. beijing says washington should seriously reflect on its own role in the problem and stop smearing china. one country in particular, stands out right now for its absence. the peoples republic of china, signing on to the road map, removing export restrictions in its fertilizer exports and releasing some of its grain reserves either to the global market or to humanitarian entities like the world food program. with significantly relief pressure on food and fertilizer
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prices and powerfully demonstrate the country's desire to be a global leader and a friend to the world's least developed economies. china has provided more funding cent, more experts and undertaken more projects under the framework of the food and agriculture organizations, south south cooperation program than any other developing country. it is quite clear to the world who exactly is causing the global food crisis. the u. s. side also admitted that the sanctioning of russia has taken a toll on many countries and made food shortages are reality. we hope that the u. s . will seriously reflect on its disreputable role in the global food crisis and stop smearing and making groundless accusations against china. the number of people facing starvation in the horn of africa is expected to reach 20000000 within the next 2 months. china earlier confirmed that it would provide emergency food supplies to a number of countries in the region where washington says that's not good enough. despite its own rural and bringing instability to africa, as ortiz,
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rachel blevins explains the man the power who made her name in the white house by pushing president obama to take a more hawkish approach to libya and syria has now turned her attention to china. as she weeds the notorious us agency for international development, the former envoy to the us who also supported regime change in several countries regardless of the collateral damage, is now claiming that china isn't doing enough to help the people of africa prevent a food crisis. and she's not alone. u. s. corporate media outlets or having a field day running with the phrase dat trapped diplomacy. they're using it to claim that beijing carries responsibility for the current economic crisis entree longer. while ignoring the activity of western organizations like the i m f, which have long been accused of signing off on predatory loans for developing nations. but when it comes to preventing global food shortages, beijing is arguing that it is in fact actively working to do just that. looking at
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africa specifically, which is in samantha powers, cross hairs china and now it's a new program for countries affected by major droughts and the horn of africa in march. and beijing ramped up as a to south africa and the phase of devastating floods. in april. there's all kinds of china has been providing emergency food aid for more than 50 countries in asia, africa, and latin america since 2016. and in response to the latest comments from washington, beijing says the us should take a good look in the mirror before criticizing the actions of others, the u. s. has done nothing to reduce its own food, consumed for energy, and has even exploited the situation to inflate grains prices and seek selfish profits. china has also pointed out that it's the us which continues to prolong conflict in ukraine by supplying new episodes despite the fact that even president biden himself has been warning about global food shortages for months. but
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washington has earned its title as the largest export of arms in the world, and china is not even close. samantha power says the you should also be recognized for writing the most humanitarian aid. the united states has long been the leader in responding to managerial crises. and we are proud of that leadership and incredibly grateful to congress and to the american people for their compassion, generosity. it's notable that she brought up congress there because it's capitol hill that is now in the process of passing legislation for next years military budget. the latest version of the national defense authorization act, specifically states that money from the pentagon cannot be used to transfer things such as humanitarian aid to afghanistan, and that's no accident. in fact, even when one congresswoman introduced a waiver to allow the us to give it specifically to afghanistan, her own lawmakers shut her down. afghan as dan is facing one of the most horrific
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humanitarian crises in the planet. we should be doing everything in our power to deliver humanitarian assistance to the afghan people, not needlessly limiting the aid we can supply. that humanitarian crisis was triggered by washington, moved to replace billions of dollars in aid with crushing sanction. as the u. s. withdrew its troops and the biden administration sees more than $9500000000.00 worth of afghanistan, central banks, assets over fears that they would be used by the taliban as it swept back to power . and couple so all samantha power claims trying to isn't doing enough to help and refuses to admit how much the u. s. has done to fuel the current problems in the 1st place. the mainstream media continues to claim that when beijing does something, it must be some sort of a trap, as if the us and its allies haven't become known for the same traps that they are now accusing china of spreading all around the world. the former governor of
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afghanistan's core province told us that beijing has stepped up to fill a relief, effort vacuum left by the americans. china has been doing quite a bit in the african nations and also in the middle east and south asia. afghanistan, also in the 1st few months there when told, want to go over the united states, new completely stopped, human catering assistance to afghans and we were diving nose down to the catastrophic no. for you, you indicated a disaster. death was the time when the chinese a tried to help us kind of onward, i mean, different kind of assistance they provided to afghans on medicine and food and other assistance. let us united states the will not be completely did not stop them so, but the also all the other nations, you know, not to, not to provide assistance to, to afghanistan. so that's a kind of, you know, kind of stand you took against the asking people,
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not the taller one in larger or because if they would take it, i guess that's all i want them to the been, you know, an acceptable but against normal people, you know, who live in afghanistan doesn't that was the color of this was unacceptable. that's all for this. our thanks for watching our international and we hope you have a great day with and i did a.


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