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tv   Documentary  RT  July 21, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm EDT

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any for american troops to still be there, and was there any justification in the 1st place? not, of course, that was, and i mean, it's actually 11 years now. and the year us is still illegally occupying with military bases with bricks, proxy, military forces, including the terrorist group isis, the northeast on the south a so, so it's still occupying effectively an area the size of for denmark. there was never any justification for us. the stabilization of syria, but of course c i n m 6 intervention or a plan that's going projects inside or syria have gone on since syria's independence from the french mandate in 1946. so this is pain ongoing for around 75 years. well, during trilateral talks in iraq, the leaders of russia, iran and turkey, released a joint statement condemning the u. s. for looting syrian resources trying to now
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backed up that allegation. what do you make those statements? well, it's interesting because i at the same time just prior to the trilateral meeting and say we're on, there were a number of incidents. first of all, of course, the russian veto over the extension to one year of the humanitarian crossing. the un humanitarian crossing in bubble, however, on the border between 30 or in turkey. and at this point, also india and china made it very clear that sanctions on syria should be lifted and that humanitarian aid should not be politicized, which of course the u. s. is an expert in that doing, and we know that russia's long time plan is for all humanitarian aid to come to demoss goes to the legitimate government and from there to be distributed throughout 3rd period. so it's not very surprising to me that china is effectively under threat from the united states at the moment with the in circle
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meant of high one, the, the threatening by nancy pelosi to, to visit taiwan against the express wishes of china. to maintain the one, china, and legitimacy. i rasa, of course, is fighting its own war now in ukraine. so it's in the interest of both countries to let say pressure. the u. s. coalition into a restoring theory is territorial integrity, restoring the resources to the theory and people lifting sanctions and enabling humanitarian aid into syria to, to facilitate restoration of a country that's been destroyed by the u. s. coalition effectively. well, how likely do you think it is that the u. s. is going to do that and withdraw from syria after a specifically these statements from russia ran turkey in china. but i don't think the us ever withdraws from anywhere that it's occupying willingly. but i think what
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came across very clearly or in the message from particularly potent to roy, you see is that the options are narrowing. the window of negotiation is closing, and particularly that pressuring. i'm the kurdish separatists that are effective lay proxies of the united states coalition. to withdraw to the 30 kilometer line, they sen itself, by the way, restores 8000 square kilometers of serene territory. just this one, move alone. then of course, you have to build up, sir in arab ami presence along the northern front line, heading towards the us occupation areas. those are an intensified collaboration between russia and syria to target the ice as far as cells that have been established by the u. s. coalition, i'm in the body that does that areas. so effectively the pressure is mounting against the us, both politically, diplomatically. ah, and from
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a military perspective, and if the military perspective comes into play, then the u. s. is going to face some very hard choices. while aside from the plundering of oil, which we just spoke about, what kind of effects have has the u. s. presence in syria had on the civilian population there specifically? well, i mean, that's not only a case of the plundering of the oil. the fact is that i think it was only 2 days ago that 40 oil tankers were seen leaving north east to iraq. and from there, of course, they're sold predominantly into israel. so the theory and people are living on the some of the most barbaric functions that we've ever seen in history that also even affect countries that are coming to the assistance of syria to rebuild civilian infrastructure. so we have sanctions, we have oil theft or oil piracy. we have the burning of agricultural crops and the
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occupation of agricultural areas by us proxy. so it's not only oil and resources. turkey is cutting off water. so there's a hydro, had many war going on in the northeast also. so effectively, the us occupation is totally preventing the restoration of syrian society. it's preventing the flow of syrian resources to syrian people, right. and so the us occupation must and for syria to be able to repair itself and to rebuild and for people to be able to breathe. was you said earlier, the united states rarely leaves the place unless it's forced out of it. but if that were to happen, how do you think the balance of power in the region would change? well, i mean, if we go back to the big new present scale,
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of course the grand transport, he made it very clear that whoever controls the middle east controls. so this is always 30. yeah. has always been around as i sat for the last 75 years to try to pivot syria towards the west rather than towards the east. but of course it's failed dismally. so i think what we're seeing now is this as president perchan himself said yesterday, we're say, and i'm not quoting, i'm paraphrasing, but he said, we're saying transformation, which is monumental in global affairs. and we're seeing the rise to power of the non allowing block. and of course, as, as they become more powerful as their powers perceived, to take precedence. more people are going to be coming on board. as i mentioned regarding the humanitarian crossing, india came out vocally in support of russia's propositions there. but so did
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a number of e u countries. and it's interesting to to see that immediately after a trilateral meeting, the e u listed sanctions on charm wings or airline. so potentially, this means that are you flights can, can come directly to damascus in the near future. so this is, you know, this is a big crack in the us correlation alma in syria. and i think we're going to see more of those while it's established. it's established facts that the u. s. supports kurdish fighters in the region as well as various extremist rebel groups that many would call terrorists. how likely is this to cause a rift between turkey in the united states? do you think now that ankara has openly condemned washington's presence in the region, and if it does, how likely do you think the u. s. is going to consider bailing out of syria in order to maintain a partnership with turkey? oh, that's an interesting question. i mean, i think turkey,
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i don't think turkey sort of seated any ground, but they guy was definitely put in a corner. he was put under prussia. he has elections coming up in 2023. he's desperate for the political agreement from president and the government and syria to allow 1000000 refugees back into syria. so in order for that to happen, he has got to follow through on his assurances, but he will control the terrorist groups in atlanta and bring them to heal. he's so fostering about writing syria, and that might also be sort of a game play to, to put pressure on the cur. there's separatists to pull back to that, said he kilometer line and to allow the theory and balmy to enter those areas and take control of them. but i think the most important point that came out of the trilateral meeting is quite simply that the serious territorial
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integrity must be restored before any negotiations can take place. and that includes with the kurdish secretary and their vision for an economy region. they can negotiate a deal, but only with the legitimate syrian government and only after the territory is restored with sherry and our bomb and to the syrian government. i mean, you know, this isn't very difficult to understand. all right, independent journalists, vanessa bailey, thanks for joining us. in the program. thank you. and we're going back now to our breaking news story. this our, the white house says joe biden has tested positive for coven 19 and is taking medication for quote, very mild symptoms. but to get more details on this story, we're going to go live now to our corresponding to new york caleb mop and hi there caleb. so what else do we know about the u. s. president's condition and status at
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the moment will appear apparently on the heels of his trip to the middle east. he's now back in the united states and he's captain pablo positive for cobra. 19. he is experiencing mild symptoms to some degree, and he is being treated with hassle of it, which is a medication mid the recent clip. it's gone around of joe biden mistakenly tripping over his words and saying that he had cancer. so people are looking at this situation and a little bit perplexed by what exactly is going on, but we understand he does have cobit 19, and he has tested positive for that he's being treated. and he will be working in isolation. are to caleb up and thanks for bringing us those updates. now we're going to go to a short break blue
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look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. at the point obviously is too great trust rather than fear with take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. we'll somebody with a robot less protective phone existence with with
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a, with, for the almost got a deal to still bill was then. yeah. like i'm on the thing, don't wanna look at it now. so if one of the show will know how it at last, but i had on that machine with a couple of cd mother studies and what i did, what i did well, that's invalid. let me know if you're able to stay for 5. let me ask with a dealership. look, when you go to meeting, you do a multiplicity. a
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good missionary of what they did. you must do that with grave on you have to listen to the most. ah, welcome back to the program. now we're gonna go back to our breaking news story shortly before testing positive for cove. it joe biden took the floor in massachusetts to promote a green energy agenda in the u. s. however, that move is expected to lead to further cuts in american fossil fuel exports to the already shortage stricken you american journalists, millage manila chant explains. seeking outside of a former coal plant, turned wind power project over into somerset massachusetts. u. s. president joe biden called climate change a code read for humanity. he promised to take executive action to combat the climate crisis,
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but has so far stopped short of saying that he would declare this. a state of emergency climate changes emerge are coming weeks. i'm going to use the power i have is prison. to turn these words in a formal official government actions to the appropriate proclamations rejected worse and regulatory power than the president. how, although many of his allies in congress are urging him to do so, because this would unlock dozens of presidential powers available to him to take sweeping at real meaningful action to help get the, the u. s. 2 net 0 carbon emissions by the year 2030. now those powers would include things like halting the 2015 obama era crude oil exports the u. s. up until 2015 for many decades did not export crude. obama reversed all of that by declaring a national emergency bite and could also put
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a stop to offshore drilling and force manufacturers to ramp up production on electric vehicles and other green energy related products. now this is all coming. as congressional talks fell apart, after jo mansion, the democrat senator from west virginia is refusing to vote along party lines. the senate is split. 5050 right now in his vote is greatly needed for budget reconciliation and a very untimely explosion that shuddered. a liquid nat gas plant in texas, the free port ellen g plant accounts for a whopping 20 percent of the u. s. l and g processing, and 70 percent of that goes to europe and great britain. now that catastrophe has resulted in about a 1000000 tons of last l. n g for europe. but it's the issue of us crude export, that's garnering joe biden, a lot of criticism on the international level. that's because america,
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as you allies are facing stiff energy shortfalls. and was relying on those u. s. export to help them move away from russian crude or russia. natural gas dependency. now, biden has been criticized as not a good friend to europeans as the threat of a cut off of american crude looms. as biden begins to yield to activists here, state side, the rushes atomic energy agency ross adam has laid down the foundations of egypt. first nuclear power plant, official se, the move shows that energy cooperation between moscow and cairo, is unaffected by western sanctions. located on the coast of the mediterranean sea, the all the l. the bar power plant is ross adams. first such project in africa. it's also clear. it's also been called a clear demonstration of russia's global leadership in nuclear power. as a now has construction ventures in 12 foreign nations accounting for 35 percent of
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the world's total nuclear energy capacity. earlier on wednesday, the heads of rushes and egypt energy agencies took part in laying down the 1st concrete foundation of the plants site. what did they give people and work in the egyptian side began earlier, we're working in alliance with our rejection partners. the site takes on the appearance of a living. breathing place today is the official started work on the creation of the reactor of building capacity. it is akin to getting a child birth certificate. the whole world will know today that a new large nuclear facility was born in egypt and is beginning to grow in recent months, additional difficult and challenges have been thrown at us. first of all, i would like to emphasize that the peaceful atom is outside of all sanctions, but we have enough even without it because the banking sector and logistics along with supply chains of high tech products are under attack rushes. nuclear
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technologies are a purely russian product we develop and improve them ourselves. so we do not feel any risks associated with our nuclear capability. in addition, it is also important that the project is truly international. and many european and asian companies are involved in it, which creates an additional guarantee of stability from political risks. and of course, this is a mega project, a project that is under the control of our government, us, our heads of state. both president putin and president cc and gave us additional opportunities and vectors of support. point earlier i spoke with an egyptian nuclear power expert doctor, you 3 abo shoddy and he says that western sanctions will not be able to hinder cooperation between moscow and cairo. that project the new york order is one g, very strong, the corporation which i strongly believe. even all these trying to so hold
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on starting from to set that up. i do not believe at all really. it will a big, huge project and i hope it will go on today after wards or depression, to border dictators concrete on the sides or buildings, or pay this unit or from nuclear power plant. d v r 400 gcs one or more power plant aiming to get all the spice hours on may go up to which will share almost 10 percent of the generation over 350 in a ship. and we hope of course it to continue on that. but realizing, as of today, the stock or jazz and you've got construction of actors was a very big day afford, especially all the people like me when we were dreaming. trying to weiss our country several times to take the russian design and after deeply investigating
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its safety systems we, i believe strongly as expected in all type of nuclear reactor in the whole world. that is one of the best, if not the best, the pipe, or reactors shave and economy. in meantime, it is quite cheap because people do not understand why we need the war for new b r, y. and we still have to guess, especially. busy local and simply because the issue between the price of john and you've got a few will do is a price or gas. fuel is subject to like 12412450. so it is definitely on so long. there is much, much, much cheaper. jan sources. busy of interest, ah, panama has been shaken by its most severe protests in 3 decades, as people take to the streets,
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to express outrage over surging costs of living and mass unemployment. protesters clashed with police in the town of santiago, deborah gloss as weeks of demonstrations have descended into violence over soaring coughs for fuel and other essential goods. police use tear gas in an effort to disperse the crowds, but protestors hurled stones and other objects that the officers throughout the nation, demonstrators had been blocking roads and even preventing trucks from delivering food as they demand the government's here their calls. the protests erupted last month triggered by economic hardship with about 10 percent of the nation's workforce. currently under an employed turbulence in the country, long insulated from the economic ups and downs of its neighbors because of its peg to the u. s. dollar shows how inflation in the west has impacted traditionally stable countries. protest groups have also dismissed a government proposal for a fuel price cut in order for them to end their demonstrations. we heard from some
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of them bank i am tired of watching government make promises and rise to power only to steal and then leave. and here we are lacking everything medicine, education, and food inequality here is like no other lake. i mean, rising prices for medicine and basic products are economic situation. huge bills to pay debts. a number of factors are contributing to the perfect storm that's hitting panama. the people are sick and tired of it and have taken to the streets to call for a change. what's happening in panama is that there's any quality that's what's going on. there's any quality because of corruption. john kirby, the spokesman for the white house is national security council, has claimed that vladimir putin's recent trip to iran showed that moscow is isolated over the conflict and ukraine. i would say 3 things about this trip. one, it shows the degree to which mr. brewton and russia are increasingly isolated, now they have to turn to iran for help to. it shows the degree to which his own
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defense, industrial base is having a hard time keeping up with his unprovoked war in ukraine. and then the 3rd thing i think this indicates is the degree to which he has absolutely no intention of stopping the war and sitting down in good faith and negotiated settlement with mister zalinski, the mainstream media pretty much immediately echoed the white house. the statement saying the trip showed that iran and russia are becoming closer because they're essentially isolated from europe. that's after us president joe biden's own trip to the middle east. was widely seen as an overall failure with no significant agreement reached political analyst and researcher christopher holly says the us fears a new world order without dollar dominance. this was a historic meeting. and i think that the united states, of course, is a lemon thing that russia is alone in russia has to turn to iran. russia has had a robust relations diplomatic relations feminine with iran since the time of really
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good the last days of the soviet union. and i, and we see now that russia has now increased the overall relations with iran. they've expanded them. what washington queers when it is the end of us dollar had gemini strips and the beginning of a new world order. this is a once again, revelation by the u. s. administration of its overall imperial aims in the region. they've completely destroyed the middle east. nobody wants the u. s. there are russia, for example, as supports and defends the sovereignty of the nations. it defends the people against imperial aggression. whereas the u. s. does was you change all over the region, all it's intolerable. and so it reveals, once again, like fulton said, with the machinations of the empire, and that's what so dangerous. meanwhile, a new era is dawning on a post unipolar world that's according to vladimir putin who says it's now up to truly sovereign nation to spearhead global development. and to lead by example. but
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no matter how much the western and the so called super national illegal try to preserve the existing order. things in a new era is coming with a new stage in world history. and only truly sovereign states can ensure a high growth dynamic and become an example for others premium and the director of the asia center for studies and translation off med mustafah says the new world order is being shaped by russia, china, and other brits countries. united states and the aggregate still want to control over their wallet order, but unfortunately they cannot right now for a lot of elements because of can make deficiency, that was very shown. and it started the recession of 2008, and then followed by quota and right now, confronting official operation in a way, i think we eventually how much of the depression of the work
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to prevent even ethical mother to be followed by the other countries, was mine and how much is kind of very sales and very weak aligned because according to one element, especially the energy, all the guys, all, all these identity energy sources, they cannot do anything. and i already use your work station to do it cannot make any sense. you, he's a stuck with giving any kind of conflict because they cannot even be invested in as problems and deficiency problems that happening to the western europe and to america and canada. japan as well. at least i think now the feature of the was older is being perform it by trying out. here's my big just been fixed in the future. can use as a world news for this hour, but stick around because we'll be back in just about 3 minutes.
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the oh, when i was showing wrong when i just don't oh, i mean you won't have to say proud disdain because the advocate and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground with
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so called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the u. s. officials were basically designed as techniques to break down the human mind. if you force a human being to stay in a certain position doesn't take very long to the pain involved to become absolutely excruciating. but nobody lean finger on you. you are doing it to yourself. and we started adopting those techniques when i was station and mortal among them were stress, possession, sleep deprivation, inducing hypothermia. there's already beginning to be evidence that these old techniques are now being used on immigrants and, and children, whatever you do or more comes home. nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past. the moral authority, the made america awarded or sacrifice for the shimmer of effective interrogation
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with new ministry to restore just work of literally a muscle around noon. she doesn't being in the green shield on a nurse to me as possible. mama cooked as goose creek. suddenly to look up to his ashley. uh, this is one of the what's the biggest piece? it's gross down to come here, one to move 3 vertical position to p nixon. you bring out an up of the key for the chino bryanston metal for furnished or something like that. and then we got at that point, did that with them for
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congress. foreign minister says for buddha, past wants to buy additional russian gas and cannot get through the one the coming winter without those important that says that you struggles with the backlash of its own economic sanctions with europe, things deeper into political and economic uncertainty. that is after italy's prime minister stepped down and his coalition government collapse with plus r t reports from the lou gone to people's republic where the ukrainian military has resumed shelling civilians after failing to retake territory from russia. lead forces we hear from some of the local.


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