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tv   News  RT  July 22, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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nobody has been held accountable for the torture that happened in the past, the moral authority that made america with the shimmer of effective interrogation. ah, in the headlines this start today, russia and ukraine feel a deal to resolve the long standing grain issue, opening up the block c port for ukrainian grain exports just by the western repeated allegations of moscow weapon i think food and fuel the global under crisis with terrorists and criminal groups may use western weapons supplies to ukraine interval and europe reports the organizations bring the alarm of the ongoing in folks of weapons in the country. that's one. and 2 times one is another, not over there in the room, then this entire field. he's packed with the don't bus republics deal with the
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aftermath of the withdrawal of gives forces replenishing ammunition stocks and dealing with mines in great deals with early saturday morning here in the russian capital. my name is peter scots and his how the world is looking as we had it's the weekend. we start off with russia and ukraine has separately signed a deal on establishing a corridor for ukrainian grain exports to leave black c ports. the agreement that was broken earlier by turkish in your immediate, as in a stumble, with assigning, being seen as a landmark step in averting a potential world food crisis. 3 ports in the black sea will be unblocked under the agreements. ukraine will not d minus ports, but will provide ships with safe passage for the export of agricultural goods. the deal will also see russia, turkey and ukraine operates
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a coordination center should any incidents occur during the shipments? cargo ships heading to ukraine will also undergo checks for weapons, not something the russian defense minister has stressed is vital last history. so it's important for us to inspect ships for the presence or absence of weapons and military equipment. the inspections will be carried out on ships entering and exiting the black sea where the un expects full scale movements of grain ships to begin in the next 2 weeks. according to the organization's estimates, the deal will allow the exports of up to 5000000 tons of grain from ukraine monthly until new good terrorist has called it a beacon of hope. today, there is a beacon on the black sea, a beacon of hope. the beacon of possibility, the question has not been what is good for one side or the other. the focus has been on what matters most for the people of all world. oh, between the 2 countries,
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russia and ukraine. they supply about 25 percent a quarter of all the wheat that's consumed in the world. and so they do the goodies we've had in the past 45 months. while the conflict in the front of the world has been raging, am hasn't created created based severe difficulties for many, many net food importing countries. i think this, this moved to sign disagreement. finding both parties to allowing the, the movement of these critical products. i think this is a good day. i understand that we prizes glibly have fallen and this is a very, very welcome development. on a separate memorandum signed on friday, moscow in the un agreed to ensure that russian agricultural products and fertilizers reach world markets without restriction. this comes as the west continues to blame moscow for deliberately blocking ukrainian ports on provoking
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a few crisis by using grain as a weapon or something that russia has repeatedly denied the russian. foreign minister said, friday's deal proved such allegations. agronomist rodney still fuson. it's gratifying that washington in brussels have stopped obstructing the achievement of today's agreements. the signing of the memorandum between russia and the u. n. has once again underlined the absolutely artificial nature of the west attempts to put the blame for problems with grain supplies to the world markets on russia. the grain deal comes as the west calls for even more sanctions against moscow over the ukraine crisis. economist eddie cross believes the impacts on the russian food exports will greatly affect other countries across the world, fresher, price you draw in the whole industry globally. and any other option or any sanctions. breakage in terms of the availability of those products to the global markets would have profound and long term significance. when you have a contract between these 2 states which disrupt global markets,
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it has profound implications for the whole world. and i don't think that was fully appreciated. at the beginning of this, if a said, but i'm glad that sanity has prevailed and that we and at least the west is not opposing very substantial developments. because i think if they had continued to insist on this blanket sanctions program against the russians, it would have had very profound implications for the rest of the world. stuck in the middle of the blame game over the global food crisis between russia and the west. the most affected region, africa should do its best to save itself as most problems are of the continents and making well that's according to a controversial statements by the trade director of the us economic commission for africa. our food market. so experience and a shock that is coming from outside the continent. but why we're experience in this
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shock is because we have very low inter african trades in a group culture and grew foods. if we had done better and unlock the full potential of the, grew cultural sector who didn't be experience in what we're experiencing today, un estimates the 60000000 more people will experience hunger this year compared to 2021. a while the west places the blame squarely on russia involvement and ukraine . 3 years of records show a growing trend in the african food crisis. activists point out that without immediate aid, the number may grow, potentially causing a humanitarian disaster in africa. earlier we spoke to adult to cooper joseph from nigeria who defended the un representative statement. criminal africans developments relies on increasing the self sufficiency one of the developmental principles, so profit car because countries told us to achieve sufficiency. and so this blame in the african countries is norma is part of the part
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of the development potto di and we believe us africans. if we develop a we to develop, we must actually look inwards and be able to come to better boards that it will be necessary for the change in population. you know, that population in africa is grow when i'm financial grades. so no doubt, this functions and the war, the spanish shows up there in global energy prizes. definitely, the content of africa relies almost 40 percent on grand. we and all the grains from russia weapons flowing into ukraine could end up in the hands of criminal gangs. that's according to the european union agency for law enforcement corporation, which also said such networks are active in the region. i may attempt to smuggle
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arms out of the country. there is a risk that these weapons and military goods will end up in the hands of organized crime or terrorists. this is just more of an official warning now coming from europe's top law enforcement agency, that weapon they're actively being smuggled from ukraine into europe and being sold on the block market. now this latest report from the agents, the notes that there are alarming risk of weapons smuggling and that those arms are getting into the hands of criminals and gangs. it also notes that they found evidence of a build up of weapons and ammunition along the border, indicating that this problem is likely much more widespread than is being reported . now interposed secretary general rather has already warned that this is a concern and that there's not much on their end that they can do about it. take a listen. we had to say once the guns fall silent in ukraine, the illegal weapons will come. we know this from many other theaters of conflict. criminal groups tried to exploit these chaotic situations and the availability of weapons,
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even heavy weapons. we can expect an influx of weapons in europe and beyond. we should be alarmed, and we have to expect these weapons to be traffic not only to neighboring countries, but to other continents. now, even though this hasn't received a lot of coverage, it has been a major concern as the us and its allies have started that steady stream of weapons to ukraine. and especially as the binding administration is admitted in the past that it can't do much in order to attract those weapons once their son overseas. this comes hard on the heels of the life of the ukrainian president, making a rare trip to the u. s. that's weapons related to that too. right. ukraine's 1st lady visited washington d c this week and she had sort of visual meetings with top us officials and included secretary of state lincoln as well as president biden, just before his cobra. 1900 diagnosis was revealed, but she also went to speak before congress. and you know, similar to some of the addresses that we've seen, her husband give the u. s. congress. she also called for more aid from the united
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states and for more was, here's what she said. yes, it should be. i'm asking for something. now i would never want to ask, i'm asking for weapons. now as her, those questions about accountability regarding the weapons that already have been sent or that stand to be sent to praying. that wasn't really in part of the conversation. you know, the united states still is acting as if this isn't a problem. me because because it's not happening to them. but the latest statements that we've heard from the u. s. have been to continue to say that they have received assurances from ukraine and that they are relying on those statements. the u. s. very severely takes our accountability to guard american origin defense applied sciences and forestall their diversion or elicit proliferation. whereas shared within the ukrainian authorities, dedication to appropriately safeguard and account for us weapons. so pretty notable break there between the us and europe right now, and it remains to be seen how that will affect their alliance overall. over after the announcements,
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all the possible threat europe will appeared to backtrack slightly, saying they have full confidence in ukrainian officials as they tried to track the flow of weapons. earlier we spoke with an arms control experts had ca, who on the contrary says that it's practically impossible to control such a huge arms influx. there's always diversion. there's always profit taking by someone somewhere and where that happens and where there's black or even gray market weapons that are being traffic that happens in every situation where the weapons are being supplied into a theater of war. some of them are going to end up in criminal. hans, i worked in the political military bureau at the department of state for 2 years in the mid ninety's. i personally reviewed thousands of applications for export licenses for arms and related technologies. and i can tell you that even at that stage, a lot of it was cursory on the part of the state department in the u. s. government . in general. beyond that, you're relying on something called end user assurances,
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which is basically what the us divide and ministration is talking about. that the ukranian government is promising that nothing will happen to the weapons once they're providing to them. they are, they are assuring the donors that there will be no further movement of those weapons, which frankly, they can't do. they don't have the where with all the track, all the stuff that's coming into their country right now. they're getting flooded with weapons and jack knology and ammunition and ammunition in particular, is notoriously difficult to keep track of. the russian defense ministry says that over the last fortnight, russian lead ships have destroyed for american supply hi mas, multiple rocket launcher systems. but while the phone line is being pushed west in the territories under the control of russian lead forces, people are discovering what's left of ukrainian troops. withdrawal includes stocks of heavy weaponry, imported from western states, as well as mines scattered across greenfields ortiz, mirage. cars, the reports kiev has thrown tens of thousands of troops into the fray
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to hold what it still controls a defensive lie, and now stretches from the town of failure to solid, and from their tobacco moot. and all along hard tillery batteries, jewel day and night. ukrainian forces have dug tens of kilometers of trenches spanning this defensive line to dull russia's edge in artillery. but they only protect from conventional fire. the t o s one nicknamed salts milk or sun blaze, and russian is a form of barrick rockets artillery system. each impact creates an enormous pressure blast wave that no trenches can protect against. and these are being used in greater and greater numbers to decimate ukrainian lines and morale. grover burst out yet the green shoots are flee, leaving behind their military hardware. ham munition, their fellow soldiers would,
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they don't need. we continue our vibrations here in the vicinity of the town of solider, the defensive line, east, bending russian forces along with allied units have been able to push enemy troops out of several settlements and strongholds within the past week. the bodies of ukrainian soldiers and nationalists fighters, litter the countryside, their positions overrun. we now as a forward position near the village of step of come, one of the conditions ah, with which we were permitted here is that we can't tie this place to any specific area. so amongst our viewers, ha, ukrainian intelligence officers and they are eager to spot where to strike. and the less here in these trenches, we found yet more native troy trophy weaponry. now,
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in the service of the new guns people's republic, these are $284.00 millimeter grenade launchers, rocket propelled grenade launchers. one of them is a heap round or a high explosive anti tank miss all. and these again were scattered all over the area mazacco. what are, do you feel sorry for the enemy and the procedure museum linear? it's them who came to my land? i didn't come to there's. i didn't come to live off, but they came to the don bus. i saw the atrocities they committed. i don't feel sorry i'm worried about ukrainian troops have also planted thousands upon thousands of mines, including band and she personnel, munitions, along the defensive line from shave, escobar moved in order to stall the russian and allied advance fields of wheat and sun flowers turned into death traps at $1.00 and $2.00 tank
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mon, there's another not over there therein rose and this entire field is packed with them. and this is relatively dangerous. that cow is heavy enough to set off an anti tag wide, and some of them are so close together that there could be a chain reaction. but cows are one of the casualties here regularly. the troops here say they hear the bus when these, these cows that have been abandoned, explode minds designed to tear part tanks, leave little of livestock clearing these alone. the mines plotted already will take decades. but as the front lines shift, many, many more mines will be planted in fields, forests, and along new defensive lines. ukraine, after all,
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still has millions left. or i'd gas div r t for lynette people to republic. u. s. chief of space operations has confirmed that ukrainian troops have been provided with certain capabilities that's coming from the u. s. itself. the space is important. o m, and we've seen them in this. in this conflict, the commercial spaces provided capabilities of been helpful to, to ukraine as well. you know, a mosque satellite system. starling has given a critical communications lifeline to ukrainian forces and that's according to the air force magazine, a number of major media. let's confirm the crucial role of the systems to ukraine. starling can fly up to 130 miles, or that's around 210 kilometers over a war zone to beam down high speed internet access. this allows the frontline ukrainian troops to communicate with the chain of command stretches, hundreds of kilometers, styling police on satellites that are in low earth,
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all bits, which means that they are able to receive and transmits information faster than traditional communications satellites. across live now to former us marine corps intelligence officer. scott ritter. scott, welcome to the program. now it was the nations of obviously provided huge amounts of arms and humanitarian aid to support ukraine. what role do satellites like ella? most styling play in that? luke, it's a military like function that so that's, that's taking place here. you know, we, we can talk about space acts as a civilian corporation. but when the civilian corporation provides capabilities that permit ukrainian military to enhance its li, validate against russian forces, it's no longer commercial, it's no longer civilian, it's a purely military activity and must be treated as such. that's why then, do you believe that the satellites have change the situation on the ground?
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according to the will see general one you creating come on to said they would have already lost the will without styling. i don't know if that's the case. i mean, you know, we, we live in a day and age of information warfare where certain things are exaggerated. other things are minimized. what i think we can say is that internet connectivity is a, is a critical capability for communications, high speed communications, and a high speed digital communications have a military. i know you said to give you an example there's, there's been talk about how ukrainian drones use the lawn must a sky link capabilities to connect their sensors with ukrainian artillery systems and other ukrainian units to more accurately direct fire against
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russian troops in a real time scenario this ends up with better wounded russian soldiers destroyed russian equipment. ok, so this has enhanced the leaf alley of, of ukraine. whether this is the thing that has made ukraine able to survive this long? no, i think ukraine has survived this. lauren, because of the tenacity of the individual ukrainian soldier. i think the sky link system has given ukraine, you know, some capabilities wouldn't otherwise have had i wouldn't call it a game changer i would called a game enhancer. i think it's important this point to stress that starling isn't just serving a military role in ukraine. it's also having a humanitarian role in helping civilians contact their relatives and soldiers. even hold up in audio full contacts,
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their family during the time of what can only be described as renders conflicts. what do you think you draw the line between military and humanitarian support in a system like this? to make it very clear what humanitarian law says, there can be no connectivity between the 2, none whatsoever. so if you want to use a certain communications tape ability, for humanitarian purposes, it needs to be totally dedicated to that purpose. the moment there's crossover with the same system that you're applying for humanitarian use, you now are using it for military use. all of those systems can be deemed to be military in nature. so no, i don't accept the notion that, hey, you know, it's ok because some of these systems are being used for legitimate humanitarian purposes. if you want to call in managerial system than 100 percent of the systems, the do use region manager purposes and there can be 0 crossover because what's the
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stop? a humanitarian organization that is working for ukrainian diligence from infiltrating this communications capability forward under the guise of humanitarian work. only to have your premium special forces fall in on this equipment and now use it to direct your legal munitions against russian soldiers. that's the danger of it, and if i was a russian, i would view every single one of you must terminals in ukraine as a hostile target, worthy of being destroyed as soon as it's detected. if it should be more oversight of the support that's provided to ukraine. well, there is, there, there, there should be. but i also think it should be made clear by your organizations that profess to be proponents of international military law. that what you are most is doing is unacceptable. it shouldn't be up to russia to say, hey, you guys shouldn't be doing this. this should be up to the united nations. they should be up to the international red cross, the should be up to honesty,
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international. any group that claims to be a supporter of international humanitarian law should be shouting out from the top of their lungs. what the law must is doing and ukraine is absolutely unacceptable. and actually push legitimate humanitarian workers lives at risk. because if you're operating one of those terminals, you are now a legitimate military target. let's go with form a u. s. marine corps intelligence officer. your position is very clear. thank you very much for your take on the support, the yellow moscow supply to supply to ukraine during this complex. thank you for the news for lancaster, new president is busy forming his governments after taking over the top job on wednesday. he's chosen veteran politician d nash guna what? dina. as the new prime minister, despite attempts to bring stability to the crisis, hit nation mass process continued into friday morning. ah. local security
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forces arrested several people and cleared the main count. the protested has occupied for more than 3 months. they had been demanding the south asian countries leaders resign over the economic chaos being witnessed. army and police arrived in trucks and buses shortly after midnight. moving tents and protest banners. the army is also secure to the presidential office in colombo. the correspondence wondering sharma is on the ground. in the dead of the night, sri lankan army as well as police force clamped down on several protesters. they've cleared the grounds off the presidential secretariat, which happened occupied by the protesters for weeks. several people got injured last night, including the fuel, john liz, as far as we know, 8 people at least 8 people have been arrested. so far, godfrey is green, which essentially has been the face of these anti government protests has also been cleared by the sri lankan army, as well as the police force remembered,
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went around and become a single got elected as the president, austria lanka. he did see that he is harshly going to deal with the troublemakers. and this is his attempt to restore law and order in the country. congress speaker, nancy pelosi, reportedly warned us secretary of state anthony blinking, that's if he won't label russia state sponsored terrorism. then congress will the kremlin, gave an immediate response to policy expressing concern over those statements. we hold a very negative assessment regarding the consequences of such a step. although, on the other hand, hardly anything else can be done to further spoil relations between russia and the united states. this comes after nancy pelosi accused russia and the president of being responsible for price hikes and willed wide inflation. us house, march 4 countries are state sponsors of terrorism since 1984. and if the decision
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is made, this will put russia analyst with iran, north korea, cuba on syria. the states are severely limits, us relations with the country and subjects it to various sanctions. as cross live now to steve guild radio host on political commentator, welcome to our t international, steve. no nursing philosophy as reports really push the state department to label russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. does it really make much sense for the u. s. to do so, considering the fact he's already imposed so many sanctions against russia. what would it change? well, you have nancy pelosi, who's done a business job of handling domestic policy in the united states. now, why did per toes and trying to direct foreign policy, and i think it would have the same sort of disastrous results that we see here in the united states. i'm really concerned about the provocations that she is promoting in declaring russia tara state. she wasn't questioning the same thing when the ukranian administration long declared what the most corrupt
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administrations in the entire world. she wasn't concerned when they and their militia advocates were attacking folks in eastern ukraine. the militias, the, the military and ukraine killing civilians attacking civilian areas that were russian leaning an easter ukraine. she was declaring the ukrainian administration a terrorist administration at that time, but now is trying to, i think, play political games on an international scale that will not be good for the united states, nor for anybody in the entire region of ukrainian or russian. my son said it wouldn't help relations between the u. s. and russia, which are currently at an old time low. now the u. s. as you know, launched high profile military interventions in iraq, syria county is done libya and yemen just to name a few. and obviously vs launch is intervention in ukraine of more ride. do you think washington has to criticize russia in this respect? i think they are lacking particularly with, with the questions raised and americans increasingly not patient with the amount of
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dollars that are being sent to fuel the u. ukrainian military efforts. you know, just few weeks ago you had one of the ukrainian ministers claim that they received $30000000000.00 from, from the world for their military and for an aide. and at that point, the u. s. it's been over $56000000000.00 alone being sent to ukraine. it's now up to about $70000000000.00. so i think the question that should be asked is, where's the money going? and americans are getting tired of being kind of an open checkbook for the binded ministration and pelosi and as they kind of increase the military provocation, i think there's going to be less patients and less tolerance for, for what's going on with the administration and kind of writing the unlimited checks to the ukraine administration, particularly when you're seeing the threat that american military intervention will, will push into ukraine. they're starting to talk about sending a fighter jets to ukraine and american pilots train pilots in ukraine to, to fly to a 10 aircraft. those just keep pushing the border closer to
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a propagation of military conflict between the u. s. nato and russia. and i don't think people have united states have a stomach for that, and it is strange. that philosophy seems to be so bent on. i'm putting america into a war war 3 footing without any real rational explanation of why we're pushing in that direction. and do you think these comments by pelosi means the u. s. is possibly doubting the effect the sanctions are having on russia? obviously, many states america, the you are feeling a blowback affects from the functions that have been imposed on russia. i don't think there's any question about it. the sanctions have actually, in some ways helped russia because their oil prices are up, they're making more than ever. and we're seeing countries like france and germany already starting to really reignite their coal plants, recognizing that that while it is hot now and it's summer now, winter is coming to a quote game of thrones, and they're already worried about how they're going to keep people from freezing to death without russian oil and gas. and i think you're going to see even even less
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interest in the european countries and kind of expanding this and making it worse when they're about to start suffering themselves again. nancy pelosi and the by the administration of the economic situation in the united states in dire consequences, creating more conflict between us and russia is not going to help that. we'll have to wait and see whether the russia is labeled terrorist stay by nancy pelosi in the us, steve, gil, but i was to political commentator. thanks for your comments today. great. have you on thanks. let's how the world look in at the early hours this saturday morning. wherever you are, i hope your weekend is off to a good start. i'm peter scott. on the back of getting 30 ah, with.


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