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a with a headline for this saturday, russia and ukraine steel deal to resolve the long standing grain issue. opening up like the ports or ukrainian grain exports, of despite the west is repeated allegations of moscow weapon, ising food, and fueling the global hunger crisis. with terrorists and criminal groups may use western weapons applied to ukraine in full on europe, whole report. organizations bring the alarm of the ongoing influx of weapons into the country. also coming up as one and 2 times one, there's a lot over there in rows. and this entire field is packed with
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the dumbass republics deal with the aftermath of the withdrawal of kias forces replenishing ammunition stops and dealing with mines in greenfield with from and so you from our headquarters here in moscow, you're watching international. my name is peter scott here with wells top stories as we head into the weekender. russia and ukraine have separately signed a deal on establishing a corridor for ukrainian grain exports to leave black c port. the agreement was broken earlier by turkish and un mediators in a stumble, with assigning, being seen as a critical step in averting a well few crisis. the ports in the black sea will be unblocked under the agreements. ukraine will not d mine, it's port spots will provide ships with safe passage for the exports of
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agricultural goods. the deal will also see russia, turkey and ukraine operates a combined coordination sensor should an incident occurred during those shipments. cargo ships heading to ukraine will undergo checks for weapons and that's something in the russian defense minister has stressed is vital last history. so it's important for us to inspect ships for the presence or absence of weapons and military equipment. the inspections will be carried out on ships entering and exiting the black sea. the unexpected full scale movement of grain ships to begin in the next 2 weeks. according to the organization's estimates, the deal will allow the monthly exports of up to 5000000 tons of grain from ukraine . un sexy general antonio. good cherish praise the deal. to they. there is a beacon on the black sea, a beacon of hope. a beacon of possibility, the question has not been what is good for one side or the other. the focus has
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been on what methods most for the people of our world. between the 2 countries, russia and ukraine, they supply about 25 percent a quarter of all the wheat that's consumed in the world. and so the difficulties we've had in the past 4 or 5 months. while the conflict in that part of the world has been raging, has in created, created very severe difficulties for many, many net food importing countries. i think this, this moved to sign this agreement binding both parties to allowing the, the movement of these critical products. i think this is a good day. i understand that we prices globally have fallen, and this is a very, very welcome development. when a separate memorandum signed on friday, moscow in the us agreed to ensure that the russian agricultural products on fertilizers reached world markets without restriction. this comes as the west
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continues to play moscow for deliberately blocking ukrainian ports and provoking a few crisis by using grain as a weapon. and that is something that russia has repeatedly denied the russian foreign minister said the memorandum prove such allegations are groundless. i threaten us, it's gratifying that washington and brussels have stopped obstructing the achievement of today's agreements. the signing of the memorandum between russia and the un has once again underlying the absolutely artificial nature of the west attempts to put the blame for problems with grain supplies to the world markets on russia. the great deal comes as the west calls for even more sanctions against moscow. over the ukraine crisis. economist eddie cross again believes the impact on russian food exports will greatly affect of the countries across the world. russia plays huge role in the whole industry globally. and any other option, or any sanctions, breakage in terms of the availability of those products to the global markets would
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have profound and long term significance. when you have a contract between these 2 states, which disrupts global markets, it has profound implications for the whole world. and i don't think that was fully appreciated at the beginning of this whole if a said, but i'm glad to sanity has prevailed. and that we and at least the west is not opposing very substantial developments. because i think if they had continued to insist on this blanket sanctions program against the russians, it would have had very profound implications for the rest of the world. stuck in the middle of a blame game over the global few crisis between russia and the west. the most affected region, africa should do his best to save itself, as most problems are of the continents own making. and that's according to a statement by the trade director of the u. n. economic commission for africa. our food market. so experience in
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a shock that is coming from outside the continent. but why we're experience in this shock is because we have very low inter african trade in the grid culture and the gra foods, if we had done better and, and loved the full potential of the cultural sector, who wouldn't be experience in what we're experiencing today. on the u. n. estimate the 60000000 more people will experience hunger this year compared to 2021. and while the west place the blame squarely on rushes involvements in ukraine, 3 years of un records show a growing trend in the african food crisis. arts of its points out that without immediate aid, the number may grow, potentially causing a humanitarian disaster in africa. earlier we spoke to dr. young, who bu, joseph from nigeria, you defended. the un representative statements claim in africa development relies on increasing self sufficiency. one of the developmental principles of prospect copy can countries as prior to our sufficiency. and so this blame in
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african countries is no model is part of the poverty part of the development. part of that. and we believe us africans, if we develop a we to develop, we must actually look inwards and be able to come to the boards that will be necessary for the population. not the population in africa is growing up. i'm explanation grades so no doubt this functions and the war the sanctions are plaintiff parts their action. global energy prize is definitely the continent of africa relies for almost 40 percent on grains. we and other grains from russia and your credit weapons flowing into ukraine could end up in the hands of criminal gangs. that's according to the european union
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agency for law enforcement corporation, which also said this search networks are active in the region unmade attempt to smoke alarms out of the country. there is a risk that these weapons and military goods will end up in the hands of organized crime or terrorists. this is just more of an official warning now coming from europe's top law enforcement agency. that weapons are actively being smuggled from ukraine into europe and being sold on the block market. now this latest report from the agency notes that there are alarming risk of weapons smuggling and that those arms are getting into the hands of criminals and gangs. it also notes that they find evidence of a build up of weapons and ammunition along the border, indicating that this problem is likely much more widespread than is being reported . now interposed secretary general rather has already warned that this is a concern and that there's not much on their end that they can do about it. take a listen. we had to say once the guns for silent and ukraine, the illegal weapons will come. we know this from many other theaters of conflict,
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criminal groups try to exploit these chaotic situations and the availability of weapons, even heavy weapons. we can expect an influx of weapons in europe and beyond. we should be alarmed, and we have to expect these weapons to be traffic not only to neighboring countries, but to other continents. now, even though this hasn't received a lot of coverage, it has been a major concern as the us and its allies have started that steady stream of weapons to ukraine. and especially as a binding ministration is admitted in the past that it can't do much in order to attract those weapons once their son overseas. and this comes hot on the heels of the life of the ukrainian president, making a rare trip to the u. s. that's weapons related to isn't it that to write ukraine 1st lady visited washington d c this week and she had sort of usual meetings with top us officials and included secretary of state lincoln as well as president biden, just before his cobra. 1900 diagnosis was revealed, but she also went to speak before congress. and you know, similar to some of the addresses that we've seen,
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her husband give the u. s. congress. she also called for more aid from the united states and for more was, here's what she said is it has person i'm asking for something. and now i would never want to ask, i'm asking for weapons. now as her, those questions about accountability regarding the weapons that already have been sent, or that stand to be sent to ukraine. that wasn't really a part of the conversation. you know, the united states still is acting as if this isn't a problem. may because because it's not happening to them. but the latest statements that we've heard from the u. s. have been to continue to say that they have received assurances from ukraine and that they are relying on those statements . the u. s. very severely takes our accountability to guard american origin, defense applied sciences and forestall their diversion or elicit proliferation. were assured within the ukrainian authorities, dedication to appropriately safeguard and account for u. s. weapons. so a pretty notable break there between the u. s. and europe right now, and it remains to be seen how that will affect their alliance overall. however,
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after the announcements of a possible threats you are pull, did appear to bark chart. so they have full confidence in ukrainian officials as they try to track the flow of weapons will. earlier we spoke with arms control, experts had ca, who on the contrary says that is practically impossible to control such a huge obs in folks. there's always diversion. there's always profit taking by someone somewhere and where that happens and where there's black or even gray market weapons that are being traffic that happens in every situation where the weapons are being supplied into a theater of war. some of them are going to end up in criminal. hans, i worked in the political military bureau at the department of state for 2 years in the mid ninety's. i personally reviewed thousands of applications for export licenses for arms and related technologies. and i can tell you that even at that stage,
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a lot of it was cursory on the part of the state department in the u. s. government . in general. beyond that, you're relying on something called end user assurances, which is basically what the us dividing ministration is talking about that the ukranian government is promising that nothing will happen to the weapons once they're providing to them. they are, they are assuring the donors that there will be no further movement of those weapons, which frankly, they can't do. they don't have the where with all the track, all the stuff that's coming into their country right now. they're getting flooded with weapons and jack knology and ammunition and ammunition in particular, is notoriously difficult to keep track of lucian defense ministry says that over the last fortnight, russian lead troops have destroyed for american supplied high mas, multiple rockets, launch a system that is something that ukraine has rejected as fake though, but while the phone line is being pushed west in the territories under the control of russian lead forces, the blood is covering what's left after the ukrainian troops withdrawal. and that includes stocks of heavy weaponry, imported from western states as well as mines in grain fields are thieves, murat,
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gas via reports and equip wanting to view as some images in the following reports are distressing. give, has thrown that tens of thousands of troops into the fray to hold what it still controls. a defensive line now, stretches from the town of savior, asked the solider, and from their tobacco. smoot and all along, ha tillery batteries, july day, and night. ukrainian forces have dug tens of kilometers of trenches, spanning this defensive line to dull rushes edge in artillery. but they only protect from conventional fire. the t o s one nicknamed salts at milk or sun blaze in russian is a thermo barrick rockets artillery system. each impact creates an enormous pressure blast wave that no trenches can protect against. and these are being used in
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greater and greater numbers to decimate ukrainian lines and morale. here in the vicinity of the town of solider, the defensive line, each bending russian forces along with allied units, have been able to push enemy troops out of several settlements and strongholds. within the past week, the bodies of ukrainian soldiers and nationalist fighters lit the countryside. their positions overrun, we now as a forward position near the village of step of come, one of the conditions ah, with which we were permitted here is that we can't tie this place to any specific area. so amongst our viewers, ha, ukrainian intelligence offices and they are eager to a spot where to strike. and the less here in these trenches, we found yet more native troy trophy weaponry. now,
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in the service of the new guns people's republic, these are $284.00 millimeter grenade launchers, rocket propelled grenade launchers. one of them is a heath round or a high explosive anti tank missiles. and these again were scattered all over the area. ukrainian troops have also planted thousands upon thousands of mines, including band and she personnel, munitions, along the defensive line from shave. escobar moved in order to stall the russian and allied advance fields of wheat and sun flowers turned into death traps at $1.00 and $2.00 tank mon this another not over there therein rose and this entire field is packed with them. and this is relatively dangerous, that cow is heavy enough to set off an anti tag wide,
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and some of them are so close together that there could be a chain reaction. but cows are one of the casualties here regularly. the troops here say they hear the bus when these, these cows that have been abandoned, explode minds designed to tear apart tanks, leave little of livestock clearing these alone. the mines plotted already will take decades. but as the front lines shift, many, many more mines will be planted in fields, forests, and along new defensive lines. ukraine, after all, still has millions left. or i guess the of our t from the da near to people to republic. u. s. a chief of space operations has confirmed that ukrainian troops have been provided with certain capabilities coming from the u. s. itself. the space is important or him and we've seen them in this,
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in this conflict commercial spaces provided capabilities of been helpful to you as well. now there have been a number of publications in major media outlets showing the commercial satellite systems have been used for military purposes in ukraine. and one of them is elan mosques. starling, which has given a critical communications lifeline. ukrainian forces us according to the air force magazine. styling can fly up to 130 miles or around 210 kilometers over war zone to beam down high speed internet access boats, because it's in a low earth orbit, it can receive and transmit information faster than traditional communications satellites. and this allows in turn from line ukrainian troops to communicate with a chain of command that stretches for hundreds of kilometers. earlier, i taught to former us marine corps intelligence officer, scott bitter, who believes that humanitarian and ministry comes should be kept separate. if you
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want to use a certain communications capability for humanitarian purposes, it needs to be totally dedicated to that purpose. the moment there's crossover with the same system that you're applying for humanitarian use you now are using for military use. all of those systems can be deemed to be military in nature. we make it very clear what humanitarian law says. there can be no connectivity between the 2, none whatsoever. what the law must is doing, and ukraine is absolutely unacceptable, and actually push legitimate humanitarian workers lives at risk. because if you're operating one of those terminals, you are now a legitimate military target. and if i was a russian, i would view every single one of you on most terminals in ukraine as a hostile target, worthy of being destroyed as soon as its detected. ah,
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you know the news for lancaster you president is busy forming his government after taking over the top job on wednesday. and he's chosen, veteran politician danish going of deena as the new prime minister, despite attempts to bring stability to the crisis, hit nation must post, has continued into friday morning. ah, local security forces arrested several people and cleared the main count. the protest is occupied for more than 3 months. they have been demanding the south asian countries lead is resign over the economic chaos been witnessed. the army and police arrived in trucks and buses. shortly after midnight, moving tents and process banners. the army has also secured the presidential office in colombo. the correspondent runjun sharma is on the ground that in the dead of the night, sri lankan army as well as police force clamped down on several protesters. they've cleared the grounds off the presidential secretariat,
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which happened occupied by the protesters full weeks. several people got injured last night, including the fuel, john liz, as far as we know, 8 people at least 8 people have been arrested. so far, godfrey is green, which essentially has been the face of these anti government protests has also been cleared by the sri lankan army, as well as the police force. remember, went around and become a single, got elected as the president, austria lanka. he did see that he is harshly going to deal with the trouble makers . and this is his attempt to restore law and order in the country. u. s. congress speaker, nancy pelosi, reportedly warned the country's secretary of state anthony blinking as if he won't label russia a state sponsored terrorism, then congress will. and that's according to politico and the criminal gave an immediate response to philosophy, expressing concern of our statement. we hold a very negative assessment regarding the consequences of such
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a step. although on the other hand, hardly anything else can be done to further spoil relations between russia and the united states. this comes after nancy pelosi accused russia and this president of being responsible for price hikes and worldwide inflation. the u. s. as march 4 countries are state sponsors of terrorism since 1984. and if this decision is made, it will put russia in the list with the likes of iran, north korea, cuba and syria. the states as severely limits us relations with the country and subjected to various sanctions. we discussed the latest us russian relations with our guest. you have nancy pelosi who's done an abysmal job of handling domestic policy in the united states. now, why does differ toes in trying to direct foreign policy? and i think it would have the same sort of disastrous results that we've seen here in the united states. i'm really concerned about the provocations that she is promoting in declaring russia a terrorist state. she wasn't pushing the same thing when the ukranian
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administration long declared what the most corrupt administrations in the entire world. she wasn't concerned when they and their militia advocates were attacking folks in eastern ukraine. the militias, the, the, the military and ukraine killing civilians attacking civilian areas that were russian leaning in eastern ukraine. she was declaring the ukrainian administration a terrorist administration at that time. but now, is trying to, i think, play political games on an international scale that will not be good for the united states, nor for anybody. nationally, all u. s. foreign policy is about us domestic politics. and this is an election year, a very, very crucial election year. in, in the u. s. and nancy pelosi is saying things for domestic audience knowing that it will make and the administration looks strong in the, in the, in relation to the russia. ukraine complex us has a habit of instituting foreign policy
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positions on the basis of domestic political pressures. and that's what's happening now. and of course, to undo that that would take some political effort in the future. but right now, washington, the white house of the congress that included immigrant congress don't care about anything other than looking good for the mid term elections in november this year. in the news, a new bill paving the way for puerto ricans to vote for independence from the u. s . next year is currently navigating way through congress in washington. but despite voting against the bill, lawmaker cases, garcia says it is an initial steps towards the self determination of puerto rico. while today marks an important 1st step in the de colonization process of puerto rico. i could not in good faith support the passage of puerto rico status act in its current form. the colonization of puerto rico is a shameful part of our country's history. from the moment the u. s. took control of
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the island to a century of limited citizenship. the imposition of pro mesa and our failures in disaster response. puerto rico's relationship with the u. s. is rooted in a history of racism, exploitation, and oppression. the time is now for the process of d. colonization and self determination on the island. what dependence on the u. s doesn't end with d colonization. the puerto rico state is act comes amid mass protests taking place on the caribbean island. but the congo was sparts by soaring energy prices with hundreds of people take into the streets of san juan. to demand the constellation of the government contracts with us, paul agreed operates at luma. demonstrates has claimed that despite frequence power outages, the electricity company has raised prices 7 times since last year. we met representatives had this response to those processes. although we respect the right to protest, the reality is that some people prefer to play politics and ignore the fact that loom, or inherited an electrical system that suffered years. in fact, decades of abandonment. a spokesman for the puerto rican action movement one,
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lopez bows says the puerto rico de colonization is a matter of urgency and could improve people's quality of life. the thing is that the put a weaker societies, so colon nice not to understand the way i've been calling you for 5216 years. and it's been, i would never be in a free country in any way. we can still really know what, what would be free for you to know the import or we can history independence has been demonize and i want to grow independence. people here in puerto rico, i have been put in prison. people on the special report for the resort it's in the urgent matter. recall in the united states of both ports. ready famous fear and the construction of the productive economy can lead, of course, to the equation of the, of the, of a government in the states that can actually the can actually provide. what are we
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doing with a better while in a better life, in general than the one that we have now? and finally, hundreds of people so to the streets in major cities across pakistan to protest against the results of elections in the punjab assembly. early on friday, hormone focused on a prime minister iran collins policy was sidelined in a key vote in the local assembly in punjab. province, and despite winning a bi election earlier this week, con slammed, the developments and coding support is to rally across park is done. local media report, the unknown suspects have open fire near protest in the city of level well, those are the main stories for this. i would do head over to our c dot com or our social media pages for mall. i'm pizza, scott, and whatever you're up to i hope your weekend is off to a great, and thanks for watching
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i what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah needs to come to russian state for narrative. i've studied as i'm phoning most lansky with some some of a group in assist. babbled disabilities, almeni's, goodbye. must be the one else with we will
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van in the european union. the kremlin media machine, the state on russia today and split ortiz spoke neck, given our video agency, roughly all band on you to send it to school with me. i with
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dog or of brings food to the city. and on her way back she times people who are too weak to live in the ruins of mario gall. any more, april, a guide not kinyata. assume with accumulate. a dog is women of a dumb. this chris will new hershey give us credit for the much need for the customer with the coastal grains just right up a little logo. it shows now to get them to do that at the grange. if not, i was off. it's genuine. you want them had you of the young people to know also that those who may have not got an e. what group have a child shows about? do you still know
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a day, maria, who's old ladies, are involuntary witnesses to the cities? horrifying battles, many couldn't get down to basement or a shelter because of their age. so they watch the horrors of war from the windows of shell flats. oh yes. oh yes. yes both with .


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