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russia has destroyed the american economy, so there's your boomerang self. with a massive blast is reported in the city of girl in they done yet the people's republic after ukrainian forces shell, the city, according to local authorities, also ahead in the program. that's $1.00 and $2.00 times one is another love over there. in rooms, then this entire field is packed with the john boss. republics. get to grips with the aftermath of the retreats of key forces. securing a bomb than weapons de mining explosives, hidden in greenfield, russia and ukraine seal a deal to resolve the long standing grain issue,
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opening up black seaports for ukrainian leads, exports the spice, the west repeated allegations of moscow weapons izing food on fueling, the global hunger crisis as russia is, foreign minister begins a diplomatic tour around africa. the u. s. is left vac by moscow as president on the continent with military chief saying it needs to be countered. we look into washington's interests and then with wherever you're catching, then use our from today. good to have your company. my name's union o'neill. a huge blast has rock the city of girl in the done yet great public after ukrainian forces reportedly shall the city the residential areas are believed to have being targeted by key
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forces. a machinery building plans on a fuel station in the city were also had, according to reports, ortiz from on cost. roof can tell us more this particular blast. so we're getting reports from the ground that this was indeed at betral station that was hit by ukrainian artillery during their daily shilling of the city of fog whirl of cub. by the way, this is something local residents are completely used to, as it's been going on for the last 8 years, continuously, and more so in the last 5 months since the special operation began. now witnesses are also say that the machine building plant was also targeted. ukrainian military have shell girl of kit continuously for the past 5 months, and it's actually intensified over the past 5 months on like in the last 8 years. and of course that civilians and civilian infrastructure was targeted and we're talking about our private houses and apartment buildings. private garza,
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public transport as well. ah, hospitals, schools and gas pipelines and power lines, thousands of people are with that 50 in gall of gas and the services are working on a daily basis to restore services to the citizens. the city goal of k is located only about 40 kilometers away from the capital of done nets. however, it sakes more than 2 hours to cover this distance. as both of the cities are on the front line of the fighting against ukrainian nationalists. meanwhile, the russian defense ministry says that over the last fortnight, russian lead troops up destroyed for american, supplied high mars, multiple rocket launcher systems. ukraine was rejected that as fake. on saturday, the m o d said around 300 ukrainian soldiers and militants from an extremist battalion were killed in earth. and artillery strikes in total more than $200.00
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ukrainian targets were hid. overnights, according to the ministry on wily frontline, is being pushed west in the territories under the control of russian lead forces. people are discovering what's left after the withdrawal of ukrainian troops and include stocks of heavy weaponry, imported from western states as well as mines in grain, none, sunflower, oil fields, r t sr, correspond mac sd, of is on the ground. there are a warning, some images in his report or distressing. he have has thrown tens of thousands of troops into the fray to hold what it still controls. a defensive line now stretches from the town of cbrtc the solider, and from there to back moot and all along, ha tillery batteries do day and night. ukrainian forces have dug tens of kilometers of trenches, spanning the defensive line to dull rushes edge in artillery. but they only
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protect from conventional fire. the t o s one nicknamed salts at milk or son blaze and russian is a phillip barrick rock, it's artillery system. each impact creates an enormous pressure blast wave that new trenches can protect against and these hub being used in greater and greater numbers to decimate ukrainian lines and morale. here in the vicinity of the town of solider, the defensive line, the east bending russian forces along with allied units, have been able to push enemy troops out of several settlements and strongholds within the past week. the bodies of ukrainian soldiers and nationalists fighters luther the countryside, that positions overrun. we're now is a forward position near the village of step of the one of the conditions ah,
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with which we were permitted here is that we can't tie this place to any specific area. so amongst our viewers, ha, ukrainian intelligence offices and they are eager to spot where to strike. and the less here in these trenches, we found yet more native true trophy weaponry. now, in the service of the new guns people's republic, these are $284.00 millimeter grenade launchers, rocket propelled grenade launchers. one of them is a heap round or a high explosive anti tank missiles. and these, again was scattered all over the area. ukrainian troops have also planted thousands upon thousands of mines, including band had g personnel, munitions along the defensive line from ship. escobar moved in order to stall the russian and allied advance fields of wheat and sun flowers turned into death
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traps. at one anti tank mon, there's another not over there. therein rose and this entire field is packed with them. and this is relatively dangerous. that cow is heavy enough to set off an anti tag wide, and some of them are so close together that there could be a chain reaction. but cows are one of the casualties here regularly. the troops here say they hear the bus when these, these cows that have been abandoned, explode minds designed to tear pot tanks, leave little of livestock clearing these alone. the mines planted already will take decades. but as the front lines shift, many, many more mines will be planted in fields, forests,
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and along new defensive lines. ukraine off to rule, still has millions left. or i'd gas div law t for la vignettes, people to republic, russia and ukraine have separately into deal on a stablish ing a corridor for ukrainian grain exports to leave black seaports. the agreement was brokered on friday by turkish. and you and mediators in this than bowl with the signing being seen as a critical step and averting a world food crisis. 3 ports in the black sea will be unblocked under the agreement . ukraine will not d minus sports has repeatedly requested by moscow to ensure a safe passage of ships, but instead we'll escort the vessels to turkish waters where they'll then go on to other international destinations who are waiting for them. the agreement will also see russia turk, in ukraine operate a coordination center in place, showed any incidents occurred during the shipment. process. cargo ships were all to
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be inspected for weapons as they enter and exit the black sea. something the russian defense minister. stress is essential, moses is to move you so is important for us to inspect ships for the presence or absence of weapons and military equipment. the inspections will be carried out on ships entering and exiting the black sea. well, the un expects full scale movement of grain ships to begin with in a fortnight, according to its estimates, the deal will allow the monthly export of up to 5000000 tons of grain from ukraine . un secretary general, antonio gutierrez, heal the development to day. there is a beacon on the black sea, the beacon of hope, a beacon of possibility. the question has not been what is good for one side or the other. the focus has been on what method is most for the people of old world. in a separate memorandum signed on the day moscow and the un agreed to ensure that
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russian, i gra, cultural products and fertilizers, will reach world markets without any restrictions by washington. and the you allege moscow deliberately, block ukrainian porch to provoke a food crisis by using grain as a weapon. rushes strenuously denies that sing ukraine's placing of mines in port waters made transportation impossible. the country's foreign minister added that the memorandum nigh proved such western allocations. just aren't factual and threatened still. it's gratifying that washington and brussels have stopped obstructing the achievement of today's agreements. the signing of the memorandum between russia and the u. n. has once again underlined the absolutely artificial nature of the west attempts to put the blame for problems with grain supplies to the world markets on russia. i also spoke to the former president of the world farming organization, south african field, a jaeger. he says that he hopes the deal could make western countries reevaluate their rushes, perceive weaponized ational food. i have personally heard that the russia being
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blamed for you, we're providing food and all of these. so it is quite a relief. you see that there is an active movement to show that he's not about the food. this deal can agree a lot of unnecessary animosity and it can be the image that has been created around the weapon of food. i am not surprised that russia in to think it is due because for year from southern africa we never understood to be about the weapon of food globally. africa needs to do more to save itself as most problems of the continents own making. that's the view of the trade director of the content un economic commission. there's been some pushback to that. he says the food crisis could have been averted. let's have a look at our food market. so experience in
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a shock that is coming from outside the continent, but why we're experience in this shock is because we have very low inter african trades in the group culture. and that grew foods, if we had done better and unlock the full potential of the cultural sector, who didn't be experience in what we're experiencing today. yeah, the common seen the shoes, the controversial on the continent itself. just some other figures here. the united nations estimates an extra $60000000.00 people will experience hunger this year compared to last. and while the west puts the blame firmly on russia's shoulders because of it's offensive, and you create 3 years of you and record, show a growing troubling trend when it comes to food and africa activists. point out that without immediate aid, the content could face a large scale. she monetary and disaster. like you're in humanitarian activist and research, your doctor, your cooper, joseph, believe the u. n. singling i, it of african countries for their citizens being hungry is wrong and nothing you one of the developmental principles,
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so prospect copy can countries told us prior to our patients. and so this blame in the african countries is norma, is part of the poverty part of the development part of that. and we believe as africans, if we develop a we to develop, we must actually look inwards and be able to come to ports that will be necessary for the population of population in africa is grow in explanation rates. so no doubt, this functions and the war, the fractions of play never taught their action, global food and energy prizes. definitely the continent of africa relies for almost 40 percent on grains. we are that grants from russia and your credit
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on a related theme, rushes top diplomat is about to embark on a 5 day tour of africa and which heal visit egypt. ethiopia, uganda. the republic of the congo international and regional issues are on the agenda as well. as increased cooperation circle of ralph will meet the egyptian president on sunday to kick off the trip. rushes actions in africa are jeopardizing us interest and ought to be counters most the view of lieutenant general michael e langley, who is confirmed by the senate, will oversee americans, military presence on the continent. i'm apprised of what our competitors are trying to do. there coercive tactics have coming in and encroaching on the continent of africa for minerals or rare earth minerals such as cobalt. well, american senator is express fears that russia could push the u. s. side of africa's mining sector especially that the cobalt extraction, the rare earth monroe is widely used in the production of batteries and mobile
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phones. they also claim that regime change in some african nations and the alleged involvement of russian mercenaries in that further expanded more schools influence . finally, the lawmakers accused rush of convincing african leaders to take a stand against western sanction something moscow denies. and for calling such allegations, condescending against those countries. because night we have had good relations with africa and soviet times for many years now we have been restoring our presence and the africans are reciprocating. so we never taught them anything. we never forced them to do anything. we always helped them to resolve their tasks and to lead their countries in the way they wanted. and we always had mutual visitors with the spies or perhaps because of the huge number of sanctions slept in moscow. rushes relations with african countries have been strengthening the russian foreign ministry, se moscow will continue exporting food fertilizers on energy to african countries. earlier this week, the russian state nucular corporation started building egypt 1st moved our power
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plant well. so the african journalist, mo, dba madiba is of the view that african leaders are finally realizing that washington has been taken advantage of the continent for years. i think the width and especially the united states of america for such a long time, was somewhat over bully towards back and people and towards that's going crunching and you got to do history, the united states of america and the military operation this year. i've always been toast on the african people have always been involved in regime change, the spiritual advocate for the killing of african liter. so ethical never went to the with asking for help. the children couldn't help themselves, you know, and for me, if a bit african, the beginning to wake up can get at the beginning to realize that the presence of america and africa is one of is one of the ones that the african. but beginning to wake up to do that, actually we need the help of rush. so we need to come to,
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to africa. you know, so that we can have a mutual real relationship between 2 parties. china of us are similar. so you know, they've never come dead to 2 people who have never when did to, to, to, to bully, people have always been there to talk to people, to, to, to create some form of corporation between african people and the chinese people and the russian people, you know, so i don't think that it will create much of a book between both russia and china. so i really think that both can quick for the betterment of africa. all talking of resources while showing concerned about its interests being undermined. overseas washington is also becoming increasingly wary, and by china's growing influence not far from us borders, and it's all about lithium mining labeled. then you gold rush, picking up the story for our teeth. seems like the united states attraction. the south america is not so much about the natural beauty above ground, rather what's buried beneath it. when being hosted by an aspen security for i'm the
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commander of america south command made the following remarks. this region is so rich and our competitors and adversaries also know how rich in the resources that this region is 60 percent of the world's lithium. then the region now controlling those resources, you can let those goodies across the borders live away. evil morales, the former president of bolivia, says he was ousted by washington because they did not approve of his development plan. but the countries, lithium resources involved in the coo wasn't on my, against our economic modo, but also against lithium. because we have started to industry our life with our own money, with our international reserves, and had a nice plan, which is now there like the impact cannot accept. but we can also bring added value to our nature resources. lithium. you can be sure that foreign investors would like to make sure they have access to that live. they have a foot in the door,
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especially those who sell car batteries like alon mosse. when he was confronted about his role and the who, he's that we can who, whoever we want. venezuela's, president of enduro says that the attempts to our camp and the pressure placed on him has a lot to do with these countries. resources. direct reason is seizing the oil of venezuela because we have the largest oil reserves certified. we certified what will be the largest reserves of gold in the world. we have the 4th record of the world's largest gas, and we have large reserves of colton. diamonds, aluminium, iron. we have drinking water reserves throughout the national territory. we are an energy and natural resources, power house, former national security adviser, john bolton, isn't afraid to brag about his previous endeavors. either. one doesn't have to be brilliant to attempt to who i disagree with. that is somebody who is health plan, coo data, no, not here. but you know, other places it takes
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a lot of work all seems to indicate that mon douro is right. but why is richardson bringing this up now? well, it has to do with the fact that the white house is pushing a green agenda getting off fossil fuels. washington says the situation is getting pretty risky. richardston is raising the alarm about china's control over vital minerals. here she is a few weeks back. i think they're there to undermine the united states. i think it might be even closer to a 100000000000 of chinese investment in this region. i think they're playing checkers. china has been investing a lot in latin america over the past decade. at the same time that socialist governments are popping up across the region. governments that don't feel like they a washington 1st dibs, foreign minister of brazil admitted that china's role in the region is pretty positive and that they're not viewed as a predatory foreign power. now we don't see its shine as a threat that we have a very mutual beneficial relationship, the darkest called world that fund them. the 1st vaccines are from china,
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rebel in the united states was doing vaccine protectionism and wouldn't even share vaccines with its neighbors. while china was shipping vaccines from thousands miles away, richards and fears that the united states is losing hearts and minds. here she is speaking back in march, the russian media conglomeration on russia today in spanish, as well as the sputnik mando that i mentioned earlier is a continue. i mean, it used to have 7000000 followers, an rti spanish and now it's over 18000000. their ability to put out this information and just so one environment that is full of untruths is, is very prevalent. and the regional pros, out of mexico has been speaking up about washington viewing latin america as it's back yard is also asserting public and all over natural resources. looks like richardson is being forced to be the bearer of bad news. us policies south of the border are coming home to roost,
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the serious economic consequences. caleb marching new york summer reaction to this head of middle sex universities research group on latin america. francisco domingo says the u. s. has always used to have a 100 approach to the region as it tries to maintain its interest there. everybody knows that the cool, again, a teen was about that i believe is a very routine, if you, if you say the, the cost of a mexico actually that amounts to the 60 percent of the total lease in the will. very clear indication, you know, critical illness. the european union participated actively in hosting the cool. the problem they have is, how can they either. so the weakest say that the united states in the client
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finds itself, he's able to actually reassess the germany economically as well as politically in a region that he's actually revolt, as indicated by comic of the america. china is right, because china doesn't want to throw the united states china one to ensure that he's a transition from a unit, a world and china. we're with the resources to be able to offer we projects when we best. and we, we the rates trading arrangement. if the united to stay there for lucy said johnny in latin america, you know, from their point of view, is a major security concern to the right well, such as john and k. dick lee, then obviously the possibility of not to take my thing in there. well, supremacy i finish to asia who are international human rights groups. i've condemned the use of force by sri lankan authorities against anti government
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protesters. it's after thousands took the streets of the country's largest city amid the worst economic crisis the island nation, seen in decades. ah, according to media reports, the local security forces arrested 11 people and cleared the main protest. her camp which had been occupied for the past 3 months. army and police arrived and trucks and buses for moving tense and protest. bonner's several people were reportedly attacked with buttons and suffered injuries for like, it has been experiencing political and economic turmoil with a 1000000 struggling to afford food fuel. the crisis led earlier this month to the resignation of the president with fled the country. but we heard from some of those injured during the cracked on who say they quote to run for. busy lives to escape the crackdown by the authorities and yet seemingly nelson to turn them from
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protesting about the new government houser correspondent, heard, killed the designated sorta side. several people have got enjoyed some one, they hand a some their back so many of them have got factors. but what he saw inspired that night you were at the secretary of what happened. we informed them, i personally myself and our team informed them that we're going to withdraw. so they can say that they don't know they were 9. they did this by knowing that via but do it through the had this, i was go, come me. and then they were shout before us to run beside to run for our lives and they be did with i androids. and they have disco. i and cables are some wire type things. and i don't know if their legs, foods, and they were, they were drunk. the people were drunk and they were using really bad words, and they were very aggressive. they were like acting totally barberie the chase as
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and that he does very badly. this one is her hurt very badly. he can barely walk, he can read, is it now for the protest? you can killers again, he does you against do whatever you want to do. but we'll keep, keep going in this day. even he can, he can take us all from here you in. but somewhere somehow we will keep going visit no, america's chief of space operations has confirmed you. premium troops have been provided with certain stellar capabilities which come from the u. s. but not the state expenses important. and we've seen that in this, in this conflict commercial spaces provided. good glue that have been helpful to, to ukraine as well. yeah, we're into the private sector. know there have been a number of reports in major media outlets about commercial satellite systems being
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used for military purposes in ukraine. one of them is that must star link which has given a critical communications lifeline to ukrainian forces, according to earth force magazine. some details on that star link can fly over 200 kilometers above a war zone to beam down high speed internet access. because it's in a lower earth orbit, it can receive and transmit information faster than traditional communication satellites. not catalogued frontline ukrainian troops to communicate with a chain of command stretches, hundreds of kilometers, former un weapons inspector in iraq. scott ritter believes commercial and military communications should be kept separate. if you want to use a certain communications tape ability for humanitarian purposes, it needs to be totally dedicated to that purpose. the moment there's crossover with the same system that you're applying for humanitarian use. you now are using it for
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military use. all of those systems can be deemed to be military in nature. will make it very clear what humanitarian law says. there can be no connectivity between the 2, none whatsoever. that what elan musk is doing and ukraine is absolutely unacceptable and actually push legitimate g managerial workers lives at risk. because if you're operating one of those terminals, you are now a legitimate military target. and if i was a russian, i would view every single one of you on must terminals in ukraine as a hostile target, worthy of being destroyed as soon as it's detected. and that is where we leave and use run up for now, this weekend's more programs, right? ahead though, see what's showing where you are today. in moments this is art international. ah, ah,
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needs to come to the russian state will never be as tight as on the northland scheme diva. i'm not getting calls with rural ban in the european union. the kremlin machine, the state aren't russia today and split our t sputnik given our video agency, roughly all band on youtube with me. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation,
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let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with us. i started a boy. well, not pretty, but almost a year for is terrible only with both on the blood deadline, but a lot of people like them on the things that i'm on. but the little the head nozzles, but so point emotional flow and i would, i think but i had i left that was also loses.


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